The Badgerlor begins tonight

The Bachelor Australia begins tonight.

The blurb says: “Twenty-five bachelorettes from across Australia and beyond meet their Bachelor, rugby player Nick Cummins. In a series first, one of the women have already met the Bachelor. How will Nick react?”
So, apart from who wrote that not knowing the difference between singular and plural, it’s also untrue. Anyone remember Matty J and Laura? Who?

I do look forward to The Badgerlor not taking things too seriously and I hope the cast is not just full of strippers and Insta models.
Let’s hope the Honey Badger ends up as happy as Tim and Anna, Sam and Snez or Lee and Georgia.



  1. “In a series first, one of the women have already met the Bachelor.”

    Yeah, that’s the part that unsettles me. We know that’s not true. And it kind of shows the contempt they have for the audience to feed us lines, like that.

    Plus, if you have to lie about your show, before it’s even aired, just to get people to watch? That doesn’t say good things about your show, does it?

  2. Nick seems like a nice-enough sort, but I worry that he’s a little *too* innocent for this. Like, I just get the impression that they’re gonna take him apart, the poor guy.

    And the preview seemed to indicate a disproportionately-high amount of kissing.

      • I loved the advice he got from his dad, immediately prior to the show. “The sun will always come up, and when it does, you’ll be wiser. Or you’ll be dead.”

        Yeah… thanks, dad.

      • Did you hear him at one point say he’ll be “busier than a one-armed brick-layer in Baghdad with an itch.”

        I mean, surely he rehearses some of these.

        • The HB has the above quotes and more in his book. It’s as full as the last bus with them. As full as a doctor’s wallet. I’m onto some of these quotes like a blowfly on a steamer.

          His ex reckons his language is hard to keep up with and is partly why their relationship died in the arse. She got dirtier than second hand thongs about it. Wonder why?

  3. I’ll give this a go tonight because the young man seems like a good sort, with a sense of humour. However, if the women are too plastic and phony, it’s doubtful I’ll last long. I found it amusing that the movie on right after is Mean Girls.

    It’ll be a channel-hopping night since I like Anh Do’s show. And last night I started Filthy Rich and Homeless and want to stay with that for a while, even if only to see when the women involved get rid of their false eyelashes.

      • It’s only one episode in, but to me he seems to be the one who can most relate to being in that situation. He did say they were worried about losing their home after the WFC in 2008. There’s nothing like reality to open your entitled eyes.

        • I always have mixed feelings about the “living in someone else’s shoes” type specials. While it is great to raise awareness it feels a bit to me like rich folk ‘playing at being poor’ and doesn’t sit quite right. They always know if it gets too hard they can go back to their comfortable lives. If someone was pretending to have my disability they couldn’t really understand because when it was over they’d go back to their healthy bodies. The ‘filthy rich’ will go back to their homes but where is the hope for the real homeless? I’ll be interested to see if any useful action on behalf of homeless people comes out of it.

  4. The HB is caught in some kind of time warp , he’s after a “bird” or a “sheila”.

    He’s Barry McKenzie, Steve Irwin and flamin’ Alf from Home And Away, rolled into one package..

    • It was weird watching Cass spend 90 minutes convincing herself that she was in love with him and that it was fate/meant to be/something.

          • Yes, I have to think it would have been kinder to send her home straight away. I suspect he kept her wanting to let her down gently (or the producers told him to) but it’s going to be a mistake in the long run.

    • Three gels were sent home. Can’t remember their names, sorry. The producers had Cass stress out til she got her rose.

      The bird/sheila/chick that chucked herself in the pool got a rose. Surprised me. Vanessa Black Cloud got a rose, too.

      Someone gave me an Adventures Of The Honey Badger book for Xmas. It’ll come in handy. It’s chockers with Aussie vernacular.

  5. I am a bit worried about my liking for the HB.
    He says things that would totally unacceptable coming from my boss, my neighbour, the drunk guy trying to pick me up in the pub …
    Seriously ladies, when some random calls me a shiela my first inclination is to draw myself up to a great height (of 5’2”) and tear strips off him for his chauvinistic, antiquated views.
    And yet this is being presented to me as harmless, and I am charmed.
    I wonder if I am better off working on manufactured outrage?
    How easily manipulated am I.

  6. HB’s first date, first kiss tonight. One of the blondes.

    I’ve really missed the helicopter rides, too, Ch 10. So romantic every year.

    (Superb Dr. Phil today)

  7. Did anyone else think Vanessa sunshine’s dress only further accentuated her bow shaped legs?
    I used to have a fake stage name whilst on the late nineties gay night club scene.
    It was “jism sparkles

    • Indeed. If ever you felt the need to utter the words “He’s just not that into you” it was with Cassie.

  8. So I wasn’t going to watch because the ads in the lead up were so off putting but I relented and to my surprise didn’t mind the Badgelor. I was hoping that he would be able to stand up to the producers and say no to giving roses to the crazies (and they’ve more than filled their quota this year). As I said in an earlier reply he really needs to send Cass home ASAP for his safety and her heart, shame on the producers for casting someone so obviously so emotionally immature. Brooke seemed a good choice for the key, really seems to have her head together and won’t end up dangerously stalking him a la Cass.

    • No, Littlepetal. Many of us have been doing that for a few days.Relax.

      If I double left click the empty field, my name comes up , so don’t have to type it every time now..

  9. Shannon: what is it with girls who think they look glamourous, but then say things like, “I’m pretty much shittin’ my daks”. That’s the image that lingers, especially as she was wearing a baby poo coloured dress when she said it.

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