1. Does anyone else think the Badgelor has ‘crazy eyes’. Much to my surprise he seems quite sweet but I do think he has ‘crazy eyes’.

    • Yes, and his date is a silly bi….
      So many oh my gods.
      And so much badly applied fake tan! Wonder if Cass will dare to get her hair wet – papers today full of comments about her extensions.

  2. I actually kind of like Shannon just because she’s so … not elegant, I guess. She seems quite honest, which is refreshing, and although I like her energy, I think she might be a bit too much for him. Like, I don’t see her and Nick as a romantic pairing, but I totally see them as BFFs who get out and rip-snortingly drunk together on long pub crawls.

    Cass is getting more and more stalker-ish every time the camera cuts to her. I feel like she’s already in the process of planning their wedding.

    Of course, tonight is the annual photo-shoot group date. I don’t know why any of the Bachelorettes is surprised by this, anymore.

    And gosh, I wish the Honey Badger came with subtitles. I can barely understand a word he says.

    • Cass wasn’t too upset about not receiving the key to Nick’s house.

      She’s already got at least 3 of those already.

      And she bribed (and held hostage) several locksmiths and keymakers to make sure of that.

  3. It looks like they’re going to do a schoolgirl photoshoot. Really? Did no-one tell them that it is 2018? Grown women dressed as sexy schoolgirls is so wrong on so many levels.

  4. Nick takes his shirt off, and one of bachelorettes remarks, “Nick’s got such a beautiful soul.”

    Yeah, it’s not his soul that you’re staring at right now.

  5. Boring crazies, crazy and boring villains. What is wrong with the people that are casting these shows?
    Good on Nick for not being opportunistic when Romy tried to eat his face and neck.

  6. Would’ve thought a big tough footy player would need a bodyguard? His stalker count just keeps rising.
    That Romy certainly is a piece of work and I have to wonder if he was thinking “Am I allowed to take back the rose?”.

    • Yeah, I feel like, her attempting to maul him while he was trying to have an emotionally-honest conversation probably would’ve been a red flag. A big one.

    • News everyone! Romy is an actress. Have been on Home and Away.

      Do you think she was paid to go on the show to stir the pot??

  7. Yeah, this is where the show starts to lose me. Romy monologues to the other girls about how she kissed him and it was organic and lovely and natural … meanwhile, the footage indicated that she was trying to eat the side of his face.

    And then bragging about it afterwards, all she was doing was staking her claim, you know? This isn’t about figuring out whether you’re a good match with this guy or not, this is about *winning*. But, like, what’s the prize? No wonder half these relationships don’t last.

    And like most bachelors, while Nick looks great without a shirt on, his quirky sayings were already wearing thin. I don’t know how long I’m going to stick with this.

  8. Really struggling to warm to this season of The Bachelor. HB’s vocab / way he speaks would grate on my after a while i think.
    Totally agree Wingsong about for some of them its just about trying to win, not necessarily about finding love.

  9. The Bachelor looks like a Marx brother ran into the back of a bus and the girls that I have glimpsed, which is only two of them, seemed myeh.

  10. Okay, I only saw a few minutes of this tonight and I have some questions. Is there a Race For The Roses every episode? Has anyone ever refused to accept a rose?

    At the very end I wasn’t in the room, but heard one of the women say “She thinks her shit doesn’t stink.” about another woman. So, are they always so elegant and well-spoken?

    • The “Rose Ceremony” is the cornerstone of the franchise – so yes every episode the angst ridden “Will he give me a rose?”
      After series one there is a pretty set formula of: kooky ones, crazy ones, the obligatory villain(s), the “down to earth” (can be lovely and natural, bogan or rough as guts), the fame seekers (actresses/models/no talent I want my fifteen minutes and there are more of these each season) and just occasionally they slip in one or two who are naively ‘looking for love’.
      There are always a few that you swear you’ve never seen before but I can’t remember a series where five in a row have been booted with zero airtime.

    • There has been someone that refuses a Rose. Blonde girl. I am sure that if I thought more on it a name would come to me. Meagan? And I’m sure she’s not the only one. I also have a vague recollection of a dark, long haired, muscular girl.
      I am sure that there are some that just let it happen organically. It’s not hard to let a guy (or the producers) know you are really not interested. If I had been in Ritchie’s batch, you would have found me desperately packing my bags in the middle of the night.

  11. Von, I remember one woman on US Bachie refusing a rose in the early rounds because she did not feel a “connection”.

  12. I’m really not keen on this bachelor, he doesn’t appeal to me, but I do admire how he reacted when vampire girl sucked his face. He could have gone along with it but he said it would be disrespectful to the other girls. Getting a bit sick of the same old photo shoots, daring challenges on dates, crazy, nasty girls etc, wish they would do something different for once. Don’t know if I will stick with it.

  13. I am liking the designation of the ‘three snakes’ – spreading the villainry out this season. I wonder how they’ll feel about their edit, though.

  14. For whatever it’s worth, Juz, I just saw an article over at Yahoo about the series, but a line under the title was, “Or should we say the Honey Badgelor?”

    So it is catching on :).

  15. Shannon should be named Shannon sunshine. Very chirpy, but a little bit fake cheeeful? Hiding a dark, depraved side I bet. Evil Shannon.

    • Have you noticed that his neck is wider than his head? Now that I’ve noticed, it’s very distracting.

      No wonder Romy was trying to eat him.

      • Wide necks are even more irritating on a woman. A few years ago I watched Top Chef and one of the female contestants had such a wide neck (plus she had a really off-putting personality and she was a bully). I was totally distracted, even though people cannot really do anything against it, it is just what you are born with.
        Maybe the badgerlor’s curls are there to distract from his neck? 😀

  16. It is clear that the producers wanted a male version of Sophie. Instead they got someone with the sex appeal and likability of a teabag. His “sayings” seem fake and overdosing on the “Ocker” element.

    I feel sorry for poor cass – she is getting the jarrod edit. And it is clear cat and romy are there to stir the pot.

    Big question is which one is in to angle to be the next bachelorette?:)

    • I feel sorry for Cass too and as I’ve said before I think the producers should have recognised that she was too emotionally immature for a show like this. She is very young in the way she acts.
      Yes Cat and Romy are definitely there to be the villains but I think Romy’s chances of longevity on the show diminished greatly when she tried to eat the Badgelor’s face and no chance of being the Bachelorette after lying about it as a kiss.

  17. Juz/group – would you like recaps of this bachelor? I wasn’t going to watch but it is like a bad movie and I can’t resist it 🙂

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