1. Poor Cass (of the over whitened teeth), I find myself cringing every time she gets air time. She’s going to be so mortified by this experience when she grows up.
    Apparently there is an intruder already, a girl named Emily that I swear I’ve never seen before.

  2. Cat is hardly the person to be calling Cass cringeworthy or desperate. Cat is desperate for airtime and bitchiness always makes me cringe. At least when I’m cringing because of Cass it’s with sympathy.

  3. I feel like Brittany is this year’s Nikki — she seems really genuine and lovely, but she’s just too good for the show, and she’ll only come in second and get her heart broken.

    Meanwhile, I’m still wondering why they moved production to a whole new mansion. What was wrong with the last one? Were the fences not high enough to prevent escapes? Were the neighbours starting to hear the cries for help?

  4. Did anyone hear Osher on the radio promoting his new book. Talking about how he was suffering psychosis whilst filming a couple of series of Bach/bachelorette.

  5. Vanessa is angling to be the “next laurina”. And cass seems to be lobbying to be the next bachelorette with the whole “I am going to be heartbroken” arc

    • Early 20z! She is so awkward!
      Seriously I do feel sorry for her… she’s going to be so damaged when this end!

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      • I totally agree. She should never have been cast for the show because she is so psychologically unprepared for an experience like that.

        • Yeah, initially Cass wa sgetting the Jared-edit, but now, I just feel bad for her. She’s one of the youngest cast members there, and it feels like has a crush on him but it’s definitely an unrequited love. And she’s just going to get her heart broken badly by the end of this.

          Which would be okay if the mansion was filled with girls like Brittany or Shannon, but I think with Evil Trio in the mix? This could end unhappily.

      • Actually I forgot Cass is an actress. Have been on Home and Away. Could that be acting. Eagle eyes spotted the pages on the diary were blank!

        Now I don’t feel so bad for her if she is playing a role.

  6. So many girls that we only see at the rose ceremonies. They must be ultra boring because the few that are getting airtime are really not that interesting.

    • Yeah. That blonde girl who was eliminated tonight? I have never seen her before in my life. Are we sure she didn’t just jump the fence and randomly wander on in to the cocktail party tonight?

  7. I liked that Kayla tried, with her last seconds in the mansion, to warn Nick about the Evil Trio. The problem is Kayla, while lovely, can come across as a bit left-of-centre (ergo, Nick hurriedly pushing her into the limo), but I think good intentions were there.

    I just hope he listened to her, or at least took in what she was trying to tell him.

  8. He fact that hey kept cass around after she embarrassed herself at the cocktail party is just cruel. It is clear he has nil interest on her and should have sent her home.

  9. Actually the book cass had did have writing – it was on the left pages. Tried to take a pic as you really quickly saw it

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  10. Cat is the meanest villain I think I have ever seen on any Bach shoes, including US versions. She’s even nastier than Ben’s season’s Courtney, and she was bad. Cat has the mouth of a gutter snipe (whatever that is, but it sounds fitting), and the fact that she’s flanked by two evil witches just completes the picture.
    Did anyone notice when one of her stooges stood up to leave, Cat pulled her back on the couch like she hadn’t given permission for her to leave? Those girls themselves will soon enough be on the receiving end of her poison.
    I would hate to have daughters like that.

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