• I’d be happier of they’d show some of the other women rather than those few we’ve already seen far too often on our screens. (I’m looking at you snakes).
      I mean did we really need to watch/hear them sitting around bitching about Vanessa Stormcloud, it’s hardly scintillating viewing.

  1. I get the feeling that romy is basically there to be cat’s PR representative with how much she talks about her

  2. I am not warming to the bach at all – the problem is they wanted a male Sophie. But Sophie had this – charisma was that real and self depreciating. Nick is just a idiot

  3. I don’t think I can stick with this for the long haul. I’m half paying attention to it, mostly listening rather than watching. I can’t put a name to any of the women, except for Cass (I think, if she is the slightly pathetic one who is out of her depth).

    The dude still seems genuine enough, but some of the dumb shit that comes out of the mouths of the women has me dumbfounded. Last night the one with short dark hair said something about not being able to “cop a feel” when they were dancing down that log. Perhaps she is actually a horny 15-year-old boy in drag.

      • No, this season is definitely following the formula. Meanwhile, Nick remains clueless while the editing and production focuses on the girls who are gonna get humiliated (Cass), and the girls who are going to do the humiliating.

      • Thanks, Jayblossom, now I know what to expect if I watch again. I had an idea the show might be sort of amusing, but the women seem to take everything so seriously – within the parameters of reality tv bullshit of course.

        The young woman who is so obsessed with the bachelor is pitiful, and it makes me uncomfortable to watch her. She needs to put her tongue back in her mouth, stop panting over a pretty ordinary guy, and get the hell out of there.

        And really, is a kiss that big a deal these days? It’s a long, long time since I’ve dated, but a kiss never signaled a promise of eternal commitment. Nor did a casual bonk, now that I think about it, but I assume that stage is never reached in this show. Imagine the bitching if it did.

        • There might be bonking happening off-camera (it certainly sounded like there was some of that going on behind-the-scenes on Bachelor in Paradise).

          • I recall one season, might have been in the US where a girl was caught out bonking the camera man. She got disqualified. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Yep, he friend zoned the feral Cat with the cheek kiss, after having taken the face off of several other gels.

      • And the fact that he referred to her as “You old shagger”, hardly words of endearment to a potential lover but definitely “I’m placing you very firmly in the friend zone, from which there is no return.”

        • Yeah, “Shagger”. I wonder if he found himself asking himself, “Did I just say shagger?” It was like it just fell out of his mouth because he didn’t know what else to say.

  4. For the love of god and the sanity of Cass, please send her home tonight. That poor girl is nearly at breaking point.
    I think The Badge might be keeping her, not wanting to be cruel and hurt her feelings but it would be kinder to send her home ASAP.

    • Its appalling of Nick/producer to keep her there when he appeared so disinterest in her. Damn it gal, the relationship didn’t go any further outside the mansion, what makes you think it will inside? Keeping her waiting for her name called on the last rose is just cruel.

    • And yet, he keeps Cass around. I’m choosing to believe this is purely a production mandate, at this point, because if he doesn’t set her straight soon, he’s not going to come out of this sympathetic at all.

      Seriously Nick, this is just getting cruel.

  5. Oh FFS! These girls (Cat (we had such chemistry) and Cass (he’s my soulmate) are either genuinely deluded or are so hungry for fame they’re willing to totally embarrass themselves publicly.
    I have to laugh at next week’s promo with Romy telling someone else they have no class – somewhat ironic.

    • It was something like “I can’t believe I shaved my legs for this”.
      I think she’d decided long ago that this would be her parting line but it just came across as weird. Not funny, charming, clever, cute or whatever the heck she was aiming for.

  6. Cat must think she rates pretty well on the 1-10 scale to be looking down at others and giving them a 4. What a sweetheart. For that she gets a 2.
    What is this? MKR?

  7. With the whole Cass thing I think the producers are in a bind –
    1) if nick actually decides who stays and goes he is looking like a twat for being cruel and treating her this way or
    2) if he says it isn’t up to him to save his rep – it will confirm suspicions that it is actually the producers who decides who gets the roses

    • Unless Cass is acting, Nick is no ordinal bachelor! He’s HB so surely he can put a stopped to it by having a word with the producer that keeping her in the mansion is unhealthy for her mental state. Do they have a psychologist on set anyone know?

      • I think there’s a shrink available to the rejected gels before they are released back into the wild. Cass might need a whole team , however.

        I figure the HB has an earpiece under his helmet hair and is told the order in which to hand the roses out. Also I don’t reckon he can recall every name, so the brain addled Badger is spoon fed by a prompt.

  8. And in other Bachie news, apparently Jarrod and Keira broke up over the weekend.

    I expect Keira is already locked in a dungeon underneath a winery.

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