1. Now The Badgelor is kissing every girl in all the single dates. We are so overexposure to this that we don’t even complain

      • I realised the other day that the parodies and recaps? They’re more fun to watch and read, than actual Bachelor episodes. Like, it’s hard to come back from this point. And between Cass and the machinations of the evil trio, it’s really hard to sit through these episodes.

  2. I wish Blair had said something to bernedette. I have been enjoying her standing up to Romy, cat, and the other one

    • The third evil frump with the big hooter.(not to be mistake for Hooters)

      Romy failed to squeeze into that dress. Literally “busting” out of it.

  3. My take…
    Romy is a hypocrite complaining about her privacy while ignoring Cassie’s privacy.
    She was also stupid for slagging off another girl to the sister.
    Brooke will probably get friendzoned. I think he might choose Sarah, is it? The one on the single date tonight.
    Nick proves evolution is true. He’s the link between ape and man. He can’t quite walk straight.
    And once again we see the producers’ choice; the 3 ugly step sisters.

    • I’m not sure that an ape would torture Cass like this. I reckon an ape could come up with a better compliment than:

      “Yaz keep poppin’ up in me mind!”

      This could work better if Jack Thompson was brought in to play the Honey Badger.

  4. I am getting increasingly irritated by the HB’s constant use of “ocker slang”. It doesnt ring true and just looks like someone wanting to play a role.

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