• Is this where the producer bullies Rhiannon? I’m 20 mins in. Awkward City. I just thought he was a passerby/pervert type.

  1. So Romy is actually making Vanessa Sunshine look like a pleasure to be around.
    Possible explanations for her incessant bitching about the other girls:
    She lacks a personality of her own and therefore has nothing to talk about.
    She is horribly insecure and has to put other women down to feel good about herself.
    She’s just a nasty piece of work.
    Brittany has been on camera having a bit of a dig at a couple of the others, that’s not the winner’s edit despite her being the bookies favourite to win.
    Is there a point to Alisha? She does a bit of boring to camera work but doesn’t seem to have had any time with the Badge, furthermore her nastiness just doesn’t make the grade when competing with Cat and Romy, time for all three to go I think.

    • Romy looks old. She reminds me of Jessica Parker (Angela Lansbury). Her pudgy face looks about 40+. Cat should give her a 3.
      Sophie is lovely looking. I think he will pick her because he’s a guy. He’ll choose sexy over soccer.

  2. Alisha is sure the cheer squad for Romy and Cat. She only just laugh and agree with what the 2 snakes say

  3. At least Vanessa is honest. You can seriously fall for a guy just after spending a few minutes with him.

    • Having had a pet donkey will give Vanessa an advantage going on a date with the Honey Badger, I reckon.

  4. I was channel surfing tonight (there was a lot of good TV on), and I caught the entire camping trip.

    Now, is it just me … or is Nick a moron?

    About ten people have warned him about the evil trio (specifically Romy and Cat), and yet Romy and Cat are playing him like a fiddle. I facepalmed so hard that I think I gave myself a mild concussion.

    Like, c’mon dude. Reach under the curls, rub some brain cells together and connect some of the dots, here.

    Meanwhile, Romy (who threw a tantrum last night when one of the girls was talking about her behind her back) spent a long time tonight talking about Vanessa behind her back. Romy, sweety? You’re a jerk.

    • I think Nick has no say. Got to follow the script. The producers will tell him whom to send packing and in what order

    • Windsong – you are right – he is a douche. Maybe it is just me but I have noticed the slightest hint of passive aggressive towards cass. This whole episode was just strange and I have to say I am not warming to him at all.

      It’s just bleh

  5. Oh, everyone (except Russell Coight) takes a huge bottle of Tresseme shampoo and conditioner on an overnight camping trip.

  6. It’s about 30 minutes in here, and I’m done. This show is less about the guy finding a potential partner than it is about the women seeing who can cut down and slag off the others the best, right? Jesus, what a bitch fest. Real cats have nothing on this lot.

    Why hasn’t that little girl – I know she’s 23, but she comes across as 14 – been sent off? I have revised my opinion of the bachelor, too. He still comes across as nice, or at least not deliberately mean, but nice…and dumb. Whooee, what a nimrod.

  7. Why the hell is Alisha there? I can’t tell whether she wants to get a rose from Cat, Romy or the the girl in the “banging jump suit maaate”.
    And Nick is Alf Stewart in a wig. I felt sure it would be dead weight Alisha tonight, but it was dead pan Vanessa. I was hoping it was Romy, who claimed she doesn’t usually play dirty.
    She also said watching Cass was “like watching a car accident. You can’t look away”. Maybe she would make a good ambulance driver if she likes looking at car accidents.

  8. Vanessa, when a man asks you if the rumour is true, that you don’t find him attractive, and you say yes, you probably won’t get a rose.
    It reminds me of MAFS when Cheryl’s husband asked her if she found him attractive, and she said no. It didn’t go well for that relationship either.

      • Yes, Littlepetal. I wouldn’t have been able to say he was attractive either. A cross between Marty Felman, Harpo Marx, Gene Wilder and Alf Stewart.
        Miss Sunshine left with her dignity and virginity intact.

    • Vanessa was orf loik a rat up a drainpipe.

      I didn’t like her that much but she was better than the three hags hanging around their cauldron. Romy’s homies.

  9. Vanessa Sunshine was on “How You Been Paying Attention?” tonight, and believe it or not, she was actually brilliantly funny. She seemed very switched-on and self-aware, I was super impressed.

    Damn it Nick, why’d you unrose her?

    • I saw it too and totally agree. But she has come out of it looking good whereas Romy and Cat and the third one come out looking like bullies. I know Keira has made a career out of being the villain and she was petulant and threw temper tantrums but I don’t remember her as a bully. I think the triumvirate may find the public doesn’t embrace bullies.

      • I said it before, but in all of the Bachelors, including the US versions, there has only ever been one girl as nasty as Cat, Romy and the hanger on third ugle stepsister, and that was Courtney of Ben’s season.

  10. None of the earlier villains were bullies. They just behave like prima donna to get attention. Not like these 3 snakes……

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