1. I watched the reveals for the 48 hour challenge. Apart from the couple that did the box ceiling, I was seriously underwhelmed. I changed the station. This is not looking good.

  2. $cotty calls them “pen’ouses”

    Not much concern for child safety with some of these couples. 89,000 Schlock applicants to get a lucid bunch.

  3. Hans im Glück? Well, not so much, Hans doesn’t seem to be in luck very much.
    And Jess’ voice still annoys me.

    The rooms all looked pretty bland to me. None of them made me want to put a child in there.

    • I agree with Keith. I think the vertical garden is a waste of $$ for the bathroom. Also think putting the maple tree in the bathroom is stupid and another waste of $$. Hopefully they purchased one of the types of Japanese maples that doesn’t get too tall, such as a dwarf variety.

  4. Three teams try to retain Dave Franklin’s services. Dave picks the netballers so expect them to win terrace week.

    Why do none of the teams pick Charlie Albone? Surely, that should swing Shaynna’s vote since they work together on Selling Houses Australia.

  5. Kerrie & Spence pick David Wood as their agent.

    Looks like their apartment has low ceilings. It will be an up-hill battle for them to win this.

    • Yes, I agree about Spence’s apartment Maz – hence all the vouchers, items worth all those $$$ to soften the blow

  6. If vertical gardens die, why are they available and featured on these shows?

    Or is Keef talking out of his arse?

  7. if sara and hayden spent as much time doing their room instead of on their phones they would get more done she is always whinging and never has a nice thing to say about any of the others rooms get a life sara and get off the block why did you ever enter

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