The Block: Guest bedroom reveal

The judges return to score some impressive guest bedrooms. It’s a close finish, with half a mark between first and second place. An ex-contestant returns to pay one of the Blockheads a visit.



  1. SA Team:
    Upon entering the room Shaynna comments that it smells nice. Kerry and Spence have used the judges idea to put a “library” in the nook rather than the study. Darren likes the joinery of the library.

    Turning to the bedroom area, Neale finds it claustrophobic. The judges moan that Team SA did not listen and opted for a bedhead which covers the light and power switch.

    In conclusion it lacks warmth, spirit and soul.

    Kerry and Spence are like whatevs. It is all about auction day.

    • I think they could have incorporated desk space in the book shelf. And used a queen bed, or no bedhead as per judges.

      • Maybe a double as it is only a guest room.

        The library was too heavy for the space.

        The window placement in the old building. Weird or what?

        • Windows, I know. The rooms are like cells. And most of them are white. I’d like to see some type of fabric wall hangings to give some warmth.

  2. I enjoyed tonight’s episode.
    I know that it’s reveal day, which is what we all want, but it was also filled with a little bit of drama, a little bit of pathos, and a little bit of humour.
    Just the way The Block should be.
    I am a happy chappy. Lonesome without you guys, but happy.

  3. Team WA:
    The judges gush over the beautiful colour palette. The artwork is appropriate for St Kilda (what is so special about St Kilda?)

    The judges love the built in robes, hate the pendants and think it needs drapes to be luxe.

  4. Team NSW:

    The hatred of NSW continues. Darren loves the door handles and the detail of the ceiling (ripped straight out of House that 100k built).

    The execution is incredible and the layout is soooo much better than K&S as they did not mess with the architect’s plans. (Mean).
    But…the furniture and styling is flat…like a boutique hotel about to be renovated bitches Neale. It is a boring and predictable room. Take a drink as ‘soulless’ is trotted out again.

    Neale hates the 80s roll ragging. It is …. adds Shaynna like a display home. And not a high end display home at that.

    The pendants are too big for the bedside tables. The study nook is dull and the WIR fails to tell a story…Guess the WIR missed the memo it was on Play School.

    Of course Sara swears…

    • ‘Take a drink …’ haha. The dark blue on the bed & the study area were pretty bad. The bedsides were pretty small.
      I hope she does leave, she’s a whiny spoilt brat, who has been ‘winning’ her whole life, till now.

      • I, too, hope she doesn’t come back. When she watches herself back on tv, she will book herself in for Botox. That screwed up, I-am-trying-not-swear face is not a pretty sight.
        She is a spoilt brat, and her husband sees to be long suffering. I am assuming the sex is good.

  5. Team QLD

    The never ending love for QLD continues. Darren is practically orgasmic over the 1970s velvet green refugee that is masquerading as a bedhead. Shaynna loves the width of the bedhead and the wall sconces.

    It then dawns on them that the lighting in the room is fairly pathetic and useless at night. Another two minutes is wasted on finding the dodgy installed wall socket.

    The judges like the drapes and the Built Ins.

  6. Team VIC

    Hallelujah exclaims Neale upon entering the room. Finally a team that delivers a room that feels modern, luxurious, glamorous and on brief. The room is simple and aesthetically on the money.

    Shaynna loves the bedside lights, the under lit floating bedside tables and power points in a logical place.

    The WIR is the only one with doors. With the brass inlay it feels bespoke and aspirational.

  7. Honestly, judges’ feedback for Hayden and Sarah was spot on. The room on first glance looked nice, but then you just feel like: Blahhhhh. Especially the bedhead had no impact against the wall.

    Loved the mini library by Kerrie and Spence. I cannot help myself but they should have done a full library with a nice desk and a reading nook instead of a bedroom. But then I LOVE books and hate people.^^

    Did not like the bed in Plastic bath tub’s lady bedroom. The butterfly painting looked tacky. And can someone please shut her up? That voice is really grating.

    Hans im Glück and Courtney’s room looked nice. But is it just me or are those tiny windows really make it feel like prison in the 3 lower apartments?

    The Bianca and Carlas room looked really good. Deserved win that day.

    And can we please make Shaynna’s jumpsuit go away? Was it a tribute to Madonna’s 60th birthday?

  8. The best bedroom was Bianca’s and Carla’s. Hans’ and Courtney’s OK but I didn’t like the others’ bedrooms at all except for the library area in Kerrie’s and Spence’s. Kerrie and Spence don’t care about the judges’ opinions but if they want to earn $$$ they need to start listening.

    I was surprised that the judges raved over Norm’s and Jess’ bedroom. I thought it looked horrible. Colors just didn’t look right (combination wasn’t to my tastes), bedhead too big and the painting on the wall too small.

    Whiny b*tch’s and hubby’s bedroom….agree with judges, boring, furnishings out of proportion, poor styling, etc. Thought it was funny when she stated that the bedside lamps they used were the same as the one Shayna has in her bathroom. Was she trying to impress Shayna? Just because Shayna has that lamp and it works in her bathroom doesn’t mean it is going to work in the guest bedroom.

  9. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if, in past seasons of the blocks, the buyers generally sell most of the furnishings and restyle the homes?

    • We understand most apartments end up as investment properties and short term accomodation. We assume in those circumstances the main furnishing remains intact.

  10. I just caught an old rerun of The Block from back in the Jamie Durie days – the season with Dr Andrew Rochford. Everything looks so dated. But the drawing of the auction order took all of 2 minutes – no half hour drawn-out palaver with stunts

    • i have caught a few episodes of that too. i mean its over 10 year ago. However that season should be a real lesson in not going too out there in styling etc. The two apartments that sold were the most plain – very well done but definitely appealed to the most people. Where as the two that didn’t sell were very out there.

  11. I can never understand the need for a walk-in robe in guest bedrooms. How long do you want your guest to stay? I would rather a small ensuite or use the space for another room.

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