1. “High end people don’t watch TV , they read”

    Yeah , like Kerry Packer, Elvis, Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa. I could go on.

    Jess is not exactly high end, whatever that is.

  2. The SA team have the meeting with the judges. Looks like the judges want the “heritage” stripped out of the apartment and expect contemporary luxe. Scotty tries to cause conflict with the other teams by needling them about this meeting.

    QLD chick is just a mean girl.

    NSW chick is still sulking and face-times wall paper consultant. Jess thinks this is cheating and runs to tell the netballers.

    Monday is walk around so we really get to see the bathrooms. The QLD bathroom is really bad. You practically need to lean over the toilet to get to the vanity. EPIC fail. They should have come last.

    • 2 seasons ago, teams were copping for stripping an art deco building of all its heitage. These season teams actually want to sue the heritage and they are being told to rip it out!

  3. So everyone is watching Survivor tonight? I don’t blame you.
    Tonight’s ep seems to consist of people sitting around waiting for things to dry.
    My only take-out is that I am starting to really like the Queensland couple. Nice people, but I am still not remembering names.

  4. Mhmm, Hans im Glück speaks German, flight attendant girlfriend asks “Is that French?”. Guess she does not really do flights outside of Australia? 🙂

    The bathrooms were all a bit bland. Plastic bath tub lady’s bathroom as my least favourite.
    I hope the other teams keep heritage features, you can still make it look modern.

    • That’s it, that’s it, Zhee! Bland!
      I was wondering what was wrong with me that I couldn’t see “the hero” in each room.
      They are all just various shades of white … with a green bush.

  5. Is it me or is my perception about Kerrie and Spence correct – insipid!

    Oh, please, Kerrie crying because she hates to see Spence upset, then consoles him like a Mum who tends to her little boy who has fallen off his bike.

    It seems that it’s all about pleasing Spence and Kerrie simply panders to him, almost to the point that she is treading on eggshells around him.

  6. What? No on-screen appearance of Dougie the engineer?

    Yes, give Apartment One $100k in additional kitchen vouchers but have a (faux?) structural issue with the floors.

  7. Sarah the accountant makes her first appearance.

    OMG…the QLDers have not paid their tradies.

    Financial illiteracy is not cute.

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