The Block: Master ensuite week begins

It’s day one of a new room: master ensuite. One team feels the judges are being overly harsh towards them, and Keith catches another team cheating.

Will this be another lemon squeeze bottle-type “cheating”? Or one of those “someone took their tiles to the park to cut in the dead of night to get around tools down” type cheating?



  1. Manufactured drama. QLD’s plumbing should have gone in before WA completed their bathroom. BS, having to pull apart their bathroom to accommodate QLD.

    • totally agree – not to mention what a put off to potenial buyers – who would want to buy a plac where you know how the bathroom was pulled apart after it was completed!

  2. i also can’t believe thhe girls didn’t know to order timber and til monday morning etc. i would be reading the rules very carefully, its very mjuch can’t work ahead i.e. build but you never hear that they can’t plan ahead.

  3. Another manufactured drama. Contestants are not allowed to use the crane this year. Carla used it to crane the timber to the top. Busted by Keith, it was craned back down. That is just stupid.

  4. Ch 9 runs it’s drought appeals and meantime celebrates huge bathtubs and his and hers vanities on The $chlock.


  5. I don’t get that WA will need to leave cos occupancy not allowed without bathroom. But aren’t the bathrooms unuseable anyway? Because drainage and sewerage not actually connected. Don’t they always use porta bathrooms till really late in the build? After kitchens are completed?
    It’s pretty bloody disgraceful that it’s essential to rip out & rebuild the bathroom for upstairs to complete their plumbing. It’s all considered at time of purchase.

    • What reputable construction business would do something like that? The powers that be knew that the plumbing would be an issue and it should have been put in ahead of time and an exception made for the going ahead rule. Trying to make The Schlock more dramatic and thrilling by ripping out the bathroom. Instead just making the show more Schlocky than Blocky.

      • Obviously everyone’s getting along a little too nicely on this season of The Block. Let’s create a ludicrous situation, and let the contestants fight it out.

        more “drama” = more ratings.

    • That bathtub is ugly. In fact that bathroom will probably be ugly. Based on the previews I thought she was going to walk out this week. Now have to wait for Sunday to see her leave but we all know that she won’t be gone for long, unfortunately.
      That team just keeps throwing things that don’t work well together into rooms. They spend a lot of $$ but don’t spend a lot of time understanding styling, design and flow. They spent 60K on one bathroom and 70K on this bathroom. Will they even have enough $$ to finish or will Scotty have to loan them $$$$ which will affect the reserve price?

  6. Hayden & Sara win the Alice Walkabout.

    Were those cops extras from Bite Club? Over-hyped drama regarding QLDers missing credit cards.

  7. Jess irritates me with her infantile behaviour. When she is told good news she jumps around, up and down clapping hands like a child who is told they are about to visit Santa Claus.

    She thinks that hugging everyone (even without asking) is being endearing.

    Sara is delusional. She thinks that every “great” idea she comes up with, everyone is going to wish they had thought of it first!

    Hayden and Sara together remind me of a father and his petulant child.

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