1. I’m a bit worried about tonight’s episode. Channel 10 has been advertising (on the internet and on TV) that tonight’s episode ends on a really massive, jaw-dropping moment.

    It’s not that I don’t trust channel 10, but, well, they’ve broken my heart before.

    Besides, I’ve really turned off Mat, the last few episodes, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see him get knocked down a few pegs.

    • I’d trust Rolf Harris before I trusted Ch 10.

      The jaw dropping part is when you, the viewer, fall asleep.

      Time someone shat on the Mat. He’s begging for it.

  2. Fenella: “Robbie annoys me because all he talks about is his pecs. Meanwhile, watch me laugh inanely for hours at Brian’s riveting ‘crapping in the woods’ story.”


  3. I know I’m pretty much the lone ranger on this but I’d take Matt over Benji any day of the week. I just really can’t cope with Benji – where you guys see ratbaggery I see a nastiness. It’s the malice with which he goes after people I can’t stand, Tegan, Heath and now Matt. I’d be fine with him strategising to get them out but he always talks about “Taking them down”, he’s arrogant (and really hasn’t shown anything to back up his opinion of himself), the come and go accent (says to me he’s a try hard, wannabe) but mostly I can never forget his behaviour eating the nachos (it was truly disgusting).

    • I’ve got Benji lower on the totem pole than Mat. Mr “Big Moves” is all piss and wind.

      The accent is an affect. BS. He drifts in an out of it like a staggering drunk.

    • I agree Jayblosson, not a fan of Benji and given who he is partnering with, we are going to end up with the weak arse players in the finale.
      The same players that don’t win anything, not a race, not a swim, not a puzzle, not a bid nothing.

    • You’re not the Lone Ranger at all. Both are playing aggressively but Benji is sneaky and deceitful. Mat makes no secret of wanting to be on top, and does it openly. I know which I prefer.

  4. That immunity challenge was interesting for a whole stack of reasons. Shonee finally did something (go her!). Benji won immunity (even though he doesn’t need it), Brian lost (which pretty much cements Mat’s plan to target him), and Sharn found the hidden idol, but immediately dropped it in front of the entire cast and gave the game away instantly. Ouch.

    I still think Benji is slimy (and that’s not even thinking about his eating habits), but for me, personally? Mat’s self-righteousness is the greater evil. Plus, watching the contenders go into merge at a loss, and then just get picked off one-by-one? That would’ve just been dull.

    • Yep, Matt’s on my lowest peg for acting like he has the right to call the shots, the right to be immune from having his name mentioned, and the right to win. That’s 3 rights = self righteous. He keeps throwing in reminders of how, “He wouldn’t slit someone’s tbroat in real life”.

      • Daisy notice how everyone goes to Matt before a vote? If you continue to bow down in front of a servant, at some point he’s going to start thinking he’s worthy of it.
        Benji and that bloody scar under his eye all season give me the shits.

        • I mean we’re talking about a short arsed sporting boof with a Southern Cross tattoo to bow and scrape before~ not Donald Trump.

          For every sporting “hero” , there’s a Sam Burgess to muddy the waters.

  5. These people thinking they are being uber strategic is getting on my boobs a bit. The first rule of strategy is you don’t go talking about your strategy. Benji is also a nob.

  6. This show drives me crazy sometimes, in a good way. I spent the last twenty minutes pacing nervously in my kitchen. There’s four immunity idols in play tonight (two of them belonging to Benji), and Mat has no idea they’re gunning for him. We just have to wait and see if the plan comes together. Mat’s idol is the only kink that could screw it all up, but if he’s too confident to use it (and he certainly sounds like he is), then he could go home still wearing it.

  7. Benji is an idiot – in his desire to get rid of Matt he stuffed any chance of working with Sharn. Once again Benji told lies that can be found out and really pissed people off, as I said he’s an idiot who thinks he’s a master strategist.
    I will be super pissed if Benji makes the final.
    Furthermore anyone who only used one t in Matt needs to go – he is not a rug that sits in front of a door.

    • My thoughts straight after as well. Benji acts as if the next vote is the only thing that matters, and shows himself untrustworthy for all time afterwards.

    • Share voted against Lydia (her closest friend on the island), Robbie, Sam and Brian. Because Mat told her to. Who do you imagine she would have been voting against had Benji not won the necklace? Like Lydia, would Benji have scored a ‘sorry babe’ at TC?

      So Benji had a choice: stick with the Matlings and go home next week, or break with the Matlings and try for a working majority. I know which way I’d go.

      • Yes, when the so called Champs knife their alliance, it’s “Aw sorry mate”, but when someone votes one of them it’s “How dare you, you baby eater”.

  8. Okay, first thought. You cost Robbie half a million dollars, you self-righteous knob. Good bye.

    Second thought … I know, I know, I know. Benji is slimy and manipulative, and tells lies that he easily gets caught on, and he’s maybe not as clever as he thinks.

    But, honestly? He brought his a-game tonight. I thought he really stepped up. He was a step ahead of *everyone* tonight, and stayed that way from start to finish. The plan (to get close to Mat by knifing Robbie and Sam) worked, and worked perfectly. He learned of Brian’s impending departure, and used that to get Monica and Brian onside. He stayed friends with Mat the whole time. He won the immunity (which he can’t have predicted, but certainly helped). When Sharn turned out to have an idol, he expertly manipulated her into feeling paranoid (again, her dropping the idol accidentally? He couldn’t have predicted that, but he worked quick and turned it to his advantage). The whole plan worked until TC … and when Sharn attempted to save Mat, he dropped pretenses, actually talked her into changing her mind (because she trusted him) and successfully ousted Mat.

    And we can talk about Sharn making a bad decision … which it was … but he was still able to counter Sharn’s move, on the fly, and still get exactly what he wanted (even when things went disastrously-wrong at the last minute). I call that good gameplay. Mostly.

    So, going forward, it’s the contenders/Brian/Monica versus Steve/Sharn/Shane. And remember, Benji still has a hidden idol, and Shonee still has her vote-cancelling secret advantage.

    The one problem is that he burned his bridges with Sharn *utterly* … but he made a brand-new best friend in Brian. Going forward, I’m not sure if Benji will survive the fall-out, to be honest. Because he just pissed off a lot of people.

    But it was bloody entertaining to watch, all the same.

    • Happy dance. I haven’t watched yet (tomorrow) but was glad to save myself the suspense…or worry…that Mat might have slipped through. My favourite was Lydia, and I would have liked her to stay, but this makes up for it.

  9. Well, that was fun. That was ballsy of Benji speaking up (albeit in his weird hybrid accent) after she had played the idol – and she fell for it! Monica got some air time tonight – I can see her making final three. Matt got complacent and went home with the Mo idol in his pocket as a result.

    • He technically wasn’t even lying to her.

      “You’re being played” were his exact words, and he wasn’t wrong, was he?

      The alliance is toast. Mat’s gone. They’ve saved Brian, and flushed out an idol (while Benji has kept his own idol secret). And while he lost Sharn, Benji firmly has Brian in his pocket.

      I know Benji isn’t our favourite player, but I like it so much when a castaway looks at the pecking order (confirmed when Matt confirmed with Shane and Steve that it was Brian tonight, then the three contenders, then Monica, and so the final four is them and Sharn) … and just decides “screw this” by kicking the table over.

      I’m still not sure if I want Benji to win, or not, but by gosh, that was some good playing tonight.

      • I might have missed Benji at his worst because he doesn’t bug me. I enjoy his “bwah ah ahs” to camera. He doesn’t pretend to be an angel…only English. 😂😂😂

        Funny that Mat thought he was in charge of the order of elimination and dirty Brian is still there. Mat was saving him for later. Brian was guilty of having said Mat’s name instead of being loyal to what was hhoing to be for him, a rapidly sinking ship. But then others also dared to say Mat’s name. It certainly looks like Shane has been playing a smarter game than Mat. Mat let revenge and emotions affect his play, and broke Survivor rule number 1. Never be too confident.

        • Shane is definitely the one to watch, going forward.

          Also, Steve. He was playing a very low-key game up to this point, but his alliance is no longer in control. So I imagine he’s gonna have to step up a bit.

  10. Mat played it like a current Wallaby, looked good for a while and then fell in a heap at the end, but still with something in the tank.

  11. The big misytake Matt made was he got too confident – and by doing that lost focus. The best way to play this game is to be quiet and go under that radar until it is time to step out. Benji wont last long, he has played a decent game but now he is flammable. I am going to call it and say Shane or Steve.

    • Now overconfidence might destry Benji. Now that the troops have been finally activated into killing off the King, they will probably use the energy of that victory to lop off the next head of the snake; Benji. He is an obvious leader of schemes now. He will need to win every immunity idol to the end.

      Footnote; Mat, Shane and Steve (was it), sure were duds at puzzles.

  12. That was hilarious when Sharn found the idol & then promptly dropped it in front of everyone.
    So she nearly played her idol for Mat WHO ALREADY HAS ONE!!! But then Benji tells her to play it for herself. But does Mat now play his own idol? No the idiot does exactly what he was saying earlier that Russell did & went home with an idol in his pocket. Serves the idiot right.

    • Sharne didn’t seem angry that Mat was going to accept her idol when he already had one. There was no loyalty in that alliance.

      • We didn’t hear her response to being told (by Steve) that Mat had an idol. It was just an aside as they walked away from TC. We might hear from her tonight.

  13. I quite like Benji (aside from the nachos). That was incredible ballsy, telling Sharn to play it for herself, and then insisting – can’t believe she’s a barrister and fell for that!

    Mat one T was stupid in getting all miffed with his own tribe for daring to mention his name and ousting them, or worrying prematurely they might win loads of II, instead of boringly pecking off the Contenders one by one, as anyone with any brains would have done, and then not bothering to play his idol after those shenanigans, all the while keeping in someone who was slimy (and a Contender!) over Sam and Lydia. Fun tribal!

  14. Benji has done well so far but boy in his packages he comes across annoying. His arrogance and floater accent drives me to the mute button. I’d have more respect for his moves if he wasn’t such a douche. I hope now we are shown if Steve actually is playing strategically or if he was purely mats right-hand man and is actually a bit shit in challenges. Monika is painfully boring but I think she’ll be kept probably until the end. I eyerolled at shonee and fenella over the top laughing at Brian’s poop story- shonee moaned the Champions spoke using ‘big words’ which she didn’t like but she will happily laugh at poop stories. Ugh. Part of me feels she will never use her voting advantage. I am also surprised she hasn’t thrown benji under the bus with how he doesn’t need the money.

    • Benji’s plotting was their path to esape elimination. I daresay they’ll be very quickly tempted to turn on him, now they don’t need him anymore, but I can see them sticking together a little bit longer (just to oust Steve or Shane or Sharn).

      • They were stupid, or lethargic, enough to coast along with Mat. Perhaps they will do the same with Benji, but I doubt it.

        I missed the poop story. Thank goodness.

  15. Benji now has a major target on his back.
    Anyone else noticed that in US Survivor they often support the major threats to the end and here we knock them off as soon as they become apparent. Not sure if that’s Aussie tall poppy syndrome or just safe playing. But now surely Benji will be seen as a major threat and no alliance will save him.

  16. “New Godfather in town”, hmm Benji?

    Perhaps only Brian will be lining up to kiss your ring, punk. Them Godfather types usually end up eating a lead sandwich. You ain’t no wise guy.

    Just watched TC. Horse head comin’ for de horses arse.

    • I briefly looked but as it was the I 💖 Mat show, I bowed out. At least he left the show with a sporting attitude.

      Benji’s more Get Shorty than Godfather, but I like a ratbag. He always seems to be laughing at himself.

    • Juz, the thing I took away from the live feed was I reckon Mat left the idol hidden for Steve. I bet he didn’t take the idol with him

      • No, he did. If you watch the Jury Villa video, Mat was showing the idol to Sam and Robbie around the dinner table. So he definitely took the idol with him.

  17. I think there may be a pattern of Benji to touch and stroke his chin when he’s lying to the others….almost trying to hide his mouth.

  18. Commando Steve wouldn’t be winning any personality awards. I thought it was strategy. Now I think he’s probably just boring.

    • He seems like a good guy, but not very “soundbitey”. I guess on Biggest Loser he just had to utter certain catchphrases to satisfy the edit. On his Facebook livestream today Mat said real Steve is nothing like BL Commando persona.

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