The Badgerlor – Sept 12 & 13

This week, on The Bachelor Australia …
On Wed: Nick invites one lucky bachelorette for her second single date, which ruffles some feathers. Later on a group date, the ladies participate in a lie detector test.

On Thurs: Four of the ladies channel their inner rev-head with a group date at Eastern Creek Speedway. Later on in a single date, the chosen bachelorette struggles through an intimate chat with Nick.

So, who will emerge as the designated villain now the Catty trio is gone? I’m looking forward to commentary from someone faces.
Tonight we get to hear “Brooke’s big secret”. According to the gossip mags it’s that she’s bisexual – and if it was in a gossip mag it must be true.
Meanwhile, I goggled why she has a big scar on her collarbone, and discovered she broke it playing footy and had to have a major surgery.



  1. Oh my lord he actually put together a sentence. That must have took some study

    Am I the onky one to not buy that any of these girls are attracted to anything, other then a media career?

  2. So Nick’s ideas in this episode, to woo women, are to throw various dangerous Australian animals at Britanny, and then lock six girls into an FBI-themed interrogation.

    I’m starting to understand why he’s been unlucky in love, in his life so far.

  3. I’ll be pissed off if Brooke’s big secret is that she’s bisexual. Firstly because that’s her business and secondly because Jamie-Lee’s last partner was apparently a woman and that seems to not be a big secret. But stupid me expecting consistency.

  4. I have been trained in this area so I am cringing a lot at the bogus techniques he is using.

    Deana(however you spell it) looks stoned

    • I think the lie detector dude is lying about his credentials and abilities.

      He’s really an undertaker. Badger’s “place of love” soon becomes Stalag 13.

  5. I find the FBI interrogations both intrusive and highly inappropriate. If I was one of the bachelorettes I would say, “This is totally not on, I didn’t realise I was a potential criminal “ who wants to be interrogated! Sheesh
    As far as the single date went – crocodile and snakes. No thanks
    Have no interest in Brooke’s secret. Keep it to yourself please.

  6. Yeah, spoiler alert, Brooke’s bisexual.

    Please. You just know Nick’s eyes lit up at the thought of his girlfriend dating other women. Like, whatever.

    Now, if Nick had revealed he’d previously gotten busy with some of the other Wallabies, that’d be front page on “New Idea” pretty quickly.

    • I just realised, Brooke is a pretty clever girl. By making a big deal of revealing her ‘secret’ she has guaranteed herself a rose – Nick would look like a total arsehole if he turfed her after that.
      She was also probably contractually obliged to ‘spill’ at some point.

  7. If I was Emily, I’d be straight to the producers to say “Hey, I’m totally sick of being a filler girl, send me on a date/outing with or without Nick (preferably without), I think I deserve it

  8. As an aside, did everybody catch the promo for the next season of the Bachelorette featuring Ali?

    Given the fall-out from her stint on “Bachelor in Paradise”, I’m shocked they’re still going with her.

    • The Bachelorette is going to be a train wreck because Ali is very delusional and she thinks she is a sweetheart and everybody loves her.

    • I have to turn the channel – that was a horrible ad and has been skewered quite badly in the Facebook bachelor page. No one wants to see her in that show

      • I hope Ali is strong mentally with all the negativity against her ( I my opinion she may not be able to take it).

        Ch 10 should have can the show.

      • The guys will be , too. It’ll be a fair fight. She hooked up with that douche fireman but ultimately, she didn’t accept his hose.

        Stay in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, Ali and forget the losers Ch 10 have ready for you. Too late.

  9. Ali lip syncing badly to “You can’t hurry love” in a stupid red dress being carried a la Marilyn Monroe in “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend “ musical monologue.
    This has disaster written all over it. I have zero interest in Ali and The Honey Badger is getting worse by the episode. Ratings are going to tank.

    • Yes, I am watching the “connections” and it looks like the sparks were flying with Britney. I have to say though; I don’t feel Nick is there for the right reasons.
      Brooke’s secret was a fizzog, so does that mean the promos for next week’s Survivor are a blow up too?

    • Brit’s looking good, purely based on how far the Badger tried to shove his tongue down her throat last night.

      We don’t see blokes on the Bachelorette get hassled by FBI approved heads on a stick to see if they’ve batted for the other side.

      The interrogations were just wrong on a few levels.

  10. I could only manage about three minutes tonight. When I tuned in, the interrogator guy was just starting. He was creepy. What an odd idea – have a stand over man ask the women personal questions. Did the Bach have to go through the q and a too? Or is he really so clueless that he is unable to decide who he likes without help? Geez, fella, just roll the dice a few times. That might work, and wouldn’t be much of a mental strain.

  11. The Bachelorette FB page is really amping up the promotion for Ali’s season.

    The general response is that people are *shredding* it.

    I think channel 10 badly misread the audience there. Even if the cheating story was just a lie from a vengeful ex (and Grant always seemed kind of douchey), channel 10 should’ve avoided the whole situation from the start and cast someone else. Yet, here we are.

      • That’s right, Grant is about as sharp as a bowling ball, not to mention as bald as, which makes me worry all the more that Ali plonked for him in the first place.

        Never been the same since that chiropractor broke her heart.

      • I do too, to be honest. You don’t relocate half way around the planet for somebody, and then cheat on him with one of his best friends in five minutes. But maybe she did? We just don’t know the truth beyond he-said/she-said.

        But that’s my point. 10 knew about this when they cast her as the next bachelorette. Any promotion for the show was going to be filtered through the lens of Ali’s back-story.

        Add to that, the fact that Ali really isn’t all that interesting (and looks more interested in singing and dancing on-camera than she does for finding a romantic match), and I wonder what the hell channel 10 was thinking. Sophie’s season was bad enough, and I’m just about done with the honey-badger, but now Ali gets an entire season? This is veering towards outright parody.

  12. “Geez, I’m pumped to get me hand on me weapon and wield it round”

    Not as pumped as I am to get me hand on me remote and mute this moronic, bouffant~headed badger

    • First episode I’ve attempted to watch – please pass the remote. This guy is totally clueless when it comes to planning a date a woman would actually enjoy. Spinning cars on a track… sword fighting… What next?? Is he actually looking for love or working his way through the handbook of “cool things me and me footy mates could do for kicks” ?

        • It has been many years since I have been called china. I’m trying to think of another ockerism with which to respond, but I’m laughing too much.

          • I’m more pumped than a new air mattress that yaz think it’s bonza. Yaz onta me humour like a blowfly on a steamer.

          • I’m quotin’ liberally from the Badger’s book, Von. No bullshit. Adventures Of The Honey Badger. ABC Books. Chrissie present. I should re~gift it to some other poor drongo this year, they won’t be the full bucket of chicken after readin’ it.

  13. Tenille left in a blaze of sexy red dress. Whoh. I’m not bisexual or lesbian. I just like souls. 😂😂😂😂😂

    Tenille misjudged imo. I reckon Nick would have at least 2 ballast he would have dropped before Tenille. Nick was hardly reasonable. Nick: I want you to open up”.
    Tenille: “I want YOU to open up” Check Mate.

    • She is gorgeous but actually looks better in the one on one confessionals when she is wearing less makeup. I can see her on a TV ad for a car insurer, wearing a headset and taking calls. I hope Emily at least gets a single date before he cuts her. Now the Mean Girls are gone the producers are having trouble finding a girl to provide running commentary.

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