The Badgerlor: Wed, Sept 26 & Thurs, Sept 27

Oh god – who thinks up these Bachelor activities?
On Wednesday, the girls go on a 1950s-inspired bowling date with Nick, who is hoping to sort out the hot strikes from the gutter balls. Emotions run high when the girls write a letter to their future self in 2028.



  1. Nick looks so unappealing in his 50’s get up.
    Why do the women have to constantly open up and
    reveal their innermost feelings?
    And don’t get me started with the producer on screen winding up Dasha.
    This season has been so ordinary.

  2. I agree but they have to wind up the women or the show would be even more boring – he has no charisma or ability to carry through a whole sentence.

    I also don’t believe “Britt’s” act. Something is just off with her but can’t figure out what

      • I think he has the emotional depth of a tea-spoon, and all the curls in the world won’t change that.

        I think that I just insulted tea-spoons.

        • Teaspoons are usually pretty bright and don’t talk a load of Ozwaffle, whereas the Honey Badger… a few stubbies short of a slab there.

  3. I agree Amanda, Britt comes across as pretty fake.
    – pretending to be funny, carefree and ‘just Nick’s type’.
    Poor Cass, she is heading for a fall. Mentally, she is like a love struck teenager of 14 .
    I predict it will be Brooke and Sophie for final two.

  4. The daily mail pretty much outed Sophie and Britt as top 2. Also Brooke is going to leave – it will be when she is wearing a black dress. Tonight will be Emily I think

    • I read those spoilers too. I gotta say, though, the main spoiler comes from a Woman’s Day article, and while I’d never cast aspersions on the journalistic integrity of such a respectable publication … I’m gonna wait for confirmation from another source, I think.

  5. Nick and Cass strumming ukulele’s at each other while dressed in obnoxious Hawaiian clothes? I wasn’t the only viewer who wanted to pitch them both backwards into the pool, right? That wasn’t just me?

    • They have to because its coming to end of the year.
      They also want us to forget about The Bachelor with all the rumors flying around about what happens to finding love

      • But then we’re gonna have all new rumours about Ali and that American bloke to deal with.

        I still can’t fathom channel 10’s decision making re: Ali, I really can’t.

        • I know. Also I think the producers are going to make her look bad. I have seen some of the outfits she wore on the show and they were shocking. Usually the lead were given nice outfits to wear. Not Ali.

  6. Watched a bit here and there. I’m sure the will be numerous repeats . I saw the result. Meahh. Guessed it.
    Let’s dedicate a whole series of comments to how bad nick looked with that hairstyle at the Bowling alley. My goodness take the gimmick of the curly hair away and all that’s left is a seriously ugly mug. Tiny face, big neck .

    • I watched the first few minutes; I don’t know what got into me. I heard Nick say he’d met “some good sorts”. Then I saw Cass go glassy-eyed at the thought of being in the back seat of a Cadillac with him. Barf.

      The hairstyle and clothes chosen for the Bach at bowling were a really, really bad idea. Did he have a little bun at the back instead of a proper DA? Wanker production people, if you want someone to dress a part, do it for real. Once I was able to get past that and the size of his neck, all I could see were his biceps (or fat arms?) straining the sleeves of that tight shirt.

      I’m feeling a little sorry for the guy, though. The show is now so boring and predictable that it is too tempting to hang shit on him for the way he looks and his, uh, lack of intellect.

      Am now watching Big Bang Theory; any port….

  7. Matty J is doing the recaps on “The Bachelor Unpacked”, and he just replied to something I said. Feeling pretty chuffed.

    Actually, Facebook stalking him for a minute or two, I think he actually knows someone I went to school with…

  8. OK, now I sound like my mother; really production people? Again the bathers? I know the girls aren’t choosing them. That scene with Sophie’s naked bum spread on the side of the pool while she got steamy with Nick was, shall I say it….” Cheap”.
    Yep, I just turned into my mother. Tomorrow I will go buy some slacks from Millers.

    It was really obvious who was going tonight.

    • Totally agree Daisy, I can hear myself saying “you are not going out in that” and ditto Cassie. Can imagine what all the parents are thinking.

      • Well tonight, the great thing about ‘hometowns week’ (when did that become an actual thing?) is that we get to find out what the parents are thinking.

        And once again, the Bachelor will react with shock and confusion to overly-hostile parents. I mean, he’s only exploiting their vulnerable daughters on national television for ratings on a contrived television show. Why are they so distrusting of him?

        • Over dramatize for TV. Call me cynical. I just don’t believe reality shows anymore. Most are scripted by the producers

  9. Windsong, as far as I recall there has always been hometowns, and I am going back to, I think, the 90s with the US versions.
    Yes, Littlepetal, I really feel these girls are vulnerable. They are so desperate for stardom that they are putty. They probably signed agreements to wear whatever they are told to wear, or they are too scared to say no.
    I will have to google seafolly of Rusty and see if those gstring type bathers are even in fashion because they are soooo racy, and revealing. Gawd knows how Cassie went down that tyre slide with the Curly Thing without him being privy to everything her gynacologist has seen.
    IMO, non of these girls are young, but they are vulnerable.

  10. The Curly Thing is going to pretend to be frightened by a pony tailed bogan parent with a tiny mug of beer in his hand. Pig’s arse. Pull the other one.

  11. “Yaz got fire in yer eyes and it just blows me sails…but…… I’m still workin’ out where me feelins’ are”~ as he literally “necks” more champers trying to keep from getting all bent out of shape.

    • Maybe we misheard him, and he’s still trying to figure out *what* feelings are, since he doesn’t seem to really know.

      Dasha did a post-show interview, somewhere today, and she reckoned that Nick changed over the course of the season. That, at the start, he was really enthused and happy to be a part of it all … but his energy waned, as the show went on, and by about the halfway point, it seemed like Nick was just completely over it (at least, according to Dasha).

      I wonder if that’s what the audience is generally picking up on?

      Because this has been a bludger of a season, and Nick’s gotten less likeable, the further we’ve gone (at this point, I feel like Nick’s sole reason for still being here is just to make-out with the hot ladies in the impractically-tiny swimwear. Like, that’s how much he’s invested in this, and no more).

  12. The final is next week, the whole series has been rushed I think. No romance at all, i must hve been looking away during the steamy scenes last night, but enough comments about it on line

    • Same number of episodes and even slightly longer filming schedule.

      I think the girls are not too interested in him and vice versa (except for Cassie)

  13. Dasha had been saying interesting things – basically what we have been saying that he was difficult to talk with. Apparently whenever he walks into he ceremony he says “I am on a tight schedule girls” or something like that – it apparently annoyed them all. I agree with above comments about him being less likeable.

  14. He is also a chicken ( sorry chooks) as he won’t be around next week to do all the media engagements before and after the finale. Only the Final 2 will have to deal with the media by themselves. Say a lot about the Badger.

  15. Did anyone notice that he almost stabbed Sophie in the head with his skate blade last night? It was after the match when he stupidly tried to get up, with his foot near her head, and his foot slipped.

  16. I think we all know how it is going to go –
    1) families will pretend to be stern and fire off questions – do the monologue to camera
    2) however shockingly will turn around and say he is a “top bloke”.

    • Osher always tries to make it sound super dramatic, but every year, we see the exact same thing. The Bachie visits the same four families and gets the same interrogation from all of them. This is really nothing new.

  17. Is it just me, or is Cass’s family interrogating Cass moreso than the Badger?

    They’re all swearing by the chemistry between Cass and Nick, but I do not see a man who’s falling in love with the girl, you know? They seem to have a superficial connection at best (and at worst, he’s just stringing her along for his own ego).

    This is the one that’s gonna end in tears.

  18. Brooke’s family gets the cheap bunch of $18 gerberas from the supermarket .
    Cassie’s mum got a very nice bouquet.
    No hard hitting questions- all surface stuff.

    And don’t get me started with Nicks phrase,
    “Time to strap on the feedbag”
    This man child is so unappealing.

  19. Brittany comes across as very fake.
    She wants a TV career!

    Britts dads grilling of the bachelor, so producer scripted. So fake.

    And yes, he walks like a duck.

    • The Southern Cross tattoo on her brother “Dano” is a warning sign. He’s gonna cost a lot to keep fed at Xmas. Not to mention the stubbies he’ll punch through.

  20. I wish that Brittany’s dad was Cass dad. He could get violent with nick.
    Poor Cass went into the ceremony feeling terrible because of Brittany’s little talk, then it was all downhill

  21. I’ve never been one to gawk at gory car accidents or the like, but I turned on the show tonight to check when Gogglebox starts and I found myself unable to look away from the train wreck that is Cass’s obsession with Nick. After a few minutes, I realised that I was screwing my face into a painful, contemptuous, lip-curling expression and changed the channel. I so want to slap some sense into her and tell her life is not like a fairy tale.

    But Cass evidently does have a plan. If Nick doesn’t commit to her soon, she’s going to put him back on a horse and challenge him to go over a high jump. He’ll fall off and break his neck, then no one else will want him. She’ll win, one way or another.

    • All due respect to Cass’s plan, has she seen Nick’s neck? Forget falling off a horse, that thing could take a ground-zero nuclear detonation and survive.

  22. Jokes aside, it was hard to watch Cass get her heart shattered into a million pieces. Oh Cass, unrequited love is a bastard, and you weren’t the first, and I doubt you’ll be the last. You’ll find him one day, just … don’t stop looking, okay?

    I don’t think Nick comes across well, on this one. I don’t think there was an ounce of chemistry between them, and he should’ve let her down gently weeks ago. Months ago. The fact he kept her around for as long as he did? It unsettles me so.

    • Nick mentioned he couldn’t do things his own way and the producers were always interrupting and telling him what to do. I guessed it was the producers who wanted to keep Cassie for the drama. They don’t care if the poor girl will be heartbroken at the end.

      I have the suspicion the producers got Britt sis to purposely tell Britt about Cassie and Nick and then hoping Britt will question Cassie. More drama.

      • Thing is Cass comes across as way more genuine than the vacuous Ali.
        The Honey Bastard really broke Cassie’s heart , hurt her unnecessarily and should have let her down gently a month ago not give her false hope to be final 4.
        He really is a prick.

        • Definitely, Lola. He already had tried her out before. My intuition says, and had sex, so he knew she wasn’t a keeper. But producers would have wanted her.

      • Spot on Littlepetal re Brooke. I do like the idea of Cass next bachelorette. It’s the least they can do after what they put her through! It’s painful to see her not just being dumped but to be interrogated by fake Britt which I think was quite inappropriate. Cass truely show the maturity when she told her it was not appropriate to talk about it.

        • I didn’t warm to Brooke, so I don’t want her as Bachette. I don’t believe Nick has any feelings for her, or any of them, but definitely not Brooke.

          • Oi, shaggers , they’re called “feelins” ~ ie “Geez, I don’t know where me feelins are at”

            Stiff $hit , badger look like yaz up Britt Creek now.

          • Yes, it’s hard to try and describe your deep feelings in terms of duck sh*t, holy moleys, and dogs in snagger shops”. Fair suck of the sav.
            What’s he going to say, “Holy smokes, let’s get hitched” or “”I’m into you like a snagger in a bun…or a toad in a hole”.

  23. So Cass has been dating the Badge for 5 MONTHS. Maybe the producers stopped her from being honest with her relationship with Nick.

    Also Cass has acting skills as well. Have been kept on the show for drama

    • I think the history just meant she wouldn’t get chosen. He had already dumped her like a hot spud at a barbie. Or like a tbone at a vegetarian barbie. Or like a bar of soap in a prison shower.

  24. So rumour has it, Brooke walked out?!? Hope she doesn’t come up with “ I came here to find love but it’s not you Nick, it’s Cass” 😳

  25. Off tangent, now next year Bachelorette could be Keira ( we have enough of her, pleassee not her again on another reality show) or Alex Nation!!! Talk about recycling.

    • Well, if Alex Nation is the Bachelorette, you’ve got Megan, Tiffany, Brooke and Elora as contestants, I mean, an all-girl season has merit.

      Call me back when there’s an all-boy season.

      No, really, call me :(.

      • Lol i often wonder its not a bad idea to be a contestant in the bachelor if you’re bisexual right? You will have two chances, love with the Bachelor or love with one of the contestant?😳

    • They could actually combine both show into one. You will have The Bachelor and The Bachelorette choosing from 24 guys and girls. It doesn’t matter if The Bach give the rose to a guy or The Bachelorette give the rose to a girl.

  26. 100% everyone who goes on Bach shows, goes for fame. I don’t begrudge them that. But don’t bullshirt us that they are there for love. It might happen, but it’s all about getting on telly.

  27. Interesting Bach rumours I heard this weekend

    * Curly’s already rolled his swag and run back o/s to his ex. Take the honey and run.

    * reason he walks like a crab is that he’s packin’ some kind of back brace. Maybe this is why he wears the boardies while the sheilas show yaz more meat than yaz find in a butcher’s shop.

  28. Cass was a special guest host on “Have You Been Paying Attention?” tonight, and damn, they really gave it to Nick. It was awesomely hilarious.

  29. Radical thought but could it be possible that cass and noob have been playing everyone the whole time? Repeat coming out that they are seeing each other again.

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