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Time to talk Badgerlor.
We know Cass gets her date – finally. The question is, does he let her down gently at the end of the date or does he wait for the rose ceremony?
How about giving poor old Emily a go, though? She deserves a single date.
After this season, do you think the Bachie franchise needs a break? Is anyone planning to watch the Ali season?



  1. So the slow onscreen destruction of Cass’s self esteem continues tonight in front of a national audience? Great.

    As for Ali’s season, I honestly don’t think it’ll be worth it. The recaps and parodies will tell you the gist of the season, without actually having to subject yourself to it. I just don’t think Ali has the personality, frankly, to hold a show on her own. And the whole thing is just going to be staircase jokes.

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    • Wonder how they even came to choose her as the Bachelorette anyway?

      Seems nice enough but the only thing I really remember about her is some sort of bruhaha with that American. And the Jessica Wabbit bosoms.

      • Like I said, I think they badly misread the audience on Ali.

        With the cheating scandal with the loser American guy, it doesn’t matter who’s version of events was the truth, they’ve just set Ali up to be a punchline, and gotta be honest, she wasn’t that interesting in the first place.

        I’ll watch the first episode out of morbid curiosity, but I always tend to struggle more with the Bachelorette, so I don’t see myself sticking to it.

        • When the person is already a mini celeb, such as Ali, or Sophie, there is no credibility regarding their reason for doing the show. None.
          And that spoils it for me.

  2. I do like Cass. She’s not a bitch, she’s been kind and friendly with the other girls. Go Cass I say. Don’t hurt her you curly haired what’s it

    • Snap Jazzman. She’s quite sweet, although making her wear those bathers is like dressing your little sister at a sex shop.

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    • I’ve just felt sorry for her the whole season, she’s far too young (maturity wise) to be on a show like this. She speaks (like she like say um and like, like way too much) and acts like a teenager. She’ll grow up eventually but may regret this experience.
      I think she genuinely believes herself to be in love with him but when listing what she likes it was all physical. Interesting that her ‘baggage’ was not wanting to be controlled – kudos to her for that. I think it showed some degree of self reflection and knows how easily she could let him control her. I do wish her well but he is not for her.

  3. Cass is getting the Tara date with the old bus included. It’s like an episode of “Dumb and Dumber”
    With the one liners coming thick and fast from Dunce head, “Holy shit balls”
    “It’s as high as Bob Marley”
    Etc etc etc . . . .

  4. I really am growing on Cass despite her insecurity and stalking. She appear very genuine with her feeling for Nick. I really hope she the last one standing now.

  5. Lucky … stupid honey badger. She came on this show she had no idea it was going to be him. She was always at a disadvantage and yes, initially I ridiculed her.

  6. So wags. I’m going to watch it …..
    Who knew Shannon Bennett from Masterchef was married to and has 4 kids with dee (Madeleine west) from neighbours
    Yes it seems Shannon was punching above his weight ( that ponytail) but despite her enthusiasm in the media she does appear to have very greasy hair

    • Works on Neighbours, hmm? I expect she won’t be able to act her way out of a paper bag, then. Googlebox called Neighbours “the cockroach of Australian television”.

      I’m watching it Playing For Keeps. Dig deep, Ch 10.

  7. That horse is a ventriloquist. I swear it whinnied without opening it’s mouth or flaring it’s nostrils.. Deserves a rose for that.

  8. I’m not reading comments yet, but what deviant is choosing the swimwear? I think the bathers come from Barbarella’s sex shop, not Seafolly. I don’t think I have seen so many hungry bums since Olivia got Physical in the 80s, and at least she wore tights.

    • It’s all a little unsettling, really, isn’t it?

      Put Nick in a tiny thong and throw him in the pool. I mean, I still wouldn’t find him attractive, but at least it’d massively even up the sheer-uncomfortable stakes.

  9. It’s about 30 minutes in here. I’m out. Cass is so clingy, always touching Nick, clinging like a limpet, or a two-year-old with separation anxiety. I want to scream at her to back off and have some dignity. That poor, pathetic young woman is being made a fool of, and the bachelor doesn’t have the balls or the civility to send her off, gently or otherwise. Instead, he strings her along, putting his arm around her and rubbing her shoulder, playing like he is interested. Yet when she asked if he has feelings for her, he danced around that question for so long that I got bored listening to his bullshit. But one phrase gave her a glimmer of hope, and there she was, snuggling up and groveling again. The woman is delusional and the bachelor is an asshole. That little girl should run for her life, because she will get nowhere with this guy. And she should be grateful for that some day.

    Who dressed her in those teeny coverings to wear for the water slides? Nick should have been in a g-string,too, so they both were degraded to the same extent. And all Cass got out of it was that Nick was on top of her at some point. Jesus. Tonight was sickening.

    Like 12+

    • The Bachelors aren’t allowed to say if they like a particular girl. I have seen post Bach shows where they say it was really hard not being able to tell the girl he liked her.

    • I think it all comes back to Nick, right? The Bachelorettes don’t know who the Bachelor is, ahead-of-time (which seems silly, to me, but whatevs) so seeing a guy there who Cass was already into would’ve been a surprise to both of them (and production. I doubt they recruited her specifically).

      But she is so very young. He’s well aware of her feelings. At some point, Nick should’ve let her down gently. So either he’s stringing her along (or he doesn’t see their relationship as a huge, one-sided crush), or production is playing him like a fiddle.

      And I’m with the crowd, Cassie seems like a decent enough person, she’s sweet and friendly. But I don’t see “The Bachelor” as the place where she meets the love of her life, you know? And if I can see that, why hasn’t Nick?

    • Agreed with everything you just laid out with one small caveat..

      Unless she’s an actress of Meryl’s calibre, Cass is certainly pulling off that innocently unbridled enthusiasm.

      Makes me feel twice as sorry for her.

  10. I know I’ve said this before but jeez is Nick living a boys own adventure or what? Just think of the ‘dates’ this season:
    Waterpark, racetrack, motorbike, speedboat and those are just the first four that sprung to mind. Has he never heard that perhaps a date the girl might enjoy would be an equally valid “bonding experience”, a touch of romance wouldn’t go astray on these so called dates.
    And Juz, I think the B’ette would be more than I could tolerate so I’l be out when it comes on. I hope someone on here takes one for the team, watches it and comments here to keep us entertained.

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    • The date the girl might enjoy is tacked on at the end of the date he enjoys… parked on a couch / picnic rug / park bench / FBI investigation stool – but not forgetting the obligatory cheese and wine.

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  11. What a load of codswollop that group activity was. Yes, they wrote their baggage on their baggage, took it into the river and now they are all cured. Puts Dr Phil out of a job.

    As for the tv show after it, I saw a bit. It seemed alright.

    • I thought it was enjoyable enough. I was intrigued by all the characters and plotlines, and that was before they even got to the murder mystery stuff. I imagine it did better in Sydney and Melbourne than up here in QLD, where AFL isn’t really much of a thing.

      • It was better than a kick in the nuts , I suppose. I watched it. There’s even a tall Honey Badger type in it~ got the hair down to a tee..and he has a thin neck, too. What’s not to like?

  12. No such luck. His first sentence was ocker slang.
    God he’s tedious.

    Brittany ‘s stack on the Segway- talk about drama over nothing. When he said he wouldn’t pay on a date – I thought what a tightarse.
    He’s no catch that’s for sure.

  13. My impression of Brittany’s stack was that it was no accident, looked to me like she stepped off for attention. And her look could have stopped lava in its tracks when Brooke got the one on one time, then she was all sweet smiles when she realised the camera was on her.

    • Yes, I detected fakeness when Shannon was cosying up to Nick, trying to turn on the charm and say all the right things. But I I wouldn’t rate her a villain. Just trying on her seduction. She wasn’t that good at it.

    • You see the scene where he and his victim of the night, uh, I mean, the lucky girl who won the single date? They were making out like two people who have no idea re: the actual mechanics of kissing someone.

      I’m glad the Goggleboxers roasted him for that.

  14. I read what happened online then fastforwarded to the rose ceremony. Awkward. What was with the saxophone music playing over the steamy shots of Sophie and HB pashing? Is it 1986?

  15. As the remaining girls stood waiting for a rose, it struck me how tragic they were, selling themselves out, degrading themselves waiting for his nod of approval.
    Oh, and have I mentioned, guffaw, guffaw, that Nick is not the oil painting these girls have been telling him he is. He looks like he’s been punched in the face.

  16. The scariest bit of the night was Shannon telling The Muppet that a girl in there was going to get into all of his nooks and crevices. That’s an image I’d like to unsee. Hopefully it won’t be aired on a pg rating.

    • Poor girl must be in hiding today. She’s so tiny and most of those girls look like they don’t eat much – half a glass of white wine would be enough to get her smashed

      • Someone I know reckons the Honey Maggot doesn’t hold his red wine too well. Best to stick Ribena in them huge glasses he has to put his laughin’ gear around.

        Yeh, I thought Shazza was a keeper, too.

        A Phil Collins ad on here.

        • “Shazzie” will have no trouble getting a guy, or a gig. She could be next Bachette perhaps, as long as she stops talking about delving into nooks and crannies. She did say she had more shit. Whatever that means. I think Shaz has some more nooks and crannies.

  17. Has anyone else noticed that this nimeit doesn’t talk about personal things at al? Nothing about his family, upbringing or usual stuff when getting to know someone. I thought he was just stupid (ok he is but..) I think it is done on purpose

      • She was definitely nice, just the bubbliness was contrived. I worked with a girl just like her. Bubbly, sweet, gstring exposed, little kids jokes ( but in real life her husband had “dissapeared” like Olivia Newton johns ex, she was a cryptic crossword pro , and was actually very serious). It was her coping persona, few had seen her normal( sarcastic, witty, and scathing)

  18. So I just saw the ad for Ali’s bachelorette and was listening quite closely when Osher said I’m here to help you “weed” out the good from the bad. Is it just me, and my Aldi low carb beer, or does he place extra emphasis on the “wee”and then eventually provide us with the “d” closure, after a pointed amount of time. I’m “wee”ly intrigued to see where this leads

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