2019 Australian Survivor theme announced

Ten had announced the theme of season four of Australian Survivor and it’s …. drumroll … champions V contenders.
Yes, really. Again.
If they don’t shuffle the teams after the two tribals or so we are going to see a repeat of this season, where Contenders aced the strength-based challenges.
I get that celebs bring in the ratings but it’s not fun watching a whitewash.
What do you think?



  1. I suppose if they change the definition of “Champion” it could be quite different. Use only a couple of famous sportspeople, and a lot more from other fields, and the physical challenges will not be so unbalanced. Also, they could reduce the physical advantage of the challenges themselves.

    Having said that, I think a different theme, or none at all would have been better, then revisit CvCs in a year or two.

  2. Gillard ,Turnbull, Abbott, Rudd, ~ how would these ex Prime Ministers go on Survivor? We got plenty of them.

    Three banned ball tamperers. Howzat?

    People who have served long prison terms? Can only invigorate the show.

    Where are the innovators at Ch 10? No champions there.

    I’ll watch. It is what it is. People and their “big moves”

    • Well when you put it like that….

      Actually I do like the theme Politicians and other crims. Or is that another show? Escape From Devil’s Island. The winner recieves a pardon. Now it’s sounding too much like Black Mirror.

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