1. DM already outed Ivan is sent home – whether it is right or not we will see.

    Apparently Ivan was a stripper for the same company paddy was a stripper for – so I guess we know where they went for the casting.

    Other goss is Charlie and dasha were photographed together.

    • Paddy was a stripper?

      I bet he wasn’t a well-paid one.

      What I like about the idea of tonight’s double date is that, she either gets rid of Bill (because he’s full of crap), or she keeps Bill and ditches Ivan … because she really, really hates his dancing.

    • Thank you, Amanda. That saves me from any slight temptation I may have had to check in during ad breaks on Walker, Texas Ranger.

      Walker would have walked right away from this bimbo.

      • Don’t you want to see a grown man put two whole avocadoes into a blender?

        The result was havocadoes.

        • Seriously, Dave? Skins and pits and all? If I knew the exact minute that was shown, I might have looked in then. Although, maybe not, since I would have ended up yelling at the tv.

          I am spending a few seconds wondering why anyone was blending anything on a date.

          • I think he was trying to drown out the sound of love blossoming in the next room. We all knew Gomer was on his way out, but the avocado smoothie was the clincher.
            I couldn’t believe they were eating it. What was it even meant to be? Holy guacamole?

          • It’s true , Von. He’ll be headhunted for Ma$terchef next year.

            How smooth can the smoothie be with two huge stones thrown in?

          • Avocado scene is exactly 20 mins into show , btw. Seen it twice now. Season highlight.

  2. Ivan thinks too highly of himself. He thinks he can do his stripper dance and Ali will be all over him like those women he danced or stripped to!

  3. Why do I get this feeling the tiny human beings are been told who they should run up to? They even dressed alike!

    • It kind of creeped me out seeing those little kids used for cute factor. It was even worse that I could see Ali’s bum through her sheer moroon stockings.
      See my photo further down. We copped an eyefull of Ali “having a crack”.

  4. When Osher walked in, talking about the date that one of the guys wouldn’t be coming home from … my mother tilted her head and asked, “Is Ali taking them to a Saudi embassy?”

    Horrendously inappropriate, but I still smiled.

  5. Okay, but seriously, Ivan blending passive-aggressively is the best thing EVER and I love it.

    And then he cracked his head on the ceiling beam.

  6. I would guess that Charlie is about 45, so why is he wearing a backwards cap like an out of fashion 13 year old?

    Also Ivan, who got the boot, looks like Gomer Pyle.

  7. We are down to 10 guys and some guys are almost incognito.

    There is a guy called Daniel. Who the hell is he. Only glimpses of a few of them.
    The show is Charlie and Bill show.

    • Beyond the bourbon, I can’t figure out why Charlie hates Bill so much, I really can’t.

      Actually, calling it now. The final four will be Charlie, Bill, Robert and Taite. The rest of them have already faded into the background.

      • Even whilst kissing Ali, Charlie had the bourbon in his free hand. A multitasking psychopath. Ali’s falling for him. Charlie’s in for an even bigger fall, one that’ll take an ocean of bourbon to fix.

      • I must have missed something between Charlie and Bill? Why the issues? Charlie is not doing himself any good with all the bitching.
        Such a wanko!

  8. Didn’t anyone else noticethat her red stockings were see-throughand that she had no pants on? I will have to get you a better screen shot.

    • We know that, under all that Ali has a pretty fair cellulite farm started.

      Showing more arse than class.

      ” Der, I wonder why I attract party animals”

  9. Don’t know what Ali will say when she learns Charlie has an 8 year old.
    And it’s odd how he keeps licking his lips like Krudd.

  10. I thought Vincent Price or Christopher Lee could have worn Osher’s blue velvet suit. It would have been perfect for a B grade horror movie. All he needed was the fangs.

    • Charlie’s dobbing like there’s no tomorrow in his holy shirt. He’s here for the right reasons. He’d rather look good than be good.

  11. If Ali is so bad with her judgement with guys and need her friends to tell her who she should choose, Ali just need an arranged marriage. Maybe they can find the right husband for her

  12. I know I’m cynical about this whole thing, but I loved the treasure-hunt date. That looked like so much fun.

    But for reals, did Ali seriously tell Taite that she’s falling in love with him, after knowing him for about 3 hours? Damn, girlfriend.

    And spoiler alert, Charlie still hates Bill. *shrug*

    • It’s like, oh my gosh Charlie, we get it, you don’t like Bill, WE FUCKING GET IT ALREADY.

      Can you imagine marrying this guy? Forget to tape his favourite show, just once, and it’s all you’d hear about for the next thirty years.

      • Given the level of maturity Charlie’s delivering, his favourite show would be something like The Wiggles.

        Married to Charlie . Pouring all those bourbons and stopping him verbally abusing neighbours and visitors. Be in Charlie’s tiny universe for the right reasons or you’re gunna cop it.

        Then there’s the 8yo unexploded bomb.

  13. Down to 8 guys and we still have a guy called Daniel. Never hear him said a word. Every episode he just turn up to receive a rose.

    Just too much of Charlie. Obviously he bombed out. I hope he got kicked out before Bill. Now he is just trying to show the world he has move on with Dasha. Of course they tip off the photographer to take those photos. I don’t think Dasha is serious with him. Just need to get some photos in the media

    • I think Dasha isn’t it it for the right reason….unless the right reason is to get on tv, build a tv resume, and end up on Neighbours or H&A.

      • To be fair, though, I find Sam Frost, like, a thousand times more likeable on Home and Away than I ever did in either of her two seasons.

        Her character is currently dating Robbo, the ex-cop with a tortured past who’s just volunteered to be the sperm donor for another woman’s IVF baby. So dramatic.

        • Yes. I have glimpsed bits that run into my Judge Judy recording. She seems to have that weird nose thing under control.

  14. Charlie comes across to me as the stereotypical abusive partner personality type – he seems to like to be in control all the time with everything. Even telling Ali what to do.

    The big problem Robert had was he went off script. Ali didn’t sign up for truth bombs, she signed up to have a bunch of guys constantly fawn over her and compliment her ALL THE TIME. The moment someone starts questioning her, she gets turned off. She also at that time focuses on someone else – eg. Todd.

    I am hoping tyhe intruders will include a new bachelorette and the guys have to vote who stays. Now THAT would be a interesting twist:)

  15. And because this season isn’t enough of a train wreck..

    Latest pics have emerged of Charlie at a gaybar with a small spoon necklace.

      • Windsong – yeah I know, my gaydar goes off the rails when Robert is on screen.

        I think producers need to do something – of all the social media I don’t see anyone liking her at all – and the guys aren’t faring that well either

    • Ain’t that allegedly peculiar because just today allegedly I was told Charlie had allegedly been on the fantasy and the coke. All about being there for the right reasons, mind you..

  16. People on these shows all want to be on telly. If they happen to “fall in love” that’s a bonus. Tim Robards, Sam Frost, Georgia Love….not sure who else, on tv shows. Some get lucky, some stay in the mags and sm news eg Cheryl from MAFS, but it’s impossible for me to believe that people who, on average, would mostly be considered attractive by many people (even if they aren’t my cup of tea), would need to go on tv for a steady, future relationship. Funny dat.

    • Look at Tracy from MAFS. She was convinced for months after the show ended that the rest of Australia desperately needed to know who she was dating. It was all just to get her name in the papers for a little bit. And hopefully, she fired (or sued for gross malpractice) her plastic surgeon after-the-fact.

      This obsession with low-level fame is baffling, but I’d be foolish to think it doesn’t exist.

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