Daisy’s Bold and the Beautiful Oct chat

I love it when the writers of B&B get high, which they seem to be at the moment. The story lines are crazy, which makes the usual Lazy Susan of Love more interesting.

Stephie had a Helen Reddy moment, and decided to roar. In so doing she handed Liam to Hope, rather than making her fight for him. Hope has been confused because The High Road has always been locked in to her GPS, but now it seems Stephie knows that Route too. And doesn’t she wear it well with her black Turning Japanese look. Ridge is proud of her. Liam is proud of her. Hope is relieved and thankful. But Brooke smells an LA rat, and scrunches up her watery eyes to let us know it. Not content with running off to make her nest with Prince Charming, Hope wants to feather it too, with soft things from her Hope for the Future collection. But Ridge has given the girls a new battle ground, and Stephie tells Hope that she can’t have the baby AND the pram. Or the fashion line AND the man. Hope says, “Why not?”, and Brooke goes into the front line, claws sharpened. Brooke is on the verge of bedding Bill, but Ridge is still hoping Stephie can come out of the battle with something, although he claims it’s all just business.
On the sidelines, Thorne has been wrapping a semi-naked Katy around his little finger. (Let’s just call it that). Katy, has lost her purple undied way, wandering from one bad choice to another. As Dave said, Will could have built a meth lab in his bedroom and Katy wouldn’t know it because she has been too busy since Wipes and Thorne, having Day Sex. I guess the Social Media Department works from home.
Also on the sidelines, Bill seems to have recovered his heart from Stephie, and reveries of Brooke in the hot-air balloon are returning. Too bad. I was hoping that he would stick it to Thorne by stealing Katy back. Although I think she might need a good rinse out first.
I will leave it at that for now, although I think October might see some of the other cast step in with a few lines, such as Zander, Skeletor and little Tellytubby. And yes, hopefully Quinn might get to steam up our lounge rooms with Ridge, and bitchslap Brooke. She deserves it.
Will Hope’s baby make it to term? And will the two cousin babies be old enough to drink, and be driving cars by December? We shall see.
Have fun watching. 😊



  1. Skeletor is on the catwalk again, modelling Steffy’s line of lingerie.

    Steffy herself is dressed as the Whore Of Babylon, extolling the cherished Forrester family values to the hilt. Ridge is so proud but he’s catching hell from Brooke about his bottom line call.

    Zander and Emma find some time alone. Skeletor is on the trail.

  2. This can’t end well. Liam has cleverly excused himself,while Stephie and Hope shoot lady like (so far) verbal abuse. Hope reminds Stephie she’s a sl*t, Stephie reminds Hope her mother’s a sl*t. Stephie tells hope she’s judgy.

    Brooke is seething and Ridge gets the hint that he won’t be getting any tonight.

    Note the little alliances. Quinn and Sally went team Stephie. Zander rebuked Tellytubby for taking sides while still an intern.
    Katy and Thorne weren’t in it today, so we know where they were. Katy might have already put her bulk order in with Stephie.

  3. Wow! Hope just throws out the insults, but adda, “No, that’s a good thing”.
    Not long ago Hope wanted Liam, now she wants the business. Want, want, want. Get over it Hopeless.

    Zander decides Emma”s first time should be in a bar, with nothing but flimsy curtains separating them from the other patrons. What a charmer.

  4. We haven’t seen Katy or Thorne for a bit, so they must be having day sex while young Will is in his room discovering erotic asphyxiation. Roll on the end of school holidays so Will can have some supervision. He will probably return next term with his voice (and testicles) lowered. It’s faster than dog years. Where is young Lizzie? She must be about 40 by now.
    Bridge should collapse tonight. Brooke will probably have another highly secretive, furtive meeting with Bill at Il Giordinos. If they don’t want anyone to know, why don’t they just hire the cabana at The Bikini.

    • That meeting at Il Gardino’s came to pass, and Bill tried to lock lips with Brooke but I think she’ll kiss him back on Monday and the Lazy Susan will start spinning again.

  5. Here we go…..”My wife/husband doesn’t understand me”. And Bridge unravels.

    “Bill will still be able to see his son at Thorne…..I mean Katy’s discretion”.

  6. “Little Emma” the bruiser, scared off the skinny models from cooing over Zander. She apologized to Zander that having to wait to make Coo Coo in the Cabana was “frushtrating”. If I was Zander I would go for the girl who knows how to pronounce “frustrating”.

  7. Wow, Katie needs a double Dr Phil for letting a boyfriend have take over control of her son after the sheets have barely dried from the previous boyfriend.

    Stephie and Ridge praise Katie and Thorne for being discreet and keeping their affair out of the office. They sure as hell do. They clock on in Katie’s love shack.

    • Well the main the Sara was Ridge and Thorne trying to take Will’s dad away, Thorne being a dickand Katy remindinb us how weak she is. I’m surprised she hasn’t needed a brandy.
      And Brooke not looking genuinely offended when Bill zoomed in with a lip-lock. She had an obligatory sort of gasp…but she loved it.

  8. Katy accepts Thorne’s proposal of marriage and they jump in the sack. Kenny G blows up a storm. Of course, the phone rings at orgasm time. Thorne is being shit canned at a FC meeting. Brooke will work to sabotage the Orange Lurch.

    Ridge is outraged that Brooke defends Bill and then Bill sends Brooke a text. How thoughtful of him. It will be back on soon.

    • She’s got the look, Sara. She’s got the look.
      Lips pursed, head back, eyes narrowed. She is probably loving the opportunity to role out her acting skills; everything she learned in soap opera 101. It sure beats getting to play the soppy, holier than thou roles of Lope.

    • Oh great. I look forward to the look on little Tellytubby’s face when philandering Zander and Skeletor do their model pony walk, hand in hand down the catwalk in their skimpy undies. The writing is on the changeroom wall.
      Models have to just get changed no matter who is watching.

  9. I caught few minutes of it today.

    It baffled me that Katie was so concerned about the kid (who’s name probably doesn’t even matter) reacting to a potential step-father. Does nobody in this world actually remember that the standard marriage, between any of these ridiculous people, can be clocked on an egg-timer?

    If the kid’s upset at the thought of having a step-dad, who cares? He’s gonna have another one in ten minutes.

    • It’s called a lazy susan of stepdads, Windsong. Katy has the brain of a flea but the libido of a sax loving rabbit. Or is it her neediness that sees her run for the purple satin bras whenever anything with two Ys and a penis wants to marry her?

    • Are you only referring to the universal set, Sara? It’s a good thing Brooke doesn’t tattoo her sleeping partners na es on her body. She’d look like a smurf.

  10. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Katy just told Bill that Will need the emotional stability that only she and Orange Lurch can give. And how long has she been bonking Lurch? And how long did she take to leap from Wipes to Orange Lurch. Hell the change over was so so fast that Lurch was probably picking Wipes’ pubic hair from his own teeth.

  11. Stephie’s recruiting….Hope’s staff. Sorry Hope, you snooze, you loose. You should have let Sally design.
    Zander on the other hand, well the temptation to get his kit off was too appealing. Zoe was salivating all over bare chested Zander. He didn’t pull away quick enough.
    I will leave Windsong with that image.
    Where’s Tellytubby? Nowhere in sight to rescue Zander.

  12. All about the wrath of Dollar Bill on the “glorified tailor” and “spineless weasel” today.

    Justin will dig some blackmail dirt up to “persuade” the judge in the custody suit.

  13. Why hire a professional child psychologist when you have Orange Lurch saying what’s best for Will?
    And Liam is taking to Mormonism like Imelda Marcos in a shoe shop.

    Go Bill. Do your worst.

  14. Here we go; when Brooke finds out about Ridge’s judge fixing, she will want to dump him, saying he’s no better than Bill. When Ridge discovers Brooke has been visiting her ex, he will be ripe picking for Brooke.
    That’s my guess.

      • Thorne was being a bastard. He pushed the wedding forward to tomorrow to get custody of Will. Katy claimed it went against her feminist principles to rely on a man (yep, she said that), but agreed to the hasty wedding anyway.
        Ridge told his friend the judge he wasn’t “asking, he was telling”, him to choose in Katy’s favour.
        Next to Thorne and Ridge, Bill looked as clean as a whistle. He decided he would just plead his case honestly. With Brooke by his side, he was confident truth and justice would prevail. He hasn’t figured out yet that Ridge once paid the judges tuition.
        The tug of war over young Will is going to screw him up but at the moment Katy is promising him the world with his new dad.

        • As if Katie will be burning her purple push ups anytime soon.

          If I recall,Katie relied on kindly old sucker Eric to swing Will’s Private Boarding School deal.

  15. It’s Bill v the “cockroaches” (Billspeak for Forresters) for custody of little Will, who’s being given some last minute brainwashing by Lurch and Katie. He likes Lurch and there’s a nauseatingly cute three way hugfest on Katie’s worn out couch.

    No wedding today. Just show boating at Katie’s love nest. Wagons being circled before the Custody hearing. How much excitement can we take?

  16. Little Will is being promised the world by Katie and Orange Lurch, but he’ll be off to boarding school next week, while Katie straps on the purple push-ups and frgets to clock on at Forresters.
    Ridge has been huffing and puffing about Bill’s lack of integrity…while he puts the judge in his back pocket.
    Brooke has one foot in both camps, but she’s leaning to Bill’s side.

  17. Way to convince young Will that his Dad doesn’t want him. What Orange Lurch doesn’t play on a loop in his ear at night, Katy repeats to him every time she pursuades him that he will be loved now by her and his new dad.

    PS, we all know why Will has play dates at his friends’ houses but none of them are allowed to visit the house of Logan Daysax.

  18. Orange Lurch reckons this will be a “stable and loving ” family.

    From my lounge chair , it looks whirlwind and completely carnal.

    The producers want us to bleed waiting for the custody cast to start.

    Tomorrow at 4.30, I’ll be cheering for Bill. Orange Lurch has filled little Will’s head with cockroach waste.

  19. Wait a second, Katie banged Bill and had Will (who they’re now fighting over re: custody), but wasn’t Katie previously banging one of Bill’s adult children?

    All jokes aside about tangled family trees, isn’t that just really … creepy? What is wrong with these people?

  20. The custody hearing is a hoot. A feast of dirty laundry in the name of “stability”

    Katie lies about being the conscientious mama she isn’t.

    No result yet.

    • What? I’m out atm but I can’t believe you aren’t reporting that Katy and Thorne are divorced, that Katy has “moved on”, and Will has been placed in a retirement village.

  21. I love that Katy thought that off-the-shoulder was the best dress choice for a custody hearing. I also loved the bit when Katy said kids grow up so fast.
    And finally, I love that Ridge said that Katy takes Will to work. We’ve seen Katy and Thorne “working” from home, so I would hope not.

  22. (The Nigella Lawson interview on the Project Wednesday night was very entertaining. The young blond guy was actually funny, but he had trouble getting Nigella to melt. She wasn’t about to make a joke of food. πŸ˜‚)

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