1. Oh Sophie isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed isn’t she? Sweetie pops there is”skydive” painted on ALL the frikken planes – what do you think you are doing???

  2. So the Badgerlor drives them into an airfield, and Sophie is looking at half a dozen small prop planes with, “Skydive Australia” printed on the sides. And Sophie asks, “Oh my gosh, what are we doing?”

    You’re there to have a picnic Sophie. What do *you* think you’re dating on the date?

    Sorry, I tried to give this a go tonight, but I am just totally through with this season. I’m committed to making it through the last two episodes, but I cannot guarantee I’ll be a happy viewer by the end of it.

    Meanwhile, Nick’s still dragging the potential love(s) of his life onto boy’s own extreme sports adventure dates. What the hell, you great permed lunatic?

    • That is the question, isn’t it?

      Gosh, what if Brooke was going to be his first choice. That is gonna be awkward.

    • People have been suggesting that, today, but going by tonight’s episode, both Sophie and Brittany seemed really into him. Like, I didn’t get the impression that either of them was falling *out* of love with him. And maybe Brooke’s departure changes the dynamic completely (and I still hope that they both reject him), but going by tonight, you’d think at least one of them would still wanna be with him at the end.

    • I missed tonight episode. Don’t think I will be bother doing a catch up.
      Did saw the promo for tomorrow and looks like he has a ring?

  3. I got bored watching. I thought I would just come here for the result. BTW, I could never date a guy who kept talking about his poo. “Holy shitballs”. “I might poo my pants”. I have said this before. I am a visual person.

    • If the Badger was fair dinkum, he’d tell us he was full of snappin’ duck shit before we could scratch our arses. I mean Blind Freddy can see it.

    • He’s all about his one-liners. That schtick only works when you’re in a loud pub, jumping out of airplanes or taking corners too fast in a sponsored race car. No wonder we didn’t see any ‘regular’ dates where 2 people sit across a table to actually get to know each other.

      • “Pull up a stump and we’ll have a chin wag. I’ll be only givin’ yaz homin’ pigeons and boomerangs, shagger, in termsa me feelins. There’s two other birds”.

        • Maybe a bit of both, Littlepetal. It’s possible to be sweet AND acting. 😇Not everyone would know what “Pull up a stump”, means BDD. Crikey, anything could happen.

  4. In her interviews brooke mentions she wont reunite with him out of respect for the “winner”, which indicates he picks someone. But also during the chat with brooke he did say he had not developed feelings for anyone (not straight out like that, too many big words for him). So i dunno.

    This whole season is a bit of a disaster, Britt is coming off as a bit of a control freak and about 4 layers fake, i dont really buy into any of them developing feelings for him, other then a desire for a media career. But really how could they when he doesn’t say anything all season, other then stupid ocker sayings?

    • Don’t like any of the ladies this year but at the same time I can’t see how someone can fall in love with him?!?
      But then Cass did in the outside world…so maybe we’re not seeing the real HB?
      I am just glad it’s over soon.

      • I think Cass’s real trouble was her affection wasn’t returned. She was in love at him, not with him (no judgement against her, it’s happened to the best of us).

        But I still question why he kept her around as long as he did, if he never cared that much for her in the first place. And you’re right, if he is charming and funny and kind, then channel 10 have edited this show poorly, because we’ve seen none of that.

        • Ditto, Windsong. He told Brittany it folded early on (a bit of free sex???) so why did he (the producers) keep her in.
          Still, she is more well known now. That might work for her.

          Her stint on AYPA? was funny.

          • I love HYBPA… it always makes me die a little inside when they bring these ex-Bachelorettes on though. I wonder if these girls even realise how much they’re being mocked?

          • The cannier ones probably do realise what a joke the whole thing is, but yeah, some of them wouldn’t.

          • The show is all about rating. The producers don’t care if they get hurt.

            They just showed us what they want us to see.

            Cass is sweet and naive (maybe just acting).

            She is getting a lot of fans. Why not! A lot of photos of her bum in some skimpy bikini bottom. Another attention seeker

          • UGH. I have 3 daughters and the very thought of them signing up for this sh*t willingly is making me nervous.

  5. Please don’t have Brooke as the next Bachelorette but all the editing is making the viewers want her to be the Bachelorette.

    She knew The Badger can’t confess his love for her. She doesnt want to lose. So put pressure on The Badger to confess his love or walk out. By leaving she is now in the running for The Bachelorette

    • But we have to suffer through Ali’s season first.

      Gosh this franchise just feeds on itself, doesn’t it?

      I can’t help but think there’s something intensely unhealthy about that.

    • Nooooo, not Brooke. I probably won’t watch Ali’s season. I mean we can’t by any stretch think she is looking for love. She would only have to go out to get chatted up.

      • I couldn’t bear to watch her for the whole season. She is just devoid of personality. Now she is trying to tel people that other then a boob job she hasn’t had plastic surgery..

        I actually would like Florence to be bachelorette – yeah she is level 10 nutbar but at least it would be interesting 🙂

    • Brooke play the audiences. I think she might already know she won’t get the rose hence put it all on him. If HB really wants her in the final, she would still be there. And please no Brooke for the next Bachelorette

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