Daisy’s Bold chat – Nov

Over to Daisy for another Bold and the Beautiful wrapup – thank you!
You really have to feel sorry for the folks at B&B. All that money and power, but they just can’t hold it together. They keep their children in the attic, or the basement, and maybe throw crumbs to them. They can’t stay married for more than a couple of months, and live in great mansions, but have no cleaners or servants. No one ever has a birthday, or gets to celebrate Easter. No Easter Bunny or birthday parties for any of them.
But on the bright side, they seem to be able to teleport from home to the office, or to each other’s places. Their teeth are perfectly white but no one goes to the dentist. They run companies without doing any work. Their kids age faster than a dog, but adults stay the same age. And they can commit crimes, including murder, without going to jail.
For the month of November, I think we will see Ridge and Brooke fall apart, and perhaps into the arms of other lovers. Hope might go into labour because she has already been pregnant for about 2 months. Zoe might continue her meteoric rise to top model status, while poor Emma goes crazy with jealousy. Liam will undoubtedly remain in love with two women and will sooner or later tip the balance back to Stephie. And Kellie should be walking soon, but don’t expect to see her until she can come out and say a few wooden lines.

Katy thinks everything has fallen into place

Lurch and Katy just got married so they might break up soon. Katy has gone from man to man and is running out of options if she breaks with Orange Lurch. Bill will continue to shower Will with gifts and money, and teach him high finance, to prove his fatherly devotion. Liam and Wipes might end up working for Will.
As for the rest of the cast, they might continue to remain in suspended animation, or perhaps we will see some of them emerge to say a few lines, or have some drama unfold.
Will Bill find out he was played by Ridge? Will Ridge and the bent judge go to prison? Will Orange Lurch return to keep any of his promises to Will? Will Wipes fall for Stephie in the underwear department?

Bill teaches Will about Brazillians.

The good news has been, we haven’t seen Grams or Charlie for some time. And Sheila is keeping her head down at Il Giodino’s. Let’s hope we have a good November. Cheers B&B viewers from Daisy.