Daisy’s Bold chat – Nov

Over to Daisy for another Bold and the Beautiful wrapup – thank you!
You really have to feel sorry for the folks at B&B. All that money and power, but they just can’t hold it together. They keep their children in the attic, or the basement, and maybe throw crumbs to them. They can’t stay married for more than a couple of months, and live in great mansions, but have no cleaners or servants. No one ever has a birthday, or gets to celebrate Easter. No Easter Bunny or birthday parties for any of them.
But on the bright side, they seem to be able to teleport from home to the office, or to each other’s places. Their teeth are perfectly white but no one goes to the dentist. They run companies without doing any work. Their kids age faster than a dog, but adults stay the same age. And they can commit crimes, including murder, without going to jail.
For the month of November, I think we will see Ridge and Brooke fall apart, and perhaps into the arms of other lovers. Hope might go into labour because she has already been pregnant for about 2 months. Zoe might continue her meteoric rise to top model status, while poor Emma goes crazy with jealousy. Liam will undoubtedly remain in love with two women and will sooner or later tip the balance back to Stephie. And Kellie should be walking soon, but don’t expect to see her until she can come out and say a few wooden lines.

Katy thinks everything has fallen into place

Lurch and Katy just got married so they might break up soon. Katy has gone from man to man and is running out of options if she breaks with Orange Lurch. Bill will continue to shower Will with gifts and money, and teach him high finance, to prove his fatherly devotion. Liam and Wipes might end up working for Will.
As for the rest of the cast, they might continue to remain in suspended animation, or perhaps we will see some of them emerge to say a few lines, or have some drama unfold.
Will Bill find out he was played by Ridge? Will Ridge and the bent judge go to prison? Will Orange Lurch return to keep any of his promises to Will? Will Wipes fall for Stephie in the underwear department?

Bill teaches Will about Brazillians.

The good news has been, we haven’t seen Grams or Charlie for some time. And Sheila is keeping her head down at Il Giodino’s. Let’s hope we have a good November. Cheers B&B viewers from Daisy.



  1. Charlie isn’t in the credits at the moment.

    The children aren’t allowed to have pets either. Nor to they watch television. Destined to be hack designers.

    Thanks, daisy , I watched this morning to catch up. Ridge is acting awfully high and mighty.

    Calling Orange Lurch. Your new step son needs you. I guess the tanning salon comes first.

  2. Teary Brooke begs Ridge not to let the one second Dollar Bill kiss ruin their fabulous marriage. Ridge relives all the bad things Bill has done to everyone.They have a bit of a make up embrace and Ridge gibbers that Brooke is his “shining star”. That stare into the distance when they hug gives at away that basically, they’re on the rocks. Ridge is even employing a kind of befuddled Liam stare into his work. “Secrets will destroy us” he tells Brooke. If you leave your phone lying around while these folk are lurking,, they will.

    Meantime Bill is in his office fantasizing about all the good times with Brooke, so we know he’s moved on from his Steffy obsession. He pretends he’s happy about Wyatt working at FC….the “dress farm”, ha ha.

    Steffy blabs to Hope that she saw Brooke in Bill’s arms and does a bit of slut shaming. Staunch Hope knows that Brooke and Ridge are happy and can’t quite believe it.

  3. Ridge has let himself off the hook for his crime by switching the seat of power; the one who is the most offended. In this case, Ridge is the greater victim because Brooke let Bill use her lips as a landing strip for his wandering pucker. Oh Ridge, Ridge, remember Quinn on the beach, Quinn in the steam room, Quinn in the outdoor shower.
    Ridge needs a kick up the basement.

  4. Ridge’s look of righteous indignation. He’s tipped the guilt trip in his favour and the blame now lies with Brooke. Loose lips indeed.

  5. Ridge and Thorne look to team up to get Bill, who’s at Il Gardino’s gently wooing a melting Brooke.

    Charlie proposes to Pam, his “little lemon bar”

  6. I was quite baffled by today’s episode.

    Is Bill so generally useless and irrelevant in his own company, that he can spend hours in his office, horsing around with his son, and nobody notices or cares?

    And why was Katie so concerned about the secret getting out re: Ridge and the judge? She took of all ten seconds to blab to somebody. Obviously not that concerned, honey.

    I was wondering why they were spending so long on the old couple, but then he proposed (in the most convoluted, absurd method someone could ever use to propose). These people are weird.

  7. Windsong; “Is Bill useless?” Yes. He runs around LA like a 13 year old boy who just discovered sex. As for workload. No one ever does any work on B&B, yet they never lose their companies.
    Watching the scene with Eric, Quinn, Charlie and Pam, I was thinking (true) that it was a segway into introducing Charlie dementia plot.
    Katy has just discovered that Thorne is unethical. She made a big deal of ethics when Ridge hadn’t told Thomas “the baby was his” and threatened to tell.
    Who is going to crack first and tell Bill? Or will he discover the truth from behind a pot plant at Il Giordinos?

  8. Bill’s obsession with Brooke grows as he has more fantasies in his office. No time for work or running a multi million dollar empire.

    Pam and Charlie have muscled old doddery Eric into letting them get married at his mansion. Quinn is quietly fuming about this. Part of the wedding deal is that the portrait over the mantel will be replaced with one of …Sheila. Eric gives in as meekly as a lamb to Pam’s pressure. The plans will begin for the kitsch wedding.

    Loyal brother Orange Lurch fans the flames of Ridge’s hatred for Bill.

    Brooke comes back from Il Gardino’s and Ridge is smelling a rat. She fesses up that Dollar Bill showed up (he even paid for the meal). Ridge intimates that Bill’s stalking her and his obsession with Bill grows more.

    • With all the fantasizing Bill does in his office, it’s a wonder we never see him ‘reach below’.

      As for the portrait; “Sheila”? Of the scary black glowing eyes? Is the wedding going to have a Halloween them?

      “Brooke gets back from Il Giodino’s and Ridge smells a rat”. I didn’t know it was on the menu. BOOM BOOM.

      • I would like you to double check if it’s Sheila or Eric’s other wife he had for yonks. Question~ which wife was Pam’s sister? That’s the one whose portrait is going up (while Quinn’s is ripped down). I could have sworn “Sheila” was said, but hey, this show is crazy. I may have mixed the names up.

        They serve rat at Il Giardino. They serve anyone. I expected Sheila to pop up today at Brooke/Bill tryst.

        • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ “They serve anyone” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          It was the other wife; Stephanie. Pam rides roughshod over the lady of the house; Quinn and ignores all her clues that she doesn’t want to host Chamela union. It’s bound to have a medieval theme…or a medi-evil theme.

          Brooke has been looking fabulous in her grey blue and now her navy blue outfit. Hair tick. Body tick. Pursed glossy lips tick. Glassy eyes tick. She had to shake some sense into Ridge to stop being jelly. She should stop going out to Il Geordinos looking hot and leaving a spare seat. She’s bound to attract a horny LA man.

          Now that he owns Katy and Will, Orange Lurch is now lurking around Brooke and Ridge. Lurking Lurch.

          Stephie may well pop up at the wedding. Her ghost picture has made her presence felt before. She’ll probably be chief bridesmaid.

  9. Ridge and Lurch go to Bill’s to tell him to back off. They couldn’t scare the skin off a rice pudding. Bill duly mocks them both. Ridge pulls his befuddled, sheepish look again.

    Bill has another steamy Brooke fantasy in his office. He’s hooked.

    Hope and Liam are both glowing~ in front of Steffy, too.

    Brooke explains to doubting sex bomb/mother Steffy that she didn’t want the Bill kiss and that she’s in love with Ridge.

    Yes daisy, Brooke is looking fabulous.

  10. Brooke might start singing, “Don’t fence me in”. Bill is overdoing the hovering and I haven’t even come to the bit where Lurch and Ridge do their Westside Story scene.
    To be fair, Brooke and Bill have been “opening up” to each other.
    OMG, I just got to the bit where the Orange Lurker wants to play hardarse henchman. He really needs another hobby. One that doesn’t involve him poking his orange snout into other people’s beeswax.

    Yes, Liam and Hopeless are totally heartless and insensitive.

    Charlie and Pam only do the dry kiss. Thank goodness.

  11. Today’s episode is unmissable.

    Things get out of hand at Bill’s place. Bill threw the first punch and a robust two on one fist fight erupts. You have to see the outcome. We know Bill won’t be dead. Brooke will help him convalesce.

    Liam and Hope are having a girl. No one cares except them.

    Katie’s sceptical about Brooke’s recoil from the kisses.

  12. Katie’s take on Bill’s expressions of gratitude is challenging Brooke’s ability to explain them away. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But that doesn’t stop Brooke’s deluded recount of how Bill’s lips keep finding their way to hers.
    The two brave dressmakers need to be told that two against one makes you a couple of chicken thugs.

  13. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Orange Lurch was useless.
    Oh dear, Ridge. Bill will have all the power now.
    And he might even have amnesia and have forgotten that he was told to leave Brooke alone. He might have even forgotten that they are divorced.

    Ridge and Lurch are going to get a telling off from Brooke and Katie.
    The fat detective will be over with his notebook and doughnuts.

    • I may even watch it all again on Mon. Wasn’t that a great fight? Those taunting chicken thugs mock Bill that no one cares for him.

      Bill could be ~ Amnesic .Paralysed. Coma. He’ll have a thriving pity party going with Brooke and Katie.

      He’ll be in hospital next to a beeping machine with a vacuum cleaner hose bringing him oxygen. Brooke will be holding his hand.

      Little Will is going to deal with new mentor/ role model Orange Lurch helping to maim his real Dad. Katie will turn off the sex supply to Lurch.

      Ridge facing .bribery and now, attempted murder charges.

      • Yep, it was a real dose of disfunction.
        I never even got to the thought that OJ Lurch went around to threaten Bill and wound up helping Ridge toss him to his near death. That will be a good one to explain to Katy and Will. It also doesn’t fit with OJ Lurch’s list of promises to Will about the bright and rosy future they were going to have as a family.
        I loved the “Needle and Thread” nicknames from Bill.
        Yep, Ridge is compounding his list of felonies.
        Bill has only fairly recently recovered from being shot in the chest. He will probably prove his resilience and survive his fall. Maybe Ridge and Lurch will run down the stairs and bury the body under that green grass. 😨

        Oh, and best move; Bill’s backward headbutt to Lurch’s orange sticky beak nose.

        • Lurch ~ “Sure we’ll go camping , Will~ when I get out of prison for assaulting your dead beat son of a bitch father. Disneyland, too. That’s a promise”(crosses fingers behind back)

          • Great…meaning terrible…deadbeat dad on Dr Phil today.
            “My sons are useless”. “My sons are no good”.
            I don’t ask myself why. I ask myself why not?

          • Yes. I saw that old, complaining weasel, tamed by Dr.Phil. I did miss the first 25 minutes or so. I tend to enjoy parents being caned by Dr.Phil . Those sons did today, too.

  14. Bill hasn’t regained consciousness yet. Lurch and Ridge go to the hospital and an angry Brooke is soon chewing Ridge’s arse out about what happened. Katie’s getting ready to lecture Lurch.

    Ridge meekly offers that he charged Bill and he went over the balcony. At least Ridge called 911.

    What’s the bet Bill remembers nothing, or at least pretends to?. He’ll just lap up the oceans of misplaced sympathy coming his way.

    Pam and Quinn have a big argument about the wedding location. Pam seems to be winning that one.

    • Pam will play the pathetic victim, as will Bill.

      Lurch and Ridge proved how much they care about, “That little boy”. Katy should have had a prenup with Lurch; no bashing up Will’s dad.

  15. Every wedding and holiday is another opportunity for the Forresters to insult Quinn. They are so rude the way they thumb their nose at her.
    This must be where Eric and Quinn start falling apart.

  16. Katie and Liam say nice things to Bill when he’s unconscious. Katie’s tears start to flow because she knows Bill was going to turn the corner and be a good father to Will.

    Ridge and Lurch are like two dogs with tails hanging between their legs. Flimsy excuses are trotted out. They’re on everyone’s shit list.

    Eric tries to bully Quinn into accepting the lemon bar wedding in her lounge. Quinn lets the old goat know that she’s no doormat. The portrait is a thorn in the proceedings as well.

    Liam makes a hash of visiting Bill. Some of his worst work. Your Dad tried to blow you up and he fucked your wife, you fool. Your Pop’s toxic.

    I slept through parts of this. I was in a coma , like Bill. Don’t know if Brooke’s been in to fawn over Bill as well. Bill’s an old hand at playing the coma victim. Bigger tubes next week.

      • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yes, one of Sally’s concoctions.
        Quinn could wear it and say, “You mean it’s not a dress?”

        Katy has changed her tune…from needing to protect Will from his dad.

  17. Or go with a lemon bar theme and wear yellow.
    No one will ever demand a wedding at “Eric’s place” ever again as long as she’s still his wife.

  18. Upstaging the bride is the way to go. And believe me, the way Pam has behaved, I would do it. Maybe even wear some long feathers to obscure the portrait. Don’t mess with me Eric Forrester.

  19. Woh, Eric proves again what an old fool he is. Manoevered and manipulated by Pam’s victim playing. Maybe if Pam had just asked Quinn in the first place, instead of asking Eric if they could have the wedding at “his” house. So insulting, it’s no surprise she’s unwelcome.
    I feel like slapping Pammie.

  20. Bill’s still out like a light. Liam is still whimpering at his bedside before Wyatt comes in and lays it on thick as well. Bill should be vomiting from the insincere things that are being gibbered to him. Brooke hasn’t been in yet, that’s when he’ll wake up, no doubt.

    Poker faced Ridge explains that it was an accident. Det Sandwichez is onto it. Brooke and Katie are still dirty on the two thugs. Wyatt’s thinking revenge, but hey, he works at FC now.

    Quinn’s feud with the Paddle Pop Lion over the wedding intensifies. Pam threatens to bring on the crazy. The portrait gets involved and Quinn puts her boot through it just as kindly old goat Eric walks in the door. He’ll get the wrong end of the stick , for sure.

    Ridge goes into Bill’s room and throws a heap of verbal shit at him before abasing himself and says he hopes Bill doesn’t die. Who knew Ridge was so hurt by being called a dressmaker.

  21. Thanks, Dave.
    I’ll expect to see Bill hurtling toward the white light, until Brooke walks in and her soothing voice calls him back to earth. Has anyone been to reassure little Will yet, after his new dad and his uncle have put his dad into a coma? Or is he still in his room playing computer games?
    I look forward to seeing Eric get the wrong end of his stick. Let’s hope Quinn can help him get a grip.
    Quinn might put an end to Pam and Charlie making lemon bars in her kitchen after this.

    • You’ll see the look of horror when Eric sees the boot got through Stephanie’s portrait. Of course, he walks in at the end of the argument. He’ll side with Pam…….. and Quinn will start thinking about the outdoor shower.

      The word “Will” has been used to try and wake Bill with. The only “Will” Bill’s interested in his own and who gets his money.

  22. I am trying to get through to Quinn. Let the wedding go ahead. She could have so much fun. Tnere are so many opportunities for revenge;
    Upstage the bride in a more glamourous outfit, or wear white.
    Sabotage Pam’s dress.
    Sabotage the food.
    Track down some of Charlie’s old girlfriends and invite them to the wedding. (It’s her house. She can invite whoever she likes)
    Spike the punch. How good would that be.πŸ˜‚
    This wedding should totally go ahead.

    I see what you mean about the Paddlepop lion. I think Pam and Detective Sandwichez have the same hairdresser. They both have the skyscraper do.

  23. Stephanie just got the boot.
    Ridge is telling Bill what great friends they could have been. Fancy Sandwichez even letting him into Bill’s room to finish the job, and silence Bill.

  24. I have been wondering what happened to Sara. I hope she wasn’t written out. I hope crazy Sheila didn’t get her. Maybe Deacon came back and tbey ran off together.

  25. I slept through today’s episode…all but for the last five minutes. That’s more than enough to see what’s going down in LA.

    Eric’s digging himself deeper into the shit with Quinn by sticking up for Pam and his “big life”. He’s starting to get agitated with Quinn, who’s not going to back down, especially over her portrait. Eric is such a fool.

    Of course, as prophesied just yesterday , Bill came out of his coma while Brooke was cooing to him. Brooke took Bill on a reminiscence of all the wonderful times they had together and Bill came up for air. Of course, Will was used as coma bait. He’s gonna make it, as if it was ever in doubt.

    Ridge tried to go in and get Brooke, but too late, Bill’s back.

  26. Im here! Just watching and reading, finding it all a bit boring actually! No new people, same old. Wonder who the detective’s supposed love interest is. I think Steffi has gone on real maternity love, they will probably be shipping her off to Paris until she has her baby.

  27. Bill digs deep and gives a masterful performance. The doctors tell him it was just a “concussion” but Bill convinces Brooke he’s had some kind of Road To Damascus personality makeover and that he’s not an arsehole anymore and furthermore he won’t even press charges on the thuggish dressmakers. He asks Brooke to take off his sword necklace and all it meant , because hey he’s all about “forgiveness” now. He’s awoken as Eric. He sweetens the deal by asking how Will is.

    Brooke is bludgeoned Bill’s guiding star now and he wants her back. She buys into Bill’s package of concussed sleaze.Tears are rolling down her cheek. Rueful Ridge is left to smoulder in the waiting room, powerless. He taunted Bill that no one cared, now his wife’s gone to him.

    Speaking of Eric , he’s still arguing with Quinn about the wedding and he goes to cool off by visiting Thorne. He’s not home but Donna is, she’s decked out in some of the Intimates line latest porn lingerie. Honey bear just walked into the honey trap.

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