I’m A Celeb airdate announced

I’m a Celeb will start on January 13 – that’s a little earlier than usual.

No confirmation of celebs yet but Samuel Johnson was on radio last week and mentioned he was seriously thinking about doing it to raise money for his awesome charity, Love Your Sister.



  1. Rumoured

    Rhonda Burchmore and Married At First Sight’s Nasser Sultan.

    Tara from The Bachelor

    Honey Badger

    Couple from the Love Island

    Wish they could throw in Lisa Wilkinson

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    • Can’t see HB doing it now. He should have done it instead of Badgerlor – much more his speed. And, as we know from Barry Hall and the Hi-5 girl, some people do end up in relationships from it.

    • There is only one out of those seven that I know and would like to see – Rhonda B. If they load it up with ex’s from 10’s other competition shows, it won’t be worth watching.

      Just noticed you added Lisa Wilkinson. Might be good, but not a snowball’s chance.

  2. I think the early date might work out for 10. Without the BBL, they have nothing during January, so they might as well get a jump on the other channels, around the time that people are starting to look to go back to normal viewing. They will lose a few ratings weeks, though.

  3. I hope Julia Morris gets a lot of the try-hard comedy out of her system on Blind Date and just relaxes on IAC so that there is less shimmying, kangaroo-hopping, posturing and salivating on Dr Chris. I might enjoy a relaxed Julia humour.

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