Family Food Fight – last two weeks

We’re down to the final four but can we just hurry up and give it to the Giles sisters already …
Apparently there is still four weeks to go. Perhaps the unexpected departure of the vegans early on affected the elimination schedule.



    • Oops yes four episodes over two weeks. What I would give to see someone make a simple dessert. Dare I say it, even a panna cotta would be welcome

  1. This show is disgusting. They are not bakers and to get them to do something but finally results is terrible.

    Can’t see this show coming back next year

  2. 2 weeks to go. These sweet challenges are ridiculous. Making lollies and oversized constructions does not make good TV. It is failure at every quest and result is a pile of sugary rubble that gets tossed in the bin. ‘Reality cooking’ shows are an indulgence at best, what is turning out to be scheduled waste for bigger is better is not reaaly acceptable.

  3. When the Afghani sisters took the skin off their duck & overcooked it I cheered. I thought they were goners but forgot it just put them into an elimination round.
    Fancy the boys cooking better pasta than nonna? She really had her nose out of joint about that. As if only nonna’s are allowed to cook pasta.
    When the Italians carefully rolled out their biscuit mixture & measured it I thought they have this. When they took it out of the oven & said it was too pale I thought they would put it back in but they didn’t. The Afghanis rolled out theirs so thick & didn’t bother to measure it.
    Was so annoyed the Afghanis were saved. The MasterChef judges go through each dish and what was good & bad about each dish. These ones just light up the board.

  4. I think it’s clear now they are trying to keep the smartie sisters in till the end. If they beat the Giles sisters….

  5. The guys were going to stare at their pastry through the oven door and cook it with their eyes – best line of the night from one team that doesn’t get into a tizzy when something doesn’t go right.

    The Giles sisters also stay fairly calm in that situation, but I like the guys’ dishes better. I don’t eat red meat, but that surf and turf did appeal to me.

    The Samadis maybe could be bearable if they were gagged and hadn’t got in a flap over not knowing how to turn the burners on. Nah, probably not even then.

    The prep and cooking time seemed a bit short for tonight’s challenge.

    • That was hilarious. They all had pastry problems last night. Do they not watch MasterChef? Don’t do pastry dishes when you are pressed for time. They are fiddly & time consuming.

  6. The larger Samadi sister is a nasty piece of work. Unfortunately, it looks as though they are being set up to win. God knows why. Nasty is one thing, but they also don’t have the cooking ability to take out this comp.

  7. That was hilarious when the boys were smoking out the kitchen & the others were getting the shits.
    That chicken dish the girls did looked very bland. It’s a pity they couldn’t mince it properly.
    Where’s MasterChef’s blast chiller when you need it? Although I was secretly glad when that milky dish didn’t freeze.

  8. In cooking reality TV show news … (sorry to derail the thread, but I can never find the proper general discussion thread whenever I need to) …

    A shopping centre opened nearby, and the Coles had some special guest chefs this weekend. Alex and Emily from MKR, the hipster hat (who was badly trying to hide his male-pattern baldness) and his hysterical shrieking wife. They were whipping up a meringue or something, I didn’t stay watching them for very long.

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