1. Okay, I’m a little bit done.
    I’ve just noticed that this episode is going to go for 2 hours. How can they?
    Hasn’t someone told them that we only need 20 minutes?

  2. I knew I would be ffding through the show tonight. I hate the soppy family stuff. Then I saw the Julia Morris compilation and thought, “When did she do that?”. It shows how much I ffdd through Julia and Chris segments.
    But all I wanted to do was get to the end and hear RR is King. That was a satisfactory ending. He’s not the only one I would have liked, but out of the remaining few, I definitely wanted Richard to win. He was entertaining, thoughtful and got stuck into the trials. My favourite winner since Freddie.

  3. Came here to find out the result as I wasn’t particularly interested, so I introduced DH to Travel Guides (recorded). Sounds like it panned out as a I expected, with my least favourite winning.

    Thanks for the discussion, everyone. I have missed more than I watched, but it is always entertaining coming here for the wraps.

  4. I always find the last episode very ho hum and boring and totally anticlimactic.

    Which says to me that I must enjoy it for the (ahem) journey, not the destination.
    I must be a reality show tragic!

    Anyway, I am happy that a non footballer won, even though I liked Shane and have nothing against him – if Natasha and Justine couldn’t win (nope, still can’t let that go) I guess this was the best option.

      • Same for me Fijane – I thought Natasha was fantastic. I want her to get a gig out of this that is worthy of her talent and her compassionate personality. Especially like the fact that she is smart yet kind.

  5. Now that I can look back (hindsight):
    Justine and Natasha were my equal favourites, unexpectedly.
    I thought Justine would be fake and blonde and I thought Natasha would be gone before I got to know her. They were both a joy.
    I am sorry AJ left so soon. She was nails down a blackboard in the beginning and then she turned into the sweetest person. I hope someone gives a job – she can’t be worse than some of those radio jocks, and she can be genuinely funny.
    Shane turned into the best of footballers/ sports persons. Still glad he didn’t win but.
    I like Yvie but I think Richard was a more deserving winner.
    Apart from the finale (which I couldn’t sit through -meh), this was my second favourite season. Just a nice bunch of people with very little manufactured drama.

  6. Yaaay for Richard. I’m very happy he won. So glad Yvie didn’t get the sympathy vote.
    Daisy, I realised how much JM and Vet trash I ffwd too.

  7. I watched with my friend who is a Shane fan while I wanted Richard to win. We were both shocked when he went first. She jokingly said she was going home. That bloody electricity trial was hilarious but cruel. When Julia did it to Chris it was so funny.
    Is anyone going to be watching Dancing with the stars tonight?
    For the Survivor fans it’s being fast tracked on 9Go on Thursday night at 7.30.

  8. Hoooooray! The one I wanted to win, won! My heart is as peace.

    I really hope nice things come out of this for Richard Reid.

  9. I am a Shane fan and was shocked he didn’t win. But it is nice to see a non sports person win.
    They couldn’t have dragged out the finale any more if they had tried.
    I liked seeing the families bu my felt the whole thing was very rushed.
    I will be watching DWTS, but might watch on slight delay so can ffwd if I want.

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