Daisy’s Bold and the Beautiful chat -April

Over to Bold correspondent Daisy (thanks, as always):
Is it April already? March has flown by with only one, nearly two partner changes. I wonder if there is a monthly average or quota. March saw Thorne drop Katy like hot potato, right on Valentine’s Day. He had giant promises but only stayed a few weeks. He failed to deliver. Liam and Hope have been teetering on the brink of a change of address, but Liam has stood strong, only because there is a swinging door between simpering love with Hope and domestic bliss with Steffy.

Hope and Liam show what fun an evening with them is. Let’s not mention the product placement.

The storyline of the stolen baby has stalled like a Boeing 747 ascending too sharply or flying too slowly (enjoy the reference, Sara?) Surely April will have to see Beth restored to a pampered existence as only child, instead of having to take Kellie’s crumbs; a worn out mother and hand-me-downs. Dr Hooks might want to put a paper clip in his pocket now because he might need it for picking the lock in his handcuffs.

“FU, Dr Hooks”. Dr Hooks is beating Liam to the bottom of the acting pile.

It’s time for Wipes to drop Sally. Flo is going to need a pudgy shoulder to cry on. It’s time for Brooke and Ridge’s predestined love to hit the rocks and for her to fall into Bill’s arms. We had a snifter of Justin getting aroused by Donna’s bosoms and chiselled cheeks, but they aren’t important enough characters to take precedence over the Hopeless storyline.

Sally looks beneath the sheets and doesn’t like what she sees.

I am going to hit the pause button here and go home to watch March’s final episode. My fingers are crossed for little Phoebeth. She will want to be packing her suitcase soon.



  1. I missed yesterday. Groundhog Day , no doubt.

    Thanks for April’s prequel ,daisy. I like the shot Of Sally. Liam looks a million miles from Hope.

    What a feast of autumn acting we have in store .

  2. I haven’t watched for a while, but it seems like I haven’t missed anything.

    I laughed when Sally promised she’d do “anything” to thank Bill for giving her another fashion-house to ruin. Sally, you’ve been around this clan of weirdos long enough to know where that ends. It ends with you staring at Bill’s ceiling and thinking of England.

    Meanwhile, Donna’s trying to hook her sister up with the man she’s already divorced twice, Hope is still hopeless, and Stephy is still raising a baby who isn’t hers.

  3. Oh, Stephy decides to take the girls to Europe for a while (my gosh, the kids will come back in their early 20s) so that Hope can have the expected breakdown about it, while a bunch of busybodies decide to reunite Bill and Katie (and the story contrives to send them both to Il Giordinos to get lunch. Are there no other restaurants in the entire LA area?).

    Meanwhile, are Eric and Quinn even still alive?

  4. A bit like Days of our Lives. Switch on after 10 years and nothing has changed. Steffi is going on (real) maternity leave so goodness knows when this baby issue will be solved!

    • The acting has got worse….that’s a change.

      Sally looks like she ‘s seen Wyatt’s eruption of genital herpes.

  5. After Bill the Villian does every low despicable act he can, cheats on Katy and lets her think she is going mad, Katy’s loved ones think it’s a good idea to pressure her into a reunion.

    Kellie and Phoebeth will come back from Europe speaking French next week.

    Brooke must be away doing IAC at the moment.

  6. Groundhog Day. Didn’t something BIG happen in Catalina?

    Bill and Katie have a romantic lunch at Il Giardino’s, set to Italian love music. Katie’s swallowing the hook. Bill the doting father.

    Ridge drank some beer in a rivetting scene with Liam. Donna would be banging Justin soon.They need a VD Clinic built next to Il Giardino’s

  7. Good one. The VD clinic is a good idea. Donna was married to Justin so perhaps they may get together again.

    • Wait, even Bill’s right-hand man (I shudder to think of what Bill’s right hand gets up to, to be brutally honest) has gotten in on the “Marry a Logan girl!” trend?

      These sex-mad lunatics.

  8. Now let me see….. who or what connects Bill to Taylor for them to both get a shocking call. Was in Detective Sandwiches on the line? But why would Bill say it’s terrible news? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    • Yeah, Taylor shot Bill and didn’t Hope find out? You got me on the “terrible news” aspect.

  9. Give us a clue Sara.

    And pleeease let it be that he found out Taylor bought Hope’s baby. Althought we know it isn’t. Maybe Dr Hooks’ plain crashed.

        • Oh yessss pleeeese. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          That will work out fair and square babywise in the end. One for Steffy, One for Hope. One for Liam. And one for Bill. It’s about time young Will had competition. He’s getting r too big for his boots.

  10. Aw, they threw me off the trail by having Taylor one of thefirst called. Don’t waste your time Dave. You can watch the first 5 minutes and then it’s all blah, blah, blah.

    • Oh, Taylor is Thomas’s mum. Now I get it.
      And I take back what I sais about Douglas. He was a really ugly baby, but now he’s adorable. He’ll have a beard next week and be CEO of Forrester.

  11. It seems Phoebeth will end up engaged to Hope and Liam’s child. That’s how long this is taking to unfold. Speaking of folding, the directors of this show think all a mother does is spend all day folding baby clothes. That’s all Stephie does.

    • She really does, doesn’t she? She doesn’t even seem to wash them, or anything. She just obsessively keeps folding them.

      This is what happens when you’re a magical quick-aging baby, born into a family who runs a fashion dynasty. Stephy, stop making your daughters put on different outfits every twenty minutes.

    • Oh , come on, Steffy made a bottle of milk the other week but she fucked it up. Liam came by to assist, if I recall.

  12. She hasn’t washed or changed a nappy or fed Kellie in her high chair.

    I wish the whole Caroline thing would move on.

  13. I think all the folding is to hide her real baby bump! But really, how awful for those babies to live in a probably darkened bedroom. Caroline nonsense over the top, next they’ll be throwing hope and thomas together because of Douglas. Its all too much and far too boring at the moment. Bring back Sheila for a bit of intrigue.

    • Well Taylor was thinking, “Oh good. Thomas can take Hope. Even though Thomas is her own son. I sure didn’t see this storyline in my tea leaves.

  14. Wait, so, this Caroline person is someone I don’t know. She was Bill’s niece? How many of the current cast members (and their sons and siblings and step-parents) had she married? Why do you think the writers do that? “Let’s take a character who isn’t around, and kill her off, off-camera, just so the cast can mourn for a few scenes.”

    And Thomas, the dark-haired good-looking one? He’s Taylor’s son, but who’s his father? Any of these losers?

    • Ridge and Caroline were once an item , but Ridge’s sperm count let him down. Thomas was the father of little Douglas after a LA one nighter.

    • And Ridge and Taylor are Thomas’s parents. Steffy is his sister. They are the losers in love side of Ridge’s family as he eventually chose Brooke over Taylor.
      Caroline was once married to Rick but was cuckolded by Maya who was sleeping with Rick behind her back. Then Ridge and Caroline “married” in a non marriage and were deeply in love but after a brief misunderstanding between them, Caroline got stoned on pills and Thomas popped in the seed that soon became Douglas. Thomas then moved on to Sally (why are you not surprised?) after she stole millions of dollars worth of designs from Forresters. Thomas gets born and is a really ugly baby so I am amazed that he turned out so cute. Bill tries to get Thomas to drop Sally by telling Thomas that Caroline is dying. Thomas falls for it and Sally gets dumped but eventually the truth comes out. Eventually Thomas and Caroline get together to parent little Douglas who now looks like a young, cute alf alfa.

      Having said that, the last three nights have been like being on a hamster wheel of mourning Caroline and I am worried about the appearance of Dr Hooks mug on the opening credits. “Nooooooo”, I cried. I don’t want him to be permanent.

      • “Then Ridge and Caroline β€œmarried” in a non marriage and were deeply in love but after a brief misunderstanding between them, Caroline got stoned on pills and Thomas popped in the seed that soon became Douglas.”

        So Douglas is Ridge’s grandson, but also his step-son? Wouldn’t that make Ridge his own father?

        These ridiculous people. Why can’t they date outside their own social circles? There are 4 million people in Los Angeles! Why do the Forresters, Logans, Spencers and Spectras only ever date each other?

        • Ridge isn’t really a Forrester, either. If he is his own father, the bastard doesn’t know about it (yet). There’s a sub plot for the producers.

          Nowhere to go in LA but Il Giardino’s or Bikinis. What a dump.

  15. These people don’t have family trees, they have family lantana vines.

    Slept through today, gice, bet it was Groundhog Day. Thanks for the explanations, daisy. We’re in LA but these folks are like inbred hillbillies a la Deliverance.

    • Yes, Groundhog Day alright. Katie and Bill are smouldering and geeing up for their 3rd time around. Not that Katy smoulders. Bill leers and Katy swoons like she just met Mr Darcy.

      Windsong, Ridge’s Mum Stephanie (Steffy was named after her) did outsource. When she was married to Eric, she had an Italian Affair with Mossimo.

      • So he’s not technically related to any of the children that Eric had outside of his marriage with Stephanie?

        Gosh, these people.

    • You didn’t miss.much Dave
      Brooke is back and caught Taylor kissing Ridge. Wait for fireworks. Too much about Caroline.

      • Yes, I got up early and caught Taylor kissing Ridge , telling him she’d always loved him and those eternally ajar doors letting Brooke in on proceedings. I saw Katie swooning for Bill and Thomas being lined up with Hope. How soon before Katie’s in rehab when Bill bangs Sally Spectra? There was a superior grieving scene on Housewives Of Orange County last night. None of us cared for Caroline, did we?
        Just a couple of weeks ago Taylor was smitten by Dr Hooks, now Ridge is back on the menu.

  16. Unsurprisingly, Taylor the psychologist is matchmaking; Liam goes with Steffy, Thomas goes with Hope. BTW, I am pretty sure Thomas rivalled Liam for the fair Forrester maiden in a previous love cycle.

    • No work gets done, 24/7 is spent gossiping about the relationships of others and overhearing conversations.

    • The “psychologist” who shoots people and pays cold cash for babies …….

      The “psycho” part of it, I get.

  17. It must have been Groundhog Day.

    I missed it. There’s always the morning. Got to be better than Today, Right?

      • Actually, I was delayed at the doctors….but nanna naps are good for you, just not between 4.30 ~ 5.00. A bit of Valium with a coffee chaser half an hour before the show starts hits the spot.

        • Woolif and I just went down to the VAT for an iced coffee (mine) and a beer (Woolif’s). But a valium party with Dave would be my cup of tea too. πŸ˜‚
          Bad nanna. 😁

  18. But Brooke’s not having it.

    And on top of that Taylor revealed her plan to switch husbands for Hope and Steffy. Brooke poked Taylor in the forehead and then there were a vouple of tame slaps.

  19. Y’all guessed it . Shithog Day again today.

    Ridge walks in on the end of the Brooke/Taylor skirmish and wonders why there’s violence when they’re supposed to be grieving Caroline. Brooke has rudely reminded Taylor that she shot Bill, but who cares , her professional practice will be rolling soon. Trivial shooting Bill.

    Hope’s on the mend, she’s fixating on little Douglas now.She’ll hook up with little bastard’s inseminator and tells Liam there’ll be no more pregnancies. Wyatt is helping Liam try to come to grips with his latest mess. Don’t know if I want Wyatt in my corner.

  20. Groundhog Day

    Some big star has fallen for Sally Spectra’s line of rags. FC don’t want to lose her. She who once stole from them.

    • So apparently Quinn and Wyatt know Flo from her Las Vegas days? And as it turned out, Wyatt and Flo were deeply, madly in love? What an astonishingly-contrived coincidence!

  21. Here we go. Wipes needs a secretary. How convenient.
    No one knows who Flo’s father is. How about that.
    Sally’s designs at Forresters have hit the big time. How timely.

    Doesn’t any of them realize that those designs actually belong to FC? How unfortunate for Sally.

  22. Has anyone noticed how Wyatt’s mouth-acting overshadows the rest of the cast by an order of magnitude?

    Wyatt and Sally had a long, tortured discussion about her decision to stay with Forrester Creations, and you just know they’re going to spend the next week having that exact same conversation over and over again.

    Meanwhile, Flo just happens to have a tortured soap opera back-story about a father she doesn’t know, or something. Gosh, is it contagious?

    • That long, tortured discussion was something,wasn’t it?

      Another Groundhog Day.

      When was the last time wee saw Ridge do some “designing’?

    • I don’t know what the big deal is. It only takes 1 second to teleport between Spencer’s and Forresters. And besides, the both of them are usually home in bed.
      But for convenience sake….ie to make way for Flo to accept a job as Wipe’s personal assistant.

  23. So who could Flo’s dad be? The options are minimal; Spencer, Ridge, Dr Hooks, Eric. Is she a Forrester? A Spencer? Has she been sleeping with her dad or her brother?
    Denise Richard’s will play Flo’s mum.

    • I don’t think she’s actually dated anybody yet, although you just know she was riding the pony with Doctor Hooks. But I’m sure she’ll have married at least three of them before the end of the year.

  24. There’s somewhere in town besides Il Gardino’s to mingle because Bill and Katie had a romantic dinner there, with trite piano tinkling in the background.Katie’s totally hypnotized and the purple push ups will be washed soon.

    I can’t believe little Will didn’t try to breastfeed from Donna.

    Hope’s moving in like a Black Widow on Douglas and Caroline’s kid. Liam has every reason to be concerned and bewildered. But no worries, Wyatt’s there for him.

    But it was Groundhog Day.

  25. Katy is too easy. She is swallowing it hook line and stinker.
    Bill is getting all his best lines pasta. Boom. Boom.

    • Great work getting that shot, daisy . Katie’s biting off more than she can choux with Bill. Boom Boom.

      • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thanks, Dave. The reflection is always tricky. I should really not photograph until night time.

  26. Little will is the matchmaker. How cute is that? That tryst with Bill/Katie was in Bill’s office, Caterers.

    Heading for another Groundhog Day.

  27. Oh, what an awful episode. Nothing happened except little Will is praised for his family values and bad behaviour.

  28. Too much cheese, especially the soppy scene with Katy, Bill and unappealing Will.
    Oh, and the stupid nonsense with Hope and Daniel. What kid loses his mum and is just happy to drop and swap.

  29. Cheese? You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Today’s ep was an epic fail. Two bad shows in a row.

    Ridge warns Thomas that Hope is married to Liam (if you could call it that). It went in one ear and out the other. I forgot that Thomas is Ridge’s son.

    Cheese overdose. Little cupid Will ordered choc chip $ cookie dessert for Bill and Katie. Katie’s groping Bill’s shoulder as the curtain falls on yet another Groundhog Day. What happened to that placental abruption line?

  30. What a load of rubbish it currently is – but we still watch!. Some interesting DNA tests coming up – no, not ,Beth

  31. Terrible. As you say Dave; “Fail” .
    I feel like I have tuned into the Disney channel, although there is some hope of evil with little Will using his parents’ credit cards. Why, oh why can’t Dr Hooks kidnap and sell Dollar Will? Isn’t he cute when he talks about buying the world. Not.

  32. No nauseating children’s scenes today.

    Quinn tries to put Sally down the pecking order and virtually tells her Wyatt will dump her soon.

    Liam’s ship is sinking. Hope will go for the motherless package deal.

    Flo and Skeletor have a tete a tete at Bikini’s . It amounts to not very much.

    The real good news is that the original Ridge, Ronn Moss will appear and perform no doubt a love song on Studio 10 tomorrow morning.

    • Thanks Dave. We’re in Busselton and won’t get back until about 7.00 so it’s good having the peekaboo.

  33. Bad Friday.

    Groundhog Day.

    Eric’s wearing a very crumpled suit, sleeping in the park again.

    Flo rings up her um , trying to find the identify who her father is. Mum tells her not to search for him. It’s gotta be someone big. Eric? Ridge? Thorne? Bill? Charlie?

  34. Denise Richards makes her appearance as Zoe’s mother. The dad ‘pool’ iis small. I hope it’s Dollar Bill. Surely he would have lots more little small change sproglets.

    • Is that Denise Richards???? Holy crap? Too much sun and fillers.

      Some bad photoshopping skills on display in that album.

      Taylor had a couple of lines on Diagnosis Murder today.

      • I was shocked too. She barely looked — and definitely didn’t sound — like Denise Richards.

        And why was her mouth set in a permanent frown?

  35. Wyatt mentions Hope and Flo freaks out. “I’m just so shocked how small the world is.”

    Well, Flo, when your dating pool is the same five people as the rest of your family, there’s bound to be some overlap eventually.

    • Speaking of which … surprise incest!

      This is what happens when you all have babies with the same five or six people.

      • Now I’m picturing that Bill is *everyone’s* father.

        Even, like, Eric and Pam, as chronologically impossible as that is. It wouldn’t be the most contrived ridiculous storyline they’ve ever done.

  36. Yes. Wyatt’s banged his sister Flo at some stage in the past. Bill looked to deny that anything ever happened , but he’ll be Flo’s Poppa. More estate problems for Bill. Quinn’s freaking out to stop the incest happening again. Just another day in LA. Since Liam slept with his mother, I can see something similar happening again. The show has always promoted family values, but this just a bit too much.

    I slept through the first fifteen minutes. The look on Bill’s face when he realized what his one night stand amounted to is worth it. Bill will just have to go with the Flo. Boom Boom.

    • It had to happen sooner or later.

      I love that Flo’s mum wanted to continue to keep it a secret. Like reeeally?
      Then I love how she instantly blabbed it out. Anyhow, wouldn’t the first thing you’d want to do is tell your daughter she might be sleeping with her porky brother?
      There are more people sleeping with family here than in the back woods of the Ozarks. (Banjo music plays).

  37. Hope’s starting to grill Skeletor about her connection with Flo. Skeletor struggles to act her way out of a paper bag in this scene. She thinks Flo’s leaving LA but….(she’s a Spencer)

    Hope tries to explain the Logan / Forrester family connections to Flo , but it’s like a genetic roulette wheel. Who can understand it?

    There’s a hastily convened pow wow in Bill’s office with Quinn, Bill and Ms Fulton in attendance and Wyatt is summoned . First Bill thinks he’s being milked for a paternity suit , but he’s hoist on the petard of his penis. Bill asks Wyatt if he’s been bonking Flo lately and typically Wyatt is slow to catch on until he’s slapped in the face with a wet fish with “Flo could be your sister” line. Wyatt tries to look schocked but we got schlocked instead .Relief all round that there’s no incest. Fade to black.

  38. Great summary Dave. Flo has a lot on her plate right now. She’s hiding a baby theft from who might happen to be her ex-sister in law. She waiting for a dna test that might show that Bill’s her Dad, Wipes is her brother, and that she shares no dna with baby Pheobeth. No wonder she’s having to wear a pink tennis dress.

    Wipes brings out his one and only bemused shock look from his tiny satchel of acting expressions. Did I say satchel? I mean purse.

  39. I knew it was Charlie. Come on. Out with it.

    My second guess. Dr Hooks. Thorne? The barman at Il Giardino’s.

  40. Do you know Daisy? Probably won’t find out tmw as it’s Friday, got to have a cliff hanger for the weekend!

  41. I am hoping Deacon so that Flo and Hope are sisters. That would be my favourite, but ssshh. No telling. πŸ˜™

  42. I am an impatient person and am so frustrated with the current story lines that I do peep at a US website to see if there’s any indication of when all the truths will come out. But there isn’t, even the Americans are as frustrated as we Aussies about the Beth story. I won’t post any spoilers, promise!

  43. Hhhhggggggrrr! I have must thrown the remote through the tv screen, shouting, “Shut the f…. up Hope!!!!”.
    Hope said she thought Flo could help her, then proceeded to interrupt her every sentence. And we all knew that the whole clan could go down the 30 storeys of elevator, go out to the car park, get into their cars, drive across LA, park at Forrester, go up 30 storeys of lift, and Flo still hasn’t spat it out. 😣😣😣😣

    • Flo’s never going to sing because Hope won’t stop gibbering about the joys of having a new cousin. Family insanity again. I only caught the last ten minutes and that’s what it was Groundhog Day.

  44. Too annoying. More loopholes (than chicken wire) and far-fetched co-incidences than we can count. Hope has told Flo she is in her life to help her get over the death of Phoebeth, but won’t shut the F up.
    So what’s the guess. Will cousin Flo crack by the end of the week? Or will her new promotion to Logan be too great too risk.
    You missed nada, Dave. They went from lauding Caroline to honouring Storm. Storm was before my time, but are you allowed to get a doctor to remove your heart and give it to your sister? I don’t think a doctor would be allowed to take a healthy person and remove their heart. Anyhow, Flo now has big shoes to fill.

  45. I will do one more month nightcap before we head off in June. I will only be able to watch through the eyes and words of ttv scribes while we are away.

  46. I will send in Maycap tonight. Let’s Hope things improve. It’s now a labrynth of relationships; family, blood, love and sex and it’s a tricky navigation.

  47. I guess the old amnesia trick will be pulled out because Flo is knocked out in a scuffle for the phone with Skeletor .Flo was just about to blab to Hope about “the secret we take to our graves” Shauna returns from cock blocking Bill and pulls a gun on Zoe. She took a gun in her handbag to Il Giardino’s.

    You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to know that Flo will get amnesia for an indefinite period of time. Maybe a bleeping monitor in a hospital for a few weeks.

    Prior to this , Brooke is trying to talk Katie into marrying Bill, then Donna steals the scene in a hot canary yellow cleavage getup, claiming that Bill’s changed. The tears roll down Katie’s cheek as she confesses her love for Bill.

  48. Disappointingly, the predictable amnesia didn’t happen. Instead Flo was saved by some quick thinking writing; a cry for help across the back of Sally’s undies, and a strategically placed mirror in Wipes’ loungeroom.

    Just when Steffy grows a pair, and a brain, and tells Liam to take a hike, she has another bike accident, possibly caused by $Bill, and is unconscious.
    I am thinking that Ben Casey there (See how old I am) is going to be her new love interest. Or will he?

    No Corona kissing yet. No masks either. They should just write the deadly virus in.

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