1. What about last night? I was pumped for this and was forced to watch MKR. Ten years, gice, still can’t understand Manu.

    Most of these folks are in a living hell, not Paradise. Surely little Davey is just cannon fodder.

    I want Cassie to hook up.

      • Last night he said “teeth” but hey it sounded like “tit”. He ‘ll never learn. I used to blame Cointreau.

        Has Alex B (the guy) on BIP had breast implants?

      • Manu may have been home for a visit, which would affect his accent. I have an Irish friend, who, after he returns from a visit to Ireland, is very difficult to understand because his accent gets very pronounced again.

    • I don’t want Cassie to hook up with rotten Ritchie. That’s not on. Too boring. He’d rather be down a mine than be in a relationship.

  2. A “love hexagon”?

    Staffy just gave a command dickhead performance, with his little Bananas In Pyjamas cap on backwards. Brooke butchered him.

  3. You know, all cynicism aside, it was actually quite a good episode tonight. Well, until the last few minutes. That aside…

    Everyone’s reaction to Ivan showing up was hilarious. The guys from Ali’s season all jumping on him was so adorable. Even Richie was like, “Wow, the bromance is strong there.” And it’s probably the closest thing we’re going to get to some guy-on-guy romance.

    And hey, Ivan and Brittney actually seem to be perfect for each other. Who saw that coming?

    Jules, meanwhile, was freaking adorable the entire time he and Alisha were on their date. I was laughing until I started crying. And just the look on Jules’s face when Alisha leaned in for the kiss (that was, by all accounts, pretty amazing)? Comedy gold.

    I don’t mind that Brooke and Alex went on a date, but I can’t really shake the feeling that the show isn’t really being as progressive as it thinks it is.

    Anyway, talk about carnage at the rose ceremony. James walks (poor guy), and we lose little Davey (always the bridesmaid, eh Davey?) and Paddy (… no loss, really).

    Next time in Paradise! Alex versus Richie, round 500! Eugh.

    • I am completely sure the show isn’t being progressive in the slightest but desperately playing the girl on girl action for titillation! So to speak.
      I find Brooke very annoying and the less said about Alex the better. . .I am sure they are just playing for the cameras and air time and I find their nakedly self-serving talk completely nauseating.
      Couldn’t face watching last night so just popped on here to see who went. Poor James. Again. Very pleased Paddy/Staffy has departed.

  4. I’ll say it again; what an unappealing bunch of boring wannabees. I’ve endured them only to join into the chats. Alex and Brooke seem phoney. Alex is awful. I don’t understand anyone going for nasty girl Alisha, except maybe that she’s a safe bet for a rose. Davey wanted to marry Shannon but had really been waiting for Flo. Paddy is a dork. Brittney got so anxious talking to Ivan the Terrible that she got a cold sore. That will limit her chances for a kiss but maybe not a rose.
    Tomorrow night it will be the girls turn to be desperate and dateless. I wonder who they will send in. No doubt someone else they all know or have dated.

    PS. I also watched Mirage on netflix. I’s give it a watchable 7/10.

  5. Zoey (who?) might have been thrown in by the producers to be this year’s trouble-maker, but when she pointed out how the girls are playing the field while the guys are sitting around moping, I mean, she wasn’t wrong, was she? The boys have the power at the next rose ceremony, so that should be interesting.

    Losing a little bit of respect for Shannon. Davey — who was desperate for a rose to avoid being eliminated — makes one crack about her being marriage material, and suddenly she’s having a huge existential dilemma about which guy she wants to be with? Geez Shannon, if your mind is swayed that easily, I don’t think you’re going to do well in the “find a life partner” stakes.

    Meanwhile, is anyone else increasingly annoyed by Brooke? “Oh, poor me, I’m young and gorgeous and famous, and a dozen people are tripping over themselves to try and date me. It’s so hard to choose, I’m so conflicted…” I’m starting to hope that nobody picks her.

  6. American Connor — “It’s crystal clear we’re not tied down to one another…”

    No, Connor, that’d be an entirely different show. One I would actually be tempted to watch, to be honest.

  7. Shannon was the same on The Bachelor. Didnt she left because she can’t deal with it if she wasn’t given a rose.

    I am impressed with Nathan. He comes across as someone nicer than he was on The Bachelorette.

    • They did an activity together and had fun but at the romantic date afterwards she basically said she was into him
      And he responded with “I’ll have to check with Shannon”.

        • Not quite.

          Connor was a bit heart-broken because Shannon spent the day umming and arring about Davey, so he accepted Zoey’s invitation for a date … but then spent the entire date thinking about Shannon.

          Shannon, meanwhile, spent all day thinking about Connor. So when Connor and Shannon reunited that night, afterwards, they realised that they really do like each other and want to stick together.

          These idiots. These beautiful, attractive idiots.

          • Shannon is one of those people that throw a toy away, the want it back when someoneelse picks it up. Annoying.

      • Thanks Littlepetal. Not Flo AGAIN.
        These people all know each other. They could have dated already.

        Shannon should have heard what Davey said as he departed; “I wanted to hook up with Flo”, or something to that effect.

  8. Promo showed Flo is back! Seriously she is that desperate for camera time? Surely is not that hard for her to find someone? And why the hell Davey can’t just hook up with her on the outside world?

      • The decent people are all here commenting! 🤣
        I am so sick of watching Brooke and Alex N. Only still watching because of Cass. And why do I get this feeling Brooke been ordered by the producer to take Cass away from Richie?

        • I know it’s her name but I hate hearing “Alex Nation this”, “Alex Nation that”.That surname added on all of the time makes her sound her sound like royalty.

  9. Wait, so, Bill also knows Flo from the dog park?


    Flo: “Hey there, so what have you been doing in Paradise?”
    Bill: “Alex Nation.”

    • Definitely not my dog park!!!!
      Seriously why the need to be at paradise to get to know anyone? What’s wrong with getting know someone on the outside world? I don’t get dating world anymore…

      • I’ll be there in about an hour, howling at the full moon. Lots of bitches in heat at the dog park.

  10. I feel like we’ve all woken up in this weird bizarro-world where Cass is in a love triangle (with Richie and Rachel), and Cass is the least-stalkery part of the equation. Seriously, Rachel. Let it go.

  11. So Brooke, not content with all the attention she was getting already, sees that Alex is more into Bill than her, so she decides to do a big dramatic leave, for no real reason because US Alex would’ve happily given her a rose.

    Nobody cared. Bye Brooke.

  12. Gee, they behave like 12 years old. He is my boyfriend/girlfriend. You can’t have him or her.

    Oh, someone new walks in. I want him or her. No you can’t, you must ask me first.

    I am lost now. I don’t know who is with whom.

    • No, I think I need to get that flow-chart out again. So many people have showed up, this week, that juggling all these different storylines is starting to get just too difficult.

  13. It’s a year later, but at least Flo’s turn-ons remain consistent. She’s still into liars and cheats who bounce between girls without a second thought.

  14. I cannot believe this episode is more than 2 hours long. Oh my gosh, this is too much for one person to deal with.

  15. It’s Brittney I felt most sorry for. She might be a bit … manic, but she’s basically a decent person, and Ivan discarded her the second someone else showed up. I liked her she retained some dignity, though, when she was saying goodbye to everyone, and Ivan tried to explain himself … and in the politest way possible, she basically told him, “Fuck you,” and walked away.

    And poor US Alex got screwed by Brooke’s need for attention. That wasn’t fair on him. These two American boys seem so much nicer than the last two. I like them.

  16. “Go..o..o..o..lly”. Ivan looks so much like Gomer Pyle. I can’t believe that Tenille liked him. He’s just ug.

  17. As a mother I’d hate to see my daughter on national tv (un)dressed like Cass. Absolutely nothing left to the imagination.

    • Or in Tiffany’s white ‘dress’. I’m not a fan of the total bum missing from your pants. It’s reminiscent of the 80s ridiculously high leg.

      • I’m guessing you meant Tenille, and yeah, her pants were missing the pants part. I was watching that with a raised brow.

        Cass does like her incredibly skimpy-swimwear, doesn’t she?

      • Cass is sweet enough (and I think she’s probably smarter than she lets on), but I think being vaguely vapid is a requirement for this franchise in general, so we should just take what we get, heh.

        • In real life Cass and Shannon would annoy me because I think they use a “sweet” persona to get what they want. Rachel seemed a little irrational. I know a girl who looked just like her when she was young and it didn’t take much to tip her over. I guess the the nature of the game means I am not going to be able to say that I like one or the other. So far Nathan is in the lead I think. His care for Brittney seemed genuine.
          I hope Brooke doesn’t show up on any more dating shows. Nor Flo, Alex, Bill…..

          • I agree with you,daisy. Nathan showing his caring side to Britt. He is the most sensible at the moment. I hope he does find a nice girl friend soon.

          • Oh, I could happily stand to never see Flo or Alex Nation ever again.

            As for Nathan, he was one of the people who Charlie (crazy, unhinged Charlie) went after, on Ali’s season, so I imagine we didn’t get the full story there. He is coming across as quite likeable. Pity he was just one more victim of Brooke. And he liked Rachel for a bit, but wow. Bullet dodged there.

    • Not just the dress code but the behaviours. Do parents of the new generation just go with the flow? Or they do and their daughters and sons give zero fcuk?
      That’s said, I do like Cass. Lol

  18. Is it just me?!? I don’t see “ hotness” in Tenille? Why are the idiots all think she is gorgeous? 🤔
    With Brooke gone, American Alex gave the rose to Flo under instructions from producers I reckon?!

    • I feel that it’s not right of me to say so but (holds breath) … I think the MAFS girls are sluts.
      It’s not a word I like, and I am showing double standards, but the girls seems to revel in behaviour that I’ve only heard about in porno films. It’s not just, what would their mother think, but what would their children think? This is forever, and the children have to live with the consequences.
      This is worse than being judgemental. It is against everything I believe in.
      But it does mean by those standards, the Paradise girls are a delight.

      • Ha ha. RTV is designed to make us judgemental. That’s why the chat sites have sprung up for us to air our opinions and verdicts. I first got into it when people in Big Brother were playing, “bully Estelle by isolating her and demeaning her”. I wanted to see if the rest of Australia had detected the bullying (they had). I guess it’s our modern day Roman arena only here the gladiarors are mostly volunteers. And no one is supposed to get killed.
        I sleep at night knowing that in real life I would only have Woolif to whom I could say, “She’s had a nose job”. 😂
        In addition, I don’t know what else you can call people who go on tv and immediately, or almost immediately have sex with a stranger. The fact that everyone on the show, including wrinkly old “experts”, act like that is normal leaves me fearing perhaps it is. I hope not, but is that what younger people think?
        And on that note, I am off to spend the day cooking for Easter. And to prepare my lecture for my grandchildren; “Don’t sleep with strangers, especially on tv”.

        You’d never think I was a rebel teenager, would you?

    • I don’t see the hotness in Tenille, either. Of course, I’m not the best judge of character on that one.

      But this franchise places so much weight on physical attraction (I guess because it plays well, onscreen). Put a girl in a bikini, make a guy take his shirt off, you’re halfway to marriage right there? It’s why I watch the show, really. It’s better than your typical Bachelor/ette season, because the focus is on a single person, while here, you actually get some context for the contestants that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

      And I agree with everyone else. The MAFS contestants are *much* worse. Those girls (and some of the guys) should fire or sue their plastic surgeons for butchering their faces, it’s verging on ridiculous over there.

  19. I felt so sorry for Britney & Rachel. Every guy they liked hooked up with someone else. I kept hoping a new guy would come in & sweep them off their feet. Ivan was a total dick to Britney & Bill was the same to Flo & Alex.

    • I ended up liking Britney. If she could relax and chill she was nice. and good looking also actually. Rachel’s whiff of desperation could grow quickly to a stench of despair and although I liked her initially I started to be a bit put off as the season went on. These two definitely deserved better!

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