1. I watched, tonight, until Flo’s friend showed up and asked her, re: her relationship with Davey.

    “So are you banging him?”

    At which point I swiftly turned the television off.

  2. I can’t bring myself to watch this.

    That said I do see the ads, and I read your comments – so I’m left wondering what ended up happening to the clingy Cass ? Is her heart broken yet again?

    • Richie couldn’t commit and he left. Cass was heartbroken and she left too.

      But in real life not long after she met an old friend and they are now together. Let’s hope this is for real for a while.

  3. I won’t be able to deal with Jules in real life. He must have live a very sheltered life. He always look like a child in a candy store and look so excited seeing all the candy.

  4. Yuuuuukkkkk. The sound of Zoe and Mack kissing was disggguuusting. Like someone slurping tube spaghetti.

  5. OMG, Jules is such a bullshit artist.
    And Aliesha has a ‘type’ because her friend, Hannah looks like Jules.
    Oh my God, as I write this I can still hear Jules being a spin doctor. He should try and sell cars under his crossroads of ambiguity. What a liad of crap.

  6. Aliesha needs therapy. Jules jerked her around when he swiftly dumped her to try his luck in the big league with Tenille, then suddenly got a case of dumpers remorse when Tenille gave him the “Thanks, but definitely no thanks”. He then jerked her around with his fast-talking, jibberish double-talk but she continues to sell herself short, all the while saying, “I deserve more”. She knows he is using her but won’t believe it. Tragic really.
    And he looks like some stupid cocky with that bird’s comb. What a dick. He’s worse than Ivan the stalker.
    Alex’s little breakdown was interesting. A moment of authenticity that showed she really is scared about what Bill’s going to do.
    I look forward to the after show. Any bets on? And what about American Alex and sweet-faced Caroline?

    • I don’t think anyone is worse than Ivan. I could easily see him turning violent. That is not someone you ever want to be alone with. That physical strength combined with the mind of a six-year-old and the temperament of a controlling abuser? Hell no.

      As for Alex, I really don’t have much sympathy for her. She knew exactly what kind of slimy asshole Bill was, when he got back from his day with Flo. But she chose to go back to him regardless. And you just know that, when they inevitably have a messy break-up, it’s going to be all his fault for being a douche-bag. Alex, sweety, you knew he was a douche-bag yet you went straight back to him, of your own free will, regardless. So who’s fault is that?

      • True, true. It’s like a game of, “Who is your favourite/ least favourite snake”.
        Ivan is dangerous. That’s why him being on there without being properly challenged freaks me out. And there isn’t one of them, including “sweet Cassie”, (no one that sweet and innocent wears those bathers- she’s no Amish girl but cloying, clinging sweetness is her personality, or act, her character? That doesn’t look like much) who is someone you would want for your own kids.
        Even desperate-for-Jules Aleisha, is probably more desperate for a tv career.
        I did think US Alex and Caroline seemed nice.
        Line of the night; Mack saying to Zoe, “You can’t find love in this situation”. This is his third rodeo. So I don’t feel any pity. He is happy to play the ugly guy who can’t get a date. Oh and even Zoe got in on the try and stay even if it means slurping on on Mack’s face.
        BTW; Alex’s teeth are like long talons. But I liked her red dress.

        Sorry about the tangents. It’s my first…or second? post of the morning.

  7. I think Alex is playing the game. She stayed because she get paid heaps per day.
    She knew how the show works. Just stay till the end. Get more exposure and then dumped Bill in the outside.

    Now Bill has been ranting on SM about his reputation is tarnish. As if he has a reputation. He just tell you what you want to hear.

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