1. They’re the weakest cooks (by an order of magnitude), but I’m still kinda cheering for Josh and Austin. The Peruvian girls are obnoxious, I flat-out dislike Victor and G (Victor is even more immature than Josh and Austin), and something about the mum and son just, I don’t know, I find them very grating.

    • I don’t think he would actively harm any children. He prefers influencing their parents to be stupid and thoughtless and ignorant of science.

  2. As predicted, Victor throws a gigantic tantrum after being the first team knocked out, and storms out of the building swearing his head off.

    Victor, if Josh and Austin look mature and reasonable, compared to you? Then you got problems, son.

  3. What’s the point of inviting the kids to eat but they have no say in the scores. It’s all up to the 2 judges to decide who is being eliminated.

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