1. I was convinced the Peruvian jumping jacks were through, cos otherwise two male teams. But yaaay, the boys it is. Their main looked deeelicious.

  2. Missed the episode. So the Peruvian girls from Peru who are from Peru who cook Peruvian food because they’re from Peru and they like Peruvian food because they’re from Peru, so they lost?

    I don’t want to be so mean as to say, “Good”, but … good. Gosh, they were annoying.

  3. Yay, the guys got through. I didn’t watch much of the cooking after the entree, but am happy for the cricket dudes, who likely never thought they would go so far. Good for them. And good riddance to the mouthy Peruvian. The other one was OK but Andy was a pain in the ass and an arrogant bitch.

  4. Underdog factor comes up again!

    Personally I would’ve preferred the Peruvians menu, but happy the boys won (and I bet they take out the title).

    Andy’s dagger eyes after thinking they nailed the win (57/60) and then the critique from judges and scores popping up she was about to explode.

    The best moment of the night was Pete saying these 2 teams would’ve beaten the other semifinalists…. poor Romel almost wanted to bitch slap someone after that.

    The boys surely win as no one really warmed up to Peru, Closets and Frenemies… I think Closets are just in as a restauranteur courtesy (would not be surprised if Ibby already pre-knew some of the judges) and for some PC points due to their sexual preferences…. plus also they’re the biggest villians so makes for a rmouth watering good vs evil battle.

    • Ibby restaurant is a well known restaurant in Sydney. The restaurant was on SBS Chef Lines. Thus the producers should know about Ibby. They would have rejected their application but they picked them. Will not sit well if they win. But for Ibby, it has been a good promotion for Nour even if he doesn’t win.

      We all love an underdog. Even the voiceover keep reminding the viewers that Matt and Luke are the underdog.

  5. Surprising outcome. Hope the cricketeers beat Romel and Ibby. Maybe producers were sick of hearing “Peru” and “Peruvian” over and over and over and over again. I know that I was. However, I do believe that the Peruvians are better cooks than the cricketeers.
    I didn’t think the judges liked the cricketeers’ tart based on the faces they made and the comment by one, “Bitter, isn’t it” or something like that.

    • If I ever go on MKR just to test the “real” judging.. I’ll make a chocolate tart but one with chocolate from my cats litter tray… see how real the judging is after that!

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