Survivor E of E – double torch snuffing

Surely it’s time for another Extie Isle inhabitant to return to the main tribe?
Do you think Wentworth and David will actually work together? They and Devens would be my dream team but I don’t think it will happen.



  1. You nailed it there Juz with your picks 😂
    Very happy Wentworth out,of the game, all returning players gone so let the fun begin!

    • Two threats gone. I hope Devens can hustle enough to survive but he is too dangerous to keep in the game. I want to know what happened with Gavin and Vic? I thought they were besties but now she is on the outs after being in such a power position earlier

      • I thought that. How and when did cute freckle girl drop to the outer? I missed that. Maybe it just happened when the two guys took over as leaders of that alliance.

        • Me too. It was “whoa, Vic is on the bottom? how did that happen?”. On the other hand, I think that she is where she wants to be. Have you noticed how, when she is with the others she seems to be shy and self-deprecating, head hanging down, not talking, minimal eye contact? Yet, in the to-cameras, she is bold and outspoken, head held high, and speaks with authority and determination. I think she is playing a background game, but she is at a delicate point at the moment, and needs to be careful. Probably her biggest asset at this point is that the herd have never yet taken the “easy vote”. Every time there was an easy choice, they have flipped to a blindside. I liked Ron’s comment, that once you have been part of one or two blindsides, they become addictive. The next logical step is that having become addictive, they could be pushed contrary to good game play.

  2. Obviously both beaches were a bit boring for these days, seeing that they managed to get two full cycles into a one-hour episode. It is about time that we saw some reward challenges that send people off in little groups.

    I am glad to see Kelley gone (and I doubt she has a chance to get back) but I felt a bit sorry for her at TC for not playing her idol. There must be some big significance in them showing her telling the Reem Islanders about Lauren’s idol, at the very end.

    I do like the sending of advantages back ‘from the grave’ – it gives those who have lost their allies a chance for survival.

    I am hoping that now the remainders realise the danger of Skirmishmutt. There were verbal congratulations to him at TC after the votes were read, and surely now everyone must be aware of the idiocy of keeping someone who so easily disposed of his greatest ally. Could it be that they are waiting until after the next person comes back from Reem Isle, so that there is no chance he could reappear? Considering he appears to be totally useless at challenges, that is either pointless, or they think he is faking the challenges.

    There are too many of my favs at Reem Isle now. Who to barrack for in the return challenge? I’d like to replace six with six. Considering that three are returnees and have really had their chance, I would probably go for Chris or Eric, or maybe Julia.

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