Daisy’s Bold and the Beautiful chat – May

Over to Bold correspondent Daisy, with thanks – wait! What? Denise Richards is on Bold now? ….

Enter Denise Richards as Flo’s mum, Shauna.

Oh dear and oh dear. What the hell is going on with the Bold and the Beautifuls? Perhaps the writers thought they needed a change from the usual dosey-do of love triangles. Fair enough. But they have moved on to stolen babies sold to half-sisters, and total strangers whose connection is selling you a baby, turning out to be a lost cousin by a brother/uncle who killed himself to give Katy his heart. Nothing wrong with that storyline.

Quinn runs the storyline past Bill.

Yes Bill, we know.

Meanwhile Stephie has taken the stolen Phoebeth and is raising her in Paris. She may return in a few weeks; a French speaking madamoiselle of 14, while we are still yelling at our tv screens for Hope to “Shut the fork up and listen to what Flo is trying to say”. Why didn’t Flo just shake her around the throat and say, “”Shut the fork up”.

Flo’s turning out to be a wimp and quite stupid. She usually looks like she wants to throw up.

I am hoping for May that Dollar Bill gets a long lost daughter too. He looked like he needs one. Perhaps it could be Hope, making Hope and Flo cousins, but then uncousining them. Then Wipes and Liam could have married their sister. I hope May sees a return to some evil from Quinn. Her puppet-mastery over Wipes’ love-life is going to crank up. It would be good to see her and Bill team up for some super evil deeds, although it couldn’t get worse than Dr Hooks. Zoe and Dr Hooks have been put on the B&B backburner, but may return when Babygate hits the fan.
I will leave it there, B&Bers as I cannot predict what might happen this month. I am thankful that I get to spend the day slothing around in pjs, washing my hair, and cooking some lemon bars (maybe not), without wondering if a long lost cousin might arrive to steal my husband or take my fortune. 😊

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. What has Brooke done to her eyes?



  1. “Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. What has Brooke done to her eyes?”

    It’s interesting symbolically that the three witches, I mean, the three Logan girls are dressed in white, red and black.

    Meanwhile, I feel like the better question is, “What hasn’t Brooke done to her eyes?”

    I kinda lost interest in the show, a bit, last month. The only storyline I was interested in was the baby-swap, and that fizzled out. And the sheer audacity of the, “Flo’s a random girl from Wyatt’s past, but lo and behold — despite the fact that there are three and a half billion men on this planet that her mother could’ve had a relationship with — Flo’s actually related by blood to this bunch of weirdos” storyline just made me lose what little patience I had left.

    • So you noticed too, Windsong. There were shots worse than this and I was replayin, saying to Woolif, “Look at Brooke’s eyes!!!!” Her eyes have looked bleary for as long as I can recall but these new, scary peepers are giving me the creepers. πŸ‘€

      As for Donna; crestfallen but never chestfallen.

  2. Thomas decides he’s going to split up Liam and Hope and have her to himself.

    Liam tries to get romantic with Hope but she’s a dead fish who’d prefer him to go to Steffy and join her on the “business trip”

    Groundhog Day

      • It’s been done, but only as walk-ons. Caroline, who recently died, had two mums. That translates to Bill’s sister.Bill did not approve but puts up with it.
        Maya is a transgender.

  3. There’s always an ajar door at Forrester’s and today sees Quinn observing a friendly hug between Sally and Douglas. Quinn storms to Wyatt and starts the rumour mongering like a wildfire.

    Liam finally has sex with Hope but before long Douglas turns up and plays her videos from Paris , telling her that Liam must go to Paris. Hope buys into it pretty easily.

    Groundhog Day for baby switch.

  4. I dont think i fell asleep today so how did i miss douglas persuading hope to let liam go to paris? Ive given up waiting for the baby switch to unfurl.

    • It was near the end with Hope in a post coital blue kimono. Douglas shows~, not wanting to intrude of course ~showed her a video on the phone of a cute little brat in Hong Kong bleating “Da Da”. How utterly heart wrenching . I hope daisy can confirm that I didn’t hallucinate this.

  5. I am wondering if anyone is ever going to tell Hope the truth, or if it will require a trip behind a potplant. It’s not going to happen for awhile because they will play out the Thomas steals Hope storyline.
    I wish they would just hurry up before Phoebeth reaches puberty.
    Farout, Thomas is now forging a four year old’s drawings. Does he not know how hard that is? And evil.
    Liam and Hope are doing it with the curtains open, so based on comments here, I expect Thomas and Daniel to turn up, rapping at the window, calling, “Mommy Hope”.
    Sally has sworn herself to secrecy which is bound to put her in trouble with Flubber Boy.

  6. I can’t overlook the fact that Liam and Hope live in Eric’s garden, but have sex with all the windows open. Even Eric’s gardener could enjoy the show, not to mention Katy with the telescope next door.

    • Well, Katy’s between marriages to Bill, so she’s gotta get her kicks somehow.

      Besides, during the day, everybody’s probably busy working. Guffaw.

      • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Katy should be out shopping for new Intimates.

        BTW notice Hope doesn’t swan around in undies like Sally or Katy. Even Brooke has appeared in underwear.
        Stephie, Donna and even Flo have also shown off their bodies in sexy undies. Maybe Hope is too skinny.

        • I can honestly say that I haven’t been paying that much attention to Hope and her sexy underthings. I find Hope kind of annoying and attention-seeking, so I tend to zone out when she’s onscreen.

          Katy only owns the one bra, and Sally doesn’t seem to own clothes at all. Maybe Wyatt ate them?

  7. Hope gets rid of lemming Liam , he’ll be on the next plane to Paris. Meantime, Thomas watches from the garden , like a peeping Tom. Hope bought into that “Da da” video.Thomas is plain evil and a n awful actor to boot.

    Quinn tells Sally Spectra the facts of life , while Flubber Boy meekly tries to defend her.

    Another Groundhog Day

    • Yep. All I had was, “Peeping Thomas”. No wait….I will add, it seems like Sally and Quinn had different writers to the rest of the cast. The show had a pulse during their leopard-skin cat fight, but I had to ffd Hope and PT, and just vague out through the nauseating “Bro” calling of Flubber Boy and Dopey. Please, why can’t they BOTH go to Paris. No wait…..I’m going to Paris. 😣

  8. BTW, Auntie Hope would put little Douglas’s picture on her fridge and show him to say thankyou when he came over. Then he would say, “Wait what?”.

    Also Auntie Hope would kind of be morally obliged to tell Stephie that her nanny had been videoing “her” girls and sending the videos without her knowledge and approval.
    Oh well. Details.

  9. On today’s riveting episode, Bill proposes to Katie! That’d be the third time that Bill has wanted to try marrying Katie. Who does Bill think Katie is? Brooke? Meanwhile, Katie runs off and tells Brooke what happened. Brooke is shocked — absolutely shattered — to discover that people don’t automatically say “yes” to marriage proposals. I feel like Brooke’s entire world just shook.

    Oh, and Flo ends the episode vaguely threatening Zoey that she’ll tell the Logans about the baby-swap thing. This is about the 400th time Flo has threatened to do that, so nobody really takes her seriously anymore. C’mon Flo. That’s not gonna make your Forrester Creations credentials! At least have an affair with a sibling’s partner, child or parent first.

  10. There is a huge flaw in the plot, well lots but; if Shauna thought Storm was soooo wonderful, why would she hide Flo’s paternity from her. Since she has encouraged Flo to continue her terrible, evil lie in order to be a Logan and latch onto the Forrester wealth, then she would have been bringing her around to Daddy long ago, before he shot himself. Sorry to spoil it for everyone. πŸ˜‚

    Denise Richards has had a lift around her mouth. It looked a lot better. It didn’t look like a sagging hamburger today.

    • To be fair, Shauna initially was convinced that Bill was Flo’s father, ergo keeping it a secret. If Shauna had known that Flo was Logan girl, she probably would’ve encouraged Flo to go after the money.

      If Shauna couldn’t even remember hooking up with Storm Logan, just how much unprotected sex did she *have*, that weekend? Geez girl. STDs are a thing, you know?

      • Oh yes, I forgot about her numerous paternity options. $wise she would have been better off being $Bill’s daughter. He is very generous toward his kids, when not sleeping with their partners. Logans actually don’t have their own money but are historically, Forrester/Spencer cling-ons; marrying into the cash. Where once they worked at Hooters, they now dine at Il Giordino’s.

  11. So, following in Taylor’s footsteps, Shauna is also a gun-slinger. Flo makes even more mewing about, “I’m telling”, and Zoe pops her so she cracks her nut. Shauna walks in, armed and aims at Zoe.
    But wind back; skinny-faced, scary-eyed Brooke and bouncy-breasted Donna coo to Katy what a great idea it would be for her to put her trust in Bill and marry him. So convinced, Katy heads straight to IlGiodino’s (where else?) to tell Bill that she will accept his proposal, but when she gets there, oh dear, Bill and Shauna are already drooling over the idea of another sexual liaison. Katy remains hidden, aghast, behind Il Giordino’s shrubbery.

    • I put today’s recap in last months column .Here ’tis.

      I guess the old amnesia trick will be pulled out because Flo is knocked out in a scuffle for the phone with Skeletor .Flo was just about to blab to Hope about β€œthe secret we take to our graves” Shauna returns from cock blocking Bill and pulls a gun on Zoe. She took a gun in her handbag to Il Giardino’s.

      You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to know that Flo will get amnesia for an indefinite period of time. Maybe a bleeping monitor in a hospital for a few weeks.

      Prior to this , Brooke is trying to talk Katie into marrying Bill, then Donna steals the scene in a hot canary yellow cleavage getup, claiming that Bill’s changed. The tears roll down Katie’s cheek as she confesses her love for Bill.

      • “She took a gun in her handbag to Il Giardino’s.”

        Well. She was having lunch with Bill. A girl can’t be too careful.

  12. Tough Mama Shauna’s in on the secret now and has convinced Flo to keep her mouth shut. Besides, Hope has just offered Flo a swanky( bludgefest) job at Forrester Creations.

    • Come on Flo. How much more guilt ridden does she need to be before she reaches saturation point?

      “Bludgefest”. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Is there any other kind of job at Forrester or Spencer. Even the interns just walk around poking their noses into family matters and giving unsolicited advice. And why doesn’t Bill have interns? He should be sleeping with a revolving door of nubile 17 year olds in his secret bedroom, not chasing old exes for seconds.

      • I got it so wrong about the amnesia. Flo was fine , then the incoming call from Hope makes you think she’s gonna spill. Didn’t count on Shauna.

        No work at FC just gossip and meddling.

        Skeletor less than thrilled about the job offer. Dr Hooks must be kicking back in the Bahamas by now.

        • F……………..! Here we go again. Bloody Hope never lets Flo spit it out. “Hope, shut up and listen to what Flo keeps trying to tell you”.

          Another amazing (untrained) top model?
          Or a fabulous dress designer? Perhaps Stormie was a designer and she takes after him.
          Perhaps her job will be daytime sex with Flubber Boy.

  13. Flo; “I’m going to tell”. Groundhog.

    Sally is beginning to incriminate herself going along with Thomas’s evildings. This will most likely be the thing that sends Flubber into Flo’s arms. Flubber and Flo. It goes. I hope that after Flo sorts out all her problems, she stops moping around looking like she needs to vomit.
    Perhaps June might bring us some relief. I can fit in one more madcap before we leave in early June, then it’s over to Dave to shed his insight.

  14. I only caught the last bit.

    Flo and Wyatt share passionate kissing, the Shauna comes out of a bedroom and busts them. What a catch Mr Flubber is.

    Then Flo, Shauna and Skeletor have a boy scout pact about keeping the Groundhog Day secret between them forever. Good luck with that.

  15. Nothing will have changed in your absence Daisy. That child will be ancient by the the time Hope finds out, if she ever does.

  16. When it all comes out, Sad Sack Flo will probably blame Zoe and Shauna for “making” her keep it a secret, just like she blames Dr Hooks for Hooking her. But we know the truth. She found out what Hooks was doing, and went along with it anyway.

      • Yeah, she is going to really annoy me. Apart from her moping around (why hasn’t anyone asked if something is troubling her), she is orobably going to be a bad good one. Or is that a good bad one. By that I mean like Brooke or Hope. They do bad things but no one holds it against and they are sweeeeet.
        Give me Quinn anyday. Or Bill.
        But not Sheila.Toooo evil.
        Then there are the insanely evil, but “cute and cuddly boys”, eg Pam and Donna.

  17. Still stretching it out. Who will crumble first? Now that Flo has a job offer at Forrester (from barmaid to international top model?) the secret might be discovered by Pam incidentally standing behind a rack of dresses.

    Yesterday Flubber Boy wasted no time consoling himself with Flo’s lips. Oh….and Thomas is a predator. From doing the deed with a semi-comatose Caroline (his father’s “wife”) to sending fake letters to Hope and manipulating her husband out of the country. And remember when Ivy was dating Wipes…(or was it Liam?) and Thomas was seducing her by making sandwiches topless? And no I don’t mean open sandwiches.

  18. How many more Groundhog days is it going to take?

    Flo will be wearing the show stopper at the next Forrester Creations launch and Skeletor will have to watch through gritted teeth.

    This new Thomas is the son of Satan.

  19. Now Flo can get cracking, sleeping her way through the cast.
    Where has Rick gone? Having an affair shouldn’t keep him away.

    And how come the Forresters and Spencers never vote? Nor excuse themselves from a room to go to the toilet. No wait, Quinn did once but then she met Ridge in there.

  20. Flo takes the job at FC. Barmaid and croupier to gifted designer in the blink of an eye..

    Thomas does more brainwashing on Hope, pushing the happy family ideals.

    Groundhog Day.

    • More waffle than an ice-cream parlour.

      Thomas didn’t take long before putting his shirt-off stategy to work. He sure doesn’t mind risking young Douglas’s mental health in order to win Hope.

  21. More Thomas playing Dr Phil today. He puts his singlet on and massages Hope’s mind some more.Friction of the worst kind between Wyatt and Sally as he doesn’t buy her “I was comforting Thomas” true confession

    A load of waffle, as Sara predicted. Groundhog week on the horizon,plenty of bad acting in store.

  22. Ffd, ffd, fffd. It’s a pretty bad ep when you can view it in 10 minutes or less, and the scenes between the Flamingo and the Pork Belly are the highlight.
    Thomas is a predator and a groomer. He might as well wear all black and have a thin curly moustache. He is tying the damsel to the railway line.
    Flamingo is on her way out as Porkbelly needs an excuse to press his flubber up against Flo’s taught abs.
    And who is in charge of wardrobe? Last week Flo was wearing a pink tennis jumpsuit, and today Sally was wearing something that might have been a netball outfit, or a trapeze costume. Fashion line by Venus Williams.

  23. I think the babyswap was something they never intended to end. Like, they threw it in, and then just left it open-ended, without any real plans to resolve it (beyond, it’s there, and we can go back to it at some undetermined point in the future).

    Which is irritating, but par for the course, really. That Flo has turned out to be a Logan is more obnoxious to me, personally.

    Meanwhile, Thomas is far more interesting as a shirtless villain. C’mon Thomas, real evil-doers don’t like t-shirts. Release your nipples of DOOM.

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Thomas has a habit of wooing girls with those nips.
      Late night sandwiches with Ivy…and nips.

  24. If you want more nips from Thomas, I will get them for you tomorrow, Windsong. But Thomas’s headlights don’t move me. Not sure if they will put Hope under their spell.

  25. Thomas proposes to Hope, who bolts. Meantime Wyatt gets on the blower and tells Liam that Thomas is after his wife. Liam will be on the next plane.

    Groundhog Day.Pitiful performances. Sally and Wyatt bust up.

      • Thomas has a fantasy scene where he imagines Hope accepting his ring and insane offer…..don’t be taken in by this. How is it so easy to hate him? Spent too much time in the gym.

        Even Ridge thinks Thomas/Liam is a good idea.

        Doesn’t look like Flubber will forgive Sally. He’s a rat.

  26. Flubber, aka Porkbelly, doesn’t want to forgive Sally, inspite of her wearing an old tap dancing costume, because his testicles are already lighting up for Flo.

    Stephie’s nanny (let’s not call it ) acting is so terrible that I would rather watch Flubber and Red. Why is this nanny so invested in Stephie and Liam’s relationship? It’s probably not in the job description.

    Ridge and Brooke are hard at it again. No, not work. Just snogging in the office. Brooke tells Ridge that she has appointments but can cancel them for sex with him. Way to run a successful international fashion house.

    Where’s Sally going to live now?

    They need to pick up the pace.
    BTW, inbetween pashing Ridge, Brooke found time to visit Studio 10 this morning.

    • “Brooke tells Ridge that she has appointments but can cancel them for sex with him. Way to run a successful international fashion house.”

      To be fair, anyone who’s ever done business with Forrester Creations probably is used to this kind of crap.

  27. Oh yeah, I forgot that devious lie that Caroline told Thomas she wanted him and Hope together.
    Sally is just walking out the door, so how many seconds till Flubber and Flo hook up? Liam is putting on his astonished face as Flubber tells him what Thomas is scheming.

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