1. Another night of people ,smiling, laughing and being nice to each other, ruined by a relentless slew of Clive Palmer ads. Anything pink is trending in these rooms.

    • There does seem to be a lot of pink, this year.

      I thought the house was mostly fine, although I hated the den. The girls took a tiny room in a tiny house, and made it even smaller with that ghastly curved plywood ceiling. That looks horrible. And the room was little more than a couch and a liquor cabinet. What a gigantic waste of space, in a house with no space to spare?

      If Andy and Lisa ever had kids (and my gosh, they must be newly-weds, they were cracking sex jokes from one end of that house to the other. I mean, he is well built, and she’s beautiful, so I on’t blame them), then they could turn the den into a third bedroom easily enough, but I didn’t like the den at all.

      Next week’s house is the two girls, who come with an emotional back-story regarding their mother (it’s her house, apparently). Like, I get it, but tonight’s episode is going to be nothing but overwraught drama, and I already have “Bold” for that.

      Hurry up and get to the Caloundra team!

      • Too much pink for me. I’m not a fan of pink. The den was dismal and claustrophobic but the homeowners seemed to like it except no TV. Refrigerator seemed too big for that kitchen. Sisters were on the bottom so looks like the dancers will wind up in the tent.

        • The dancers are the one team I do think push the limits of obnoxiousness. I don’t know. There’s just a vibe that they’re a little dramatic and selfish? They seem aggressively high maintenance. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out over the next few renos.

  2. well i just walked out on my first ever house rules just because they got the tent they have a CRY an get out an now that leaves the girls in the tent no matter what the happens WHY NOW THE SHOW HAS SET A STANDARD FOR ANY TEAM TO GET OUT OF THE TENT NOT GOOG

  3. I’m quite glad I watched, tonight. So the tragic back-story is that the girls’ parents were involved in, what sounds like, a messy divorce. Their mother got to keep the house (and it’s a beautiful house, in what looks like a coastal, bushland area), but had to sell most of the furniture to pay for legal bills and so forth. Which is actually kind of horrible, if you think about it. So the house itself was mostly fine, but it was just empty and bare.

    There were these hideous duck-printed tiles as the kitchen splashback, so as the teams are smashing them to bits, the subtitle flashes up at the bottom of the screen, “No ducks were harmed during the making of this episode.” Oh, editors with a sense of humour.

    Also, Lisa freaked out because a snake slithered in from the scrub and into the stone wall. The snake-catcher pointed out that it was one of the top 15 most deadly snakes in the world (well, we are Australian), so Lisa’s freak-out was justifiable, but no less over-the-top the dramatic.

    Meanwhile, the dance teachers throw a tantrum about the tent and end up back in a hotel room. Told you they were high maintenance.

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  4. It does feel like a short season, doesn’t it? We get four episodes a week, but two of those episodes are purely for the judging and scoring, so we only get two episodes a week of actual renovation (and half of one of those episodes, tonight’s, is built towards the early reveal, this year).

    Anyway, the girls finally have a house with actual furniture in it, and loved their new dining room and one of the new bedrooms.

    I’m of two minds about the whole kitchen fiasco. On the one hand, the new kitchen — extending right across the old dining room, from one side of the space to the other — is stupidly, impractically huge, and you wonder how teams are making those sorts of decisions. But on the other hand? That wasn’t a practical lay-out to begin with, since the dining room would’ve been microscopic (squeezed in as an afterthought between the kitchen and the gigantic lounge-room), so there was really no winning there.

  5. Dance teachers = whiners. I would have voted for keeping them in the tent. That’s how it’s always been done although I understand were they are coming from because they weren’t the lowest scoring team. Just “bite the bullet”, grow up and stay in the tent. So will there be two teams in tents next week or just the girls?

    • No, I’m really starting to not like the dance teachers at all.

      Although I do feel sorry for them with the lounge room shenanigans.

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