June Bold chat with Daisy

Oh dear. We had such high hopes for justice. We had expected the baby theft plot would, as they say on Dr Phil, by now have had closure and we could have moved on to the next fiasco. But no, Dr Hooks is back in England putting babies from China on the black market. Zoe is living under a cloud of secrecy that is driving a wedge between her and her Z boyfriend. And Flo and Shauna are getting deeper and deeper into the doggie poo. Will June be the month that sees poor little Phoebeth returned to Hope and Liam? She is going to be one messed up, and traumatized kid. Yes, as Dave puts it, it’s been Groundhog Day after Groundhog Day, waiting for Hope to discover the awful truth.

In the meantime, Shauna and Flo have a new address, and will be slothing around Eric’s home in their pjs, farting, and eating toast with their feet on his coffee table. No wait. It’s not a pommie show. They will be sexily dressed 24/7 while Eric pretends not to be aroused. Shauna the Black Sheep will soon be causing problems for Quinn.

Wipes earned himself a downgrade and is now called Flubber. But Porkbelly will also do. He dumped Sally so he could get it on with Flo, but he pretended that the reason was Sally keeping secrets. Thomas is so crazy, evil that he should enter every scene with a “Bwaah aah aaaah”.
Bill has set his sights on reuniting with Katy, or is that rerereuniting? Brooke has taken a step back from seducing Bill (no doubt a temporary move), and has taken on the role of advisor. She and Donna have been pushing for the reunion of Katy and Bill, offering advice and encouragement, although they couldn’t agree with Katy’s plan to send Shauna over to seduce Bill in a honeytrap that would prove, or disprove if Bill’s love for Katy was a genuine as his tan. Will Bill find out about the trap and turn it back on Katy by letting Shauna see his boules collection? And does Bill even play boules?
Sadly, I will be leaving in a week, so I will probably miss out on seeing Hope get to the altar with Thomas, only to have Flo rush in with the truth. That’s just a guess. I will have to rely on ttvers here to be my eyes and ears. I know you will keep me amused and enlightened.
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  1. 😭😭😭😭 I won’t get to see the outbreak of baby news. We might be able to stream the show from the US but it might be too far ahead.

    • I still maintain that they wrote the baby-swap storyline in, without any clear plan to resolve it or end it. They just threw it in, and will deal with it at some point in the future when they don’t have anything else to worry about.

      Comic book authors do that all the time (because the conventions of that genre, with never-ending stories, are quite similar). Throw in something, and leave it to simmer for a decade or so until you’re ready to deal with it, down the track. Having said that, the resolutions are usually dragged out, forced and awful. But the point stands, it happens.

      Having said that, I am curious as to how long it’ll take for Eric and Shauna to be knocking boots. At the very last, Forrester Creation’s shares in Viagra just skyrocketed.

      • Yes, so Pheobeth will be standing at the altar, about to marry Liam’s son.
        “Is there anyone here who objects…..?””

  2. Perhaps it’s not Groundhog Day any more because Hope overhears stupid Skeletor and Hope talking about the big secret ,while Flo is being verbally abused for moving in to the Forrester’s dump. The curtain falls on Hope blabbering “What about Beth?” as the guilty parties better have an excuse quickly or…..it will all hit the fan. Will Sleletor have a plausible excuse for talking about Beth? ( Probably) Where would this show be without the characters’ silky eavesdropping skillz.

    The sexaphones are broken out for Bill and Katie kissing.Prior to this Katie fesses up to Bill that she sent Shauna the sheep to seduce him. Bill appears not to care , he even “understands”. Whatever further amour is killed for the night as Will comes home. The clever litlle brat even knows what a “metaphor” is as Bill tells him a nauseating story to fill him in on the wedding planned. All the trust issues have been solved. You can take that to the bank.

    Justin, Brooke , Hope, Donna have nothing better to do than gossip about how Dollar Bill’s test went. Shauna returns and puts them out of their misery with the news that Bill didn’t take the bait.

    • That should be” Skeletor and Flo” in the first line, Boldies. Skeletor should have known better than to even mention Beth’s name. Cat is out of bag.

  3. Lots to ffd tonight, most of it the pukeworthy scenes with Katie, Will and Bill. Then there was the pathetic and ridiculous scene with Brooke, Donna, Shauna etc. The only good bit was when Brooke told them all that of course Katie would tell Bill about the entrapment, and Shauna did a double take. Yes Shauna, you should have read the fine print.

    I am ready to be disappointed tomorrow as Zoe makes up some lie. And btw, Flo should tell Zoe, “No YOU leave town”. Neither of them want to get off the gravy train.

        • He is thoroughly irritating, isn’t he?

          But I mean, we should stick with it. He’ll be in his mid-20s in about half an hour, and then he can start marrying all the women his father and brothers have gotten together with. And that won’t be creepy at all.

          • I hope he grows into an evil tycoon who tries to cut his brothers out of their inheritance, and sleep with all their wives.

          • Will and Hope, new power couple!

            Oh wait, no, hang on. Will’s Katie’s son, and Hope is Katie’s sister’s daughter, so Will and Hope would be cousins? Half-cousins?

            I need that flowchart for these people.

  4. So in a shocking episode, Hope spends another half an hour crying (about, oh, anything and everything). At this point, I’m genuinely fearful that the actress is facing severe dehydration.

    Shauna knows about the baby-swap thing? Okay guys, 4 people means it’s no longer a secret, that makes it information. Besides, I like how Shauna knows that, if she or Flo admits to the baby swap, their keys to the Forrester millions will get revoked. Way to take the high ground, girlfriend.

    Even when Thomas does put a shirt on, it’s a sleeve-less tank-top (that’s about two sizes two small), showing off his arms, chest and surprisingly-pointy nipples. He might be evil, but he knows how to show off his best feature. Meanwhile, that ridiculous letter from Caroline (from beyond the grave), urging Thomas to hook up with Hope, for the sake of their family? That was so contrived and ridiculous I wanted to throw something at my TV. Really, writers? Really?

    • That was the best part~Thomas’s , lower than a snake fake letter that Hope appears to have bought into. All about family in this show.

      Wyatt and Liam drink beer and discuss how to stop Thomas.

      Skeletor, Shauna and Flo go straight back to discussing “the secret” in the walls have ears Forrester Mansion. Who will be next to overhear them jabbering about the secret? Yeah, leave the mansion and go back to Vegas? Sure , Skeletor.

      • Oh my Gawd, how long can Flo and Skeletor keep playing the same song? And I would say they are all idjuts, except I guess that’s the storyline. The inbreeding has dulled their brains.

        Flubberbelly tries again to blame Sally for the break-up.

        BTW, Dr Phil’s brat today was “doing it because she can. She was high on her power trip”. Sorry Phil, you diagnosed her incorrectly. It isn’t fear, it’s because she loves the power of being a brat.

      • If “handsome dark-haired guys in their 20s with ill-fitting clothes and fantastic upper bodies who are secretly evil” was a category on “How to Become a Millionaire”?

        Gold medal, I’m telling you.

  5. All I noticed was the stupid bit of taped that Hope had around her neck. No, Hope, that’s not a scarf.

  6. Thomas watches as stupid Hope falls under the spell of his bogus letter. Little Douglas hams it up as he stirs from sleep and Hope goes to him like a moth to a candle.
    Meanwhile , Liam and Wyatt are discussing what an arsehole Thomas is, Liam cut him some slack previously because of the loss of Caroline, but now Liam does his best to act as if he means business.

    Quinn is turning herself inside out to make Shauna the sheep and Flo feel at home. They’re both overwhelmed with the opulence on offer. Feel free to put your feet on the furniture, says Quinn. Leave your menu with our slave/ cook. Eric glows to the freeloaders about about how much happiness and laughter Quinn has brought to the house. He left out about Quinn and Ridge in the sauna etc. Water under “walking wounded” Eric’s bridge.

    Groundhog Day.

    * Liam slept with his biological mother, Windsong.

    • Liam’s about as threatening as a wet paper straw.

      And … “* Liam slept with his biological mother, Windsong.”

      Really? That’s … gross.

  7. Good heavens! Liam doesn’t want to lose his marriage but spends all his time between visiting Stephie in Paris and drinking beer with Flubber. Dickhead. Then, instead of being aghast when Flubber suggests a wife swap, he entertains the thought. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” Hey, my emoji is a better actor than Liam.

    Thomas doesn’t mind messing with little Dougie’s head if it means getting what he wants. But I am already looking forward to seeing Liam have to move out of Hope’s place. Hope and Liam can then look forlornly at each other at Thanksgiving.

    Just wait until Shauna the Black Sheep and Flo spill their Chardonnay on the $1000 per sq m carpet. The Forrester mansion is so big that they always hang out in one room right in front of the front door.

    • “The Forrester mansion is so big that they always hang out in one room right in front of the front door.”


      Well, Eric probably prefers entertaining in the front room, just so he can keep the conveyer belt of potential new wives going through the house (and back out into the driveway) non-stop.

      • We’ve never seen Lucy (or whatever her name is), the cook on retainer.
        “So she still gets paid anyway”, says Eric.
        The cleaner must be on retainer.
        The gardener must be on retainer.
        The pool boy/masseur must be on retainer, except for the one hired by Sheila to seduce Quinn. He’s back in Tijuana now.

  8. Why is Sally wearing a kitschy beret for her drawn-out break-up with Wyatt? Not only is she indoors, it’s like midnight.

    Oh gosh. Does Sally have a cupboard, at home, for her specific collection of break-up hats?

      • You didn’t miss much. It’s amazing how much Liam’s, “Hope is breaking up with me!” face is the same as his, “I think I stepped in something smelly” face.

    • That’s actually one of Sally’s more restrained outfits. The Spectra fashion signature has always been hideous schlock frocks.

  9. So, Liam and Hope’s marriage finally comes to a dramatic end, when Hope begs Liam for a divorce so he can go to Europe and be a father to Steffy’s girls, and she can be a mother to Douglas. Not that their marriage needed to end for either of those goals, but whatevs. It’s so frustrating, on this show, how marriages always end in the most emotionally-powerful, heart-wrenching manner … guys? Those Logan sisters have married so many times (often, the same man) that they could open a bridal-wear shop just from their left-overs. Liam’s married Steffy, what, three times? I would doubt that this was his first marriage to Hope. So who cares? You’ll all get married again in about thirty seconds, probably to someone you’ve already married twice before.

    Meanwhile, Thomas tucks Douglas into bed, and reassures him that Hope will always be there for him. You could actually see the thought bubble above Thomas’s head, “… even if that includes chloroform or an industrial-grade padlock.”

    Shauna is still prioritising her proximity to the Forrester millions over, y’know, the well-being of her own niece, while Flo has the same conversation about the baby-swap for the 5000th time in a row.

    And I didn’t even care enough to remember what the hell was going on with Sally and Wyatt (other than wondering about Sally’s collection of break-up head-wear). Who’d have a thought a relationship based purely on nudity would end so quickly?

  10. Hope has completely lost her marbles (the few she had) thinking now that Caroline somehow had supernatural powers and had foreseen all things. She thinks her relationship is being ordained by powers from above. Won’t she be in for a surprise to find out it’s all being ordained by Thomas’s crotch. Bwaah aah ahh. How can such an evil villain have such a sweet little boy?
    Liam and Hope decide to enjoy one last night of passion before parting ways to new marriages. Could that mean Pheobeth might get a little brother or sister?
    And Flubber wipes his flat feet on Sally by breaking up with her and letting her believe it’s her fault, when in reality he has already fantasized having sax with Flo the baby thief.
    Flo goes on and on again, yes for the sqillionth time about her feelings of guilt and her concern for poor Hope. She says she feels terrible for what she “did” past tense, when in fact she is still doing it. But she likes having Shauna the Black Sheep and Zoe talk her around so she doesn’t have to come clean.
    Hope’s last words to Liam were, “This wouldn’t be happening if Beth hadn’t died”.
    Something else for Flo to feel bad about while placing her order for soufflΓ© with Linda the invisible Forrester family chef.

    • “Flo goes on and on again, yes for the sqillionth time about her feelings of guilt and her concern for poor Hope. She says she feels terrible for what she β€œdid” past tense, when in fact she is still doing it.”

      Flo’s constant angst seems so hollow and fake. Flo, sweety, you’ve had ample opportunity to spill the beans. You could’ve told Hope what happened a hundred times, by now, but you haven’t, so clearly, you don’t want to. Now stop whining about it and go marry someone.

  11. There must be something in the air, in LA today, because the cast all seem to be showing remarkable moments of self-awareness.

    Ridge confronts Thomas about his evil plot to split Hope and Liam, and claim Hope for his own (why he wants her is anyone’s guess, but the heart wants what it wants), by telling him that, “Hope in crisis seems to be her new normal.”

    Meanwhile, Hope explains to Brooke that she wants to end her marriage with Liam. Brooke hilariously responds by telling Hope how sacred and unconditional marriages are meant to be. I stopped laughing riotously long enough to hear Hope reply by asking her mother, “How many of your marriages were?”

    And across town, Steffy and the girls are back, and Steffy says that Liam always has a home there. Seriously girls, Liam is king of the bland weiners, and why you and Hope have waged this long-running war over who gets to marry him is really anybody’s guess.

    • You summed it up beautifully, Windsong.

      I was just disappointed that Flo wasn’t around to hear Hope say that she was ending her marriage to Liam because her body had failed her child. She, Flo, probably wouldn’t have come clean, but she could have at least looked forlorn, guilt ridden and like she had vomit in her mouth.
      I was hoping to see Hope find out the truth before we left but I am left as unsatisfied as Quinn in Eric’s bedroom.

      • “I was hoping to see Hope find out the truth before we left but I am left as unsatisfied as Quinn in Eric’s bedroom.”

        As if Quinn hasn’t replaced the entire mansion staff with handsome rugged men in their 20s, and put forward a strict “no shirt” uniform policy.

  12. I feel like, with Daisy out of the country, it’s our duty to watch these episodes just in case anything vaguely interesting does happen.

    Not that it happened today. Ridge and Thomas continue talking about Thomas’s connection with Hope, and Ridge acknowledges that, yes, feelings can change and evolve. I was absolutely horrified, for a second to think that Ridge was about to confess to also having feelings for Hope.

    Ridge then rushes home to have a steamy make-out session with Brooke. It’s not like this family is running an international fashion business, or anything. Back at Forrester Creations, Liam confronts Thomas, and even in full Papa Wolf mode, Liam is about as exciting as wet cardboard. He does everything but hit Thomas with his purse, it’s that sad.

    Episode ends with Hope visiting Steffy and giving baby Phoebeth a cuddle, telling her, “That beautiful woman, Steffy Forrester? She will always be your mother.” Really writers? Really? My gosh, that was obnoxious.

    • Oh thankyou Windsong. I am so thrilled that you are holding the fort, even though those a Forresters don’t bloody deserve it. I did hope that you would have a morsel of news and like a faithful St Bernard coming up a snowy avalanche, you didn’t let me down. 😍

    • Thanks , too Windsong. I did watch yesterday but had an onslaught of visitors,

      Yes, what a wimp arse Liam is. He should have belted the living daylights out of Thomas or better still in B&B style, shot him.

  13. Hope really is off her rocker, in terms of begging everyone she knows to tell Liam to agree to a divorce so that he can co-parent Steffy’s kids better.

    Meanwhile, Wyatt goes to find his mother at the mansion but meets Flo instead (Quinn and Eric are up north on a romantic retreat. Ick), so they decide to strip off and go swimming. Do the writers literally have no idea what else to do with Wyatt other than, take his clothes off a lot?

    The best moment of the episode, though, was Steffy joking that, “at how fast Phoebe is growing up? She’ll be saying ‘mama’ in no time!” Steffy, at the rate your kids tend to grow up, she’ll be graduating college by the end of the week.

    • Cheers. I’m only ten minutes in. Still to get to the sexaphone swimming. Get a VD test soon, Wyatt.

      Ridge and Brooke at loggerheads over the Thomas /Liam mess. Ridge is right. If something’s not working , move on. Brooke doesn’t like what he said.

      Hope bullies Steffy letting her put Phoebeth to bed.

      Liam’s and Thomas’s pissing contest continues.

      The producers write terrible puns for the “actors” for sure.

      I’m at the second ad break. I can smell a stampede of Groundhogs a comin’

      • They never actually get to the swimming part of their swim, they just stand around admiring each other’s hotness. As you do in LA.

        Brooke’s super annoying, though. If your daughter wants to get a divorce, just … let her. Isn’t it her decision? Clearly, forcing her to stay in a situation that’s literally sending her crazy is not in her best interest.

        As for Wyatt and STIs, LOL. The entire cast would’ve picked up natural immunities to all those things, by now.

  14. Wyatt “borrows” some hideous bathers of Eric’s (“from the 70’s”) and he’s mesmerised by Flo’s cleavage display.

    Ridge and Brooke are starting to fight over the behaviour of their kids. Ridge’s voice is as hoarse and coarse as sandpaper today.

    Hope keeps rabbiting on about her cosmic connection with Phoebeth. She really bought into that bogus letter penned by smirking Thomas. Hope starts bawling again about “family”. She exhorts Steffy to go make a life with lame Liam. Curtain. Steffy knows Hope is toxic.

    • I caught myself thinking, clearly Doctor Baby Switch isn’t the only doctor Flo has spent time with … I’m so catty.

      Meanwhile, Hope is approaching the madness horizon and rapidly accelerating.

  15. And I caught myself reading all of your comments with a smile on my dial. You guys take a pig’s ear of a show and turn it into the crown jewels.
    But now I need to try and erase the image of Flubber wearing a pair of Eric’s trunks. I am visualizing a toucan print.

    • Toucan print is very close….but Wyatt looked 110% lame in it. We can’t do screen shots, unfortunately.Picture Eric in multi coloured board shorts. Flo brags about having a maid and the hugeness of her room at Forrester’s. Easy living.That baby secret bugging is getting lighter by the minute. Surely Flo’s had a boob job. Wyatt is suckered completely.

      • Thanks, Dave. Flubber won’t mind fake boobs. As long as there’s a saxaphone playing, he’s in. It’s like The Pied Piper. He can’t help himself.

        Never mind the screen shots. You guys are so good at creating a mental pic.

  16. “I love you Hope!”

    And with that, Douglas takes the “Most Irritating Child Member of the Cast” award off Will, and runs away with it.

  17. Ridge~ “I’m looking at these little guys”

    They’re both girls, you rasping idiot.

    I saw RJ on an action movie the other night.

    No one on B&B has hobbies….besides gossip about others. Meddling. How does FC make any money?

    The sexaphones go right off as Wyatt and Flo tear each others (and Eric’s) clothes off.

    • “No one on B&B has hobbies….besides gossip about others.”

      They don’t, do they? Nobody ever takes the time to sit down and watch a movie, or read a good book, or even put together a jigsaw puzzle or do a crossword or something. They’re all too busy meddling in each other’s love lives, and having sex with their in-laws.

      When Wyatt joked about his mother’s portrait, I realised that Flo is probably related to both Eric (and thusly, Quinn and Wyatt) by way of Logans marrying Forresters. Her aunt is is Brooke, which means Eric is her uncle (in-law), so Quinn would be Flo’s aunt through two marriages, which makes Wyatt her uncle’s wife’s son … which is her cousin (in-law).

    • They don’t have friends. Bill’s only friend is employed. Brooke; no friends. Katie; no friends.
      Only Quinn has a friend and that’s been her least convincing acting. I am surprised the writers didn’t have Quinn and Shauna throwing a pj party, complete with pillow fighting.

      • They never invite a stranger to Thanksgiving and if they did , it would turn out to be some long lost relative spawned from a one night stand after a big meal at Il Giardino’s somewhere in the past.

  18. Hope buys the package of forgery and sleaze Thomas is peddling. She’s bratling Douglas’s dupe now. Curtain.

    We’ll assume that Flo and Wyatt made the beast with two backs today. Albeit an orange , freeloading beast…….another doomed lliason in the Forrester mansion begins. No one at the door to eavesdrop.

    Groundhog Day. Wher are you Dr Hooks?

  19. What will Wyatt say when he finds out about Flo’s dirty deed, he will be devastated
    As for Hope, well she needs treatment for obsession. It’s getting to a ridiculous stage where our tvs will explode when the truth comes out. Didnt enjoy watching Wyatt and Flo eating each other. Looks like she has access to Eric’s wine fridge, bringing out the champagne to have with food delivery, she’s certainly made herself at home.

    • It’ll be sex on Eric’s piano next, in front of the Quinn portrait. Then beer fuelled bonking and Doritos in the holy Forrester matrimonial bed.They might as well shoot a porn movie on their phones there while Eric and Quinn are away.

  20. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ to all of you.

    Flubber and Flo Fornicate.
    Forrester Fornicreations.
    Porky gets Pussy on the Piano.

    • Now I’m actually genuinely curious if anyone’s ever filmed a porn parody of “The Bold and the Beautiful”. Surely, surely, it must exist.

  21. Wyatt finally hooks up with Flo, in the empty Forrester mansion (wait, where’s Shauna in all this?), while the saxophone player has an asthma attack. I wondered if the saxophone player was actually there in the bedroom with them, and then I couldn’t stop thinking how difficult it would be to perform with a musician three feet away from you going to town on his saxophone.

    Meanwhile, Brooke tells Liam that she’s very unhappy with Thomas butting in and meddling in her daughter’s marriage to Liam, as she herself continues to butt in and meddle in her daughter’s marriage to Liam.

    Finally, Liam returns home to a teary Hope, telling her that he talked to Brooke after Brooke tracked him down. It’s uncanny, with Brooke. The second a man in LA is single, Brooke can find him instinctively, like a guided missile. I mean, she could have a career in law enforcement with those kind of superpowers. Forget this fashion stuff.

      • “Hey mom? Yeah, I’m going to be banging my cousin like a Salvation Army drum for the night, can you vacate the premises? Thanks!”

        Shauna’s probably doing a pub crawl and looking for more lonely millionaires, tonight. It seems to be her one talent.

  22. Brooke ” You can’t change love like musical chairs”

    13 marriages isn’t musical chairs? Her love lecture to Liam is heavy on hypocrisy.

    Sexaphone wailing aplenty today. Please come home from your holiday unexpectedly early,Eric.

  23. I love it. You witty wordsmiths glean comedic gems from B&B like Heston can make a delicious pie from a rat.
    It’s an outlet. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Oh, nothing says comedy like listening to Brooke lecture other people on the holy sacredness of marriage … (!).

  24. Flubber guesses correctly that Flo , while not holding back on the saxaphone fodder, is holding something back. The baby secret. It’ll be another Groundhog Day.
    Liam goes to Hope , after Brooke’s brow beating and tells psychotic Hope he loves her. She chooses “the children” over Liam, with some pious lecturing of her own . Dark string muzak kills the saxaphone mood Only four minutes of this awful acting left.No post coital glow as Wyatt interrogates sullen Flo about her secret , she almost coughs up. then a groundhog gets her tongue. Curtain.

  25. When the truth finally comes out, and I am guessing it will be a potplantmoment, Flo’s only defence will be that she looked forlorn. Meanwhile poor little Phoebeth attaches to Stephie. Bring back the Grouper because Phoebeth will need a psycho psych.

  26. I have just summarized the B&B week for Woolif.
    Wearing Eric’s toucan undies, Flubber took Flo on the piano. Flo looked remorseful when Flubs mentioned honesty.
    Brooke gave a lecture on marriage fidelity.
    Ridge ways in on Thomas’s side of the marriage switch debate. (Great idea for a show).
    Hope looks pathetic and buys into Thomas’s fraud.
    Shauna and Flo have a signal for when either of them is having sex in Eric’s loungeroom. Leave a lemon bar out?
    And getting sick of waiting for a part, Ajay takes a role in a Western.
    Can’t wait for tonight’s cliff hanger.

      • I caught the last half, which was enough to observe that the groundhog is almost out of the bag.

        Skeletor and Flo are still yabbering about the secret and guess who’s eavesdropping at the door this time? Zander.Dumb as he is, he’s heard that Hope’s baby is still alive and he’s in to interrogate Sleletor. Or is that a fantasy scene? The slo mo and audio echoes and unreality of it all make it appear as if it could be. Zander’s mouth will be kept shut, I’ll put next week’s rent on it. Those ajar doors do it every time. Zander knows Skeletor is a rotten little bitch now. Will he care?

        Half Groundhog Day.

        More brotherly sap with Liam and Wyatt. Totally there for each other. Wyatt used to root Steffy, remember?

        Hope’s whining wheels are ready to fall off. Steffy’s trying hard not to strangle her.

        • “Wyatt used to root Steffy, remember?”

          And he married Hope briefly. Before banging the woman who’s married his own father 3 times.

          Ah, those Spencer boys, keeping it in the family.

        • Wipes has been married to Steffy AND Hope.And has slept with Katie, Sally and Flo.
          Liam has been married to Hope and Steffy, not slept with Katy yet, wanted to sleep with Sally or Flo. He’s a saint. But he has slept with stepmom Quinn.
          Neither have slept with Brooke.

  27. Too many people know now so it won’t be a secret for.much longer. I read on one US site that the truth wont be out until November, so you’ll be home Daisy and ill be back from my os trip in Sept!

    • Okay, Sarah, I apologize. I let my eyes slip and saw there was no spoiler.
      And we both return in Sept. Where have you gone, if I might ask? Will I run into you in my travels?

  28. Sorry, Sara. As soon as I see “I read on the US site, I look away. I don’t know if it was a spoiler because I looked away.

    What you can do if you want to post spoilers is this…..

    ********SPOILER ALERT********

    That way you can still post and those who want a spoiler can still read it. As for me, I wait until Christmas. πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ 🎁🎁🎁🎁

  29. I managed to catch today’s episode tonight on “Tenplay”. The old interwebs, good for something after all.

    The entire cast is on my nerves re: this whole Liam/Hope nonsense. Every single member of the Logan, Spencer and Forrester families have spent the last few weeks stopping around to tell Liam variations of, “Try harder to save your marriage!” while also telling Hope variations of, “Don’t end your marriage to Liam!” and has any of it worked in the slightest? Has anyone suggested anything even remotely useful to either of them? Give up, you pack of morons. She wants to walk away. Short of gunpoint (maybe Taylor still has those), how on Earth are any of you going to stop that?

    Meanwhile, Steffy looks increasingly like she wants to either change the locks, or just move anonymously and leave no forwarding address, to get away from Hope. Can’t say I blame her.

    Episode ends with Zander — pretty, beautiful, dumb-as-a-rock Zander — overhearing the conversation between Zoey and Flo re: baby Beth. The secret’s out. Zoey looked like she didn’t know whether to burst into tears or strangle him with her own hair. Zander, you idiot, you should know never to confront someone alone about a huge game-changing crime they’ve committed. You’ll just wind up buried under the Forrester mansion ornamental garden bed, alongside Eric’s last few wives, the writers’ careers and the show’s credability.

    • “Strangle her with her own hair”. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Good line.
      Quinn has tried throwing her victims over a cliff and into the sea. Alas, Deacon showed up swathed in kelp.

  30. Well it surely can’t be long now before the truth comes out. Let’s hope Xander does the right thing. Lope will get pregnant after their farewell dinner, let’s hope all comes good before Liam marries, again, Steffy. Poor babies, so many naps and no play – its almost as if they are kept in a locked cellar or attic.

  31. Skeletor puts on the worst exhibition of crying when coughing up the secret. Xander’s eyes glaze over. Surely , he’ll shut up.

    Liam wants to bang Hope one more time , so he orders an Italian dinner.Let’s celebrate the end of our marriage. Now I notice Steffy’s hair, it is as thick as.

    Cute little Douglas is taken to Steffy’s creche for some playtime while Thomas sounds Steffy out about his plans for Hope. Kelly can already choose books for Thomas’s emotional pawn Douglas to read to her. This is sick stuff.

  32. Liam loves Hope so much….he’s going to end their marriage. The tears and flashbacks flow like an LA sewer.

    Thomas swears to Steffy that Hope’s the only woman he’s ever loved. Steffy’s got her baby monitor going to be sure Douglas doesn’t assault Kelly or Phoebeth. It’s so easy to hate Thomas.

  33. After much ado, Xander is filled in on the secret and he looks like a groundhog dazzled by car headlights. Curtain.How bad was the Xander/ Skeletor scene?

    Things are getting awfully sweet and gooey and Hope /Liam’s break up dinner. Not a dry eye in the house. Liam fails another acting assignment. You used to be my best friend in LA. Sniff. I wanted a family etc. Well Dr Hooks put pay to that.

    That freeloaders orgy at the Forrester Mansion must still be going.

    • “How bad was the Xander/ Skeletor scene?”

      It was like watching a high school drama production. Really, Xander was the best actor they picked that day? It’s like he’s a robot who’s still figuring out human emotions.

  34. Tonight, on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Incestuous”…

    We begin right where we left off, with Zander accidentally over-hearing Zoey admitting to the baby swap. Zoey immediately uses the revolver she keeps in her desk to silence Zander, and then drag his body into the alley behind Forrester Creations and leave it in a dumpster. No, that didn’t really happen, but it would’ve been vastly more interesting. With some frankly *stellar* acting from Zander (my gosh, man), Zoey confesses the whole thing to him. I was glad she told him the truth, because honestly, watching Zander try and put the pieces together on his own was painful. Thank goodness he’s pretty.

    Zoey: “Beth is being raised by a loving family. She’s with good people.” Good, Zoey? I mean, that’s debatable, really.

    Meanwhile, Liam and Hope share a final dinner (you know, before they hump like horny minks all night long, get divorced and then remarry again in six months time), while across town, Thomas brings his irritatingly-precocious child over to visit Steffy and the girls. Steffy reads him like a book but he admits that he still loves Hope and wants her back.

    How cool are children who are so well behaved that they can entertain themselves, off-camera, for hours without any adult supervision at all? By gosh, Douglas and Kelly were probably doing vodka shots and playing Texas Hold ‘Em while Thomas and Steffy went over the usual Forrester relationship drama.

  35. Thankyou, Sara, Dave and Windsong. In between eating French cakes, as Marie Antoinette advised, (how did I lose another almost 2 inches from my waist?), I am loving your updates, be they scandalously accurate or hilariously cheeky.

    CafΓ© crΓ¨me et une croissant pour petit dΓ©jeuner. β˜•

      • Last time we were here, I was trying to find the place where Quinn pushed Ivy in the Seine and Liam pulled her out. The latter makes no sense (as if the first part does) because there are no shore lines, just stone banks.
        But I think Rick is staying in an apartment nearby. πŸ˜‚

        Where Liam saved Ivy.

  36. Three different conversations took up today’s show.

    You have the heart wrenching break up dinner of Liam and Hope….it goes on and on. Flashbacks to better times. They kiss but Hope is like a dead fish in Liam’s arms. She’ll always be thinking of him, though. No break up saxaphone. Liam can crash at Wyatt’s ….

    Then there is Skeletor still whimpering what a great future Phoebeth will have with Steffy while Zander tries to talk some reality to her. Actor’s hint to Zander, try not to smile too much whilst talking about dead and stolen babies. Lucky there’s not a groundhog eavesdropping on this at the door.

    Thomas is hanging around like a fart in a telephone box at Steffy’s , revelling that Liam is probably going to crash at Steffy’s (Hope already organised that). Steffy has some flashbacks of her own to halcyon days with Liam.

    Only Steffy acted well. It was an awful half hour. Flo and Wyatt are probably still at it on Eric’s piano.

    • Yeah, there really are some episodes you can easily skip, because absolutely nothing happens. Hope says goodbye to Liam (all the while having flashbacks to all the times she’d married him), and gives him back her wedding ring. My gosh, the rock on that ring could’ve sunk the Titanic. Meanwhile, Thomas continues trying to push Steffy towards the newly-single Liam, but I liked Steffy’s increasing frustration (“Will you all just let Liam and I sort out our own love-lives?!?”). Steffy was also having flashbacks to all the times she’d married Liam, so I guess a divorce just makes everyone sentimental.

      Meanwhile, Zoey is still trying to explain the baby swap situation to Zander (Zoey, have you tried talking really slowly? Maybe a powerpoint presentation, or, even, a puppet show?), while Zander tries his best to emote properly (he’s on about 50/50, at the moment, so I mean, that’s a win, really).

    • No one ever makes a CLEAN break in this show. They always leave with an, “I’ll always love you”. Well maybe not when Quinn threw Deacon over the cliff.

      Hope is always dead fish. Zoe must be on hallucinogenic drugs if she believes that excuse for not coming clean.

      I look forward to Eric wondering why his piano needs tuning. Franga caught in the high notes. πŸ˜‚

  37. Sorry Daisy, I missed it today! I let you down :(. I was doing this high ropes adventure course with some of my friends all day (so I was bouncing around the tree tops of a mountain rainforest like an elvish ninja. It was so much fun, I loved it), and I only just got home.

  38. It was another day of Groundhogs.

    Hoarse Poppa Ridge is visiting Steffy and playing with the one of the babies. He’s onside for Liam’s return and this starts him getting into a blue with Brooke, who’s desperate to save Liam/ Hope’s wrecked, dead marriage.

    Wyatt and Flo are still at Eric’s and amazingly,with clothes on but Wyatt’s hot for more.. Quinn’s extended the holiday so more whoopee saxaphone is on the way. Flo says that on holiday Eric and Quinn have a butler each and a private chef and though she feels bad about the secret , luxury a la Forrester means she won’t be blabbing soon. Let’s bludge off Eric and Quinn time. Flo even goes to visit Hope and says nothing. Calling Shauna. Where are you? In an LA crack den?

    Ridge and Brooke are arguing and meddling again. Nothing new to see here. Brooke has a killer blouse for the occasion.

    No one’s actually running Forrester Creations at the moment. They’re ripe for a takeover raid.

    • Great recap, Dave. Merci beaucoup. Say it with an Aussie accent. It’s funnier like that. While you guys are kicking back, I was sitting in a cafΓ© getting emphysema from second hand smoke while Woolif enjoyed his beer. It was the price I paid for going out and buying a nice jumper. Not Forrester creations. They fumΓ© so much here.
      Windsong, glad you had a day of boot camp. πŸ€Ύβ€β™‚οΈ

      • Was it boot camp if I was volunteering to do more of it? πŸ™‚ The course had short-cuts, or you could do the longer and more difficult sections, and I did one of those, and I was so proud of myself for actually making it through to the end.

        Every part of me hurts, this morning, but I’m still proud of myself for doing it πŸ™‚ . Quiet day in today, I think.

  39. So, now that Zander is in on the baby-swap secret, we’ve swapped Flo threatening to reveal the baby-swap 500 times a day, to Zander threatening to reveal the baby-swap 500 times a day. There was a hilarious moment where Pam charges into the room and asks Zoey to, y’know, do her job. But Pam *didn’t* overhear anything about Phoebeth. What are the odds? Meanwhile, Flo’s wearing a jump-suit that escaped from the 70s, and Zander’s acting is just terrible, isn’t it? Like, not even mediocre, but just, really bafflingly terrible.

    It was funny listening to Flo complain, “If they learn the truth, I’ll lose my new family!” Your extraordinarily wealthy and impossibly generous family, right Flo?

    Meanwhile, Carter the attorney takes annulment papers from Hope to Liam (who’s chilling with Wyatt over at Steffy’s place). So this guy is the official Forrester family lawyer? So every time someone needs a celebrant for a marriage, or a marriage annulled or dissolved, this is the guy they have on retainer? Good lord. Carter must be the richest person in the *world*. Like, we’re talking Bill Gates level of cash. He could probably buy Forrester Creations a dozen times over. Think of all those lemon bars…

    Hope: “When you get married, you think it’s going to last, you think it’s going to be forever!”

    Um, Hope sweety, have you actually been watching this show?

    • They still wearing those too fitting tennis tunics? They look weird on adult women who aren’t facing down Serena Williams. Come to think it…they look weird on her too. If it’s the teeny tiny hot pant jump suit, I have to correct you there Windy. It’s the late 60s and I wore a fire engine red with a pink ribbed waist length top. I also had a stretchy yellow one that I wore with a tortuoise shell hoop chain belt and Roman sandals. Who didn’t in the swinging sixties. Wet look boots. Twiggy eye-lashes. Mmmm.
      OK back to….
      I don’t know any families as rich as the Forresters, but I wonder if it’s customary to bring every poor relative into the fold. I think you just have the poor cousins and the rich cousins. We used to get a bag of cool clothes from our rich ones, and a bag of not so cool, slim pickings from our poor ones. No hotpants.

  40. Thomas had to butt in to Carter and Hope’s meeting and make sure there’s a swift passage to his selfish plan. Thomas is full of groundhog shit, so easy to hate.

    It’s just too bad no screenshot to celebrate Liam’s wimped out bewilderment when Carter hands him the divorce papers. This is after shagged out Wyatt blew smoke up his arse with beer about fighting for his marriage to St. Hope.

    Zander gives a full blown recapitulation of the whole secret process but because he loves Skeletor, odds on he’ll chicken out on spilling. Pam must be as deaf as a post not to hear the secret.

    • Yes, Pam needs a hearing test. And where is, ‘lipstick on the tissue’ security guard, Charlie. Useless.

      Has everyone at Forresters, including Thomas forgotten how he raped a zonked out Carolyn, who was his dad’s ‘wife’? He says that he has “always loved Hope”, but that can’t have been when he was besotted with Carolyn, or showing up shirtless in the kitchen at midnight to make a sandwich with cousin Ivy.
      Still, the B&B girls aren’t spoilt for choice, are they.
      Zander needs to testicle up.Or he could at least slip a letter in Hope’s letterbox. “Get Phoebeth’s dna checked”.

      • “Zander needs to testicle up.”

        That’s at least another two months of acting classes. I’m not sure we’re ready for that.

  41. The doors are never completely closed so soon there will be another eavesdropper. So many people know so it’s no longer a secret. I could hit Hope for being such a sook and isnt Carter handsome with that beard -:wish he could find someone.
    Have you seen Lizzie in Paris, Daisy? She’s probably in senior classes at the Sorbonne by now.

  42. Carter walks in on Flo, Zander and Skeletor once again jabbering about the secret. He’s suspicious but moves on , because he has to get Liam and Hope sign the annulment papers. Appalling acting from all concerned.

    Liam and Hope declare love for each other. Thomas , the cockroach is hiding at the top of the stairs, listening to the whole shebang..

    At the last minute , Zander busts in the door and starts ranting at them that they can’t sign the papers. What drama.

    • Oooooooo. So did The Cockroach (funny that word has cock and roach. Shrugs) hear about the baby too. It can’t be long now, surely.
      I doubt old Honey Bear will tell Shauna the Sheep and I’m About to Vomit Flo move out.

      • The meddling cockroach/ Thomas doesn’t know yet, (nor do Hope, Liam and Carter) but just before curtain scene stealing clown like Zander jumps into the room yelling don’t sign. Just after the soon to be divorcees say they love each other so much , let’s trash our marriage.

        Thomas will look like he’s been hit with a tonne of Mortein when he sees his plan go arse up.

        Half a groundhog is better than none. Zander and Skeletor were appalling. Liam stole the show with his emoting at looking at the papers. Who knows when and where it will all end.

  43. I recorded yesterday’s episode and watched it today while I was having lunch.

    Zander’s over-acting is really something to behold, isn’t it? It’s like his facial expressions are moving independently to the rest of him, like his face is trying to escape the rest of his body. He tried to talk some sense into Flo, and just when that seemed to work, Zoey showed up and shot that down right-smart.

    Liam confronts Thomas at Steffy’s place. Liam seems to have found a functioning pair of testicles (about five years too late) and, strapping them on, tells Thomas exactly what he thinks of him. It’s an impressive speech, and for thirty seconds, you can almost forget what a bland weiner Liam tends to be.

    But that leads to a moment of unintentional comedy, when both Thomas and Liam show up (to greet Hope at Brooke and Ridge’s house) within thirty seconds of each other. They must’ve both left Steffy’s place at the same time. Did they carpool? Did Thomas hop out of the car first, to come inside and talk to Hope, while Liam was parking in the driveway? Can you imagine those two sharing a ride? Imagine the horror at just picking which radio station to listen to.

    Anyway, right when Liam and Hope are about to sign their annulment papers, Zander kicks down the door (okay, he just politely opened it, but it sounds better that way) and tells them that they can’t sign those papers! They just can’t! Oh my gosh, Zander. Overhearing people confessing to serious crimes and then confronting them about it, alone? Showing up to thwart Thomas’s evil plan (while he’s listening on the upstairs balcony)? You are approaching “too dumb to live” territory. If Zander ever found himself on a mystery show or procedurial crime movie, he would be the very first victim of the criminal mastermind, I mean, damn man. Watch some TV occasionally.

  44. Thanks Windsong. I read it aloud to Woolif while he drives across the French countryside.
    Yes, Woolif and ZI sometimes have the same problem as Thomas and Liam.
    I am guessing Liam’s a kind of Glen Campbell and Thomas is more Don MaClean. We are mutually appreciating Gilberto atm.
    Let’s hope that over the weekend, Zander practices the scene where he spills the beans.

    • I imagine Thomas is either going to shoot Zander, or he’s going to crash-tackle him off-camera. And then they have a wild brawl on Ridge and Brooke’s front lawn, wrestling around together on the grass. Maybe they start ripping their clothes off, and then the lawn sprinkler starts and … and … sorry, what were we talking about? I lost my train of thought, there.

      • Have you seen Carter at the gym yet. He is buff. Not my type. I’m a 70s girl. I prefer my men lean. Scrawny even.

        • The handsome attorney?

          I don’t mind muscles. But I don’t mind lean guys either. A runner or swimmer physique is nice.

          But, see, I’m quite skinny, so I’m hardly in a position to be choosy :).

  45. I have to say, Sara, Dave, Windsong…..(it might be the cappuccino speaking, and the Colmar sunshine…or my painkillers) but I really like you guys.
    If that was wonky typing, I can’t see my screen with the sun on it

  46. Oh my fricking gosh.

    Two words, Zander, you useless pretty boy. Two words is all he had to say. “Beth’s alive!” That’s it! But he waffled on long enough to let Thomas lure him outside, and then threaten to fire him if he did anything that stopped Hope and Liam from separating (and thus leaving Hope vulnerable to a corporate takeover from the evil Thomas). Threatened into submission, Zander drove away with his tail between his legs, while — for some reason– Hope and Liam thought nothing was strange about any of that, at all.

    Unfortunately, Zander let slip that Flo had something to do with the secret, so Thomas tracked Flo down and confronted her. He could’ve at least taken his shirt off. If you’re going to be an evil master-mind, Thomas, at least give us something nice to look at. Anyway, the final exchange of the episode had Thomas shouting at Flo, “Tell me!” and Flo tearfully confessing, “Beth’s alive!”

    Because revealing such critical information to a colossal a-hole like Thomas won’t cause huge problems at all. Meanwhile, that’s 6 people who know. It’s not a secret anymore, guys. You might as well just put an ad in the LA paper.

    • Hope broke down and bawled when Liam left after his plaintive ” derr…I guess Xander’s not coming back”. No he’s just had Forrester rank pulled on him by his boss cockroach, Thomas. I guess we’re all calling him “Zander” when the subtitles call him “Xander”. It don’t matter ,he really ought to be called “Blander” with his no one’s home smile during the whole drama.

      Thanks Windsong. I got a phone call for first ten minutes (hate that), how did the cockroach get from upstairs to hanging outside the door for Zander.?

      • “…how did the cockroach get from upstairs to hanging outside the door for Zander?”

        They didn’t tell you. He was upstairs listening, and then suddenly, he’s outside and he sets off Blander (love that)’s car alarm, and then threatens him. So either Thomas has a secret exit from his room (all evil villain lairs have one of those), or he can fly. It was awfully contrived.

        • I think Blander and Zoe must have been moved in to replace Nicole and Zende. You couldn’t find two more wooden …shall I say actors? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ No, I probably shouldn’t.

    • There are a few problems I have; beside Thomas and Xander not doing the scene nude for Windsong.
      1. Why wouldn’t Xander, when threatened by Evil Thomas, not realize immediately that his job would be more under threat when the secret reaches saturation point and 10 people are in the head office, discussing it over lemon bars.
      2. If Flo blabs to Evil Thomas, wouldn’t the smart thing be to go and come clean to Hopeless.
      I had more but have forgotten what they were.

      • Flo has in fact today blabbed to Thomas under some pressure and she said the magic words, “Beth’s alive”. Thomas will shut up, too, it’s not in his interests the secret (that everyone knows) “gets out”

        It’s still a Groundhog Day till Liam and Hope are in the picture.

        Zander doesn’t look smart enough to get a driver’s licence.

        • I’m just going to say, thank goodness Blander is pretty, because he really doesn’t have much else going for him, does he?

  47. Evil Thomas, and still the story is not out. I think it will go on for a while yet but rest assured that Thomas is up to no good. 6 people knowing – that’s no secret anymore. Where’s Charlie, surely he would ne able to solve this issue, with Pam s help. The yanks are more frustrated about the story line than us.

  48. The Yanks are probably more pissed off because they don’t realize that it’s very clever satire. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    You are all doing such a great job of helping me to visualize it all.
    How ridiculous that so many people know, but none of the main players; Hope, Diddums and Stephie.

  49. Oh dear. Flo’s made it into the opening credits. She’ll be married to Eric before you know it.

    Hope and Brooke spend the episode going on about yesterday’s annulment, and wondering what was the deal with Blander interrupting them. I mean, you both know where he works, you could easily just go and ask him? Idiots.

    Blander, meanwhile, shows impressive smarts when he realises that Thomas set off his car alarm, purely to get him outside and scare him off. I’ve been meaning to ask this for a few days. What is Zoey wearing? You have to see it to believe it, Daisy. The right half of her outfit is a safari pant-suit, while the left half of her outfit is a lovely summer dress … but it’s the same piece of clothing.

    In the Forrester family mansion, Flo comes clean to Thomas and explains what happened in the Catalina clinic, and now Steffy is raising baby Beth. Thomas’s righteous indignation seems kind of hollow. Yes, he’s outraged that Doctor Hooks and Flo lied to Hope and stole her baby … but he’s spent the last month of his life manipulating about a dozen people just to get into Hope’s pants. So, way to take the high ground, buddy.

    • Thomas seemed pissed off that someone could be more of a reptile than he is.

      Blander says he loves Skeletor, in spite of the “despicable” secret.

  50. Great reviews. Just picture this….. Woolif being read it aloud in a cafΓ©. He likes his morning hit of coffee and B&B. We both do

    Windsong, I have Zoe’s drants in my mind’s eye. You did a good description. Dave, love the comment about Evil Tommy.

  51. So close, but still.no nearer. So many people know, who’s next to be at an open door! How, when so many people know, has the news not reached Hope. And Flo has been wearing the same outfit for days. What will evil Thomas do with the news, thrown his plans for Hope into disarray I’d say.

    • “So many people know, who’s next to be at an open door!”

      I know, right? Why is it that *now*, suddenly, nobody in LA is eavesdropping through partly-open doors? I mean, damn, Bill has an entire covert surveillance truck at his disposal.

  52. It’s funny that all of the people who know the ‘sectet,’ are family sort of…..wel except Skelly and Blander. If that was my family, depending on the secret, it would take 3 people.

  53. This was another nothing episode.There’s one every week. The only vaguely-interesting moment was Thomas staying slimy as ever, realising that if he tells Hope the truth that her baby is still alive, she’ll love him forever. Man, Thomas. Even when you do something right, it’s for the wrong reasons.

    Flo also shows a surprising moment of smarts when she realises that Thomas probably won’t reveal the existence of Beth, because that would put Liam and Hope back together and jeopardise Thomas’s chances with Hope.

    Alas, it doesn’t stick. Thomas ends the episode by heading over to Steffy’s house and preparing to come clean about everything … and roll credits. To be continued.


    • Wasn’t it though? It’s like, 3 minutes of actual plot-relevant developments, stretched out over 20 minutes of episode time. Damn, people.

  54. Looks like Liam is about to move into Steffy’s soon, too.

    The secret will be on the front page of the LA Times before any more Forresters or Logans hear about it. Every intern at FC will be in the loop first..How many times will the whole sordid affair in Catalina be recapped for Brooke, Donna, Pam, Eric , Quinn, Shauna, Wyatt, Bill, Carter , Taylor, Sally Spectra and so on? One of them will find out every week until critical mass is reached. The straw that broke the Groundhog’s back.

    Remember, no one must know about this.

    • Well we could put bets on how many people know before Hope does. And who will know first Hope or Liam? My guess Steffy will know before Hope and Liam. Then will come the anguish and moral dilemma.

      • Liam’s currently in the next room, as Thomas prepares to tell Steffy. So either Liam overhears the story … or Liam emerges from the room, which freaks Thomas out so he doesn’t tell Steffy the story, and that’s where they leave.

        That would be super-frustrating.

  55. Thomas, talking to Steffy — “Phoebe is actually…”

    Which is the second that Liam walks into the room, interrupting him.

    I just about threw my television out the window.

    You can guess how the rest of the episode went. My gosh, this show frustrates me.

    • I came here now here to say I nearly threw a brick through the tv.

      At the second ad break. It’s gonna be a groundhog thanks to Liam and those brats interfering with Thomas about to spit.

      Another awful episode unfurling itself.

  56. Thomas smiled for the first time on this show. He bought into the cuteness of Steffy and Liam cooing over the two brats. The groundhog has left the building….to have cocktails with Dr Hooks.

  57. πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    It’s not painless for me. You viewers are bearing the nails of the cross for me, and making it funny.
    It’s like a overly overdue birth. Time for the contractions to bring forth.

    • I can just imagine, for the next 20 episodes, every single relative in the entire Logan/Forrester/Spencer extended clan drops around to Steffy’s house, walking in the door at the exact second that Thomas begins a sentence with, “Phoebe is…”

      And then Pam shows up to offer somebody a lemon bar.

      • ” Beth is al…..(curtain)” for the next twenty episodes.

        “Thomas, what are you trying to say?”

        “Phoebe is H….(curtain)”

        “There was no stilllb…( curtain)”

        “Dr Buckingham switch…..(curtain)”

        “Phoebe’s mother is really H (curtain)”

        ” Hope had a health….((curtain)”

        “That night in Catalina….(curtain)”

        “Beth didn’t d…..(curtain)”

        “There was no placental abrup…..(curtain)”

        “Phoebe and Beth are the same per…..(curtain)”

        ” Liam is Phoebe’s fath….(curtain)”

  58. The week in LA ends as awfully as it began.

    Thomas sees Liam and Steffy playing mothers and fathers with the girls, and wusses out. Despite the fact that he completely freaked Steffy out before with his alleged huge news, she just lets him leave, and doesn’t think twice about it. Meanwhile, how rude are Liam and Steffy? Yes, your babies are cute, but you have a guest. Damn.

    Back at the Forrester mansion, Wyatt interrupts the shared freak-out session, but doesn’t hear anything useful, and asks Flo what the deal was as Blander and Zoey beat a hasty retreat.

    In the cabin, Douglas continues to be even more irritating than his father. I know this is mean, but I cannot stand that kid. Anyway, Thomas shows up, Hope hints that maybe she has feelings for him, and he says he’ll do anything to her, I mean, for her.

    Gosh, I’m so glad I sat through a week of that crap, with absolutely zero resolution.

  59. Thanks for bearing with it everyone and keeping us up to date. Sooner or later Hope, Liam or Steffy….or what about Snooping Katy, or Nosy Brook…..sooner or later someone will have to ask, “WTF is going on?”

    • You’d think so, but these people are all a bit … well, slow on the up-take, really, so I wouldn’t count on it :).

      Happy to recap, though, like, I was just venting. Soap operas are very frustrating sometimes! I’m sure Dave will agree with me on that one :).

      • Mercifully, I saw only the last ten minutes. I must have been insane to think that when Thomas said “Hope , there’s something you need to know”, he was gonna spill the “secret”.

        We have the weekend to get over the appalling disappointment this week was. I need to go to Il Giardino’s and get drunk.

  60. Aaaah the balm of watching B&B through the sieve of your humour.
    It’s our morning read. We look forward to it.

    I can’t wait until one of the big snoops….or even, let’s say security (no Charlie, not Pam) are on the trail.

    • Given that Liam and Hope only got annulled, like, this same day, a short time ago … they’ve all made multiple trips between Forrester Creations, Steffy’s house, Eric’s mansion and Ridge/Brooke/Hope’s place. Thomas stopped in for an hour to hang out with Steffy and the babies (but still had time to dash all over Los Angeles, returning home from work, thwarting Blander, threatening Flo, visiting Steffy and then summoning them all to work), but it still seems to be working hours over at Forrester Creations.

      This must be one of the longest days in history.

      And my gosh, I’m still hating Zoey’s outfit.

      • And they all teleport because they switch houses in seconds.
        Their clothes are wrinkled, and no one ever says, “I’ m just going to use the “can” … or toilet.

    • It’s atrocious standards for “fashion designers” wearing the same threads every day. All that sweat from work …

  61. So, after today’s episode, who would ever have guessed that — between all the marriages and affairs and pregnancies and babyswapping — that Thomas was actually spawn of a demon?

    He returns to Forrester Creations (do none of these people ever do any work?), threatens Zoey, Flo and Blander into keeping quiet about Phoebeth, and then launches into a villainous rant about how he’s the firstborn son and Forrester Creations will soon belong to him! It all got very Game of Thrones, which I wasn’t expecting at all.

    Bonus points to Blander for finding a pair of testicles and standing up to Thomas, at least, for a minute or two.

    Meanwhile, Liam and Steffy have the sleepiest babies in the world, while Ridge? Ridge deserves a medal for patience and suffering. Not because he obviously gargles with a mix of gravel and cement, but for putting up with Brooke for so long. Brooke spends the entire episode whining about her daughter’s marriage, like it’s really any of her business. Now, sure, Thomas is pure evil, so she’s right to be concerned, but the point stands.

    Funniest moment of the episode was Thomas evilly deleting a photo on Hope’s phone of baby Phoebeth, accompanied by a “Psycho”-esque screeching sound track. My gosh, subtlety is not what this show is good at, is it?

    • Oh, and it turns out that Thomas might actually be obsessed with Hope.

      What the hell is it with Forrester boys and Logan girls? Like, what the hell is with this family?

      • Thanks , Windsong. I had a visitor and could only half watch with captions.

        The “Psychoesque soundtrack” you refer to must be the trumpeted ( SINISTER MUSIC) caption I saw while Thomas was laying down his demonic law, meaning a whole load of groundhogs is going to be unleashed again. I saw him delete the photo. Forgery and fraud are Thomas’s passion. A gorilla could see Thomas is sinister.I missed the firstborn rant. An ajar door, a mobile phone, that’s all it takes to thicken the non plot on this show.

        It’s a thriving international fashion powerhouse , FC, but it’s employees like Hope just leave their phones lying around for cockroaches like Thomas to pick up. It was Game Of Phones, folks.

        Hope starts turning over her cherished photos of her and Liam. It’s time to move on to the next disaster.

  62. Ha ha ha ha..
    It would be good for Thomas to hit rock bottom, but he always seems to find a ledge and crawl his way back. Forrester’s always choose Stephie over Evil Thomas.

  63. Steffy’s babies never need a nappy/diaper change. They must literally be full of shit. Liam’s settled in quickly. living on pureed vegan fare. Poppa Bill has come to visit, with crumbling Katie in tow.. Incest City. You’d need a chain saw to cut through the tension in the room.

    • I know. Baby girls notwithstanding, it was like, okay, who in Steffy’s lounge-room hasn’t slept with, dated and/or married every other person in that room?

  64. Back fro the first ad break….Bill, after being offered breakfast , instead launches into a nauseating sermon about …family. He’s sorry for screwing Steffy and destroying her marriage and his own etc etc . It’s working on Liam.

    Zander and Zoe have had make up sex , but he still wants to blurt the secret.

    Brooke is interfering with Hope’s life again. Not much work is being done at FC today. Ridge is yapping with Thomas. Ad break.

  65. Liam’s freaking out about being around Bill so he escapes to the pantry to chop some veggies and Katie follows him, leaving Steffy and Bill alone.

    Emma’s back, she overhears Zander and Skeletor , discussing what else but the secret. Emma smells a rat but doesn’t catch on. More interfering input from Brooke and Ridge to Hope and Thomas respectively. Ad break.

    Liam is almost crawling up Bill’s arse with gratitude for the visit. What a fool. Brooke spells it out to Hope that Thomas is crazy….well;; “not the most stable member of the family”. Hell, I wonder who that could ever be?

  66. Thomas has a foggy, disturbing fantasy scene about banging Hope. In which she dreamily declares her love for him. he wastes no time throwing her on the bed.

    In reality, Hope’s actually by herself on a sofa , lamenting the lost photo of Phoebeth (that Thomas sneakily deleted from her phone) Thomas looks from his window to Hope’s house, drooling that it won’t be long now. Brooke stopped short of saying he is an obsessive, crazed stalker. Curtain.

    • Wasn’t that fantasy sequence just weird? He proposes to her, she declares her undying love for him, and then he throws her down onto the sofa. I mean, that got x-rated really quickly.

      I liked that it was a new day, so finally, the cast all got to change clothes. I still think Blander and Zoey actually live in the Forrester Creations factory, there. We only ever see them making out, or mid-making out, or taking a break from making out to angst about evil Thomas and baby Phoebeth.

      I laughed when Brooke said that she didn’t blame Douglas for anything … really Brooke? That kid is irritating as hell.

  67. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thanks Dave. It’s been/is our week daily ritual. Cappuccino, croissant and Forrester creations. A great way to start the day.

    The French day begins at 10.00 am so no use heading out before that, unless it’s to photograph things without tourists.
    BTW, bad croissant this morning. Yesterday’s I suspect. The birds don’t mind.

    Back to Forrester’s; you are recreating the suspense. The think it will be by Friday for the cliff hanger.
    Meanwhile the soaps here look worse than Neighbours or Forrester’s. They love their ham.

    • Remember Bachelor Tim ? He was on Neighbours this afternoon. Complete ham. Embarrassing.

  68. Ridge and Brooke have a passionate kiss at “work” and then go back to fighting about Thomas and Hope. He has beer , she water.

    Wyatt thinks it’s a good idea to take Flo to visit Steffy and Liam. Steffy’s barely covered, Liam must be starting to get horny.

    Evil Thomas calls Hope on the pretext of doing some work. He’s designed a truly putrid dress and he wants to get his jollies seeing Hope wearing it. She looks like a lampshade. This is almost a replay of yesterday’s fantasy scene , except this is real. Thomas goes in for the kiss but Hope cock blocks him and plays the cold fish. She knows Thomas is hiding something from her ( oh yes, the secret) but he won’t spit , clenches his chiselled jaw and the curtain closes. Happy Groundhog Day. Waiting for Eric and Quinn to get back to their trashed orgy mansion.

    • “Waiting for Eric and Quinn to get back to their trashed orgy mansion.”

      By this point, you’d think that half a dozen squatters would’ve moved in, in the meantime.

  69. Loving every minute of your Groundhog, which is appropriate because I think it’s also on most of the menus here.
    Thomas; “Bwah aah aah”
    The trashed playboy mansion (has Wipes got Flo to wear a Bunny outfit?).
    Steffy, wearing a Bunny outfit?)
    Brooke realising her eyes have been looking bleary and sticking to water. Ridge, sadly with stage 1 emphysema, but enough breath to go for it with Brooke.Thamkyou.
    Now I will watch Woolif eat his Kugelsnappsen- I love German πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    • Steffy had a bikini on under a fairly flimsy something or other over the top but more than enough skin and side boob on offer for Liam to forget about Hope for the future. Of course, Phoebeth wakes up while Flo is there, so she gets brought out to her ha ha “birth mother” to observe. They check if phony Flo is up to coping with seeing “her” child. Rubbing the viewers’ noses in it. Groundhogs all week, I predict.

      • That’s a tasty morsel. Flo, holding her baby. Have they seen her in a bikini? Her post baby body is a miracle, and she hasn’t even used the Forrester gym yet.

  70. Eric’s Love Shack can take it. It’s seen more than it’s share o baref bums on the piano.
    But why and where would Shauna disappear? Certainly not visiting Charlie Sheen. Hah! They should give him a role. He could play a sex obsessed member of the family. Tongue Im cheeken.😁

  71. Skeletor and Zander bust in on Thomas trying to kiss Hope, wearing the hideous design. Thomas gets aggressive quickly to Zander , who’s dropping hints about Phoebeth that all us viewers have been in on for months.

    Wyatt and Flo are still at Steffy’s . Flo tears up. Ad break

    Liam promises to “raise Phoebe like she’s my own daughter”. Ouch. Wyatt and Flo head for the beach. Emma has a fantasy scene about starring in a FC fashion show. Ad break no 2. I hear a groundhog a knockin’

    • Did Emma’s fantasy include that she lost 10 or 15 kgs and was tall and pretty? 😁😁😁

      • More like that people like Justin were in the audience, going nuts for her. The glitz glamour of a FC fashion show, you know how it is. Loud, awful music and gaudy outfits. You are truly blessed not to see the dress sicko Thomas “designed” for Hope.

        Some of my comments have disappeared quicker than a baby on Catalina today. Stuff about Wyatt, Thomas’s and Flo orange tans. Wyatt in particular is blotchy.

        • Thanks, Dave. I can see and hear it. Paparazzi going off. And the smug, satisfied little EmmaI am now going to create Thomas’s psycho love dress in my mind. It might have a sequinned T on the crotch.
          Na, Hope would never go for sequins.

  72. Wow, there was a lot to unpack, today.

    I’m sorry guys. I feel like I’m betraying the group, but I’m really starting to grow fond of Xander (yep, real name. He’s earned it). The episode begins with Xander and Zoey looking for a new make-out corner in the Forrester factory, and they stumble into the main office to greet Thomas and Hope (who’s still wearing that hideous silver thing that Thomas designed for her). Without skipping a beat, Xander asks Hope, “You have seen baby Phoebe lately?” and a second later, makes another crack about Thomas always getting what he wants, while Thomas is right in front of him, and Hope is standing three feet away. Thomas actually looks like he’s considering leaping across the room and strangling Xander on the spot. Oh, sure, Xander has the smarts of drift-wood (paticularly as he gleefully pokes an unhinged nutjob), but he’s got more balls at the moment than the rest of the cast put together. Bless you, son.

    Over at the beach-house, Wyatt and Flo leave, after catching up with Steffy and Liam. Flo is allowed to come and visit Phoebe whenever she wants, but Wyatt is outraged that he always needs to ask first.

    Steffy: “It’s so crazy how Flo is a Logan.”

    Contrived, Steffy. The word is contrived.

    Back at the Forrester mansion, Wyatt notices that Flo is still visibly upset from the visit with baby Phoebe, but Flo quickly distracts him with sex. They’ve banged in every room in the mansion by now, haven’t they? Lord, I hope Eric and Quinn disinfect the entire second floor of the building whenever they get home. Having said that, I do tend to like Wyatt (even if he needs to spend some more time on the tread-mill). He’s the one reasonably-sane person in this entire clan of weirdos.

    Where is Shauna in all this? That’s one epic pub crawl. She’s been cruising for available and lonely millionaires for the last month or so.

    Back at Forrester Creations, the episode ends with Thomas landing an unexpected (and uninvited) kiss on Hope. Gosh, the Forrester Creations workplace health and safety policies on sexual harrassment between employees would be HILARIOUS, wouldn’t they? Seriously, Thomas, if you have to put this much effort into convincing a girl just to stay in the same room as you? Let her go, son. She’s not interested. Hope rebuffs him by telling him, “I’m still raw from my marriage ending.” Yesterday, Thomas. That happened, literally, yesterday.

    Oh, and finally, an eavesdropper learns something useful. The very final scene has Xander and Zoey rehashing the whole baby swap storyline for the gazillionth time, but Emma (is that her name? The girl who catalogues dresses, runs errands, in fact, she’s probably running the entirety of Forrester Creations while everybody else is dealing with this week’s relationship dramas) was cataloguing dresses, and overhears the whole thing. She confronts Xander about it, and he admits the truth.

    That’s 7 people, guys. At this point, I’m expecting it to be in the next Forrester Creations company memo.

    Phew. That was eventful.

    • Oh. I’m waiting for Emma to overhear. Well written. The sex at Eric’s lust shack is just starting. Zander uses the f word plenty of times~ “family”

      Emma overhears Zander/ Skeletor discussing the switcheroo. She’s puuzled as the sledgehammer drops .Ad

  73. It’s not over until the fat groundhog gets up and sings.

    Creepy Thomas tries to molest Hope. His obsession is overtaking him. Hope changed out of that awful dress asap.

    Tonight it was “Hope’s baby is still alive” Everyone in LA knows about it. It’s not done yet.

  74. Thankyou. My coffee was crap this morning, a cup of cream, and we had to share the last croissant but the news from Forrester was juicy.
    I think the truth is now dangling by a thread of Forrester cotton. I hope that Emma uses the truth to blackmail someone because I would prefer the honour of exploding the family to Pammy. This might be another Groundhog week.
    BTW Dave or Windsong, whoever wants this case busted wide open, you can email July to Juz for a new thread. Again, thanks and thanks for the heat breakfast read. And fyi, I gave my cup of cream to Woolif.

    • Well, at least you’re not like Shauna, lying unconscious in a ditch somewhere, sleeping off an epic hangover, only to eventually wake and wonder, “What month is it? And how many children has my daughter sold to strangers this time?”

      • You don’t know that.

        Well truth be told, while Strasbourg rages outside our window until midnight or so, Woolif and I are in our comfy pjs and watching French telly by 10.00 …and that is late for Woolif.

  75. Zander and Skeletor rehash the whole switcheroo for Emma’s benefit Again. Again. Water torture has nothing on this show.
    “Beth is alive!” Everyone in LA knows , except for Liam and Steffy.
    Brooke tries telling Thomas to back off his stalking of Hope.. He’s “inspired” , designing another awful dress for Hope.
    Hope rocks up at Steffy’s unannounced. Ad break.

  76. Steffy keeps saying “Auntie Hope”. We know better.

    Emma slams Zander for being a pussy and keeping the secret. This is an appalling scene, acting wise.

    Brooke gets nowhere with crazy Thomas. He is on a mission of delusion,especially with his designs..
    The ads are coming thick and fast now.

    Just in case we missed it, Emma reminds us that “baby Beth is still alive !”

    Thomas has a fantasy again. Guess who it was about?

  77. Okay, quick question for the uninitiated. Who the hell is this Emma person? And why is she such a terrible actress? And that’s saying something, given she’s sharing scenes with Xander and Zoey (neither of whom is likely to win any awards, any time soon), but the point still stands. For that matter, what kind of company is Forrester Creations when even the low-level minimum-wage work-experience kids know intimate details about all the personal crises of the current owners and their extended family? Geez.

    Athough it did get kind of funny, when it seemed like her reaction was, “How long have you known?” like it was a trivial piece of gossip. Or else, she was about to accuse them of telling everyone in LA except for her. Well, actually, Emma, now that you mention it …

    Meanwhile, Thomas is having more x-rated day-dreams about Hope. He gets interrupted when Emma shows up, demanding to talk to Hope about her baby. Thomas invites Emma unaccompanied into his office to talk about it. DO NONE OF THESE PEOPLE WATCH MURDER MYSTERIES?! It is literally a matter of time before Thomas starts killing people to keep it a secret.

    Over at the beach-house, Hope shows up to hang out with baby Phoebeth, and admit to Liam that she’s missing him. You only annulled your marriage, like, yesterday, Hope. It’s barely been 24 hours.

    At least the story’s getting shorter. Zoey and Xander were able to explain the whole story to Emma in one scene, as opposed to the entire episode it took to explain it to Xander and Thomas.

    • Emma was an intern at Forresters. She got promoted to a whatever. She used to have the hots for Zander, but Skeletor poached him.

  78. Thomas grabs Emma away from Pam before Pam can nosey too much.. Emma’s about to blab but of course, the cockroach starts monstering her to stay out of it. Emma’s aghast that Thomas is in on the secret, too.

    Hope and Liam haul over the coals of their love. Liam whines about Thomas. Hope’s doing it one groundhog day at a time , she says.

    Thomas yells at Emma that Hope will never know about Beth. Curtain.

    Sorry, daisy. It’s Groundhog Friday again. No cliffhanger.

    • But at least somebody else knows the secret! Some minor, nobody employee of Forrester Creations who nobody will miss when Thomas buries her under the ornamental shrub garden at Eric’s house.

      And Flo doesn’t notice what Thomas is doing because she and Wyatt are too busy having sex in each of the house’s 16 libraries, while Shauna has passed out in the downstairs lobby after drinking enough vodka to bring down an elephant.

  79. Baaaah! So near.

    Oh, and Windsong, you should have seen that little pokey (Emma) before when she was an intern, running the fashion shows. And even MODELLING!!! And they didn’t even mention X Large or Real Size.
    But my favourite is when the interns are hanging out in Eric’s office eating Chinese take away with their feet on Eric’s desk and slobbering chop suey all over the place. Who has to wipe the office table before Brooke and Ridge come in to make love?
    Everything goes on in Eric’s inner sanctum. (😁).

    • “Who has to wipe the office table before Brooke and Ridge come in to make love?”

      I’d rather that job, than wipe down the table *after* Brooke and Ridge have been in there.

      As for Eric’s inner sanctum, I’m choosing not to picture that πŸ˜€ .

      • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        Everyone has been in Eric’s inner sanctum. Even Cherrrleeee and Pam at the same time.

  80. Holy crap.

    The episode starts with Xander and Zoey angrily berating themselves for having a loud conversation about the babyswap, where it could be easily overheard by the snooping Emma. In fact, they spend the entire episode continuing to have a loud conversation about the babyswap, where it could be easily overheard. But wait for it.

    Thomas continues to threaten Emma, but is interrupted by Pam (asking for his input on some trivial staff party. My gosh Pam. Don’t eavesdrop or do anything at all useful, or anything), so Emma takes the chance to escape and rush out to her car. Thomas follows. But wait for it.

    Over at Ridge and Brooke’s house, Ridge shows how switched on he is by reassuring Hope that “Thomas is a decent guy.” Great parenting (and step-parenting, come to think of it), big guy. But wait for it.

    The episode ends with Emma driving furiously across LA towards Hope’s house, only she’s annoyed by a tail-gater … who runs her off the road! Her car crashes down an embankment, and Emma collapses against the steering wheel. The driver of the car who caused the accident gets out of his car, casually strolls to the embankment and peers down over, pleased with himself.

    It’s Thomas! You murdering bastard!

    I was just joking when I thought he’d kill somebody to keep the secret, I didn’t think he’d actually do it. Gasp!

  81. Thomas threatens Emma to keep her mouth shut, while Skeletor and Xander regret yapping and being overheard. Seven painful minutes to the first ad break.

      • There’s a car Chase before the next ad break. Thomas will probably try to cut Emma off or she’ll have a prang. We’ve literally been down this road before. I see hospitals and oxygen masks, amnesia…

        • Check out the special effects budget on that car chase, though. When Emma’s being tail-gated, it’s clear that neither car is even close to actually moving.

  82. Emma escapes from Thomas and bolts because Pam has come in to ask some silly question about cakes of Thomas.

    Skeletor and Zander keep talking about the secret, in spite of their regret.

    Ridge sees happiness in the future for Hope. Second ad break Groundhogs on the horizon. Thomas will catch Emma…she can’t run far, I imagine.

  83. Hope has the mother of all flashback scenes , wedding, u/sound, Catalina , you name it. Meantime, Emma decides it’s a good idea to text Hope while she’s driving. Thomas is supposed to be tailgating her, but like Windsong says the effects are cheap and nasty.

    Emma drives over a cliff and looks pretty stuffed with the car on it’s roof. The tailgating cockroach looks down on the wreck, clenching his chiselled jaw. He’s a “decent guy”~ for a cockroach.Emma’s alive, the she passes out. Shall I take a bow for guessing the car crash? It’s B&B 101. I’m still predicting the amnesia. Do we care if Emma’s dead or not? She’s the only one prepared to sing like canary about this barely watchable mess Dr Hooks created.

    A RJ and Coco drove and texted. Tday’s ep literally was a cliffhanger, daisy, but not what you pictured. I say Emma survives, albeit with amnesia. Beep. Zander will get her through it.

  84. Oh yeah, there’s bound to be amnesia.

    Who will actually be the eventual bean-spiller. If it comes from Emma, Zoe and Zander will be toast with Hope. But if course we know all is always forgiven at Forrester. Attempted murder has been forgiven, Quinn. Man slaughter, when Steffy killed Allie. Oh, and it was implied, or inferred, that Quinn killed the owner of that Hope diamond, that no one wears or mentions anymore. Then there was Wipes fake theft of the diamond. Oh there are too many.
    And Thomas will go free for attempted murder to. It would have been fun seeing him take his shirt off behind bars. And even Dr Baby Thief and Zoe will probably be at the next Thanksgiving dinner.

  85. Two loopholes through which you could drive your LA Maserati.
    Know it all in the cake department, Pam, would never ask Thomas for advice on cakes, or a cake menu.
    Someone by now would surely think, “Wait a minute. A baby has been stolen and the mother thinks she’s dead. Yeah, that’s something I definitely need to tell. No two ways about it” .

    • Pam was planning a baby shower for some slave in the FC “sewing room” and for some reason wanted Thomas’s input on the icing, and Emma moved as fast as she could. She must have got in her car and was having ,you guessed it “Beth is alive ” echoes and flashbacks while SMS ing Hope. In a way , it was merciful that the car crashed. Thomas did his best Clint Eastwood impression looking down at the wreck. He won’t be calling 911 anytime soon. The moral is don’t text and drive. Won’t cctv bust the tailgating roach?

      Only Zander and Emma seem to have a conscience about Catalina. Shauna knows, but she’s AWOL.

    • Another loophole~ the airbags in Emma’s car failed to operate and the car’s fallen at least a hundred feet. No blazing inferno w/char grilled Emma for Thomas to gloat over? You’d think Emma had gently bumped into a wheelie bin. Someone in pyrotechnics wants firing. The special effects budget must be tiny.

    • The thing that I can’t get past? Xander practically kicked down the door with huge, dramatic news as Hope and Liam were about to sign their annulment. Then he ducked outside to switch off the car alarm, and never came back in … and everybody forgets about it. Meanwhile, tonight, Hope receives a really bizarre phonecall from Zoey about nothing … and she’s probably already forgotten about it.

      Connect the dots, you idiots! These people all work together, you’d think that a simple conversation, “So, hey, what was that about?” would be simple, but nooooo.

  86. Emma looks dead.The car lights are still on. This is some of her best work. Thomas high tails it to Hope’s and he barges in without knocking, after a spot of voyeurism from the shrubbery outside.

    Brooke is alone at Il Giardino’s looking fab and not being hit on. Bill walks in , of course and starts prying. Brooke’s pissed off with the cockroach. Her cleavage is working on Bill. They’re both experts at the art of love and gossip about others.

    Zander , Skeletor and Flo rehash the secret for the n th time. Sleletor adds that “We’ll all go to prison” Really?

    Ad break.

  87. The cockroach starts buttering Hope up with flattery after she asks wtf he’s doing there. He’s smooth for someone who’s just killed someone. The shot of him overlooking the crash scene is absolutely demonic. His ears glow red like $atan himself.

    Brooke and Bill keep gossiping.

    Half time ad break.

  88. Brooke can talk the leg off a chair at Il Gardino’s. Bill agrees that the cockroach is “unstable”.

    Justin phones Bill. It’s official ~Emma’s dead. No more dancer fantasies. She’ll tell no one.

    • Wait whaaat???

      So Dastardly Thomas is now a murderer. He has been elevated to dastardly in my new thread I sent to Juz. Evil, was just too nice a description.

  89. Pam breaks it to Zander/ Skeletor / Flo that Emma’s brown bread. Maybe Pam has a sniff of cockroach involvement. Zander smells a cockroach , too.

    Thomas tells Emma some throwaway compliments. Like recycled Bryan Adams lyrics. “Everything I do, I do for you” Vomit.

    Brooke rings Hope to tell Hope that Emma’s dead .Thomas acts dumb( not a big ask ) Curtain.

    Groundhog Day , folks

    • Forgive the typo, gice. Of course , I meant Hope…….it was indeed too late for compliments to Emma ‘cos she was dead. The pulsating excitement was too much for me to think straight.

  90. Some of your best work today, Dave. πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ
    This baby crime is leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. I expect, 3 women will get raped, a major bank heist and a man will be shot robbing an all night grocery store all because of Dr Hooks and his baby switch.
    RIP Little Emma. Thee shalt dance in Heaven with the Angels. Good gravestone etching?

    • Rehearse In Peace, Little Emma. Don’t text and drive. Thanks, daisy. Waiting for Windsong to chime in.

      • I was out all day, playing board games with some friends. I didn’t get home until late, but I managed to catch the episode on Tenplay. Good old Tenplay.

  91. Maybe Emma’s live body was switched at the hospital for a dead body, and Little Emma is wondering LA with amnesia.

    It could happen. In fact, I see a whole spin-off plot line. Who switched Little Emma?

  92. I loved how Flo was just as confused about the existence of Emma as the rest of us. Meanwhile, don’t you love Brooke’s plan of handling horrible news? Call Pam and tell her to tell everyone.

    But wow, thanks to Bill for the catch-up. Yikes, Thomas really has a long list of crimes to his name, doesn’t he?

    So, RIP Emma, and her terrible, terrible acting. Well, that takes the people in the know down to 6. Maybe Thomas can take out Shauna next, she’s pretty annoying.

    It’s funny how the three morons dealt with her death like a passing piece of gossip. Wasn’t she friends with them? Didn’t she used to date Xander? Maybe they were sick of her terrible acting, too, because Hope and Brooke seemed to be more shaken up than they were.

    Meanwhile, is Zoey getting on anyone else’s nerves? How many more long and emotionally-wraught conversations does she have to have where she freaks out, at length, over the baby-swap and her dad possibly going to prison? Enough already, we get it. Geez. Maybe Thomas can go for a drive with her soon in the countryside.

    Too soon? Yeah, too soon.

    • It was worth it to see Justin, Bill’s tough lawyer, crying. I never knew Emma was his niece. That explains him going nuts in her dancer fantasy the other day.

      • It does make sense, though. If there’s one thing these people know how to do, and do well, it’s nepotism.

  93. Skeletor defends the cockroach to Zander and Flo, who smell that Thomas is involved with Emma’s demise.

    Thomas offers to sleep on Hope’s sofa and starts the head games on Hope. There’s nothing he wouldn”t do for her , he promises. Bryan Adams cue.

    Ridge and Brooke are home, Il Giardino’s are delivering their meal because Brooke freaked out about Emma. Ridge tries to phone the roach and Brooke stops him. Ad break .So far, this is appalling.

    Brooke and Ridge are fighting over the roach. Brooke spells it , almost that Thomas is a crazy stalker ” too dependent” on Hope. Ridge is stupid and thinks Thomas is apples.

  94. Zander gets the Mortein out and accuses Thomas. Zander asks the roach if he killed Emma. Emma “left the building” Thomas pulls a face as if a fresh groundhog turd is wafted under his nose. He warns Zander. Best not go texting and driving on Mulholland , Zander. Ad break

    Thomas’s alibi is that he was at Hope’s. Flo and zander call that one. Thomas was in the shrubs jerking off over Hope. Brooke and Pam descend on Hope’s . Lemon bars will soothe this awful mess.

    • Not a good place to jerk off…..in the shrubbery. You never know who or what else you may find there.
      Pam with a lemon bar delivery?
      Quinn spying and plotting.
      Charlie poking about.

      • Pam brought a sympathy gift, don’t know what it was. I thought it was gonna be lemon bars.

  95. Well, maybe Pam knows something after all, because Brooke starts grilling her about what she heard before Emma “left the building”. Time for another ad break. Six minutes to release the groundhog time. Pam will drop the roach in it after the break, surely.

    Thomas says it was fate and is incredulous that the other dummies suspect him. Zander and Flo don’t believe him. Zander says how much heartache and loss can they witness. Ask us. Curtain. Groundhog Day .

    • I did laugh when even Flo was rolling her eyes at yet another, “Oh no secet baby-swap prison father!” monologue from Zoey. C’mon guys, even the characters are sick of this crap by now.

      Xander continues to accuse an unhinged lunatic of being an unhinged lunatic, when the guy already has one confirmed-kill to his name. I love your balls, Xander, but a couple of IQ points wouldn’t go astray.

  96. Who killed Cock Robin will lead to what really happened to Beth. Or another Groundhog. Speaking of… Groundhog knee is very popular in Prague.

  97. If we keep making fun of this deadly serious documentary show, we’ll all go to prison!

    I remember when Ridge went ” to prison”. He had visitors all the time and had a ball. Was that for pushing Bill over a wall? Prison is a joke on this show.

    This groundhog is overdone, waiter!

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