• In all fairness, the opposition played really well. I reckon that girl wll go a fair way in this competition. Apparently, grass is her thing.

        • Yes. I tend to call any unexpected Australian loss in any field choking. Glad I don’t gamble. World’s no 1 v no 50. Barty tries and is a good sport , unlike Tomic and Kyrgios.

  1. I dipped in and out but my favourite comment came from Gary (I think).
    He said, Larissa made up her mind early on that she was going to cook a Bombe Alaska no matter what, and she shoehorned the plum in. Astute and to the point … for a change.
    And btw, it was so very far from a Bombe Alaska anyway. I’m guessing that, unless someone falls over and face plants into a cake, she’s next to go.

    • Yeah, she should have said it was a de-constructed bombe Alaska. Did she run out of time? She realised her meringue was wrong so why didn’t she make more?

      • She made a big batch of the meringue and while she was making it, you can tell it was very liquidity. Not sure why she didn’t know her meringue is under whipped or they gave her some dodgy egg whites. (Did she separate the eggs herself?)

        • Yes – they showed her separating the egg whites with a comment like ‘I can’t believe I have so many eggs to whip’ – the kind of thing that is only ever shown because there was a stuff up.

  2. The beetroot and duck ‘dream team’ won? Gimme a break.
    But why not? They haven’t done much else to date.
    Larissa still has more talent than those two Mattel products.

    I think there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes help for some people … ie quack quack.

    • Did I hear Christina said she has to get the breast from 16 ducks- that will be 32 breasts. She is only cooking for 20 diners plus the judges.

      Also the miserly 3 slices of meat on the plate. Surely that is not from 1 breast. Talk about wastage!

      • It’s ok. Their wastage consciousness finished a few shows ago. Virtue-signalling is fleeting at MC Inc.

      • Coles had duck half price last week so I bought one and I cooked the whole thing & will eat it all. It was yummy.

  3. I was a bit surprised that the others let Larissa do the dessert, because if she did well then she may have got a free ticket to finals week (plus she already has a pin). She thinks very strategically and tactically, but tonight she tripped up by being inflexible in her approach and serving something underwhelming.

    Imagine if Simon got the precious beetroot course! Thank god we were spared that, though Nicole (who remained suspiciously clean after working for hours with beetroot) managed to do it five ways – channelling Simon but without the wanky justifications. On the other hand we were subjected to her repeatedly telling us how she deserved to be in finals week because she has worked so hard. Is she implying that the others were just lounging around twiddling their thumbs? She needs to choose her words more carefully.

    Did they understand the concept of a degustation menu – really only Christina’s dish was something that you might serve at such a tasting. The others were more bistro style foods and not at all what you’d expect. Especially the stupid toastie, which is okay on a pub menu but not a fine dining degustation. None of the dishes tonight were really impressive, so let’s hope they cook better tomorrow. These guys definitely don’t seem like top seven material to me and it’s been a disappointing season.

    And can George PLEASE stop eating from his knife. This is something that really is disgusting to watch (only narrowly beaten by Simon’s greasy, floppy hair).

  4. Three blondes and Anushka. So which blonde Barbie will go directly to finals week?
    None of the dishes were impressive. How many times can beetroot and goat’s cheese be done? Simon’s dish was a mess. Tim’s french toast dish made no sense to me and sounded disgusting, although the judges liked it. Funny when the judges said that if they didn’t know who made which dish they would have picked out the french toast one as Tim’s. So difficult to make French toast with chutney or whatever that sauce was and then put a few slices of cheese on top. 😉
    Top 7…LOL. Agree with you Ozswede, This has been a very disappointing season.
    Larissa needs to learn how to be flexible. She should have listened to the professional chef. There were many other desserts she could have made that would have heroed the plums but she would not waver from creating a not-Bombe Alaska dish but a dish that bombed.

    • Juz – you missed nothing. 🙁 I am almost tempted to say the words ‘shark’ and ‘jumped’ in the same sentence as ‘Masterchef’ here.

      That was deeply woeful. Once again, the ‘Best’ were simply the ‘least worst’ a trend that has been quite evident of late as we search around for faint praise for dishes that wouldn’t have been rated in week 3 of previous seasons. Truly, they were struggling to praise ANYONE in this challenge. I don’t reckon the duck was that fantastic, but they had been tipped off that it was the best of the rest so were forced to praise it.

      I was surprised too that they let Larissa have dessert, but she was not rewarded for her strategy. Wasn’t it Larissa who trotted out the touching story about her grandparents peach farm? Surely she could have swung into action and swapped out plums for peaches in a stonefruit winner dish, rather than rigidly stay with bombe alaska. Which wasn’t. Is it too much to ask for something like one of those almond meal pastries with plums? Maybe a classic french custard tart thingy – I would even have permitted some weirdo icecream with that! surely there is something else that can be done? But no. once again we are stuck solidly in sorbet and meringue territory. And I like Larissa usually! In their quest to be all Mastercheffy and put in weird flavours they forget that dessert is meant to be delicious and a treat – I can’t think of one in recent times that I would willingly order. Yet I clearly remember a dessert that a swimmer (Eamon Sullivan?) made way back in the day fromincelebrity masterchef made – a hazelnut dacquoise – and I was salivating at the screen!

      I know I am harsh about Tim’s dream for a food truck with toasted sandwiches, but what a CRAP dish (and dumb dream). I would have been quite miffed if I had gone to a posh restaurant and presented with toast and jam.

      Is there some magic aroma emanating from beetroot that makes you go all wanky when presented with it? Because Nicole was surely drinking that kool-aid. YIKES. She was so annoying.

      I was very cranky with the judges acting all amazed and disappointed that “SIMON cooked this pile of vomit”. Blatant manipulation. Clearly they have decided they need to cast this particularly incompetence as a rare blip on his otherwise impeccable record and we are meant to blindly swallow this version of reality.
      Not looking forward to ammunity. Dear God please don’t have ice cream or beetroot in this “challenge”.

      • Spot on, Brusselsprout – the “best” were simply the least worst and that has been somewhat of a pattern this season. Surely there must be better home cooks in Australia than this lot. I guess they are all smart enough not to volunteer for a show like this, so instead we have to endure this torture.

        The chef last night cracked me up. He’d obviously either had a personality by-pass or he was so shocked by the low standard that he was frozen like a deer caught in headlights. Did the guy not taste any of the food and declare that no way were you going to serve this crap in my restaurant. Imagine what MPW would have said – I’d love to have seen him give Simon a long hard stare before skewering him.

        And I couldn’t help wondering what Ben was thinking while he watched Christina use sixteen ducks (to feed twenty people!). They both only used breast, neck and wings. In his case it meant elimination and a stern lecture on expense and wastage from that pompous Italian dressed in head to toe Gucci (without irony). In Christina’s case it meant top dish and no inspection of the fridge by faux shocked chefs.

        I listened to The Washing Up podcast and they’ve nicknamed the Barbie Twins as “Nicotina” which I thought was genius. Tessa ought to be a shoe in for finals week based on her cooking ability, so I think tonight they will instead give a helping hand to one of the teary Nicotinas by fast tracking them through. Based on airtime given this week it would have to be Nicole. I hope I’m wrong and it’s Anushka, but I don’t think she fits the producer’s demographic so her time in the Masterchef kitchen might be over this week.

  5. Thank God there was no beetroot molasses. AGAIN. Simon didn’t think with that marron. When you take it out of the shell & cook it it expands & changes shape. It looked yummy but the judges didn’t like it.

  6. I think most of last night dishes would have been binned in the audition and yet they are Top 7.
    I still remember in the earlier MC where viewers will go straight to the shops to get the ingredients to cook or bake some of the dishes they saw on MC.

    I know we were sick of all those desserts set in mould ( looking at you Reynold and Jess) but they were still so much better than the desserts from this year.

    • Oh golly LP – look at us – we are yearning nostalgically for the red mounds of death dishes as they were STILL better than this lot. . . how far have we come?

    • I WAS one of those viewers who really enjoyed making masterchef dishes. I can still vividly remember doing a MC challenge with a friend and we made the Beef Wellington and a dessert. It took all day making duxelle and crepes and many sponges for a black forest cake. And we had a fantastic time!

      I don’t think I have even visited the site for recipes for ages – I have zero interest in re-creating any of these stupid dishes! Certainly I am not rushing to Sponsor supermarket to purchase anything based on the programme.

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