Bachelor home town week

Is it time to give Bachie a rest? Does anyone really care? Aren’t people just watching to see when Abbie goes home?
Last year the Badgerlor ended in in early Oct and Bachelorette Ali started the following week. I am interested to see what it will be like with Angie from Gogglebox but I don’t think I’ll be back watching Bachie on a regular basis.
Wed: In the group date, the girls test their chemistry with Matt in front of each other. One lucky girl gets to ‘move in’ with Matt. Later, two girls go head-to-head in an epic cocktail party showdown.
Thurs: It’s “home towns”, and Matt travels around Australia to meet the nearest and dearest of the final four girls competing for his heart.



  1. I just can’t anymore.
    The queue of lasses trying to save Bachie-boy from Abbie defies description.
    But in typical I’m-so-much-smarter-than-all-these-blonde-girls fashion, Matt continues to shoot the messengers.
    It’s difficult to have any respect for him.
    And, please, have pity on anyone who may end up working for him anytime in the future, unless they are only there to fetch his coffee.
    No wonder he doesn’t watch the show. He must curl up in embarrassment every time Abbie’s smirking face appears to commentate on his stupidity.

    • I felt sorry for Elly. She seemed so sweet.

      You can tell Matt’s a nerd. He’s obviously very intelligent, academically, but he’s terrible at reading or dealing with other human beings. How many girls have tried to warn him about Abbie? Including his own best friend? I think, this series, Matt Agnew has discovered his own penis, and he didn’t quite read the, “be careful how you use this” disclaimer.

      Elly went home last night. Abbie’s still there, as is the British girl Emma who he has zero connection with whatsoever. Who’s left? Helena is there (apparently she has a panic attack during the hometown visits), and, I want to say, Chelsea?

      At any rate, there’s something about Angie that I find really off-putting, so I can’t imagine that I’ll enjoy her season of the Bachelorette much. Gosh, they did so well with Georgia Love, didn’t they? But every Bachelorette season since then has been straight downhill. Sophie Monk? Ali? Blech.

  2. Abbie is the only reason I enjoy watching this. I really like her, but she’s getting an awful edit. Still, the poor woman is carrying the season singlehandedly.

    Shocked – stunned – horrified! – that wifey Elly got the boot. Could she not have kept her mouth shut after that first warning? I was certain it would be Emma, who he’s clearly not into. Can’t imagine who he chooses, now, and declares his love to, as shown in preseason promos… Abbie, bad girl edit. Emma, unhinged clinger edit. Helena – keeps verbalising wanting to leave! And bad self-image sweet nerd Chelsie… Guess I hope it’s Chelsie…

    The Bachelors are often dull, but this season was next level borefest!

    • I think the producers wants a finale where the ‘villian’ didn’t win and the ‘beige’ Chelsie is the chosen one. Its a shame they didn’t show us note of the connection between Matt and Chelsie. Maybe Chelsie was just so quiet and shy.

  3. Mediocre Matt is like a cyborg in a suit programmed to say” I’ve got strong connections with all the gels”, when clearly , he hasn’t. He’s literally lost in space.

  4. I know there’s a view that Abbie has a bad edit and the show would be boring without her, but we just don’t know, do we?
    She could be so much worse and they’ve cleaned it up. She is clearly disliked by almost every girl in the house. That can’t just be because she’s not there “for the right reasons”. That’s every season on the Bachelor.
    And if Loverboy had kept some of the other girls then maybe we could have had a sweet season like the one with a Georgia. And we would have been all in.
    Like most of Australia, I am just over manufactured drama and conflict. No wonder we are switching to streaming in droves.

  5. Right, so. The Bachie visits the home-towns of the final four, where … like every year … he meets a bunch of bogans, for awkward family dinners, and fathers/mothers/sisters start off hating him but find that he’s quite charming after a quick chat before dinner, and end up giving him their blessing. Like every gorramned year.

    Of course Abbie’s date was a swim so the two of them could strip down to their bathers and make out. I wonder how many conversations the two of them have actually had, y’know, having to come up for air? Honestly, I wish Matt and Abbie would just bang, and get it over and done with. That’s clearly the only thing that either of them want from each other.

    Although I did laugh when Abbie’s mother said, “Oh, Abbie’s dated lots of boys!” Yes, but how many of those could give her a low level of mediocre fame for a week or two?

    I also laughed when Matt said to Chelsie’s sister, “I’ve had trouble tooting my own horn.” Clearly, he needs Abbie to show up, because tooting Matt’s horn is her specialty.

  6. I’ve liked and loathed this season. Was hoping for a better season than the honey badger.
    It started well and was initially impressed by Matt , even though he said to every girl he was an astrophysicist!
    Abbie has had a bad Girl edit . I find Chelsie a little boring. Emma is too nice and agreeable- he would lose interest quickly. Helena is also a bit of a cold fish and a tad boring.
    I honestly don’t know who will win and I sort of don’t care.
    My favourite seasons have been Sophie . She was hilarious and genuinely made me laugh.
    Also liked Snezana and her bachelor, although they are so over exposed in the media that I have gone off them. Won’t be watching Angie, I find her very fake and self absorbed.
    Emma’s dogs were the best part of the date.

    • I think the money is on Chelsie. He has nothing in common with Abbie other than a mutual love of each other’s genitals. Emma has zero chemistry with him, and I can’t explain why she’s still here. And Helena has this habit of being frighteningly high-maintenance when the relationship has to deal with something real.

  7. Matt and Helena broke up and got back together, like, 3 times in ten minutes, there. Now, I’m not an expert, but does that really seem like a healthy start to any relationship?

    Oh, and the promo for next week shows the x-rated movie scenes between Abbie and Matt continue.

      • When he admitted to not remembering the first time she met him on the red carpet, the entire family looked like they wanted to kill him.

        And going by Helena’s father, I imagine it’s not the first time they’ve dealt with a troublesome ex-boyfriend that way…

    • Either that, or he picks Abbie at the end.

      Damn it Matt. The two have nothing in common beyond mutual lust. And while lust is great, what happens once they’ve banged a few times and scratched the itch, what then? They have little in common and don’t even really seem to have many conservations, they just end up dry-humping.

      For all his IQ points, Matt is just letting his penis make all his decisions, right now.

      • “Matt is just letting his penis make all his decisions, right now”

        His penis can’t be too bright, then. It goes for anything that moves.

        “Abbie…..will you accept this hose?”

        • No, the more I think about Matt Agnew, the more I think that his line, “I just haven’t had much luck with women” is kind of rubbish. I don’t think he’s even dated all that much. I think he’s far more nerd than bachelor, I really do.

          The first beautiful, and barely-dressed, woman who shows an interest in him (because she sees him as her ticket to mediocre-fame for a couple of weeks, not that Matt realises it) and he’s on that like a fat kid on a cupcake. Literally, if the promo for next episode (where he and Abbie are basically just having sex) is anything to go by.

      • Hi Daisy, was very entertained reading about your OS escapades but not watching so much RT nowadays. Although stuck with MasterChef: The Professionals UK 2015 (!) just finishing on SBS – back when sous vide and confit salmon were all the rage.

        • I’ve been watching MC: the Professionals and enjoying it very much.
          It is a lot of fun watching trained people compete.

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