The Block studio reveal

Studios are judged on Sunday and then it’s double verandah week.
I see ScoMo has hired ScoCam to be the face of a campaign to get kids into trades. Yep, ScoCam knows all about tools.



  1. TL
    Sympathy win coming????
    Oh wow, that is a really big floor plan change. Neale stating the obvious this could not be any different from next door. It is a good self contained apartment. This is a luxury based on functionality clarifies Neale.
    It is really compact, they are now competing for a different type of buyer. One with an au pair, eldery parents or sub renting to an international student.

    It doesn’t feel compromised. It is perfect.

    Shaynna doesn’t feel that it has continuity but Neale sticks to the script that T&L must win this week. It is well thought out and executed in a week.

  2. MM
    This is sass personified squeals Shaynna. Everyone in Australia now knows that Shaynna has the SATC box set and saw both movies. Forget a WIR this is a Strut in Wardrobe. She loves the make up table, the Advent Calendar styled wardrobe.

    Upon entering the ensuite, O.M.G punctuates Shaynna. Is that a good OMG or bad? queries Darren. It is the best OMG eva squeals Shaynna. I love, love, love. It is perfect. She concludes by reading the label on the massage oil, “Shut up and kiss me” by the boys.

  3. DA
    Whoa exclaims Darren. It is beautiful chimes in Neale. Shaynna is lost for words.
    Shaynna is emotional and teary…she feels the room is healing. (It has a White Lady’s funeral ad vibe).

    Darren feels that H1 H2 have added more value to the floorplan than House 3. Neale feels it is a beautifully balanced house. Neutrality doesn’t equal boring and Shaynna is thinking abut repainting her house.

  4. EM
    Upon entering the bedroom the judges make the obligatory comments, ‘Look at the colour.’ ‘They know how to do artwork.’ ‘The green is quite regal.’ It is Darren’s turn to speak, “It is replay of the front bedroom and consistency across the level is wise.’ For Neale it is a perfect balance between classicism and ultra modern.
    Shaynna loves the layout and the sense of space. The wardrobe has a great layout but Neale hates the two volume biography on Margaret Thatcher used as styling.
    The ensuite feels generous but Shaynna feels it is claustrophobic as it has no natural light or exhaust fan. For Neale it is not exciting.

  5. JM

    The judges feel that the WIR is a very nice introduction to the room. It has a layout that they would have expected from M&E. It has a lounge room area and ensuite. It is a self contained hotel room. MJ are the masters of modern luxury but this does not have the emotional pull of DA’s space.

    Shaynna prefers their ensuite to ME but it is weird that it is positioned off the Juliet balcony overlooking the courtyard. JM are still mismatching the metalwork but overall their apartment will appeal to the most buyers.

  6. Was obvious they win. And to make it not too obvious they let them score in a way that the gnome will push them over the edge.

    • What on earth is that tacky art box installation in Apostrophe’s bedroom? It completely destroys the whole effort. At least the virtual windows MM had made some sort of sense, but this is just… uhmmm… so far off the mark.

      Andy and Deb’s room. It was really nice looking. But yeah, never stood a chance because no ensuite. And Shaynna. Tears, really?

      Jesse and Mel, I don’t know, they are doing a good job, I don’t dislike them, but something for me is lacking. It doesn’t full convince me.

      Tess and Luke, I found the studio to be extremely impractical. You have no space for sitting, huge TV you can only watch from your bed. Someone working on a PC or laptop has no space (that wall mounted table in the kitchen is not sufficent to work comfortably). And where was the separate entrance? Did anyone spot it and I was just blind?

      MM, hmmm, it actually looked really nice. They basically created a spacious master suite wing. More space than the other 4 houses. It was a good idea that the bedroom isn’t on the third level towards the street, it is also good they didn’t put that bedroom into the studio space where the carports are. I feel layout wise you do not miss a fourth bedroom and then, a buyer can easily change the entertainment room into a bedroom if really needed.
      The house is suited for a family with 1 or 2 kids. Or just a couple. In the end, there are not that many people who need 4 bedrooms and I am not sure St. Kilda is family friendly anyway, so why move there with kids.

      As the auction draws closer, I feel at the moment Andy and Deb might win, even though it is the middle house. It still is light and breezy, but doesn’t look clinical. I see EM come in last, it isn’t bad but they made a lot of off putting choices. The kitchen is not good, the house doesn’t flow.
      Surprise winners might be MM, otherwise I see them in the first 3 spots with Andy and Deb, Mel and Jesse.
      As with EM, Tess and Luke made some weird decisions, the kitchen is one of them. It is not a bad kitchen, but the island is an idiotic idea.

      I am sure I am completely wrong and EM win, with Tess and Luke come first and 4/5 is Mel and Jesse/MM (or the other way around).

      PS: MM are kinda the love to hate couple like Dea and Darren.

        • I had vacation from school so I watched the episodes from 2 weeks. πŸ™‚ Plus I needed some inspiration for my dollhouse. Well, not my dollhouse, it is for my nieces. So basically on one monitor The Block, on the other one I surfed on Pinterest, bought stuff on Aliexpress and watched Youtube tutorials for miniature making.
          And yeah, I could even fit in GBBO!
          On top of that, I hate that my brain stores useless stuff like who does what on The Block.

  7. Scotty’s “on the whack” tonight. He’s no idea how to relate to the younger Jess, yet Scomo’s just given him a “plumb” gig. Toxic Scotty’s worksite bully command of language doesn’t merit it.

    • 🀣
      Yep, I am sure there is a gag about too hip to be square pun in there.

      Tonight’s episode was brought to you by Makita, Jesse bitching about the hip joint and MM being snarky bitches.

      • Isn’t the true vileness of MM being shown. The way Mark purses his mealy little lips, tilts his head and eye rolls all at once, and Mitch displaying his sheer delight at creating anything that will be detrimental to TL. That is not acting. Vile little twerps.

        • Precisely. If we were TL we would be getting a water feature for all those weak bladders next door.

          But to Scotty, he just escalated the situation with Jesse. Ignore Jesse been Jesse, he is the audience surrogate. What Scotty should have done bearing in mind that a) Jesse is not a carpenter and b) Teddy the offsider is barely in his twenties is explain the situation and then show Jesse and more importantly Teddy that this is how you dress the hip joint on a structure built to compensate for the movement in the old. He only had to demonstrate a couple runs and let the boys take over. Scotty could look like a hero in that ‘teaching moment’ and Teddy could have picked up a new skill and Jesse some attention. Problem solved. How it played out was painful (and that is why Shelly is on the show).

  8. FFS. Painful episode. Tess plays dumb little girl so Keith will be helping them for the day. 🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬

  9. MM play victim again. Can they just evict them from the Block? They are just horrid, nasty, manipulative people. Hope they get $1 pass their reserve.

    • The hyprocisy is off the fing scale!!!

      Dan – the gifting isn’t costing him anything but I’ve noticed that he genuinely enjoys seeing people happy. He has a real sweet side 😊

    • I know this is wrong, but I feel myself wanting them to be run over by a float at the next Mardi Gras.

  10. Painting stucco walls with a brush. How did these teams ever fall behind schedule?

    How riveting was the stealing of Keith’s hammer?

  11. Just been watching the season from two years ago in the mornings, and it is in the middle of the ten-tonne tessie pool drama. Your comments above sound just like the Ronnie/Georgia and Jason/Sarah blow up.

    Amazing how quickly styles have changed. Niches in walls and timber bedheads have been slammed, and the kitchen islands are small. Some of the features that were condemned are now considered chic.

  12. The tearfest family reunion was overblown to the point of looking like the Titanic sinking.

    The contestants trashed their kids and left them for TV fame. No more toxic tears, Schlockheads..

      • Well, the movie character he played was extremely camp, matches Mitch to a T.

        Btw, so this week was Jesse’s turn at being the villain? Next week it is Tess and Luke again (Tess is perfect, she should do more nasty comments like she did after the studio reveal in MM’s bathroom, that was not funny, just nasty. Maybe I am too old for this kind of poo humor?)? Apostrophe will get a winner edit for this or next week, so can’t be her.
        I suppose the only couple they cannot edit to look nasty are Andy and Deb. Lucky them.

  13. Btw, which contestants were by far the nastiest on The Block?
    For me one couple was on Dea’s and Darren’s second season. Cannot remember their names but they ran out of money towards the end and were just nasty in general. MM and even Apostrophe are far from being that awful.
    The other couple I remember I really disliked were on the season with houses 2 or 3 seasons ago. They did not finish their master area and just threw it and had a horrible attitude overall (the husband was particularly awful).
    Chris and Jenna (I can remember their names, wooohooo!). They were awful.
    Cannot be bothered at the moment to look up the names of the other two couples, I hope you guys know who I mean.^^

    • Tim and Anastasia ran out of money, stormed off and were coaxed back. Is that who you were referring to?
      Sarah and Jason threw a massive tantrum. Did not finish the master area.
      We need to add Dan & Dani, Jenna and Josh…they were pretty awful ganging up on Phil and Amity to prevent them winning.
      We think MM are up there for nastiness. We don’t know what they were trying to achieve by accusing JM of copying.
      Jess from last season. She is a horrid individual as well.
      The twins didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory either.

      • Ah, yeah. If you are nastier than Dea an Darren, you have a problem.

        MM are difficult for me. In the beginning I liked them, they helped others especially TL. I still feel the copy issue was pushed by the producers (andcturned into cheating by big mouthed Jess who still let’s me behind confused how you can get a job on radio with such a horrible voice!). Push the right buttons and you get what you want. Nasty gay old men, people easily hate that. πŸ™ Still, some not so nice things came out of their mouths. Cannot hide that. But a lot I felt was due to frustration with certain situations, just as Jesse with his arguments.

        I personally find Tess or Apostrophe far worse. They let Andy and Deb pay 5k to Apostrophe. I cannot remember giving AD 2,5k as their share. The way they treated their tradies. If you treat people like crap, they will not work for you. TL just have the advantage that T can switch on the waterworks when needed and she is pretty. So poor lil Tess, evil boys!

    • Sarah and Jason are on the season that is showing in the mornings (2017). I find them hard to beat not only for nastiness, but also rude, lazy and entitled. They are in House 1 and at the other end you have two of the nicest couples evah – Josh and Elise (no apostrophe!) and Sticks and Wombat.

      • Wouldn’t classify Josh and Elise as nice. They got lucky that they were on the same season as someone more petty than themselves.

    • Thanks Smythe. Totally reads like he has been playing hide the sausage with someone else and she was blindsided. . .

      In terms of people who were nasty, back when I watched the block I agree with Maz’s list – I actively disliked Dan & Dani and Jenna & Josh for their bad attitude toward Phil & Amity as well.

      • Dan and Dani were close to the top of my list of nasties, but it was mostly Dani. But of course now Dan seems not too bad, and nice in contrast to Keith.

        I always like Josh and Jenna, though. Do you remember on their all-stars season that they came in with a definite strategy to focus entirely on the auction, and ignore the judging etc. They were the first to use spray painting in neutral white to appeal to most buyers. The judges nearly had apoplexies when they realised that J&J didn’t care what they thought, and they slammed them (and the spray painting) to eternity and back.

    • TBH I’m not surprised. We’ve seen her appear unhinged a few times and he’s a spoilt sports star. I wouldn’t like to be nearby when their fireworks blow.

    • What a surprise. Not.

      But yeah, it seems like he tested the waters first, then left the kids and her. Midlife crisis and goes for something younger, around 25.

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