The Masked Singer & The Real Dirty Dancing

The family-friendly singing show The Masked Singer has been a big hit for Ten, so is sure to reappear next year.
Who do you think will “win” the show?
Has anyone checked out Seven’s dancing show? I caught half an hour of it and was sucked in, mainly because I find Anne Edmonds’ comic dorkiness hilarious. Todd McKenney is an awful host but, and contestant Jamie Durie tries to take over from him constantly but, as we know, a great showman.
The series is filmed at the resort where the movie was set and you’d think it was the birthplace of Jesus the way they speak about it in the show.
It’s being repeated this weekend so just fast forward through the talking heads except when Anne is on screen.



  1. I have developed a huge dislike for James Durie for no particular reason.I just can’t watch anything he’s in.
    I use words like: smug face, patronising attitude, arrogance, jibber-jabber. You know, words that actually mean I’ve just taken a dislike to his mere presence.
    I hear that he’s going to take over House and Gardens. That’s it. I’m out. Sad for me.

  2. The Masked Singer I have taken to tuning in to the last 10 mins to see who they reveal. Sometimes i will watch the performances on Tenplay.
    I was the same as you with Dirty Dancing Juz, i got sucked in when it was repeat last night. And totally agree about Anne Edmonds, not that i haven’t been enjoying watching the others too, but somehow it wouldn’t be the same without her comedy! And in a little tidbit, i’m pretty sure she and i went to the same primary and high schools (different years). The boys have been good too, but could do with Jamie. Apparently he is to host House Rules next year, which will turn me off watching that again.

    • Everyone is taking it so seriously. And Anne is trying but she knows how to laugh at herself and is not afraid to goof around on TV. She is always fun on HYBPA.

  3. Jamie Durie is room clearer, there’s no doubt. The only thing I’d watch him in is a pool of hungry sharks.

  4. I have seen bits and pieces of both shows but they don’t appeal tome as very entertaining. I absolutely agree about Jamie Durie, there is something very smarmy about him.

  5. I’m enjoying the Masked Singer a lot more than I thought I would.

    But I haven’t bothered with “Dirty Dancing”. I never saw the original, and although I’m a *huge* fan of Firass Dirani from way back, the show doesn’t appeal to me at all.

    • You’ve never seen the movie? I guess you are a decade too young. I was a teenager in the late 80s so I am the target demographic. I saw it on VHS at a friends house when I was about 15. Never found Swayze that hot but the dancing and music were great.

      • Never seen it either, but I was in the right age. Just not my sort of thing and Swayze didn’t appeal. Now, Jude Bolton…. (lovely to see a strong happy marriage there, but he is cute as…)

        • I’ve had a crush on Firass ever since he played Nick, the Red Power Ranger on “Mystic Force” (season 14). He was an angsty bad boy with a turbulent past, he even rode a motorcycle. It was more lust than love, but ooomph. I’ve had a soft spot for him ever since.

    • I don’t think i’ve actually sat and watched the whole thing from sart to finish either. A little before my time also. I would have been 5 or 6 the year it came out.

        • Nope, I haven’t seen Ferris Bueller either!
          I will say, I was very much discouraged from watching movies and tv shows as a kid, there are many ‘classics’ i have never seen.

          • Ferris is worth it for the soundtrack only. We did not watch much TV growing up, and that would have been ABC, but I saw a lot of movies in the 80s and/or 80s movies on video in the 90s.

  6. RDD is not for me. Although I like Anne Edmonds, Jessica Rowe puts my teeth on edge. I have no fast-forward capability, so won’t watch..

  7. I tried watching some of the repeats and … just couldn’t.
    And then I watched tonight’s episode where they danced in front of the crowd … and it was fun.
    Everyone’s a little too earnest – except possibly Anne and the footballer.

    • I was mildly curious – Jude Bolton used to play for the Sydney Swans and he was a great player – hard and tough on the field, but a super nice guy off it. I have retained a massive soft spot for him – on more than one occasion he was really good to my kids and patiently posed for photos, autographs, etc even though he was tired and probably just wanted to go home.
      But I couldn’t quite face watching the show to see how he did!

      • Players that head butted umpires were nice to me and gave me an autograph when I was a boy. Back then , you could even jump the fence before the siren to get the autograph hunting done. Players smoked at breaks. Bread was delivered… horse. No tv before 4pm. No Coles killing off local grocers and butchers..What a rabbit hole.

      • I miss the test pattern on the TV at 11 pm, our road was dirt (great for cricket), and all the kids in the neighbourhood played together from sun up to sun down, no matter their age or ethnicity.
        I don’t miss milk for school recess – left out in the sun too long.
        And sticking to the wooden chairs in 35 degree heat during summer and freezing our knobs off in winter. It’s a wonder we learnt anything.

        • Mr 7’s classroom has a split system aircon/heater. I often give him the “back in my day” speech. Although, at primary school in Melbourne I recall we had some kind of hot weather/no school policy, which is not the case these days in Adelaide, where it is hotter

  8. So it was Darren McMullen? Well, a few people guessed that (although I’m still a little upset that it wasn’t Waleed). The “round the house” link to “House Husbands” was a clue I did pick up on, but I didn’t watch that show too closely.

  9. I’m not watching The Masked Singer but just saw the latest Wolf clue. It’s Jay Laga’aia, right? He used to do voiceover for a cartoon lawnmower show and was in Jesus Christ Superstar

  10. The one thing (or perhaps that should be 2 things) that I can’t stop staring at is Lindsay Lohan’s lips. Her top lip seems completely paralysed presumably from botox injections. It makes her smile so unnatural.

  11. I don’t think the Wolf is Rob Mills, because I just don’t want it to be.
    If I was marketing this I would be planting false rumours all over the place.
    The fun of the show is being 110% certain and then being absolutely wrong (How could it not have been Brendan Fevola?).
    Nikki had to go early because she was such a done deal.
    Not that Rob Mills couldn’t be in the mix, but they do have Season 2 to think about and our talent pool is not that deep.
    I hear Lindsay won’t be back. Rumour has it that they don’t think that they got there money’s worth.

    • Lindsay was always a weird inclusion, because she knows nothing about Australian popular culture, and the fact is, Channel 10’s primary audience is probably not all that plussed by Random Visiting American Celebrity anyway. I can’t imagine what her pay-cheque, but I doubt it would’ve been worth it regardless.

  12. I wonder if they would have had more viewers if RDD had been promoted as the fundraiser that the two nudity shows were? I only found out well after it had started that it was to raise money, before that I think most were wondering what the purpose was.

    • That is brand new information, for me. I hadn’t heard that at all. Yeah, I was wondering what the point of the whole thing was. If that’s true, they did a terrible job of promoting it.

    • Now I can’t find where I saw that info, so don’t quote me on it. What I heard was that it was to honour the tenth anniversary of Swayze’s death and raise money for pancreatic cancer. Seems there was no mention, so maybe it was just what they charged the audience to see the show?

  13. I’ve decided that the Wolf is Hugh Sheridan. He is in everything at the moment so why not.
    He can sing and dance so two ticks.
    What character did he play in Packed to the Rafters? Hopefully a gardener and that would give me the trifecta.
    Or is that Bingo.

  14. And the Unicorn is definitely Denni Hines. It was clear tonight. I think she’s given up trying to disguise her voice. That’s that.

  15. So I’m going to be honest. I literally have no idea who Adam Brand is. I’ve never seen that man before in my life.

    • My country and western goes about as far Shania Twain (who I still adore, after all these years) and then stops. But it’s sweet you thought of me :).

        • Oh, I love Shania Twain, I think she’s brilliant. When I was having a rough time in high school, my best friend bought me her CD (when she massively famous with “Man I feel like a woman” and “That don’t impress me much”), because he’d heard me singing along to all her songs, and it was one of my first CDs and I still have it, heh. It was one of the nicest things anyone’s ever done for me.

      • Linda Ronstadt, love everything she did (she’s not dead, she just can’t sing anymore) and if you haven’t heard of her then I am definitely moving into a retirement home and Alison Krauss, country but more on the bluesy side so it may appeal to you.
        I don’t really love male country but I did buy a Lyle Lovett cd once so I must have thought he was okay.

  16. Another singer revealed. Kate Ceberano as the lion (lioness?). To be fair, I also don’t think this one was much of a shock, because that was another one I feel we’d guessed a few weeks ago.

    The robot continues to be my favourite competitor. Damn, that kid can move.

    Completely stumped on the spider.

    • I hear an echo of my thoughts.
      I suspected Kate (but not quickly. Initially, I thought it was Casey), and she was not that great at that last song. She is not my favourite singer.
      I don’t know him but I am told the robot is Cody. He can sing. And dance. Happy for him to win.
      Spider is a mystery. And talented. I wonder if she is the token o/s guest?
      Happy for the wolf to go next.

  17. OMG. The wolf did “Backstreet’s Back”.

    I did not get up and dance around my kitchen while he sang, I want to make it clear that I absolutely did not do that.

    Except, the exact opposite of what I just said.

  18. Ah, the first celebrity unmasked The spider was Paulini … who starred in the Bodyguard musical, and that was the clue that I picked, some time ago, when there was that footage of the spider being carried like Whitney Houston in the original movie. Sweet.

    • And Deni Hines was the unicorn. That one’s less of a surprise.

      I still say the wolf is Rob Mills, and the robot is that Cody fellow. The monster is the question mark.

      • Its absolutely Gorgi. She has a science degree and is an equestrian. And she was on The Circle.
        They really need to do a better job of being obscure with these clues.
        She’s also a trained singer and has been in musicals. I would classify her as professional. It’s just that she’s changed careers.

      • Windsong my daughter – as a young person, lol – totally agrees with you on Cody. I am not 100% sure who he is (old person). I think the clues are solid for Gorgi Coghlin.

  19. He thing I like about this show is how you think about the voices without the stage presence.
    Kate Ceberano’s voice = average.
    Paulini’s voice = lovely.

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