I’m a Celeb first reveal

The first I’m a Celeb 2020 contestant has been announced. It’s the always enthusiastic yet sometimes unintelligible chef Miguel Maestre from The Living Room.
He’s very likeable – could well be a winner.
It’s two months before the show starts so we can look forward to thousands of promos for the show. Who else do you think they will cast?
I bet they will be after Ciarron from Bachelorette as audiences responded so well to him.
I’m a Celeb starts Jan 5, 2020.
You can watch the promo below. It’s quite funny and I laughed when I saw they’d subtitled Miguel. He and Dr Chris are mates so it should make for some good banter.

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  1. I watched the interview they did with Miguel on the Project.
    I didn’t necessarily understand everything he said but he is just naturally hilarious and will be great tv.
    I’m not sure that I could bear to live with him. I think that I would want to gently smother him in his sleep.

    • “I think that I would want to gently smother him in his sleep.”

      I want to say that the television networks probably wouldn’t go in, for that sort of thing, but then I thought, well, with the general state of reality TV at the moment …

    • Hahaha, that’s an interesting reaction, Bobi. At least you want to be gentle :).

      I don’t have trouble understanding Miguel when he talks, but I do have to listen closely.

      How his face fell when he was eliminated from DWTS has stuck with me for some reason; I have a soft spot for him. As a chef, he’ll probably cope well with the eating-disgusting-things parts of IAC. Chefs are usually willing to try anything…except maybe balut.

  2. He is one of the reasons I don’t like the Living Room, but maybe diluted with others (and no Amanda), he might be bearable.

  3. So now they dont even bother to keep the names of ‘celebrities’ going into the jungle a secret. Have they dont this before?

  4. My memory about these things is poor but I think they normally release clues and then confirm a couple of the more obvious ones before they go in.
    But definitely there are clues.
    I don’t mind them telling us about Miguel. It generates good publicity (and early Jan is a tough opening date) and I can’t imagine Miguel would’ve been able to keep a secret anyway.

    • I think they are smart going in early Jan. If you aren’t into sport it’s a dead time of year and they don’t have to be slaughtered by MKR. Plus they target families so holidays is perfect. They must have sufficient advertising to justify it.

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