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Over to Daisy for the latest Forrester shenanigans (thank you):

What can I say? Shame on all of you Forresters.
Brooke, kick that grasping Rasper to the curb. He’s just an old lech. Truth be told he would suck onto any lips. Brooke needs to go back to sleeping with her juniors, perhaps Thomas. Now there’s an idea. She could put a spoke in his wheel with Hope and he could put a spoke in her wheel with Rasper. Why not? They are all sick or anyway.
Quinn, kick that barnacle, gold-digging friend, $hauna to the curb. She is eyeballing your mansion and wants what you have. Always beware in that situation that you could wake up to Eric and $hauna having accidentally switched bathrobes. She told Floppy Flo to shut up about the kidnapping because of mπŸ’°ney. She has “had her share of men”, but never struck gold, although in reality, she would have gone after $torm with a paternity $uit. Quinn needs to stop being boring. I don’t see her as a girly girl who would let her friend cut her grass, or even sit on it. I said, “sit”.
Eric, kick that leech $Shauna out. Before she starts stealing the silver.
Hopeless, stop walking around town in your dressing gown. Stop fantasizing over Douglas. It’s weird when you are ignoring your own baby. Kick Roach to the curb. Keep Liam…if you can, with baby Momma Steffy waiting to pounce.
Sally, kick Flubber to the curb. Too many reasons why but foremost; he is a whinger who needs to go back to having sex with his Mommy.
Liam, get a job cooking quiche and selling it from a van. No one believes you can run a company. In fact none of them could.
Steffy, kick Rasper and Thomas to the curb. Rasper, for expecting you to forgive the Roach and for agreeing to Roach’s idea of a fashion showdown. (What dickhead dad agrees to pitting his kids against each other? Oh wait. Eric did). Thomas because he tried to cover up the kidnapping.

Katy, kick Bill to the curb. Drop him before he drops you. As soon as he discovers Brooke is free, he’ll be showered and lathered in Brut, and over to her place. Only she is already cuddled up with Eric. Quinn! Forget the Barnacle and pay attention to your own love life.
These are the dumbest bunch of high flying tycoons in LA.
Thomas is a virus. Rasper is a lech. Brooke is a reformed husband stealer (yeah right). Flubber is a sookie.

Oh wait. I am just watching tonight’s episode and Hope grew a pair, if not a brain, and flounced off in her blue floral dressing gown, telling Thomas she would rather eat a bowl of maggots than work with him. Liam barges in to save the day in his little super hero cape, minus the leggings. I hope that Hopeless for the future doesn’t include a line of daywear brunch coats. Or doooo I.



  1. It’s about time each and very character needed to be hauled over the coals. It’s all too true. The writers have lost their cognitive faculties.Thanks, daisy. The job is too big for Dr Phil.

  2. For all the grief we gave them for dragging on the Phoebeth storyline, they’re doing far worse with the “Thomas is up to something evil!” storyline, which has been dragging on for how long, now? Thomas does something evil and Liam beats the shit out of him. Thomas returns, unscathed, to do something evil and Brooke throws him off a cliff. Thomas returns, unscathed, to do something evil and Hope throws him into a vat of acid. Thomas will inevitably return, unscathed to do something evil, and what’s his pointless comeuppance next time? Stabbed in the neck with a hairpin? Katie in the dining room with the lead pipe? Like, this storyline is the definition of pointless. It doesn’t matter what Thomas plots and schemes, it’ll come to a head, Thomas will get his comeuppance, but it won’t matter, and he’ll be back in five minutes and the whole thing resets.

    Honestly, it’s all on my nerves.

    Meanwhile, the audacity of the Forrester clan. “Thomas was indirectly involved in the death of one of our employees. He manipulated Hope into a loveless marriage by abusing his son and outright sexual-harrassment of Hope. When that went south he almost kidnapped her … so of course, we should recommend that Thomas and Hope work together on a new project at the factory.” WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!

    No wonder various members of the family have disappeared into the ether, never to be seen again. I’d run far away from these nutjobs as well.

  3. Over Christmas, they all go work on their tans, and get Botox and filler. Rasper takes a trip to Switzerland.bevause it’s the only place he can breathe. Eric goes to a health retreat and Google’s “,Singles over 40 and looking for love”. Flubber works on his abs, but gives up. Liam thinks about doing an acting course, but ends up spending 2 weeks at his Nan and Pop’s house. That’s nice. Steffy goes horse riding because she wanted to make good use of the equestrian outfit tho wardrobe had her wear last week.

  4. Oh you lot! So true, which is why I haven’t been watching. Hope in her kimono, why does she have the starring role! Dave, maybe a little break for Christmas? Happy and healthy Christmas to my fellow posters x

    • Yes. Merry Christmas Bold and Beauties.I hope it is relaxed, and enjoyable, however it goes down. We will probably be watching telly in our pjs. We might put some nuts out. No, I don’t mean Woolif. He wasn’t raised to shoot the breeze.

  5. Yes, I thought I might take a relaxing soak in some Hydrofluoric Acid. I bet Liam wishes he had some nuts to put out…..

  6. The most important, informative show on tv is back today. Let’s drink some hydrofluoric acid to that.

  7. It’s time to hate on the “unhinged ” roach again. Brooke’s been Googling what a psychopath is. Skeletor is going to turn spy and get her Forrester job back. Will she play it straight? Curtain.

    • Brooke (the one with the pharmaceutical degree) should Google the effects of hydrofluoric acid while she’s at it.

      I think I should write this year’s B&B:
      Liam goes back to Steffy, then back to Hope then back to Steffy. Quinn and Eric break up because playing Eric’s wife is too boring.
      Flubber leaves his shirt on (yay) and goes back to Floppy Flo. But Floppy finds she can’t get pregnant for real (the surgeon punctured her ovaries when taking her kidney) also now her sole kidney is failing and she wants her other one back. So she tries to have Katy murdered and her kidney retrieved. Then she tries getting Dr Hooks to steal her a baby that she can pass off to Flubber as their own. By December next year Flubber is beginning to discover why everyone at Forrester, including interns and the man who delivers the bread to IL Geodino’s knows the secret except him.

  8. Slept through it , sorry. I know I’ve made similar bad choices in the past but I’m making amends.

    At 3 am last night, I’m wondering how this Skeletor spy sting will fall flat on it’s ill conceived arse.

    Skeletor has a romantic interest in the roach, right? Thomas will see the snake in the grass. If he doesn’t , little Douglas will. He doesn’t miss a thing.

    I think the roach will still be the phantom designer at the big showdown and Hope “wins”. So Hope’s been too busy raising Beth to design. Actually, she’s been hanging around Douglas like a bad stench all this time.

  9. Severe memory loss on B&B. Everyone gas forgotten that Zoe was knee deep in Pheobethgate; more so than Thomas who came late to the crime. They have forgotten that if Thomas’s lips are moving, he’s lying.
    And they have forgotten that Liam is overdue a wife swap.

    • I had visitors and phone calls today but I get the gist of the big Showdown. Liam was appalling talking to Wyatt.Thanks.

  10. Liam said the magic words to Flubber; “Don”t tell anyone”. πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

  11. I love that Hope was so busy monologuing about her uncertainty regarding Thomas’s intentions that she didn’t even notice him staring at her chest.

    Oh, these people.

    • I know. When his eyes glint and pierce and come over all glassy, that should be the clue that Thomas has gone into one of his romantic or dangerous, or both, reveries.
      Hope should ask Pam to design the line. Or Charlie. Everyone else amazingly has all these talents. Pam could create a lemon bar range.

    • Clueless Hope was mentally undressed by a perverted roach. Steffy’s coming round to “forgiveness”. Vinnie the dealer is probably the sanest of this lot. Roachie’s just not that into you, Zoe.

      Ok. So Hope will win the showdown.

  12. Slept through it. I’ll never be a designer. I’ll make amends. Hell knows I hope not to have missed a pulsating showdown….or Roachdown, I should say.

    • You missed:
      Replay Ridge and Brooke leaving each other but not leaving each other but leaving each other,
      Roach working on Quinn to push the Ridge/$hauna fling. In spite of being for the romance, Quinn couldn’t hide her disdain for Thomas’s involvement.
      Roach peeping through a crack in Steffy’s office door, with glinting, beady eyes, overhearing Zoe and Steffy talk. Zoe is believing that Roach likes her

      Liam asking Hope to be careful of Roach….and Hope telling Liam she wasn’t going to do anything stupid.

      So you missed nothing.

      • Hope’s not going to do anything stupid. That fills me with confidence.

        How about allowing a perverted , obsessed murderer to design her lines? Oh . but he’s such a talented designer.

        Beth is practically an orphan in this.

        Today I saw a dead ringer for Hope at the local servo.

  13. Hope “wants to believe that Thomas has moved on” from her. Maybe she thinks the earth is flat, as well. Not the way he was salivating over her body the other day. Brooke smells the rat.

  14. Anyone else think Hope is falling under the roach of romance spell? The writers want us to think this. Tender moments with Douglas are helping. The family hug gives the roach a chance to rub his perverted appendage over Hope’s hand. Roach makes sure Hope sees the Skeletor kiss. Hope looks jealous. God help us, LA is eating out of the roaches hand. Nameless hot Forrester models compliment him.

    Now Sally knows about the Skeletor strategy. The discussion between Wyatt and Liam is an appalling scene. Terrible acting.

    Brooke and Steffy face off. Brooke blames the roach for her marriage break up. I can’t recall the reasons for thirteen previous divorces, annulments etc.

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. The reason for 13 divorces. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Now I am watching out for the appendage scene. I haven’t scene one scrap of work being done, at either company.
      Liam and Flubber put on the performance of year 8 school thesbians.

      • It’s when Hope , Roach and Douglas have a group hug. The roach slithers his hand over Hope’s. He’s not obsessed anymore…….

    • Today the snake ravaged Zoe by candle light with his love lizard. It was like a reality tv date. Roach ~ ” You’ve got beautiful eyes” and Zoe is tearing the roach’s shirt open.

      Everyone’s on the roach train except for Liam and Brooke ~ prophets in the insane wilderness created by the roach.

      Work done today ~ 0
      Roach gossip ~ unlimited.

  15. Xmas is coming. Will Brooke turn up? Shauna’s declined politely for the “family’s”.sake. Quinn’s batting for Shauna. Everyone reminds Ridge how awesome Brooke is. For him “it’s complicated”

    Guilty roach wakes up next to smitten Skeletor. He lies about having a great time last night. He’ll make sure that Hope sees the trail of sexual clues that he and Zoe have been at it. Liam’s brainstorm is sunk.

    Eric, Quinn and Ridge know about Skeleroach already.She gets a Xmas invite.

  16. Our hearts are ripped apart by solemn music and flashbacks . as Brooke and Ridge explore their personal hell of being apart at Xmas.

    Roach drops hints as big as the Titanic to Hope about shagging Zoe. Hope’s pissed off that Zoe got a Xmas invite. It’s going to be a shite occasion. Curtain.

    The roach, however anticipates a good Xmas. It’ll be a brawl….with Carols thrown in.

  17. Hope did a lot of neck-cranking, like she’s a robot or Frankenstein creation, followed by awkward smiles.
    For someone who wants to throw Thomas off her scent, she sure rocked up to return Douglas to Thomas looking smoking hot.

    $hauna the barnacle sister looks very much like the “also ran” in Ridge’s love life.

  18. So apparently they skipped right over Christmas, and we pick up today with our favourite clan of insane weirdos, sometime in the new year?

    I do like the implication that Eric’s Christmas dinner, this year, was such an awkward and uncomfortable affair that the show skipped right past it.

    • So we did miss it. I feel cheated. Couldn’t fit all these nut cases into one room for some friendly Carols and Eric’s trademark Egg nog..

  19. Xmas has happened . Apparently it went well. Did we miss it?

    Roach bludgeons Hope into giving Skeletor a job on her line. When Hope’s not looking , the roach is drooling over Hope’s breasts and quivering lips. Like he’s really moved on.

    Brooke is still cock blocking Ridge over the roach. She’s not buying the one night stand with Zoe….glad Ridge hasn’t filed the divorce papers, though.

    Steffy’s drawing Liam in , it’s not going to take much.

  20. What? No Christmas? That’s one way to avoid Eric playing the piano and singing. I expect that might be the reason, or perhaps it was the likelihood that $hauna might be Ridge’s other date, Roach would bring Zoe, and Flo would come because her kidney is there.

  21. Oh my Gawd. Superman is looking right through Hope’s blouse as she yammers on naively. Don’t worry. Liam said Hope knows how to take care of herself. There should be no doubt that Roach is using Skeletor. He never looks through her clothes.
    I think they probably skipped the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas this year as everyone find it all more “ho hom” than, “ho ho ho”. But they could solve that problem with a good Christmas fight, maybe with some torn clothing, hair pulling, name calling and lemon bar tossing.

    Liam is trying to “simplify his life”. 🀣 Perhaps he should just get Steffy and Hope to move in together. Steffy really needs to move out of the dangerous house anyway. That horrific, mountainous precipice of a front yard is no play area for Kellie and Pheobeth.

  22. The roach hate continues for everyone bar Hope and Ridge. Bill swears to handle the roach his way.

    Liam goes to the roach and Thomas throws everything he’s got. “Vegan, computer geek, ne’er do well bastard of the Spencer clan”. Soon the roach will be head of FC, he brags. Liam’s got nothing. .

    • Thanks, Dave. I’m off to Perth so I will cling onto the thought that it will probably continue pretty much as is until I return. The Barnacles have been strangely missing.

      • Today the roach a little foolishly confessed his master plan for Hope and FC to $hauna, who he thinks will keep her mouth shut because her ultimate goal is to bag Ridge. The roach approves of $hauna/ Ridge. He taunts Liam for not putting a ring on Hope ‘cos he’s still stuck on Steffi. Crazy as he is, the roach has a point. Liam is dumbstruck, That look we know too well.

        Yes daisy , more of the same. The roaches plans will become more grandiose, Hope’s not helping with her cleavage hanging out in front of the new unobsessed roach. Bill is in the wings, on the same side as Brooke.

        • Thanks Dave. Yes Hope has been looking extra.gorgeous the last couple of days, instead of slumped and grisling. She looked beautiful in that white jumper a couple of days ago. Even Woolif noticed that she was wearing a fringe in her hair. He then was reprimanded for not noticing I had a fringe that day. πŸ₯΄ πŸ˜‚

  23. Liam dobs to Hope about the roach’s power speech and threat and it looks like Hope is starting to get wise…..but she’ll back down because she needs the talented roach for the showdown. Great designer, too bad he’s a perverted, insane murderer in his spare time

    Liam then goes to dob to Steffy , who’s on the reformed roach train. Liam gets an unsympathetic ear. He looks a buffoon (again)

    Thomas whines to Hope that Liam is crazy, paranoid and that stiff shit, no apology for Liam. Hope is wearing a see through blouse , just to be sure not to feed the roach’s obsession. Thomas tells Hope that Liam is still in love with Steffy and Hope looks pensive. Curtain. All Roach, Liam, Steffy , Hope. Some stranger hit on Steffy.

  24. It won’t be long before the 6 legged one urgently and immediately needs a model and no one is available except Hope, who buys the ploy and disrobes behind the paper thin screen. Roach has a spotlight behind it turning Hope into a tantalising striptease shadow puppet show.
    And with any luck Brooke or Ridge will walk in. “What????”, asks naive Hope.

  25. Liam proposes to Hope, the love’s not unconditional.

    First Hope has to sack the roach. No more work time together.

    No more co parenting the mini roach.

    These are Liam’s demands. Hope will turn him down because she’s fixated on little Douglas. The talented psychodesigner will help her win the showdown. Curtain.

  26. Liam: “You have to marry me, Hope! But don’t say ‘yes’ until I’ve finished monologuing for ten minutes about all the conditions and rules I’m setting out for you after agreeing to handcuff yourself to the ticking time-bomb that is me! But, still, I want you to marry me!”

    I mean, to be fair to the scamp, he’s not exactly wrong to be concerned with Hope’s obsession with a kid that isn’t even hers. And why the hell she’s even in the same city as Thomas, let alone the same workplace, is anybdy’s guess.

  27. I echo the sentiments. Hope will refuse the supposed love of her life, choosing Douglas over marriage to Liam.
    Yes, “the scamp” is right, but then his obsession with Steffy just adds to the confusion. Doesn’t he know that continuing to be attached to his ex will give the Roach ammo?
    6 legs is beginning to behave like a 8 legs; spinning a sticky web all around Hope, Shauna, his Dad, Zoe….
    Oh and btw is Carter a eunuch? He has no gf, bf friends or family. He lives in a void outside of the Forrester realm.

  28. Roach and Douglas barge in on Liam’s demands/ proposal before Hope can answer. Roach starts the knife twisting on late Liam. Liam is shitting himself. One punch is all it takes, Liam…..do it. Hope’s off to frolic with Douglas and Beth.

    Ridge is beginning to get sick of Liam. What took you so long? Ridge is still a big roach lover , though. Steffy, too.

  29. The roach is throwing around threats like cheap confetti. We know how dumb Hope is. She’ll do what the roach hisses at her and reject Liam’s “proposal”. The roach and Liam almost had a fight but Thugless and Hope came back in time. Thomas seems to be getting the upper leg.

    Ridge tells Steffy maybe should reconnect with Liam. Hope’s all over the mini roach and tells Liam the conditions are too much and “don’t ask me to do this”

  30. Hope’s on a high horse about the proposal demands. Hope’s acting skills ain’t happening here. “We owe our family to Douglas”. Hope rejects any ultimatums.The sad cellos rise. Liam walks out. Looks like Hope is dumped. Curtain.

    • Hope’s high horse is either a very shaky mule, or it’s ready for the glue factory. She might now how to ride it, but it’s ready to collapse.

  31. The Forresters don’t have a family tree. They have a family Hoya. I say that because we just gave one away, two actually, and they were so mixed up and intertwined.
    For instance; Hope being mother to Douglas makes her mother to the son of the woman who was “wife” to her mother’s husband (or maybe ex).

      • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        I am just watching (and cooking rice) Thomas prove that he has moved on from Hope by running Liam’s proposal into a ditch. Yes, Thomas has clearly moved on. 🀭.
        Liam is going to get relegated to the back burner. No Hope wants boundaries. Hahahaha.

    • Wait, so Caroline dated both Ridge *and* his son Thomas?

      That is a thousand kinds of gross.

      I’m just waiting for Douglas to hit puberty, disappear for a few weeks and then come back in his 20s, and then he and Hope start dating. You know they’ll do it.

      • Short version : Thomas did a Bill Cosby on Caroline while she was married to Ridge. Then she discovered that she was pregnant with Douglas. She tried to pretend the rape didn’t happen (it was a secret) but unfortunately Ridge had, over the years, used up all of his sperm.
        In the end Ridge did the noble thing and gave Caroline to the gather of her unborn child. Actually it was Brooke who made Ridge come clean that it was really the Roach’s child, and that Ridge was in fact, the grandfather.
        Simple really.

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