I’m a Celeb with Daisy

Thanks to Daisy for the jungle scoop as Celeb nears an end …

“Week 3 in the jungle is it, Docteur?” They have been racing through the evictees this year. I’m not a happy Jan (where does that expression originate?) because I want to get to know what the campers are really like. We finally get Charlotte to shut up a bit, but too late: Billy Brownless, Erin and Tom, all ones I liked for various reasons, are gone, while Baboon Bum lips Charlotte and Snoozefest Ryan remain. Ryan made Tom look like he had a big personality and keen social skills. I wouldn’t be so harsh to Charlotte if those lips were a birth defect instead of a choice. And if she didn’t talk about herself all of the time.

So, a summary of evictees, but only through my eyes. Dilruk, he was all right but was drowned out by Charlotte. Nikki, nice but drowned out by Charlotte. Billy, interesting but drowned out by Charlotte. Erin, a sneaky dry sense of humour and sweet personality that was drowned out by Charlotte. Tom, goofy and odd, but would probably have gone by now anyway.

Remaining we have Daisy Dave who has made a few hilarious comments. Myf who has depth and listens to others.

Ronda who is doing a good job of storytelling and pulling funny faces. Coz the magician, who is a humble sweetheart. Slowburn Tanya who when she gets a word in edgeways, isn’t too bad.

Cheerful, kind Miguel who might win. Perez who wants to prove to the world that he is nice…myeh. Ryan, who probably won’t win because he has taken on second fiddle to Charlotte. And Charlotte who is annoying lots of people in abd out of the camp but who might still be in the last 3 if she can get the votes from young ladettes.
This year, there is no bitchiness between campers. They have shown great tolerance of Charlotte, and are getting along really well. On The Project, Nikki said that Charlotte gave her the shits, yet she didn’t express that in camp. Erin was straight about finding her a pain, but Tom and Billy described her in a positive way.

It seems that the show will wind up fairly soon, which will be a bit disappointing. I still want to see if there are some interesting personalities there. I predict Perez will be gone next. My favourite now is Cos. How about you?



  1. I’d like Miguel to win. I’d be okay with almost anyone, as long as it’s not the Mouth That Roared and kept on roaring.

    Rhonda is starting to annoy me a little. I’ve always liked her before, but I have a feeling that some of her stories are embellished. It’s not unusual for someone to make up details to improve a story, but I have less respect for those who do.

  2. Aw, Jesus, will someone please shut that stupid woman up!

    I missed the first few minutes, so have no idea what all the banana drama was about. But the next 10 minutes was mostly fucking Charlotte flapping her fucking gums, fake-crying, and flapping her goddamn gums some more. Shut.her.up.

  3. I said this before but….
    I think Charlotte and Ryan went on the attack.
    It went like Ryan saying Charlotte needed more banana because she didn’t use wouldn’t eat oats. (Hmmm). Charlotte made some comment like, “Let it go because we all know how Miguel gets in the morning.” (Woh). So they weren’t yelling too much but they were a bit of a two headed monster. Now we all know that Charlotte is loud and it’s hard to get a word in, so it’s not surprising that when Perez wanted to bring some, “Excuse me?” to the debate that he felt the need to raise his voice. IMO, Ryan’s decision making is warped because he favoured Charlotte. In spite of who said what afterwards, it started when Ryan wanted Charlotte to have more banana than anyone else. Was there something Freudian in that?
    Charlotte had a good blubbery cry afterwards to play the victim. She sure has brought out the worst in Ryan. Or exposed it.

    • Thanks for your recaps Daisy.
      If Charlotte doesn’t eat the oats, how has this issue with other food not come up before now?

  4. Perez did great on the tucker trial. Haha. The best revenge is bringing home 9 stars for the camp.🍔 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  5. I only saw the loved ones bit. Miguel’s kids were so cute, calling him Papa. Is it just me or did Charlotte look a bit guilty when it was clear Ryan’s parents were very unwell. Not such a good look for her to dump and dash him after the show

  6. “I’m not a happy Jan (where does that expression originate?)” – Yellow Pages ad. It’s on youtube.
    Thanks for the recap Daisy.

  7. I agree. I thought Big Mouth had an uh-oh moment. Not a how-lovely movement, or a how-sad moment but just a this-is-not-going-to-play-well-for-me moment.
    Sadly, those of us who dislike her and think she is playing a game are just going to dislike her more and the muppets who are voting for her are not going to notice.
    Interestingly, I thought that the camera lingered on Charlotte for some time during the whole biz. Clearly the producers think the whole thing is fake. Maybe now they will, subtly, take action.
    And she must be close to going. She’s been in the bottom three a couple of times now.

  8. Double eviction. Ryan and Charlotte. No wait. Leave one in to see if they can manage without their ‘storyline’. Charlotte won’t have Tanya to talk about herself to”.

  9. Hey Campers, “Charlotte should get a whole banana”, says Ryan. He made himself look like a bastard and a fool.
    Friends should know when a friend is in.the wrong and not agree or enable.
    I don’t know if Charlotte had perhaps muttered something to Ryan first, or if that fool, being under her spell, and having had his brains sucked put by those enormous lips, came up with the idea of special privileges for his gf.
    “Mum, Charlotte didn’t eat her peas, so she should get everyone else’s ice-cream”.

    And yes, Bobi. I reckon Charlotte, Ryan and Perez all had Celeb’s regret, but I was okay with Perez blowing his stack when faced with Charyan. How was bossy boots nerve telling Perez to go to the waterhole to cool down.

  10. On the ‘bottom three’ theory, are you peeps referring to when they say ‘it might be you’? Which they also say at tucker trial.
    I don’t take that as actual indication of voting results. Are voting results available to the public? I’ve always assumed that the ‘it might be you’ is just made up BS pretend to make things interesting for some in camp, to possibly skew votes next time, influence viewing, something maybe. Whatever, I don’t believe ‘it might be you’ is real.
    Time to go Harlotte. I mean Charlotte.

    • 😂😂😂😂
      But yes. I don’t think, “It might be you”, is the bottom 3. It would be too revealing.

    • I googled it and got confirmation. “It might be you”, means nothing at all.
      How disappointing. And here I thought the voting public were coming to their senses.

    • How expensive are bananas?
      I don’t think she’s interested in Ryan’s bananas, either now or anytime in the future.

      • Surprisingly cheap … like our young Charlotte.
        Sorry, sorry, that was the obvious joke. My apologies.
        We all know that young Ryan can’t afford her. I’m guessing that she’s worth 3 or 4 million dollars and counting? She’s made professional of this for many, many a year.

      • I suppose Julia and Chris will have a crate of bananas waiting for her. Maybe even a banana crown if she wins.

        I wonder if her lips will ever recover from being blown out of proportion. They are a good representation of her loud mouth.

  11. A bit of news; last week I sent a message to Nikki from IAC, just to encourage her and tell her that on ttv she got good feedback. Then I forgot about it. Well surprise! I just received a lovely reply and sentiment of appreciation.

  12. Okay so now I get why Ryan has been shoved down our throats by 10 : its because 10 is turning him into a tv ‘personality’ so they can shove him into other RTV shows for the next 2 or 3years like they did with Angie who went from gogglebox to IAC to bachelorette (what happened on that show did she end up wit( someone?’ And now on the dance thing in 2 weeks. This is why we are getting so much airtime on Ryan this is why the produces created that storyline with Charlotte and this is why we don’t get any airtime or equal airtime by comparison with all the other contestants who have actually got a personality and have done something that would be interesting to hear.

    I think Perez’s outburst was justified because he could see what was being shown before he went in and it was shite to focus on those two so much- plus they were both having a go at Miguel

    Also how piss weak was that exit interview with Perez by Julia and Chris – Perez was basically volunteering to spill everything and they just looked at him with these bland smiling faces -it was pathetic

    Rhonda is starting to grate from a icky perspective : the fart, the digging for her underwear in her bum … just yuck

    • I think after he exited not really saying goodbye to the others they were worried what he might say. Although he exited Celeb BB the same way, not saying goodbye to anyone. I suspect there was alot more of Perez headbutting withe the rest of the camp that we didn’t see. I think the rest of the camp was just trying not to cheer that he was gone.
      He made an interesting comment re Ryan trying to get airtime without Charlotte. I wonder how much Perez told them about what was going to air.

    • Bolders: Angie chose Carlin at the end of the Bach and they’re still together.

      Daisy: thanks for the post. What show will you recap next week?

    • Same page all the way again Boulders. Ronda has a slight falseness. Perez was justified in his frustration with she who shouts over the top of everyone and her sidecar.
      Ryan comes of as a dick so perhaps he can fill in for Karl Stefanovik.

    • I second that Juz. Would be a fitting end to the season.
      The camp mates haven’t argued this year because Miguel has made all of the meals and they’ve all been fab. Imagine if he went home first; they’d all be going cray cray by now!

  13. That challenge was unbearable. More of that shrew/fishwife screeching. Her voice is like a human cheese grater, or chainsaw.

    • If I knew any synonym phrases for “fingernails on a chalkboard”, to describe her voice, I would use every single one of them now, and type them in capital letters with many exclamation points.

      The mute button on my remote doesn’t work, so I think I’m out until that ignorant attention whore is gone. I would live with Perez Hilton, who I didn’t think was so bad, for five years rather than listen to oxygen thief Charlotte for five minutes.

  14. She is unbearable.
    It was either Ryan or Daisy who said no food for Perez cos he didn’t sing. I assume it was Ryan. Cos and Miguel said everyone will eat. Ryan is an idiot.
    I’ve been aware of Daisy due to AFL in Vic. He’s just lovely. I hope he can get off those meds.

    • I automatically disliked Daisy, because well, Collingwood. And he was such a good player when he was with them and a bit of a Swans nemesis, so I was down on him! But I am a complete convert – he is way more reasonable and logical than the camp deserves.
      I think I too would have dived into the Perez tanty as geez – what was Miguel doing? He was being FAIR. If baboon lips wanted more she coud have had it.
      I so want Miguel to win now. I may have to actually, ahem, vote.

      • I am loving Daisy, as well. I was a bit wary at the beginning,
        because well, footy fella.
        So I am down to those two, Miguel and Daisy. I would be happy with either.
        Yes, yes, I know. Time to start voting. Wouldn’t we all be ropable if it came down to Ryan and/or Tart-face.

        • I had never heard of Daisy, but immediately disliked him for stealing my name. 😂
          But in fact I haven’t minded him at all and he has even made me laugh. I am over Myf. Not that I dislike her but she just sits there observing. A good skill in life, but boring on TV.
          Ronda has seemed from early on that most of what she does and says is for the camera.
          That kind of leaves Miguel, Daisy or Coz for me. But I don’t care who wins out of those 3. Miguel and Coz are my top 2.

  15. They are doing a heavy promotion for Ryan and Charlotte in articles. And that includes articles dissing Perez.
    I assume that they are trying to counterbalance the swell of dislike that seems to actually be happening. Mostly I am finding sympathy for Perez. Confession time: he behaved just the way I would. I have been known to chuck the odd tanty.
    I thought his willingness to do any trial, with no fanfare or complaint, didn’t get enough credit.
    And call me suspicious (as you know, I love a conspiracy), I thought Ryan’s decision to not do the bungee jump (after he easily jumped from a plane) was only so Charlotte wouldn’t look so bad. Back fired, big time, hey? The producers can be clever. Or maybe it was Julia. She is cleverer than her performance shows, regularly going off script to show her dislike of a contestant – remember Kiera?
    I didn’t think many of the camp mates were kind to Perez and, like everyone else, I am going off Rhonda. She’s not classy.
    Anyway, roll on the Charlotte show. How clever of Perez to reduce their air time.

    • Bang on, Bobi. Ditto, ditto, ditto.
      It was telling when Perez said he didn’t dfeel accepted. So is that what made him even more upset in Banana Gate. No one else stuck up for Miguel, even though surely no one agreed with Ryan. Fence sitters. Perez was like the whistle blower, while most, except for Miguel, played camera-safe. Like you, I would have jumped in like Perez.
      Yes. I didn’t think for one second Perez would have given the trial to the boring brats.

    • I agree about Ryan and bungee jump and I too understand Perez losing his shit. And love that he was working against Charlotte’s air time.

  16. One vote. Bwahhahahaha.
    One vote to Miguel and one vote to Dale.
    As we all keep trying to tell Scott from Marketing, even the smallest bit will help.

  17. Caught the end of radio interview with JM earlier. She is not a fan of Perez. Didn’t want to say/influence but Miguel is her pick for winner.
    Re Rhonda – i grew up with Cartoon Corner, Daryl & Ozzie after school, Hey, Hey Sat mornings and then late Sat night and then early Sat night, into my mid twenties. No longer than that, cos Hey Hey was around for 30ish years. Anyyyyhooi, it was a fun show, lots of in jokes. They were a real clique tho, and R Burchmore was right in with them. Completely non-PC, she was one of the gang, and Daryl Somers was, apparently a control freak. I never really liked her. She gave off a real air of superiority and still does. Methinks you be in her cool crowd or not. Most peeps not.

  18. Boring ep tonight. Don’t blame you for watching something else.
    My one vote each saved Miguel and Daisy.
    Told you every little bit helps.
    And could Rhonda shut the f up? I am so over her crying and saying “oh, you are beautiful”, and more crap along those lines, e.v.e.r.y t.i.m.e someone leaves.

    • I’m not somebody who notices things (of course I’m self absorbed) but I did “look”.
      I put it down to white (well, almost white) pants. No man should be seen dead in white pants. Or maybe that segment went on too long.
      Are we on the same page here? Or am I turning in to an old nana?

  19. Hahaha. Ryan thinks he can move to England and be a comedian. Well I’m laughing.
    Charlotte is a tease. She plunged in with her plunger lips and chased after Ryan in week 1, then (bait and switch) “Oz wonts to take it slow”.
    She thinks she is too big a star to hang out with him on the outside.

    Now I will flick to First Dates and hope that Ryan, Angie and Sophie Monk aren’t on that too.
    Bye Myf. You were nice. Ryan……nah. I didn’t dislike him on MAFS but he was unpleasant on IAC.

  20. Ryan was on there too long and Charlotte is fulfilling her and Ryan’s bullshit storyline.
    She was really struggling to squeeze a tear out when Ryan was evicted – I’ve never seen anyone able to make their face go red and yet not be able to cry. The kisses looked icky – the anus eating in those food challenges would have looked more attractive (if I had the stomach to watch that is – but I imagine they’d be better to watch that char and Ryan going at it as though he was going away to war)

  21. Tonight I am going to vote, vote vote. Miguel, Coz or Daisy; I don’t mind who wins out of them.

    I suppose Charlotte will use Ryan’s departure to create more attention on herself.

    • Daisy, do votes from WA even get in? I think the small print on the voting screen says votes close 2230 ET, which means we don’t have a chance. Might be wrong, the blurb is very small and shows for a short time.

        • I STILL haven’t got over that. They were so clearly the best team.

          My conspiracy theory says “we are going to name charlotte in the ‘It might be you’ category so that the legion of followers can vote to save their surgically enhanced leader”.
          I don’t love this theory, by the way.

          • The short answer is yes.
            I didn’t understand it but yes. They can use Twitter and Facebook. I don’t know whether they can use SMS.

  22. I’m not sure I can think tune in tonight.
    No matter how they advertise this, it’s going to be Charlotte trying to draw attention to herself.
    Running commentary, with lots of sarcasm, would be very much appreciated.

  23. Just saw the eviction and said to Mr Juz “everyone on TTV will be going ‘yay!’”. Thanks for proving me right!

  24. I am so irritated by her that I couldn’t watch any of the interview.
    And again, Rhonda with the gushing as if she has just lost her best friend, ffs.
    Hopefully, if there’s any justice, it will be Rhonda next.

    • Same Bobi I also skipped the ‘interview’ – this whole season was dedicated to her and that fake romance so I’ve had enough of
      The both of them. What Ryan show up in something else soon maybe as the bachelor? I find him immature

  25. Just watching now. I love Coz’s story of how magic drew him in to reading.

    I know who get’s the boot because I accidentally saw her picture on a fb post. Damn but not. 😁😁😁😁😁😘

    I would hate to live next to her. I can imagine her screeching at her kids; ” You booody kids get in here!!!!”.

    Polly, I agree.

  26. Now that the relief of her going has subsided, I think it’s odd that the dislike for Fishface is almost universal here and yet it’s not reflected in any of the journalistic commentary. Julia was fulsome in her praise (The Doctor was quiet so maybe it’s not shared).
    I did see an interview on The Project. Ryan said that everyone was asking if it was a Shomance. Not on his side, was the reply. Peter Hellier was very direct. I thought I saw the first glimmer of doubt creep into Ryan’s replies.

    • It was funny (it might have been the Project ot on Studio 10) when a male interviewer pointed out to him that Charlotte had said that she didn’t WANT him him in the UK. He twisted his neck like a hubot as if it was the first he had heard it.
      I hope Ryan isn’t the next Bach. I didn’t watch Angie. In fact they need to stop putting known “celebs’ on the Bach. And quit the pronipulating and single formula.

  27. Pumped for this encore, though it be 42 degrees.

    “Shallow brooks are the noisiest” Dr Phil

    It’s safe to watch again. Tide of likeability seems to have turned against Rhonda Rottenbox.

    • Dr Phil had an entitled daughter yesterday. A doozie. Hmm now from cometh “doozie?”

      Oh, spelled doosy, it might come from “daisy”. Pronounced by Charlotte? Or an Italian actress surnamed Duse.

          • Made my day. Quick trip to brave heat and I’ll kick back. It’ll include a highlights package from yesterday.

            I got at least four interpretations for “doosy”, daisy.

          • Yeah, I stopped looking because we are driving and my eyesight was struggling on my phone.
            We visited daughter in hossie yesterday and.enthiastically started listing Danish words that were absorbed by Brits from the Vikings
            Daughter began laughing at us. She works with kids with autism and knows the symptoms. 😛

          • I’ve seen that Dr. Phil but it is worth watching again when he verbally abuses his guests.

          • I do wonder what “Coach Mike ” is like behind closed doors, too.

            Dr.Phil would crack in the jungle, for sure.

          • Call me crazy….but Coach Mike definitely has skeletons. Wife basher? Bully? Or just performance enhancing drugs????

          • Coach Mike’s website is a laugh. I may sample some free excerpts from his (expensive) book. To think I was gonna buy it. He looks a lot like Shane Jacobs. Bully. He teamed up with Dr.Phil to kick crazy Momma to the kerb today. He could have photoshopped Jennifer Lopez having fun next to him on his website. Creepy Mike.

            Sorry for going off topic here. Would a Hollywood self help guru of the month help in the jungle?

  28. I have been watching too much of this show. I have just noticed that my beautiful boy bears more than a passing resemblance to a rat.

  29. I just sent a text and msg back says voting is closed 😣 not happy
    Why are we still seeing/hearing this desperado?

  30. Ditto. STOP already. And now everyone who watched the Project knows she has thrush…or clamidia…or genital warts. 😩

  31. Right. Here we are. Finale. I won’t spoiler, spoiler unless I have to but I will make bitchy comments.
    I don’t like Julia’s dress. Well, I do like her dress but not on Julia. It makes her look booby. And if she breathes out it will split.

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