My Kitchen Rules returns

The Rivals season of MKR (in Survivor parlance it would be Fans V Favourites, except not many of these contestants are faves) starts Sun, Feb 2 (note amended date – I originally had it returning a week earlier).
Will you be watching? I only dipped in and out last year as there is too much drama, not enough cooking.
Who even won last year? Google tells me Matt and Luke. Umm, oh those cricket mates. That is all I know about them.
Guess I will tune in to one episode to see how the new format works (each chef has a โ€œteamโ€ of cooks) but itโ€™s hard to watch Mr Anti Vaxxer get so much airtime. Plus Survivor is on soon, so that trumps MKR.



  1. Too many ugly memories for me to watch.

    Ch 7 seem to have confused the meaning of “our most loved contestants”. with “obnoxious” I mean , you got your precious IVF child, then stay home and look after the poor little bastard.

    Sophia? Here on MKR, we reward bad behaviour. Another deal breaker. Our most loathed contestatnts.

    • Snap. Too many horror people. Time for the rtv producers to go out on a limb and doi something radical by using good ccoiks and interesting people who have achieved more than having their boobs and lips pumped and eye liner tattooed.
      Remember that terrible girl from MAFS who was screaming at people, throwing plates and was abusive to her “hubby”, the Philippino girl whose name began with C? Young people were praising her for her spunk. Good Lord! ๐Ÿง“
      Seriously, lots of comments on FB were congratulatory.
      Bah! We viewers deserve better than the Cyrels (it came to me), Davina’s, Charlotte’s, and that horrendous blonde girl on MAFS who kept belittling her “husband”. What are we teaching our kids?
      Be a skank?

      Bring on more ladette to lady.

      • Cyrelle? Rottweiler. Who could forget? Psycho.

        That said, I’ll be watching MAFS and the “experiment”

        I’ll miss Manu but c’est la vie.

      • Speaking of MFAS, this year’s season seems to have the oldest 20 somethings that we have ever seen. Assuming, they didn’t drop a decade on their application forms, botox and fillers have ruined their faces. Think they should skip the s-experts and just do the keys in the bowl with a magic eight ball to dispense the earnest advice.

        Ladette to Lady????? LOL. The etiquette experts were rough not the baby alcos…

        • Yes. The Ladette to Lady experts were snobs, not graceful. And the girls were still rough at the end.
          Aus could do a version….but is Diane Fisher still alive. ๐Ÿ˜‚
          Actually It’s Buttrose would have a good knowledge of lady-like behaviour and maybe Carrie Fisher.

          • There was an Australian version. They sent the Australian girls over for tutelage under Rosemary and Gill. Embarrassing.

        • Snog, Marry, Avoid was a good show for taking over faked-tanned females and weirdly dressed males and giving them a make-over that made them fit to meet the general public.

          • The girls all looked so much better when made under but 90 per cent went back to their fake looks

  2. It’s a definite “no” from me as well.

    2019 just broke me, for Australian reality TV. Producers stuff their shows with obnoxious, awful people … and ultimately, it’s contrived production stunts that determine who wins and who loses. The actual competition is pointless. It’s all just a scam that the viewing public support.

    Plus, supporting Paleo Pete, these days, just gives me the creeps.

    • It’s a hard no from me too. This will be my third MKR-free year and I am totally comfortable with not seeing those people.
      The trailer is excellent reason to steer clear. the IVF thing is creepy to me too Wind – as if somehow that is an elevated noble reason to be given the money.
      Here’s a thought – give the cash to the best cooks. I don’t give a rats if they spend it on booze or bibles or bonking- but don’t make the sob story part of any decision making to make the winner “relatable”.

  3. Herald Sun mentioned MKR starting on Feb 2. I think Ch 7 has given up on the show . Feb 2 is the Aus Open men’s final.

    I don’t think I like any of the returning contestants except for the brother and sis. From the promo, Dan and Steph are using tears again and talk about another child. They already won and Dan is also a qualified chef. They shouldn’t be on the show.

    • Yeah, I read an interview this morning, they’re doing the show just because they want to give a sibling to the kid they’ve already got.

      Something about it just seems skeezy. I don’t know. If they win the money, it’s theirs to do whatever they want with it, but I don’t want or care to know anything about these people’s sex lives.

      • The desperate idiots should rob a bank……..a sperm bank.

        They were a pair of grubs in the kitchen behind all the smoke and mirrors sympathy show.

  4. I have amended the airdate in the main post now – yes, is Sun, Feb 2. Getting the jump on MAFS and Survivor by a whole day.

  5. Apparently Rachel and Roula are back too. I was just like, are they going out of their way to make people *not* want to watch? Dan was posting on the FB page, yesterday, and it took all my power not to say how odious their, “We deserve money to have a baby!” pitch.

      • Why don’t they get a trained monkey with airbag lips from the UK?

        Sorry, that was wrong of me. Did I say, “trained?”

      • We must have a conversation with a rando 15 year old girl to suss out the attraction. Surely it canโ€™t just be our old age that makes us dislike trained monkeys?
        Whoops. That โ€œtrainedโ€ bit is like an automatic inflection.

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