Bold chat Feb/March

By Daisy

Just when we thought it was going to be a never ending cycle of Thomas, Hope and Douglas, and their lost cause of “shared parenting”, at last B&B switches plot. Not completely. We still have soppy, mournful Flo, waiting in the wings for Flubber to return to her. Katy has called an intervention; a gratitude and forgiveness intervention. Katy, tycoon Bill, mini-tycoon Will, Justin and Donna have gathered in Bill’s office, when in walks Floppy Flo, with her one kidney (together with Katy, they have the set), followed by Lard Boyfriend, Flubber. Katy wins out, and everyone is just happy to have Katy alive, that they now all believe the best of Flo, except Bill, who looks like he is keeping his doubts to himself.
Flubber, you love rat…..

The real action is over at Eric’s where Brooke has called upon all her charms to woo Eric into immediately disposing of his wife and her trashy friend from the casino. Quinn turns electric blue and fumes as she watches Brooke make her demands. She runs straight to $hauna the $hagger, who has once again been reminding Rasper that she is just a friend who will do anything…ANYTHING, for him. $hauna tries to assure Quinn that her marriage to Eric is rock solid. In the meantime Eric heads of to confront Ridge, while Brooke stays behind to find her phone. In walks Quinn, followed by $hauna and the rage is unleashed. Insults are hurled. Brooke with steaming eyes, slaps $hauna. Shocked, $hauna goes down. Then Brooke turns her attention on Quinn. Quinn slaps Brooke. “Be very afraid”, warns Quinn. (She’s no stranger to evil). He he he. The only thing that could have completed this would have been shirts ripped, buttons popping, and cleavage escaping. 🤣

So will the sparks continue to fly between Quinn and Brooke? Will we see Quinn’s portrait thrown into the shed? Will Brooke and Eric meet at Il Giodino’s to discuss Brooke’s predicament? Will Ridge and $hauna meet at Il Giordino’s to discuss their friendship again? Will Douglas grow up to marry Hope? Will young tycoon Will grow up to crush them all? Will Sally finally get with the only man in the show who suits her;Bill? Together they could make a super evil empire. Will Floppy Flo steal another baby for a cool $50 000? Or will she make Storm proud? It all remains to be seen.



  1. Update.
    Sally rejects Flubber’s offer of a dumping.
    Flo is ready to move in. So I guess that will be a threesome; the way they like it on B&B.

    Flo has her toe wedged in the door. Now that it’s firmly there, she is wriggling her way to full reinstatement as sweet cousin Flo.

    Quinn is taking off her fancy gloves to prepare for some seriously ugly stoushing. Quinn and $hauna laugh, “Bwah ah……”.

    Brooke enlists Katy’s support, telling her that Quinn hit her. Mmmm. That story seems to be missing a detail. Brooke declares war on Quinn and $hauna, while $hauna and Quinn are already sharpening their knives.

    Brooke was so outraged about $hauna’s poaching, that she forgot that Katy has no reason to sympathize with her husband poaching sister.

    It’s nice to have a break from Thomas and Hope.

  2. “The only thing that could have completed this would have been shirts ripped, buttons popping, and cleavage escaping.”

    I’m not sure Eric’s heart would’ve survived that, to be honest.

  3. Flo tells Sally it’s time to move on from Wyatt. Sally eventually starts getting ill. Wyatt will find it hard to dump her if she’s crook. Maybe not.

    Fake tanned, bikini Steffy has her hooters on display, dropping hints to Liam how great it is having him around. Just like a family.

    The roach lends a fake shoulder for Hope to cry on about things going pear shaped with Liam. Saint Hope just couldn’t abandon baby roach….but she still wants lame Liam back.

    Steffy gets the guilts and decides she’ll blab to Liam about the roach being master of puppets for the kiss on the cliff. That’ll scuttle the roach.Curtain.

    • Steffy’s tummy was so brown, so rock hard and so ripped that it looked like a fake, latex stomach. And once again a Forrester takes tooooo long to spit out their confession. No surprise that it wouldn’t come out….yet.

      I’m loving $hauna getting the Manolos Blahnik Boot. Bye bye Leech. Go get a job flashing your boobs at bikini. “It’s best for our family”. Oh no, Quinn. This is all Brooke’s fault.

      Kelly had a good cry yesterday. If she was afraid of the sea, she had that whole treacherous cliff climb to get over it.

      So is Sally sick or pregnant? And as usual Bill wants Steffy in and Hope out, yet he wants Flo in and Sally out. The last one makes no sense. Flubber doesn’t have much choice but I think a sparky, red-headed design thief beats an, “I feel terrible”, but not enough to do anything about it, perpetually forlorn baby thief.

      • “And as usual Bill wants Steffy in and Hope out, yet he wants Flo in and Sally out.”

        Except for that one time when *he* wanted to be in Steffy, but everybody seems to have forgotten about that.

  4. $hauna gets the boot from the guest house, Someting about respecting Brooke and Ridge’s unhappy marriage.

    The roach barges in just as Steffy is going to blurt to Liam about the kiss.

    Little Douglas guilt trips Hope about being abandoned, like with his last Mommy.

  5. When my 84 yr old mum behaves badly, I call her Brooke.
    (Taken in the early 60s) She is still this woman on the inside.

  6. They’re all playing true confessions at Forrester’s. If Quinn was serious about fighting for her marriage, she would take Eric on another jaunt to Florida and let him lose himself in those blue eyes.
    IAlrhough it would be more like her to take him there and push him in with the alligators and take his fortune.

    • Would the alligators even want him? I mean, they’re blood-thirsty predators, but — unlike most of the predators on Bold — those alligators have standards.

  7. Another roach free day. No Hope, no Douglas. No Groundhogs. Better than Thanksgiving or Xmas.

    More of Brooke mentally unravelling as she gives it to Quinn in front of the portrait. Yesterday closed with Quinn eyeing off the alcohol on the cupboard. Today Brooke has someone new to hate on ~ the Wyatt/ Flo romance. The acting between Quinn and Brooke is good. We don’t often get to say this.

    Ridge tries to explain away his “friendship” with Shauna to Steffy. Wyatt is getting guilty about dumping Sally , who’s at the hospital with some faceless doctor. Of course, Katie just happens to be drifting past Sally’s waiting room . The prying and nosying begins.

    Quinn’s getting awful sick of Brooke’s rant and foul language, so she quietly gets some presumably Vodka and dumps it Brooke’s fruit juice. Curtain. Brooke’s a recovering alcoholic, nice move, Quinn.

    • I don’t know, I thought it was a bit lacklustre. If the Logan girls don’t like you, they throw you off something. Onto the sand, into a vat of acid, the details change but the general plan is the same. Spiking Brooke’s drink? Surely Quinn could’ve come up with something better than that.

      • I see your point. Yet since Eric shuns violence in his incredible mansion, Quinn couldn’t be as …bold.

  8. Steffy has $hauna pegged.

    I wish they would use the doctor from 30 Rock. That guy is funny.

    Katy is a magnet nose for juicy scandals. She was the one lurking to find out that Caroline was pregnant, but not so much to Ridge. Does, Sally have something serious? Ask Katy.

    Malificent is about to release her full powers. Don’t poke the spider, Brooke. I wonder if Brooke will get a dui. Brooke might win this round. Oooh. Nice earrings, Malificent.

  9. Eric, apparently, “hates coming home to fight club in the living room.”

    The girls who wrestle in an inflatable-pool full of jello, in the garage, every Friday? Eric doesn’t mind those.

    • Eric doesn’t seem to realize that Fight Club is all about his money.

      That Vodka is beginning to hit the spot.

  10. Eric pretends to not like girl fights but has surrounded himself with ladies who hate each other, and married a woman wiho has a bag of whips.
    Dr Phil would call him an enabler.

    • “Eric pretends to not like girl fights but has surrounded himself with ladies who hate each other, and married a woman wiho has a bag of whips.”

      And *that’s* what this show needs more of.

    • Thomas, the murderer got bent out of shape over Quinn spiking someone’s drink. Remember the roach organizing Liam to have a disco biscuit in his drink so he’d sleep with Steffy? Double standards and the roach are one.

      These folks is crazy..

      I fell asleep during today’s offering. Thanks for the snaps,daisy.

    • “Thomas always shows up in time to intervene.”

      Doesn’t he, though? It’s like he has secret microphones planted in every room in the building.

      Oh my gosh, he has secret microphones planted in every room in the building!

  11. The roach is perving at Hope again. He tells Hope she’s the only one and then takes Zoe to a cheap diner. Carter tried to hit on Zoe earlier.

    Liam and Steffy are kissing again. Nobody appears to be watching this time. Curtain.

    • “Carter tried to hit on Zoe earlier.”

      There’s this weird subtext of, “They’re both black, so obviously they’ll fall in love” to this pairing. I have to say, bad form, writers. You’re better than this. Oh, wait, no, you’re not.

  12. Oh my Gawd. Hope must have the IQ of an amoeba. The Roach can put any scheme past her. It’s like someone threw some magic dust over her to make her a pretty but gullible fool.

  13. Wyatt and Katie both declare that they don’t mean to pry to Sally, but they go right on in and do it. Sally’s test results are imminent. She’ll have something to suck Wyatt in.

    Sally tells Katie not to tell anyone about her health status. We know what happens next. Blab City.

    $hauna and Quinn celebrate Flo and Wyatt and start the gossip train.

    Sally flashes back to Flubber’s proposal. Katie’s hanging around Sally like a vulture.

    • A slightly more youthful Wipes had a bit-part on Miami Vice last night. It was a chase scene. He couldn’t manage that now.
      He had a few words to say. He had to act like a nervous stooge.

  14. Dr Schlock is about to tell Sally her results and…….Curtain. It’ll be something rare we don’t know the name of.

    Roach free day. Again Sally asks Katie not to tell anyone, sealing her fate.

  15. They told Sally, and Katy knows. We know it’s really serious and fatal but they aren’t telling us. The doctor said Sally needs a plan.

    Sally said no one but the three of them in the doctor’s room can know about it. It looks like viewers have to use their own medical expertise and make their own diagnosis.

    Meanwhile, Quinn, $hauna and Flo ambitiously talk marriage plans. Flo is such a decent girl. She feels offal for Sally. It always helps when you feel offal. It even absolves you from stealing a newborn and letting it’s mother think it’s dead.

    Katy said Bill is rich enough to fund Sally a cure. Katy suggests blabbing to everyone about Sally’s fatal illness. Sally doesn’t want any pity.

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