Daisy does the MAFS

By Daisy

I thought I would pop in to a bit of MAFS to see what was on offer this year. It seems that since its TV debut, it has been going for more and more outrageous, tattooed and trashy characters; more bogans, shrews, tarts and trout pouts, more over-sized lips and boobs, fake nails, fake personalities and pumped up drama.
So far, this lot seem slightly tamer than last year’s TV monsters. I think they have been making a mistake going for so many outrageous, aggressive and trashy couples. I think viewers would respond better to orinary, perhaps relatable, brides and grooms.

I wonder if producers have decided to strip back that Tiaras and Trash factor this year….but that remains to be seen. What we have seen so far are the usual introductions, first kisses, excited friends, protective friends, brothers and fathers, and a few honeymoon nights. We’ve had nerves, cold feet, delight and all the reactions to that first meeting at the altar that is the MAFS formula.

Amanda has been making the mistake of blabbing on about her ex. Poppy was playing almost-runaway bride. Natasha wants to escape her daddy issues. Her friend, who couldn’t afford a shirt to wear with his suit, challenged Mikey about his awkwardness.
Bridesmaids and friends asked the usual ‘hard questions’.

So, do I think I will watch this year? Maybe. Here and there. To come are the honeymoon nights, mornings after, drunken parties, tears, tantrums, break-ops, and sage narration and counselling from the the three wise monkeys, I mean relationship sexperts, who will be sure to prompt couples with probing questions like, “Have you had sex yet?โ€.



  1. Nope, this lot is trashier than last year.

    The basis for matching the couples is becoming increasingly tenuous.

    So we have an addict and a physical trainer in Haley who loves herself sick in her wedding dress.

    David is a Combat Sportman (is that a real job we ask as the subtitle states he is a trucker).

    They are matched as they should connect over who has the most f**ked up life.

    David’s parents are painted as the bad guys as they are Christian.

    Vanessa (31) WA with bad acne is matched with a social worker as she has low self esteem. Chris 37 has two boys…this relationship will last until the first ad break.

    • How do they afford to do nails, hair, eyebrows, eyelashes every two weeks?Then there’s lips, Botox and maybe boobs. It must cost them an arm and a leg.

      • LOL. This is how bad the season is, we are discussing the cost of being a wannabe influencer.

        Have you noticed that the venues are cheaper than last year?

        • Haha. No. You are more observant. Do you want to do mafs next week? You just email it to Juz. I will send pics if you can’t do those.

          I will be watching First Dates and sending a post for that in today or tomorrow.

  2. Natasha just rattled off her weekly procedures: Botox, fat freezing, teeth bleaching, waxing, fillers, hair extensions, massages, solariums…no wonder she looks older than 26.

    • I feel for the poor bastard they handcuffed to Natasha. He’s actually pretty cute, and he seems sweet. But she’s just here to boost her instagram profile, so, another winning match from the three idiots.

    • Perfect. And I don’t mind dropping it if no one cares.

      I know of a couple of silent ttv readers who are watching First Dates.

  3. Amanda is angry that Tash (aka Sharpelle Corby) doesn’t love her like she should. Even more devastating she can’t “dominate” the dinner parties as THE couple.

    Tash is more interested in posing for her instagram account and faux yoga.

    Game Over.

    • Amanda seems devastated that intimacy didn’t occur on the first night. Tash does look like Schappelle Corby, she’s in a different kind of prison with Amanda.

      • But watch as the thought of actually leaving the show … and throwing away all that publicity and attention … is too much for her to stand, so she tells the judges that she wants to stick around and try to make it work.

  4. The addict is appalled that the truckie only earns $25k an hour. The truckie huffs and puffs as he realises that he is emasculated and is the working poor. He will never be able to afford a stay at home wife.

  5. I stopped watching this manufactured shite two years ago. Was Hayley once a man?๐Ÿค” Not unlike Caitlin Jenner’s look.

    I only read your comments, and James Weir’s.

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