• Hahaha. I couldn’t see any Pops wearing those. They would never fit their dangly nuts in them. Pops like a wide, high sensible beige pair of slacks with the iron crease down the front of the legs; what Mikey usually wears when he isn’t being groomed for tv.

  1. If Stacey is really putting up with this wa***er,. she must have no self-esteem or really wants her time on telly.

    He bagged her out on the phone and pretended he knew she could hear.

  2. First episode I’ve seen and wow I’m not a fan of Agro Amanda – and that last speech of hers was hilarious. I didn’t know she was elected as a representative of gay people. Tickets much?

    • See, I don’t know, I found Tash to be the far more irritating member of that couple. It seems like for Tash, “My partner is being too aggressive and confrontational” applied to any time her partner didn’t immediately cave and do exactly what Tash wanted her to do and say and think. Tash wasn’t looking for a relationship, she was looking for a pet or a slave or something. Good riddance to both of them.

      • Tash was high, high, high maintenance. Both were awful. It was a race to the bottom but if you watched it all, Tash with her, “I’m only eating white today” came in first at the lowest, imo. Amanda was given the boot from day one. Tash gave her the, “You might have Coronavirus” treatment.

    • Agree with you, Bolders, on her salute to gay relationships. They were hardly the posters girls, but then she acknowledged that.
      Saying “Don’t let this put you off a gay relationship is not far off any of them saying, “Don’t let this show deter you from marriage”. 🀣🀣🀣

  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8037887/Married-Sight-expert-John-Aiken-not-return-year.html#comments

    Haven’t watched a lot of this season. The contestants are unappealing. Lots of Mamma’s Boys and so many tattoos.

    It is particularly distasteful that the contestants are encouraged to have sex with people they barely know for entertainment purposes (and for Trish to offer commentary).

    Too many of these contestants/participants are messed up individuals and should be in therapy for self esteem, abandonment, violence and addiction issues as well as addressing their terminal immaturity and narcissism. (Maybe they should book an appointment with a tattoo removalist as well)….yes the tatts bother me that much. Most will look horrid by the time they are forty. It all very low rent.

    • Thanks for the link, Maz. Great reading. Big Dinner Party tonight.

      Cleaning toilet with spouse’s toothbrush. Next level “bad mouthing” the MAFS way. That’s pretty bad of Dave.

  4. I caught last night’s episode while I was having lunch today. So we’ve reached the point of the year where everybody starts swapping partners (and everybody is bafflingly outraged at their fake spouses committing fake adultery and not respecting the bonds of fake, contrived marriage?).

    I can’t imagine the appeal of swapping husbands, since all those tattooed bogans are as bad as each other. The off-camera story is that John’s finally had enough of this crap and he’s possibly leaving the show? Could it be that he’s the only member of the three morons to actually have integrity? LOL of course not, he just realises that when someone ends up dying, the fall-out will be substantial and he wants out *now* before it reaches him.

  5. Haley is an awful human being. We think she would be quite toxic person to have in the work place. She does need to learn to fake cry a little better.

    Michael is an immature prat with “partying issues”. Good thing he works in the family business.

    Connie is quite annoying.

    David believes he has been the perfect gentlemen throughout. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 Enjoy the single life, David. Hope your employer doesn’t watch this show.

    These participants are quite adept at mangling the English language.

    • David’s first “brush” with fame. He’s not exactly “flushed ” about it.

      He could be cleaning shithouses for a career soon , instead of $ 25/ hour..

  6. What is wrong with these people?

    Like, what is *wrong* with these people?

    Congratulations, channel 9. This is the calibre of broken, attention-seeking, immature and selfish dregs of humanity you went out of your way to cast. And in this race to the bottom, people are going to keep on acting like jerks, on national television, until someone actually commits a crime or dies. And you producers and you channel executives are going to sit there and say, “Oh, whoops, we didn’t think that would happen”, which is a bald-faced lie because you damn well wanted people who would do awful things on-camera in their desperate attempt for five-minutes of instagram fame.

    Hayley? Awful. Michael? Awful. David? It was impossible to take him seriously even before he showed up, dressed like the Riddler.

    And tomorrow, all these people are going to sue the network because it was the editing, apparently, that ruined their lives, and not their own awful behaviour on national television.

    I hope the three morons are proud of themselves. They’re going to get someone killed, one day. It’s a miracle they haven’t already.

    • She’s got plenty to spare.

      Apparently, overnight, Vanessa’s come out and said that Chris was emotionally abusive (the only onscreen evidence of that was that he rejected her through lack of attraction. That’s not what I could call abuse, but, okay?), while ice-guy Michael did an interview this morning and said that’s complete nonsense (he also said the story of him making out with Hayley was a fabrication, and that Hayley just wanted some attention). Meanwhile, there’s a story in my newsfeed this morning about what a giant tool Michael is, pulling the, “I’m rich and famous!” card while getting kicked out of nightclubs for aggressively pursuing women.

      You’re always tempted to try and take a side in these, “he said/she said” situations, particularly when there’s simply no way to determine who’s being honest and who isn’t, but these people are all just so awful.

      • Michael had a bastard’s face, so I’m convicting him on those grounds.

        His plea, “I’m just a party boy”, and, ” I didn’t do it, but I forget what I did”, didn’t help. And “”Gasp! How did the murder weapon get in my hand?”

        Back to…he looks like a mongrel, and has “drinker’s face” too.

        I bet lots of stories about Michael come out of his woodwork.

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