MKR Wk 3

Will Seven rest MKR after this? Or will they go back and try to recreate the ratings magic of the glory days.
Remember when Zana was the “villain” and we laughed at the stylist for dressing one woman in over the knee socks.
Back when the cooking enthusiasts cast had heard of a colander.
Good times.



  1. I don’t understand the format this year, and haven’t been interested enough to watch to find out. I think MKR’s time is up. Remember when that odd couple’s big dramatic sin was using lemon juice from a squeezy bottle? It seems so innocent now :).

  2. I still remember Dr Evil and the Captain. They gave us a laugh.Same with the guy that used lavender in the desserts. So harmless compared to what they have been airing in the last few seasons.

    • Those were the days, Littlepetal. And Princess Jen was such an interesting cook.

      The producers tried making her a villain but she refused to buy into it.

  3. Was this filmed in November and those 2 guys are doing Movember? If yes good on them, if not they need to shave. (and get sober)

    I have too many questions. Every year at least one contestant tells us they were set up or given a script, so this “love triangle” is all a setup? Why? and why him? and what do Pete and Manu/Colin do while they are bitching around the table? Do they leave? Why haven’t they gone insane?

    Here’s a novel idea, why don’t they show only the kitchen? Compress the whole show into 1 hour, show nothing of the table except the scores and maybe some comments on the food.

  4. Is anybody else going slowly insane from Mark’s OTT aggressive responses when someone calls him out for being a dick?

    And I really want him out next.

  5. KILL
    (That’s for Mark, by the way)
    (And why doesn’t he just hold his breath until he turns blue in the face, just little a toddler)

    • NB: Obviously I’m not advocating real death (the shower scene from Psycho was running through my head), but Mark’s insistence on the one-point vote was driving me crazy. Gotta stop taking this shite seriously.

  6. Maybe Mark is trying to get a role as a villain in some psycho show. Don’t you think that was very fake and false?

    • Yes LP there is the air of panto villain about his behaviour, but I his housemates seem like weak characters who he can intimidate and bully, and they end up enabling him. It’s only when he comes up against someone like Romel that he has to pretend to back down and resort to backstabbing. I also reckon that when push comes to shove, Jac and Shaz would easily hand Mark his arse on a plate.

  7. I can do melt in the mouth pork belly in pressure cooker in 25 minutes. Not sure why their pork belly is not soft

  8. I’m watching this tonight because, well, there’s nothing else on and I’m tired to change the channel.

    Mark is really … kind of a tool, isn’t he? Then again, the past teams all seems like rude and spiteful jerks (with the sole exception of the Mount Isa ladies, who continue to be a delight).

  9. (with the sole exception of the Mount Isa ladies, who continue to be a delight).

    Not if you have watched the previous episode. She was screeching her head off. Just OTT.

    Even Jake was OTT sometimes.

  10. Don’t know why I started to watch this. It’s very scripted, fake and irritating. Mark should be on the Rivals team. He is just as horrible as those people. I liked Jac and Shaz until the high pitched screaming episode as well as a few other comments they have made.
    I don’t think anyone who has major professional experience such as Jake and Elle & Dan and Steph should be on the program. I thought these people were supposed to be home cooks and Dan with his training plus the fact that they have a restaurant is just not right.
    If people have professional experience/training in cooking then they should not be on MKR. Get rid of the faux romance and faux drama, too, and go back to the basics of what MKR was supposed to be. Don’t cast rude, belligerent, arrogant people. Jake pretending to vomit and Romel sticking out his tongue and wiping it with a napkin were disgusting behaviors. I sure wouldn’t want to be sitting near them in a restaurant if they decided they didn’t like the food. Bottomline….MKR = My Kitchen Reeks

  11. I just can’t see how they will have another season next year.
    They maybe hoping the Plate of Origin with Manu, Gary and Matt P will do well and that will replace MKR. Judges don’t make the show.
    If they still continue with the fake drama, viewers will not watch.

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