1. Juz, sorry it was all too much for you! That said, I almost threw something at the TV because of that wanker Mark (the gambler) and his “preview” of the dishes.

  2. Can’t stand Mark but at least he can stand up to Romel. Romel knew he is there to stir the pot. He is acting big time.

  3. I’m still watching. And I want to eat that Malaysian entree and main right now.
    Just not with those idiots around the table.

    • Littlepetal, I saw a video apology on FB from him and his wife but they didn’t say what they did. They just said, “Sorry about last night” and “We aren’t really like that”. I was….”Whaaat?”
      But they didn’t reply.

  4. Well R&R just proved they are still useless in the kitchen. Unless there is a disaster with the other two teams still to cook, those bogans will be the first ones out.

  5. On today’s encore, all hell is breaking loose because the card players may have had a catering company. A Nuremberg Trial by internet ensues. Pants on fire.

    Why is this happening when we have a chef competing? Dan doesn’t know where to look.

    The fat lady from Mt. Isa isn’t much chop. She’s not alone.

    Manu~” Now eet’s time to score ze last tim from Colin’s arse”

  6. Those horrible Jordanian girls (who got kicked off the show, for being abusive jerks a couple of years ago) have been doing some press, lately, because their two-year NDA’s have expired.

    You can guess what they’re saying. It’s all the show’s fault what happened and it ruined their life and they’re suffering from PTSD or something.

    Reading their garbage really made me quite angry, to be honest. Even assuming the show’s ability at cheap production stunts to manipulate it’s audience — which is the reason nobody is watching this year, anyway — it wasn’t production who decided to be rude and aggressive on national television in a desperate attempt at cheap, shallow instagram-level fame.

    That was all you, girls. You’re the ones who assaulted somebody, off-camera. You’re the ones who threatened to stalk and abuse complete strangers, on-camera, over a f*cking cooking show.

    You got exactly what you wanted, girls. Who’s fault was that, again?

    • Sonya and Hadil were absolute shockers – so rude and condescending. If anyone’s to blame it’s the producer/s who didn’t tell the pair of bitches to pull their heads in.

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