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The Bold and the Beautiful chat – with Daisy

Hi readers. Sorry I have been slow to do March. I’ve been too busy living the high life…or the low life depending on whether or not you like slothing around a campfire.

Anyhow, the latest update is that Roach is still crawling all over Hopeless, and she’s starting to like it. Together, Hopeless and Thomas are going to rip the heart out of gullible pawn, Zoe. 

Flo has lost some of her forlorn repentance now that she has won over many of the LA high flyers. She’s willing to take back burner to Flubber’s condescending fake love for Sally while he has condolence sex with her until she dies, and that probably won’t happen. 

Steffy and Liam are rekindling live and mutual parenting. Poor Phoebeth is collateral damage in everyone’s craziness.Brooke and Ridge are still hovering around each other, while their kids’ lives keep them from consummating their lust.

The mud-slinging and hair-pulling between Quinn, Shauna and Brooke seems to be on temporary hold, but sooner or later, that portrait is coming down … and going up … and coming down.



  1. Thanks daisy. Today could be a very declasse wedding. Hasn’t Zoe excelled at providing roach intelligence to Steffy and Liam? Not even time for the guests to buy wedding gifts for the sham coupling. I feel some lame speeches coming on.

    ” Make it stop, Mommy!”

  2. It’s another day of bagging Thomas. Carter tries talking sense into Zoe. Ditto Liam tries to make Hope see reason. These horses are being led to water for months now, they won’t drink. The roach is on fire. Zoe thinks he is a “good person”

    Roach perves on Hope before paying a personal visit to assess how his twisted, sick agenda is working. Liam rocks up to Steffy’s , who may blab about the kiss here. We go to an ad as Steffy gets ready to “spill all of it”. Liam pulls his best dumb look.
    Roach works Hope over about ripping that little brat out of arms. Steffy tries to spill it all

  3. So now Liam hears the whole kiss saga , complete with roach flashbacks. Steffy cries ” Sorry”. She got caught in the roach’s game and kept a secret. Liam tries to emote anger. Curtain.

  4. I gave up on this episode when it looked like it was about to be the 5000th time that Liam tries to make Hope(less) see that Thomas is just manipulating everyone to get her. Because obviously there’s no second motivations behind a quicky marriage to a girl he barely knows who he threatened to fire or kill, this time last year.

    These people.

  5. When will Thomas get Corona virus? They will have to write it in in a couple of months for ‘realism’.
    Maybe that’s what Sally has.

  6. $hauna “has never been a homewrecker and is not about to start now” she says, with her wrecking ball track record.

  7. “Thomas rigged it all so he could get Hope”…..aaaaannnddd waves.
    It can’t be that easy. Will Thomas kidnap Beth?

  8. Hope joyfully accepts Liam’s proposal.

    Bill and Brooke kiss passionately….but someone saw it ,we don’t know who.


      • Let’s see …who could be peeping?
        Thomas, Katy, Quinn, Shaunot a Homewrecker, Pam, Cherrrleee, Liam. Who else is a peeping Thomas?

        I have had ABC news on all day. I’m ready for some fantasy escape. Having tossed up between getting paid or trying to not be a link in the CV chain, I feel like I have already been in lock down for a month. Pathetic aren’t I.

        • You’re not doing too badly. I had my heart set on treating myself to a nice lunch at this nearby beachside vegan cafe (because supporting local businesses is more important, right now, then ever) but all I could hear in my head was, “social isolation!” so I made myself some very unglamorous crackers and cheese and spent the afternoon catching up on my TV shows.

          • Too bad you aren’t here WS. We could make a sanddune marble race. That would be so cool.
            I saw a you g teenager once make the most amazing, totzlly symmetrical “crop circle” on the beach, using just his feet. I was blown away. He might have had autism to be so patient and intrinsically correct.

  9. I can’t wait for Hope’s plan. Wait, what am I thinking? This is Hope and I was hoping for a genius plan.

    • Hopes “plan”………yeah, I shudder to think what that is. maybe ” I’ll marry Thomas and then pull the rug out”

      Th hudrofluoric acid fiasco was a brainstorm, alright. This plan will fail because Hope is dumb and Liam and Steffy look at it as some kind of impending miracle.

  10. All filler , no killer today. Everyone’s dressed for the wedding. That’ll be tomorrow,

    I wouldn’t bet next week’s rent on Hope’s months too late plan succeeding.

    • Oh I am wanting Hope to slip into the wedding dress that Thomas designed, and walk down the aisle to Lame for a double wedding. Yay.

      The other thing……in about 2 months we should see an end to touching and kissing in LA.

  11. Asleep, No doubt all hell broke loose.Sorry, gice. The speeches would have been something. Tomorrow’s encore for me.

    • Hey Dave, you ok for dog food and toilet paper? Please yell if you want me to keep an eye out for anything for you

      • So far so good. The Norwood supermarkets are an embarrassment to humanity.

        Thanks, so much, Juz. I’ve had several offers from people I hardly know. Not everyone is a Coronabastard.

        • I am having better luck at Foodland and am avoiding the big two. No toilet paper but we have enough for now

  12. MAFS; Thomas’s little plan A, (Douglas) ran out the door. “Zoe, do you vote STAY or LEAVE?” Thomas is starting to sweat as his nuptials are getting him deeper into the doo doo. He keeps looking over his shoulder, for Douglas to return with Mommy. Thomas tries to stop the wedding, to no avail. Vinnie looks terrified. Thomas sounds like he is presenting a teacher’s award, not making his vows.

    Thomas, “Do you take Zoe to be your……?”
    Dodo dodo do do ๐ŸŽท๐Ÿ“บ๐ŸŽถ……Hope turns up in her gown, holding Douglas’s hand. Is she marrying Douglas? The end.
    No, I suspect Douglas is going to walk her down the aisle to Liam.

  13. Another Forrester wedding, right guys?

    Is it me, or is Steffy prone to needless melodrama, even in situations that are already super-dramatic? “We came up with the perfect plan.” Hope putting on a wedding dress to psych Thomas is barely an idea, Steffy.

    Meanwhile, I laughed at the final scene, where the camera pans around to all the people staring at Thomas, and we cut to Douglas, glowering at his father in withering disappointment. Someone get that kid an Oscar.

    But oh, I hate it that Brooke was right all along.

    • They will all be in lock down soon (are now). Maybe Hope can push Thomas into a vat of Corona virus.

    • I missed it sleeping. Thanks for the update. I’ll crawl out of bed to see these shenanigans.

      What happens when Il Giordino, Bikini etc have to close? Not to mention the Forrester Empire collapsing from Coronavirus. Eric will get it first.

      • Of all the communicable diseases that these partner-swapping, bed-hopping morons could’ve picked up … it’s the corona virus that actually takes them out?

        Wouldn’t have picked that, no.

  14. I didn’t see the encore but the roach has gone to ground, he’s voluntarily self isolating. Vinny doesn’t know where he is…..and Thomas has no other friends, right?

    Normally, he’d be at Bikini’s getting trashed, licking his wounds. He’ll reload and be back soon..

    Carter wastes no time hitting on the just jilted Skeletor.

    Everyone’s happy that the roach ruse is over…..for now. Eric promises to get the roach some “help”.. Liam and Hope are loved up in domestic heaven with little rent a roach. Curtain.

    Meantime, Sally’s dying . I’m noticing how much these people touch each other on this show. Them days are gone.

    • You missed a good one Dave, it was like Julius Caesar. Everyone has a turn to put the knife in and twist.
      I only half watched todday. The Apocalypse was distracting me. I have been making life-saving masks now for my asthmatic friend and cousin. I hope they work. Bloody Nostradamus. I had better go back and check what’s next.
      The animals are are already rejoicing. At least Harry and Maggie are enjoying it, and the kookaburras have been laughing more than usual. Even my goldfish are giving me attitude knowing they will soon be ruling the world.

  15. Today was a festival of loved up people and the schmaltziest lines the writers could conjure.

    Happy families Hope, Liam and smiling Douglas.

    Ridge patches things up with Brooke and goes off to shower before ravishing Brooke. While Rasper showers, Dollar Bill rings up and reminds Brooke of their kiss. Brooke plays hard to get……..

    Bill typically gives Flubber a colourful rundown of the roach wedding debacle.


    • It all seems far away from the world of no touching, stay 2 metres apart and “who has toilet rolls?”. Wait what? None of them ever go to the toilet.

  16. $hauna has video of Bill and Brooke kissing passionately and shows it to Quinn. It’s steamy alright. $hauna the peeper has it all on her mobile. Homewrecking stuff.

    Katie tries to charm Bill, but his thoughts are elsewhere. He likes Katie for interfering in Sally’s life but he’s hot for Brooke. .

    Meantime, Ridge is all over Brooke in their bed. Destiny ……but not for long.

    What a mess. Curtain.

  17. I feel like every time Brooke and Ridge sex each other up, angels cry.

    Why is Shauna’s first instinct, when she witnesses infidelity, to grab a camera and record it? My gosh, writers.

    • What serenditous good fortune for $hauna that she who is self-declared “no home wrecker” was behind a pot plant at Forresters (why was she tbere), to catch Bill and Brooke in that very dangerous act; kissing. Tick, tick, tick. They will soon have to all read their lines from 1 and 1/2 metres apart.

  18. I was asleep again today. Then I went to the supermarket and let me tell ya, this ” social distancing” isn’t working. Especially when staff don’t observe it. Person in front of me haggling….over toilet paper, of course. Lot of folks getting toilet paper for Xmas this year.

    Anyway, feel free to fill me in on what really matters…ie what happened today ? It’ll be a whole weekend inside not knowing what happened, Was that good news Sally got from Doctor? If it was Flubber will dump her.

    Someone watched it. You’ve got it Covid. Boom Boom.

  19. BDD tried to give his pc a cup of coffee. Itโ€™s stuffed. He sends apologies, but hopes to be back with you ASAP .

    โ€œSally knows Wyatt has been playing herโ€
    – he said

  20. Sorry to hear that.

    Quinn was excited because the golden opportunity to take Brooke down when Ridge gave Brooke a present of a hi tech photo album, on which you can dld photos. Brooke enabled Eric to download from home. Eric left it in Quinn’s hans while he got a brandy.
    Sally finally caved in and agreed to accept Wyatt’s help through her fatal 8llness, which was merely a ploy to win him back. Hahah. Sally knewwhich sucker to use to blab to Flubber.

  21. Oh, that twist that Sally was faking the whole “fatal illness” thing.

    You know, when they revealed it, my first thought was, “Oh wow, that’s a great twist!” And then, two seconds later, I felt my expression falling, and it was a case of, “… oh, but, hang on a second…”

    For a start, it was pretty obnoxious that Sally learned of the disease behind a closed door (so it was little more than a writing trick to dupe the audience). Second, there were plenty of moments when Sally was alone, and her hand was shaking or she was experiencing a sympton … who was she trying to fool, or why was she pretending when there was nobody around? Practice? Thirdly, her friend (the doctor) hates practicing medicine and wants to get into fashion? The Forrester billions might be so incredible that even total strangers want in on this, but I’m still calling bullsh*t on that. For that matter, what happened to the other doctor, the male doctor she saw initially … not to mention, if you have a fatal illness, you should have an entire team of specialists taking care of you, but none of these Logan or Spencer or Forrester idiots (particularly when Katie Logan spends half her life in hospital beds) thought it strange that Sally only had one doctor, this whole ordeal?

    And lastly, this just makes Sally into the most awful person ever. And on this cast, that’s really saying something.

    • Fourthly….or is that fifthly? This whole terminal illness to win your man was used by Bill and Caroline on Thomas to steal him from Sally.
      But never mind. In about 2 weeks or so, no one will be taking it. That’s how long it will be before social isolating hits Forrester Creations.

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