Survivor Winners at War: double episode

It’s a double this week and also next, for the finale. So, yay, more Survivor, and, oh no – soon no more Survivor for ages.

It’s time for someone to return from Edge. I know it won’t be poor Adam but I would not mind seeing Natalie return.
And double episode means double Tony. And don’t we all need more Tony in our lives right now? Imagine if they had switched the order and we were instead watching last season right now? How depressing would that have been.



  1. Don’t say that Juz. Too much Tony is not nearly enough.
    I don’t want anyone to come back from edge – I picked Tyson as the winner, so I’m looking poor. Natalie seems to have won everything on edge, so will be surprised if it’s not her. I presume with her riches she can buy good advantages in the return as well.
    I am very disappointed that there is not much survivor left on our screens – and not much prospect of another one either 🙁
    But in the meantime, go Tony. I hope he survives but they must surely now be out for him as he can’t possibly win the two immunities needed for a double ep?

  2. My name is brussellsprout and I am weak-willed and self-indulgent and looked at twitter on the day of survivor.
    I am officially SPOILED.

    • I loved that too. Imagine crazy Tony being absolutely correct, and steady Jeremy unable to grasp that simple concept. Great tv.

  3. I am still not on board with ‘survivors’ who were able to be voted out – outplayed, outlasted, outwhatevs – having the chance to come back. And the ones who failed early have greater chance than those who lasted longer, eg Nick who at this stage was my fave; because they’ve won tokens and whatever other advantages. I have no idea cos that island was of no interest to me.
    I did allow the tape roll to see a little of Ambers musings, however the whiny ‘it’s so hard’ got me. I mean c’mon. How much cash have her & hubby made out of this TV fantasyland. Pfft.
    I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not an Edge person or Michele or Ben.

    • I agree, Polly. Out should mean out.. My consolation is that Tyson may return, but really, I disagree with the whole eliminated camp clustered there awaiting the chance to return.

      • I am feeling that he might, actually. Tyson was my winner pick in a (for fun only) competition I’m in, so I am still hoping – I’ve been wrong so often that I need points.! Can’t work out why they showed him getting the advantage from Natalie otherwise, but who knows?

  4. I kind of liked that Amber made the edit because so much of the show is about Rob and she is “Rob’s wife”, not her own person.
    I do hope Natalie or Tyson come back just because they are interesting to watch but still don’t like Edge

  5. I may be out of the general opinion, but this season, the Edge is the only thing that has kept me watching. And I do think that those who have had to endure it the longest have fully earned an equal chance to get back. Sitting on an island for thirty days in absolute boredom, very minimal food, crappy shelter, no comforts, no chances for rewards. Sure they don’t have to vote someone away, but even that is entertainment and mental stimulation. Instead, they spend hours inside their heads, analysing what went wrong, working out how they might beat those around them, and wondering if they are enduring this terrible situation for a 1 in 14 chance to stay in the game.

    I call the *same* on Kass’s comment. Those who got peanut butter earned the chance for it with very hard physical challenges, requiring mental agility. Kass’s comments sound like sour grapes. Inventing your own words doesn’t make your comment any more convincing.

    Having said that, I couldn’t stand Natalie on The Amazing Race, but I admire her performance on the Edge. If Nick the Ineffective returned instead on one of the people who have battled hard on the Edge, that would be a travesty.

    Not a bad double episode in terms of result. I was resigned to Jeremy going a while ago, he just wasn’t on top of things, and Nick going was wonderful, except that it would have been Michelle which would have been even better. After last night, I think it would be very dangerous for the remainder to underestimate Denise now. I think if she is final three, she might win.

    It is a pity for this show that it followed the Aus one directly. The on-beach action and scrambling has been quite boring in comparison. I cringe every time Jeff tries to tell us that this is the best season ever. Definitely not in my top five.

  6. Can’t stand Tony. Couldn’t stand him last time. Still can’t stand him. It’s hard to explain but I find him an annoying dickhead.

    • Oh my Daisy – I love Tony! I wasn’t onboard with him before but this time he’s really doing it for me!

  7. Well that was not quite as fabulous as recent episodes (note: could be because I knew who went?) but I still enjoyed it.
    Sarah is very good at this game.
    But Tony will be hard to beat if they keep allowing him to stay in the game.
    Interesting that Natalie gave Tyson an advantage – but this is the problem that Kass pointed out about the Edge. The longer you are there, the more moulah you accumulate so it was an advantage to be first vote off. So she thinks it will be between her and Tyson to make it back, and she wants an extinction person there. Does it mean that Tyson comes back – how could he beat Natalie with her advantages – or was it just pure jury vote buying?
    I think even though this group of jurors will want to validate how hard they’ve done it, the fallout for Chris Underwood winning will surely make them pause?
    I hope they will vote for a Sarah or Tony or Denise. Everyone seems to dislike Ben – last time he was on as well as this time- so I really can’t see him getting votes. I think he is the closest thing to a goat in this season.

    I must say the edit did totally give away that Nick was going – as soon as he said “everything is going so well I’m in the best position in the game” etc you know he was getting the boot.

    • I didn’t like Natalie and her twin sister on Amazing Race so I expected to not like her again, but I do like her in this. I like her and Tyson.

      I wonder how someone as gentle as Amber manages to live with Boston Rob.

        • oh no – leave before the result? or just miss some of the other bits. . . It would be hard to miss the result. who are you going for?
          I actually want Tony to win, which is really not what I thought initially. I do not want Ben to win. Would be fine with Denise or Sarah or Tyson – if he makes it back from EoE twice, hats off. Not keen on Michelle winning, even though she doesn’t offend me.

        • Lucky I came here to be reminded to record it. It’s already started and it’s only 8.00 am.

  8. Survivor day!
    I have so many scenarios in my head.
    Firstly in my competition I have voted for this:
    1 Tyson
    2 Denise
    3 Ben
    4 Michelle
    5 Tony
    6 Sarah.

    Now this is primarily because I picked Tyson as my winner and in a previous year had picked Chris Underwood (you choose at the very beginning) and then got cold feet because he was on edge and didn’t choose him for the final win. I would have scooped the pool if I had stayed with Chris, so I’m sticking with Tyson, even though I don’t feel it’s terribly realistic. But the logic for this one says – Tyson (miraculously! No idea how) beats Natalie to come back. He has immunity so safe first go. Being super cluey he gets with the Michelle/Denise and makes them realise that getting rid of Sarah/Tony is essential. So with an immunity winner not Sarah or Tony they talk up need to get rid of cops r us and manage to both flush tony’s idol and get votes for Sarah. (Ben flips to them in this scenario after tyson explains that edge is solid on Tony and no one else has a hope if he’s at the end).
    Next up Tony doesn’t win immunity so goes. Firemaking between Ben and Michelle and he wins. Tyson does a whole speech about being in game a lot – voted off twice and managing to come back at 11th hour to get rid of the powerhouse Tony/Sarah – earning their votes. Denise gets some votes for her good Sandra work and being on the right side. Ben gets none. Tyson beats Denise.

    What I hope happens though (even though I love Tyson and would be fine to win). . .

    I am still going against the Natalie win and giving Tyson the comeback from edge only because the edit showed Natalie giving him an immunity and I just can’t see why they would show that if it wasn’t somehow important, although it might be about his vote at finale for Natalie?? Still, I like Tyson so nothing ventured. . .

    Right, we have Tyson back. Still tries to oust Tony or Sarah, but in this world Sarah wins immunity, Tony plays idol and so Michelle goes as per cops r us plan – Tyson plays idol as Tony and Sarah talk up a big ‘we are gunning for the returnee from extinction’ line..
    Next up Tyson fails to win immunity so is sent packing. Denise plays Ben for fire and loses and cops r us sail to final. Sarah gets some votes on strength of her fabulous speech, Ben still gets none and Tony wins.

    So I have been thinking about this a LOT and going through thousands of scenarios!! Bring it on.
    I want Tony, Sarah or Tyson to win but will be okay with Denise or Michelle anyone else except Ben, who I just can’t warm to and don’t think he deserves it (hence my nil vote scenarios for him!!). If it is Natalie I probably won’t be super pleased as being first out just gave her the chance to gather all the advantages from edge, but having said that, she did deserve them and I can’t punish her for playing the game as it stands.

    • I feel you have not put much thought into this – lol. I started a new thread and I will be watching live this morning for at least the first hour, so people who can’t watch until later should avoid the comments.
      BS, if you see this in time can you copy and paste the above into the new post please?

      • haha – didn’t see it till just now. . . I am the survivor convert/born again remember – we always go hard at our worship!

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