1. I always like to watch, in the beginning at least. Not so much when better singers get knocked out because of its idiotic competition system.

  2. Guy Sebastian’s brother Chris has been on The Voice before. Nepotism? Favouritism? I have bad memories of this tuneless, talentless turd.

    He’s actually gotten worse. I will never forget his ham fisted butchering of “I Can’t Stand The Rain”

    Has anyone from The Voice ever “made it”?:Go ahead, make my day.

  3. I lost interest about way through.
    The first two contestants had AMAZING voices and were only 16 and 14, respectively.
    And then they started bringing out the professionals. People who had been touring and playing in bands, and such like, for 15 to 20 years.
    And, to top that, they started spruiking contestants returning from previous seasons.
    Is that what this show is about?
    In which case, it’s a no from me.
    No wonder there has never been a success off the back of The Voice.

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