1. Callum, Poh and Laura get to pick from 26 cloches, each with a letter of the alphabet. They then have to have to name it in order to cook with the cloche ingredients. Callum picks Q, thinking it will be quail but he gets quark. Laura’s M is Moreton Bay bugs, Poh’s P is persimmon. All the ingredients are a bit obscure. Z has to be zucchini, right?

  2. Poh is bombing out but luckily guesses D for duck. Callum is amassing a good variety of ingredients, including rabbit and kangaroo.

  3. We’re at the pointy end of the comp, and instead of becoming more interesting I’m finding it boring. Although I’ve really liked the challenges the past few days.
    Brendan was on The Project – no I don’t watch that crap, I caught the end prior to MC – he sold 5,000 dumplings in 6 open days/sessions ! The kid done good ☺

    • I see Carbonara, fish n chips, seafood paella, beef vindaloo with naan and rice, bouillabaisse for savoury.
      Sweet is Crewe caramel, choc soufflé, apple tart with something, Bombe Alaska and I think croquembouche

  4. Reynold must be doing Bombe Alaska and down know it has sponge in it. Poh is doing creame caramel since she said it didn’t set.

    • Exactly my thoughts on the sponge. So does he make just ice cream and meringue? No doubt the ad is a red herring anyway

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