1. I’m not sure I’m going to watch.

    “Bachelor in Paradise” is just a soap opera full of annoying people who all get unhappy endings. The official hit rate for happy couples is even less than the Bachelor/Bachelorette proper, and that’s without the ones the descend into abuse and violence after-the-fact.

    The recaps (and there’s the Unpacked video clips which used to pop up on Facebook. I hope they still do these, even in times of social distancing) are just as entertaining, they’re shorter, and not nearly as awful to sit through.

  2. Last nights episode was unbearable with the Kieran and Renee drama.
    Unwatchable. Switched it off after 15 minutes.

    • Lockie is certainly pretty (and I’m sure there’s going to be a wealth of Survivor-related jokes), but I’m still not sure how I feel about him as the Bachelor. Last year’s two couples didn’t even wait until this year to break up.

      • I am not a fan. I saw the promo where he was climbing a cliff without a shirt. Seriously. What a w**ker.
        I will watch ep 1 so I can tune in here but I suspect this show has jumped the shark.

        • I would a fair amount of money that it’s the production team who makes those guys take their shirts off as often as they do.

          You’d think they would’ve figured out, by now, that it doesn’t leave a great impression.

          Then again, Ciarren was probably wandering around Fiji in a tiny yellow speedo all on his own, so, yeah.

        • And I just read this morning that Ali and Taite broke up too.

          Slightly less of a shock, that one.

          • Yes. I never understood that pairing. Before cynicism sets in, that was an awfully long relationship for just a couple of extra instagram posts so there must have been something. Pause here for the laughter to die down.
            But then I don’t understood the adoration of Ciarren either.
            I would like to think that I am fairly open minded but, after some thought, probably not.
            Why do I keep hoping that some people could genuinely get together?

          • No, I don’t get the appeal of Ciarren, either.

            I don’t find him appealing, like, at all. Even if he has a nice body, the tattoos completely ruin it. All I can see is a mess of ink? Maybe the effect is better in person.

            But he still seems like a tool.

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