1. I’m so exhausted I’m sitting upright on a dining chair so I have to concentrate on staying awake, because if i go anywhere near the coach I’ll be fast asleep. I’ve got fingers crossed for Emelia tonight. Who is everyone else barracking for?

    • LOL😂 I was going to say what the hell is Khan wearing (you gotta luv him) and then the camera spins around to Jock. WTF.
      And all I can hear is Laura going BLAH BLAH BLAH 😨😨😨 STFU. I’ll watch it later because I really don’t care who wins.

      • Ooh, I hadn’t thought of the others coming back. I might watch the first few minutes, sound off, to see everyones outfits – especially to see if Andy has found a pair of socks.

    • After ten years of cravats and outrageous tartan suits…..a measly kilt don’t impress much.

      • True! I liked the kilt but then remembered some of Matt’s upholstery fabric numbers and it paled. .

    • Your comment yesterday made me realise the colour of her face is fake tan. I thought it was a very bad choice of make-up shade. Maybe she’ll sweat those chemicals into her food and ruin the taste.

  2. Interesting there is no mentor for guidance. Solo act by both finalists, or 60 plates each over four hours. Also, no pasta or choux pastry.

  3. No pasta from Loz, but sucking up to Jock (what is with the kilt ffs!!) using native ingredients. Can”t even fathom her winning $250k.

  4. My season ended last night. Yes it’s on in the background – I am working. Since I work in Uni sector, wondering how I’m going to keep my job 😉

  5. Once again I am late to the party so will read comments after. I really hope you have been discussing what everyone is wearing

  6. Isn’t Chris contractually obliged to wear a pork pie hat at all times?

    Dammit can’t get pic to rotate but on the plus side you can try to look up Jock’s kilt. Tracie looks gorgeous, as always, and Other Sarah has gone all Mad Men

    • Obviously it does. Laura spoke the whole time Amelia didn’t get a word in and Jock just praised Laura.
      Can someone please remind me who won😕

      • My thoughts exactly. More air time to Laura at the end than to Emelia. Wasn’t Emelia the winner?
        Guess for this “special” occasion hugging was allowed. 😉

  7. Laura~ Back To Wince.

    Once again, Sportsbet had this result two months ago. Something smells fishy…and it’s not an amata’s dish.

    Thanks for the fun comments, I can only stand small portions of Ma$terchef these days. Jock and Andy~ fails.

  8. Well done, Emelia. Geez that crumbed needs looked good.
    Laura and Emelia were roomies, right? So I guess being from the same household they can hug.
    I fast forwarded a bit tonight but am I right in thinking Poh didn’t get much airtime?
    Ouch – that burn would have killed Laura for days. She is already putting her 30K to good use. It was announced this week that she and Max (and others) are opening a second restaurant in the CBD on the site of a failed restaurant that was an Adelaide

  9. I’m thinking if releasing a MasterChef-themed makeup range. A shade of foundation called yoghurt snow? And fluoro yellow nail polish: Bangin’

  10. I’m thinking of releasing a MasterChef-themed makeup range. A shade of foundation called yoghurt snow? And fluoro yellow nail polish: Bangin’

  11. So the huge surge in bets for Emelia to win on Sportsbet a few weeks back was definitely a leak from some insider. After I saw that (and their accuracy about who was to be the top 5) I guessed that Emilia would win.

    If it couldn’t be Reynold, then I’m glad it was Emelia. I liked her in her own season and she seems to have blossomed and gained in confidence and ability. She stuck to her guns and brooked no nonsense from the Jock/Andy comedy duo and for that I commend her. The food she presented tonight was excellent and deserves the big win. She showed that she was much more than simply the Choux Queen 🙂

    Like most of you, I’m heartily relieved that it wasn’t Laura, though looking at the inordinate amount of airtime she got, you’d have thought it was her win.

    Sad to see Masterchef end for the season, even though the last weeks with the covid business made it a tad boring – there’s only so many “open pantry, garden in play, cook what you like” shows they can do before we all start to nod off. I admit to fast forwarding a lot of the last few weeks. This page has made it all worthwhile – so thanks to everyone for an entertaining few weeks.

    • When it comes to reality show, bearing agencies always got it right. Definitely a leak. I don’t watch Big Brother but I will check to see the betting agencies are right again

    • I hate the leaks – I dont want to know about betting odds as it ruins my enjoyment.
      I liked this season but as Marie said, it suffered a lot because of the covid restrictions, so got quite same old same old as producers struggled to get them to do new things. 🙁
      Overall, a lot to like (Andy’s banging and cracking and ‘plate of food’ aside) and I will watch again!

      • Bring back the CWA challenge and watch most of the contestants crumble. 🙂
        We think the disproportionate time spent with Laura was to spell out that but for the burnt hand she would have won.

  12. Emelia was amazingly under control when Andy commented that she should have a plan B and kept repeating himself about the beef not cooking. I just wanted him to shut up and leave her alone and I wanted her to tell him to @#$@ off and go away.
    He’s returning as a judge next season, isn’t he? 🙁 Maybe the producers will rethink having him as a judge and replace him.

  13. Andy got a lot more airtime than usual at the judges’ tasting. A concerted effort to make him seem more articulate?

    • Well he did introduce ‘doneness’ into the lexicon.

      We think Andy is more ambitious than is generally assumed. It will be interesting to see how he presents in the next season (not including MC Jr).

  14. Truthfully, I didn’t mind Andy. He certainly isn’t the wordsmith the Mel is, or have the experience of Jock, but I think he did pretty well. It is a pretty big gig and I sort of look at him like the novice apprentice. He will probably watch recaps and learn from them.

    • Andy did use “overarching” the other night, so he’s not completely bangin’ hopeless.

  15. Reynold having his own show on Ch 10? Anyone interested to watch? Using ingredients that are not easily available?

  16. I was really pleased to see Emelia take out the win on Monday night. I loved her no nonsense approach and zero drama. I understand she is opening a patisserie in Melbourne and I wish her the best of luck.

    Did not enjoy Andy or Jock as judges but thought Mel was a standout.
    Liked Gordon Ramsay this season as a guest judge and Katy Perry was a waste of time and money. Totally unnecessary for the Masterchef brand.
    Thanks to all the posters here. Entertaining reading. Stay safe xx

  17. Do you remember that Brent Owens gifted Emelia $50,000.00 of his prize money? No, I didn’t but it was mentioned recently.

  18. Wanna shop at Coles ? Today I watched an elderly woman cough eight times without covering her mouth in the cake area. No mask. I felt bad calling her a disgusting old cow, but better now. I mentioned this incident to staff. There was another witness to what I saw. Not much was done. My Dr agreed supermarkets are dangerous places.

    • It’s infuriating. Lives are at stake. The whole economy if Australia is at stake. Families are being separated because people are complacent. And stupid.

    • It’s “stupid” that gets me. I am just watching the news of the guy in Sydney (at my old stomping ground) who visited all those pubs in one night while infected.
      Seriously, guys. If you didn’t know Australia had a drinking problem before this, surely this proof. He would rather people die, than he have one less beer.
      The ABC talking about random acts of kindness has brought my blood pressure down.

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